Field Recreation and Advisory Association and Field Community Council Regular Meeting November 19, 2015

Field Recreation Advisory Association and Field Community Council Regular Meeting November 19, 2015

In Attendance: Kim Chapman, Karen Schmidt, Claudia Harding, Kat MacNeill, Sally Watson, Tanye Baker, Craig Chapman, Kathryn Cameron, Jeremy Schmidt

Item                                                                                                                            Action

1. Welcome to the New Directors: FRAA Members are Kim Chapman, Karen Schmidt, Kat MacNeill and Tanye Baker. FCC members are Craig Chapman, Sally Watson, Jeremy Schmidt, Claudia Harding and Kathryn Cameron. Five members on each arm of the organization is optimum. We need one more member for the FRAA.
2. Roles and Responsibilities: Generally we meet together for the first part of our regular meetings, formerly called In Camera Meetings but the minutes of In Camera Meetings have been distributed to all community members on the town e-mail list for several years now so the meetings were not confidential therefore not In Camera. After joint discussion on events and issues, the two groups separate to conduct business of their area of responsibility. FRAA plans and hosts functions. FCC liaises with Parks Canada. Each group selects a Chair and Secretary. We have one Treasurer for both groups. There is mutual support between both arms of the organization.


Constitution and By Laws and the Field Community Council-Parks Canada Initiatives and Follow-up List to be distributed to all Directors.













3. Meeting Schedule for this Term:

Regular Meetings: November 19, 2015, January 11, 2016, February 22, 2016, April 25, 2016, June 6, 2016, September 12, 2016, October 24, 2016.

Field Utility Board Meetings: January 20, 2016, March 2, 2016, May 4, 2016, June 15, 2016 (Budget Meeting), September 21, 2016, November 2, 2016.

Field Town Hall Meetings: January 25, 2016, March 14, 2016, May 16, 2016, June 27, 2016, October 3, 2016, November 14, 2016 (AGM and elections).









4. Upcoming Events: The next two months are jam packed with seasonal celebrations. Mark your calendars!

December 1 – Field Fire and Rescue Annual Christmas Party, by invitation. Members to confirm attendance with Craig so he can give numbers to Fire Chief Jamie Harbottle.

December 3 – Parks Canada Annual Pancake Breakfast, Field Community Hall

December 5 – Friends of Yoho Annual Supper and Auction

December 7 – Rocky Mountain School District #6 Meeting at Field Elementary School re: School closure process

December 14 – Decorate Community Hall for Christmas

December 17 – Field Elementary School Christmas Concert

December 20 – FRAA Community Christmas Pot Luck and Skate with Santa. Format has changed this year to give participants more fun time with Santa and allow him to enjoy a delicious Christmas meal with Field residents – keep an eye open for the poster!). Shopping for 5 turkeys, 3 hams, 40 lbs potatoes, cranberries.

January 29, 30 and 31 – Yoho Blow Days Winter Festival. This year more bocce teams in the tournament, DJ booked for the dance, promotion to start on Village of Field website ( and Facebook page.

Events under consideration for 2016: New members encouraged to develop ideas. Spring Fling was well attended in 2015. Garage Sale not so successful. Movie Nights? Stay tuned.








Liquor Licence – Karen





Sally, Karen Hagen

Liquor License & poster – Karen










5. New Sound Systems: The system for the Community Hall has arrived. Mike Pecora scheduled to install on November 26, 2015. The portable sound system has been order, and expect it to arrive prior to the Christmas Concert.
6. Grants: Columbia Basin Trust’s projections indicate there may be twice as much funding available for community development. Field qualifies for funding in many areas based on 13 strategic priorities identified by CBT. Visit for details.
7. Positive Tone at Town Hall Meetings: In the FCC role as liaison with Parks Canada, we recognize there is a delicate balance to manage. Town Hall meetings are the forum to share information and for residents to express concerns and opinions on management programs and initiatives. One option discussed is to invite residents to contribute or make presentations once the agenda has been circulated to the town email list. Groups that travel from out of town for the meeting, like the RCMP as one example, would be scheduled to present first then be able to leave or stay depending on their interest in the rest of the meeting agenda. Do we want Resource Conservation, Visitor Experience, Highway Service Centre to attend Town Hall Meetings? Yes. Town Hall meetings are important opportunities to engage in productive communication.
8. Future of Field Elementary School: Council discussed various options for the building. We support use that is good for the community like recreation in the gymnasium, pre-school programming, establishing a learning centre focussed on sports or the Burgess Shale, partnering with College of the Rockies. FUB January 20
9. Call for Proposals Yoho Brothers Site: Council is very concerned that the current operation closed with no communication. The lease is in overhold, meaning the current lease agreement expired. Lots of rumours about environmental contamination on the site, and the current operator’s plans to install new tanks and pumps. This site was re-zoned commercial and is in a prime location for a development that will support and showcase Field. Council is interested in participating in selection of proposals once the process is initiated. FUB January 20
10. Lot Release: When will the next lot release be announced? Can Parks Canada confirm the number of lots currently identified on the Town Plan that will never be released? Will the Town Plan map be redrawn to reflect this information? FUB January 20
11. Conditional Sale of the Catholic Church: Update on progress. FUB January 20
12. Staff Housing: Update on progress of plans to move bunkhouse accommodations from Boulder Creek to Field. Council would like to have input into this process. FUB January 20
13. Congratulation Letters to Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Katherine McKenna and Member of Parliament Wayne Stetski: To include congratulations, impact of Budget 2012 on community, encouragement to follow through with campaign promises to reinstate cuts i.e. closure of Field VRC in the winter and ending Parks Canada tracksetting winter trails, highlight the bounty of opportunities that Yoho National Park holds and how the community of Field supports the park and vice versa, ask how free admission to National Parks in Canada’s 150th Anniversary year will impact local operations, and express support for clarity and transparency in government. Kathryn to draft letters and circulate for input from council
14. Hazard Tree Removal: Confirm with BC Hydro that hazard trees along line from Battery Storage Unit to Field have been removed. FUB January 20
15. Hoodoo Creek Campground: Is Parks Canada open to a proposal for private development at Hoodoo Creek to fill gaps in the campground offer in Yoho National Park? FUB January 20.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm. Next Regular Meeting scheduled for January 11, 2016.