Field Community Council In Camera Meeting April 27, 2015

Field Community Council In Camera Meeting April 27, 2015

In Attendance: Craig Chapman, Sally Watson, Jeremy Schmidt

Excused: Claudia Harding

Old Business                                                                                              Action

1. FRAA:

·  Easter Egg Hunt and Kid’s Crafts, and Easter Brunch were lovely. Thanks to the FRAA for organizing the event, and thanks to everyone for coming out. Food was great, good participation, lots of fun and visiting.

·  Payment received for most recent Yoho Retreat. Next yoga hall rental takes place May 1, 2, 3.

·  Two upcoming FRAA events – watch for details and posters for the Garage Sale on May 17 and a Spring Fling dance on May 29. Leave your calendar open for these dates!








2. Field Hall Improvement Project:

·  Furnaces have been installed.

·  Windows are on order.

·  Blinds – Continue to research styles and costs.

·  Hot water tanks – $3,000 each for on demand, gas. Grants may be available.

·  New door locks proving to be expensive and difficult process. Looking for keypad locks on exterior doors, very expensive, around $10,000 for security of building and to code for British Columbia.

·  Replace fire panel, around $14,000 with two door lock connections included. Pursuing grant options.

·  Sound system quote from Mike Pecora is $9,000, includes unblowable speakers, portable sound system, microphones, cables, flip charts, projector and screen. Potential grant from CBT.

·  Acoustic Baffles – Company in Mississauga produces product for reasonable price. Estimate we need twelve 4’ x 2’ ceiling mounted panels. Kathryn to contact for details and shipping costs. White would be less obtrusive than other colours available.






















3. Constitution Revision: Tabled to next meeting. FCC and FRAA
4. Catholic Church Lease Reassignment: Grant applications for funding from Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) and Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) to complete. As soon as we have confirmation on funding grants we can talk to Parks Canada about proceeding on the lease reassignment. Craig and Kathryn
5. WI-FI for the Community Hall: Peak Broadband will sponsor the hall for the basic monthly package; if use exceeds the maximum use of this package, we will pay the difference. May have to address rental agreements for meetings that want to use Wi-Fi. Thanks Steve. Proceed with installation. Confirm overage costs. Monitor option?

6. Future of School: Parents seem to be most interested in before and after school programming, and lunch supervision. Need to have concrete options before we approach the school about use. Initiative feels like it’s worth pursuing. Craig to touch base with Helen for grant details, then we will present proposal to Rocky Mountain School District 6.










Craig and Kathryn

7. Low Cost Housing: Revelstoke has an initiative proceeding, Craig to contact Mayor for information on their process. Craig
8. Telegraph Building: Are the outside boards coming off? Karen Lassen was to talk to CP about other options. Kathryn to call Karen and ask what is happening. Apparently CP not interested in plexiglass, but would entertain moving boards to inside building rather than outside. Kathryn
9. Removal of Trees Along Power Line: FUB agenda FUB
10. Emergency Plan Update Meeting: Scheduled for 1:00 pm on May 7. FUB agenda Craig, Kathryn, Sally to attend if time permits
11. Relationships CSRD/CBT/Town of Golden/Banff Lake Louise Tourism Bureau (BLLTB): Craig now on CSRD advisory board representing our area. Our concerns: population retention, viability of town, school, need for low cost housing and business opportunities. We have good water, vibrant fire department. It is a two-year commitment. Good experience.

Membership in BLLTB not open to businesses in our area.






12. Yoho Brothers Commercial Release: Status update. FUB Agenda FUB
13. Off Leash Dog Park: Gates seem to be too high off the ground; small and medium size dogs can get underneath. Status of doggie bag dispenser? FUB agenda. FUB

New Business                                                                                             Action

1. Shuttle Bus to Lake Louise: No response to call for interest. Ridership needs to be guaranteed. Transportation not a hot issue for guests, however, if service was available it might attract ridership. Trial basis? Is there interest in businesses support for the initiative, basically provide a subsidy to establish ridership? Commuter option? Takes time to establish the service. Public transit big discussion municipally and provincially. Other funding may be available in the future.  





FCC discussion ongoing


2. Meeting with Ellen Francis Monday Afternoon Before Town Hall Meeting: 4:00 to 5:00 to share key issues. Information sharing opportunity. Community needs Parks Canada’s support.  

Craig to confirm

3. Town Hall Meeting Moved to Monday, May 4: Kathryn to send out notice of change to community. Kathryn
4. Coffee with Superintendent: Within next two weeks if possible. Read through management plan for Yoho National Park. Community needs Melanie’s support. FUB agenda. FUB
5. Round table

Kathryn: Reason to reside, status of changes; compliance– FUB agenda


·  Did anyone fill out the stakeholders townsite survey? Craig yes, Kathryn to finish it, Sally to do it.

·  Friends of Yoho have asked to use the hall on July 15 and August 19 for evening talks, 8 to 10 pm.

·  Yoga rental this weekend and in June.

·  June 12 wedding rental for rehearsal party, doing their own liquor; corkage fee discussed and settled on $2.50 per person of legal drinking age for dinner wine, $5.00 for bar drinks. Rental agreement to be amended to include this information. Wedding hall rentals on July 25, August 2, September 28.

·  Outstanding receipts – furnace bill hasn’t arrived yet, Easter bills forthcoming.

·  Karen Hagen says there are 6 large hanging baskets to donate to Community Hall from Samson Mall business owners association. Thanks Karen.

·  Boomer making four new window boxes, three larger, one smaller if he can find a good price on cedar.



Kathryn, Sally
















FUB Agenda

Schedule Town Walk About

Catholic Church Lease Assignment – update

Tree Removal Along Power Lines – update

Highway Construction and Scaling Projects – update

Street Sweeper Schedule

Reason to Reside Regulations – update on relaxing guidelines for Field; compliance for holiday homes on Parks Canada land

Coffee With the Superintendent – schedule as soon as possible

Off Leash Dog Park – clearance too large under gates

Commercial Lot Release/Call for Proposals Yoho Trading Post – update

FIP Plans for Yoho National Park – Priorities in general? Hoodoo Creek campground rebuild/plans to increase number of campsites in Yoho? Bunkhouse Accommodation in Field?

May 6, 2015

Admin Boardroom

10:00 am


Town Hall Meeting Agenda

Discussion Item: Shuttle Bus to Lake Louise Trial Winter 2015/16

Field Hall Improvement Project


Treasurer’s Report

RCMP Report

Friends of Yoho Report

Townsite Manager

Visitor Experience Report

Highway Service Centre Report

Field Fire and Rescue Report

Round Table

May 4, 2015

Field Community Hall

7:00 pm

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.