Field Recreation and Advisory Association In Camera Meeting September 14, 2015

Field Recreation and Advisory Association In Camera Meeting September 14, 2015

In Attendance: Kim Chapman, Craig Chapman, Kathryn Cameron, Jeremy Schmidt, Sally Watson, and Claudia Harding

Excused: Michelle Cameron (moved to Lake Louise), Vicky Coubrough-Blanchette (moving to Salmon Arm in one month), Clayton Nylen, and Karen Schmidt

Old Business                                                                                           Action


·      Yoga offered July and August at the hall. Very successful. New session will continue the offer Thursday evenings, 7:30 to 9:00 pm, until October 1.

·      Upcoming Functions: Parks Canada Resource Conservation meeting September 22; Parks Canada Visitor Experience Supervisors meeting September 23; wedding reception/party September 24; Parks Canada Resource Conservation meeting October 7; Elections Canada has booked the hall for the Federal Election October 19; Yoga Retreat October 23 and 24; Fire Department negotiating an event: date, details TBA.

·      Volunteers Needed for the wedding reception event September 24. We have two volunteers confirmed so far, but need more people to help run the bar that night. Sign up poster on the bulletin board.

·      FRAA Kitchen Equipment: Five serving inserts missing since the wedding event in August. We believe the caterer packed them in with their equipment. Sally has contacted the caterer and advised that if the inserts are not returned by Friday, September 18, 2015, we will purchase replacements and bill the caterer. Discussed converting the large storage cabinet in the kitchen, next to the bar entrance, into a locked storage unit we can use to store our equipment when the facility is rented by caterers.

·      AGM and Election: Monday, November 9, 2015. Poster will go up soon to encourage awareness and participation.

·      Break In at Community Hall August 31, 2015: RCMP feel it was a random event. Access to Community Hall gained by breaking door from Public Washroom. Our $450.00 float was stolen from the locked bar storage cabinet; insurance deductible is $1000.00 so FRAA will absorb the loss. No other damage or stolen items noted. A steel door will replace the broken wooden door. Estimate for all repairs is $2015.60. Parks Canada feels the downtown public washroom offer is valuable to visitors and the community, and will cover the cost of repairs. Contractor negotiating timelines with Craig.

·      Columbia Basin Trust HIP Grant: Final Report for Community Initiatives Grant (new furnaces, windows and blinds) has been submitted now all work is complete.

·      CSRD HIP Grant to purchase and install audio visual system, new hot water tanks, security cameras, energy efficient lighting, fire panel and purchase a portable sound system to be submitted to CSRD in the next month.





































2. Next In Camera rescheduled to October 20, from October 19, 2015 due to Federal Election. FRAA and FCC
3. Constitution Revision: File now in Word format. Kathryn to send the file to FRAA and FCC members, and research ideas for streamlined version. Resolution to revise the number of directors to minimum of five directors rather than 10 will be submitted to the British Columbia Society Act people. Motion by Craig, seconded by Claudia. Carried. Kathryn
4. Rekeying Community Hall and Security: Walk through with locksmith was not productive. Following the break-in, RCMP and Karla Gaffney suggested installing a camera surveillance system. Now that we have Wi-Fi, can install a system for under $500. Plan to include with grant application for audiovisual system. One option includes four cameras in a package. Many potential settings for surveillance program; option for text messages if a sensor is activated. If something happens the recorded information can be reviewed. Discussion about privacy concerns during functions. System can be turned on when building is closed, and off during functions. Craig
5. Catholic Church: The diocese received a lot of interest after posting the For Sale sign. Apparently there is a conditional sale but Parks Canada has yet to determine rules around institutional zoning and whether or not it could be changed. Joanie Keefer has expressed concern that the Catholic Church did not gift the building to the community given the years of maintenance and support the community has provided. Rezoning process may not be as onerous as previously thought. Local authority may be able to initiate the process and include it in other legislation. Although FRAA/FCC have not submitted a bid, we are concerned about the future of the building and would like to be involved in the process. We support new ideas and new people in the community. What are Parks Canada’s plans for zoning, and potential for protection as a heritage structure? The community feels some investment in the decision. Parks Canada
6. Future of the School: Discussion item at Coffee with the Superintendent along with viability of Fire Department, emergency response, relationship of community and PC, and what the community means to Parks Canada. No response from the Superintendent on the issues brought up. What is the outcome of discussions with school district? What is the outcome of the emergency response planning meeting? Many changes taking place in the community. How will these changes be managed by Parks Canada? Can Melanie please respond to our concerns? Melanie, Ellen
7. Shuttle Bus Between Field and Lake Louise: Community not ready for trial period, tabled for now. Council is interested to know Parks Canada’s plans for summer public transit in Lake Louise.  

Parks Canada

8. Relationship with CSRD: Karen Cathcart, Director, won the election last November. She is new to area, and brings new energy. Experiencing some resistance to change from outlying areas. Karen visiting Area A communities to meet residents and see what they are interested in. How can she help us? Maybe leverage with CP for better communication, reduced noise levels, address issued around longer trains; organic waste; public transportation; low cost housing. FCC wants to meet with her before community meeting. Potential to meet with Ellen and Melanie to discuss ways they can work together. Karen may be able to help us meet some of our objectives. FCC
9. Low Cost Housing: Tabled for now.

New Business                                                                                          Action

1. Discussion about sponsoring refugee families: Housing, jobs, immigration support are issues to consider. There is interest in the community to investigate the possibilities. Families would be good for the community. Any possibility of getting the trailer court going again? Kathryn



Parks Canada

2. Honorarium: Council has donated the honorarium to support projects for past two years. Continuing to donate the honorarium is now at the discretion of individual directors. Discussion on how to attract volunteers.
3. FUB, Wednesday September 23, 2015, Field Admin Boardroom

-Removal of trees along the power line

-Mount Stephen/Mount Dennis mudflow mitigation update

-Doll House release

-Update on FII (Federal Infrastructure Initiatives) $$ i.e. moving Parks Canada Bunkhouse into town

-FII Fire Hall plans

-Yoho Teahouse update

-Melanie’s responses to our questions from Coffee with Superintendent

-Camping offer in Yoho National Park, concerns about illegal camping in community, bush above community, parking lots in community

-Park facilities in general, lack of parking spaces at Emerald Lake

-Left hand turn lane for Wapta Falls

-Signs for Sherbrook Lake/Paget lookout

-Rock scaling work plan communicated, no follow through with closures announced at last meeting and in communiqué sent to community

4. Town Hall Meeting, Monday September 28, 2015, Community Hall

-FRAA/FCC Report

-Treasurer’s Report

-RCMP Report

-Parks Canada Reports: Townsite Manager, Visitor Experience, Highways, Resource Conservation

-Field Fire and Rescue

5. Round Table

Sally: Yoga participants asked to please make sure the lights downstairs are turned off after practise. We just received second highest power bill, up to $254 from $180. Discussion that new furnaces may be contributing to higher power costs; also BC Hydro has increased prices.

Next In Camera Meeting: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 7:00 pm at the Community Hall