Field Community Council In Camera Meeting October 20, 2015

Field Community Council in Camera Meeting, October 20, 2015

In Attendance: Craig Chapman, Jeremy Schmidt, Kathryn Cameron

Excused: Claudia Harding, Sally Watson

1. Annual General Meeting and Election: Date has been changed to November 16, from November 9. This year, the Fire Department has agreed to run the election. Nomination papers are available at the Post Office, and can be dropped off at the Post Office as well. Fire Chief Jameson Harbottle will oversee collecting nominations and conducting the vote at the AGM. New information sheet will be sent out to residents. We really need people to come forward to help with functions. With the amendment to the constitution, we can accept as and when help, but still need a solid cohort of leaders to plan and organize functions. Kathryn




2. Constitution Revision: Amendment has been submitted to British Columbia Societies Act administrator, and the change will be effective from the day of application.
3. Field HIP: Grant application for alarm system, surveillance cameras, audio visual component including portable sound system, projector, screen, flip chart, energy efficient lights, buy and install router for Wi-Fi, and purchase additional acoustic baffles has been submitted to Columbia Basin Trust. We may be able to roll up this component of improvements for 2015 with original grant application (for windows, furnaces and blinds), under tutelage of Katherine Hamilton. If all is well, we could receive an additional $20,000; our commitment is $6000.

The Friends of Yoho want to contribute to hall improvements and have asked what our priorities are. New stoves would be ideal, maybe even a new fridge, china, cutlery in that order. Craig to talk to Helen Barry, President of the Friends of Yoho, about our suggestions.











4. School Closure Meeting November 3, 2015: Rocky Mountain School District No.6 will hold a meeting in Field on November 3 to discuss the future of Field Elementary School. This is an important meeting for residents to attend. We have asked Parks Canada what will happen to the building if the school closes, and how it may affect the community. FCC would like answers from Parks Canada before the meeting on November 3. This is a priority for council.  



Ellen, Melanie

5. Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD): Area A Director Karen Cathcart will have an advisory board meeting in Field on October 27, 2015 at the Community Centre. This is residents’ opportunity to find out what the role of the CSRD is in our community, and how can they support us. What are our issues and concerns? Round table discussions. Craig
6. Congratulation Letters: To Wayne Stetski, our new Member of Parliament and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Designate, expressing congratulations and inviting them to come to Field. Will determine timing in the next two weeks. Kathryn
 7. Field Documentary: Premise – Growing up in Field, importance of community and how changes have affected family life. To include past and present. Applying for $5000 from CBT, and Kootenay Culture Alliance for $10,000 for next year. Want this to be an FRAA documentary, so also looking for funds from FRAA and CSRD for grant in aid. We need $20,000 for a 20-minute documentary; generally costs are $1000 per minute. Using experienced award winning documentary team who are very excited about the project; coming to Field to do a walk through. Craig working on story line. Preparation is key and takes most time. Craig
8. Round Table:

Kathryn – Will wash linens from Hall rental October 10, and will try to have the podium moved to Lake Louise in next two days. My front door key is not working smoothly. Is anyone else having trouble with their key?

Paul Charbonneau’s memorial service was lovely. Wonderful to see so many friends and former neighbors. Great participation from people helping out with food and running the bar. Nice thank you from Sid.



9. Upcoming Events

October 27 – CSRD Advisory Board Meeting in Field

November 3 – School District No.6 Meeting re: Field Elementary School

November 4 – Field Utility Board Meeting

November 16 – Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting

December 5 – Friends of Yoho Supper and Silent Auction

10. Agenda – Field Utility Board Meeting, November 4, 2015 10:00 am Field Admin Boardroom

-Removal of trees along the power line

-Mount Dennis slope stabilization update

-Doll House release

-Update on FII (Federal Infrastructure Initiatives) $$ i.e. moving Parks Canada Bunkhouse into town

-FII Fire Hall plans

-Melanie’s responses to our questions from Coffee with Superintendent

-Camping offer in Yoho National Park, concerns about illegal camping in community, bush above community, parking lots in community

-Park facilities in general, lack of parking spaces at Emerald Lake

-Left hand turn lane for Wapta Falls

-Signs for Sherbrook Lake/Paget lookout

-Rock scaling work plans 2015 and 2016

-Emergency Plan

-Catholic Church Update: level of protection and land use directive

-Open Field VRC in winter and return to track setting for x country skiing in light of election result and Liberal platform promise to reinstate cuts of Budget 2012

-Impact of influx of new Canadians with increased refugees welcomed to Canada

-Impact of Park Fees in 2017: clarification on free entrance for Canadian citizens in 150th Anniversary of Canada

11. Agenda – Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting,

November 16, 2015

-FRAA/FCC Report

-Treasurer’s Report

-Townsite Manager’s Report


Next meeting dates will be scheduled after the election.