Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA) Regular Board Meeting April 24, 2017

In Attendance: Christine Lynn, Karen Schmidt, Sally Watson, Kat MacNeill, Kathryn Cameron
Excused: Mike LeGrice, Jen Coffman, Caitlin Cameron, Desneige Meyer, Sophie Cais, Krista Callen, Claudia Harding

1. Easter Bunny Hop and Pot Luck Recap: Great event! Thanks Kat and Carmen for organising treats, making the very cool poster and decorating and setting up the hall. Lots of participation in the Bunny Hop. Plastic eggs gathered by the kids were turned in for a basket of chocolates and candy from the Easter Bunny, who has been concerned about magpies finding the chocolate-filled eggs before the kids. The plan was successful – magpies thwarted! Pot Luck Brunch hosted thirty-six people. Thanks to kitchen general JP.

2. Constitution Update and Columbia Basin Trust Non Profit Advisors Program: First meeting rescheduled to Wednesday April 26, 2017 at Community Hall, 9:00 am. Kathryn, Desneige and Sally to attend. Consent to participate form signed and sent to CBT. Checklist for discussion received and will be used as a guideline for discussion. Transition package to re-register under new BC Societies Act in the mail.
Board discussed community consultation on role of FRAA. Suggestions welcome by email, and, we’ll have time for public discussion at the next Town Hall Meeting.

3. Yoho Blow Volunteer Appreciation Night: Bowling April 26, 7:00 pm at High Rollers in Banff.

4. Gong Show: Hosted by Truffle Pigs Sunday April 30, 2017 at 7:00 pm. Contact for details.

5. Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada: Second meeting to be held Monday May 1, 2017 at Field Admin, 9:00 am. Kathryn and Sally to attend.

6. Friends of Yoho and Canadian Heritage Rivers Canada 150 Celebrations: First event will take place next week – exact date to be determined but will happen between May 5 and Field residents are invited to participate in a video production, singing one line of Oh! Canada as two or three canoes, paddled by local specialists, follow the Kicking Horse River downstream with Mount Stephen in the background. The section shown on the Kicking Horse River will be part of a show featuring Heritage Rivers across Canada. As soon as the videographers know the day they’ll be in Field, an email from the Friends of Yoho will be sent out to the community. The Friends are hoping for a strong showing from Field singers!
Second event will be held this summer, featuring A Muse Troupe from Golden.

7. BC Election: FRAA has signed a rental agreement with BC Elections for Tuesday May 9, 2017 to use the Community Hall as a polling station.

8. Spring Fling: Third Annual welcome to summer staff dance Sunday May 28, 2017 at the Community Hall 8:30 pm to 1:00 am. Christine to organize staff shuttle for Emerald Lake Lodge staff. Mike to make poster. Kathryn and Sally to apply for liquor license. Board members (and anyone else who wants to help) to decorate Hall same day at 11:00 am. Tickle trunk dress up and Instagram photo site!

9. Parks Canada Highway Twinning: Open House Wednesday May 31, 2017 at the Community Hall from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. FRAA Board will meet with Parks Canada staff and consultants one hour before the Open House public event.

10. Solstice Yoga Retreat: FRAA sponsored, evening of Friday June 23 and all day Saturday June 24, 2017 at the Community Hall Fee: $95, maximum 15 participants. Poster will be circulated this week.

11. Canada Day: On Saturday July 1, 2017. Canada celebrates 150 years of Confederation! And, Field hosts a full day of activities and events starting at 8:30 at the Community Hall. Researching boat race: Sally to check insurance coverage; Kathryn to talk to Parks Canada about permit protocols. Kathryn to send invitation letters to Yoho businesses to participate in the parade. Ongoing organization by Board will be done via email.

12. Community Bulletin Board: Valuable way to communicate. Needs more attention. Board members to take on responsibility for one month each to decorate and maintain bulletin board. If you are interested in helping keep the bulletin board current, please let us know. Thanks to the Fireweed Hostel woofers for all the bulletin board work they have accomplished in the past months – you set the benchmark high!

13. Street Sweeper: Thank you to Highway Service Centre staff for cleaning Field streets on April 22 and 23. This early cleaning should help keep dust levels down. We will discuss how to reduce amount of dust in spring at the next Field Utility Board meeting.

14. Parks Canada Townsites Staffing: Hollie Tataryn is Acting Realty and Municipal Officer until the end of July. For townsite issues, contact her at 250-343-6106 or

15. Upcoming Bookings for Community Hall: To date: April 27, 28, 29, 30; May 2; May 9; May 12,13,14; May 28; May 31; June 9,10,11; June 23,24; July 1; August 21, 22, 23; August 24, 25, 26; October 28. General discussion about revenue and expenses.

16. Highway Construction Summer 2017: Started for the season on both sides of community – twinning west from the Alberta/BC border for 6 km, and rock blasting and removal 16 km west of Field.

17. BC Hydro Notification List: If residents want to receive notifications from BC Hydro, contact Sally MacDonald at

18. Community Hall Spring Cleaning: Lots of cleaning and organizing done on March 16. No time to tackle the downstairs storage area. Christine and Krista to set a date to accomplish this task, then we’ll put out a call for assistance.

19. Yoho Blow 40th Anniversary T-shirts: Have been heat-pressed, test-washed and are ready to sell/replace. They’ll be at the Community Hall. Contact a member of the FRAA. $15 each for kids; $22 each for adults.

20. Community Hall Keys: Establishing inventory.

21. Round Table:
Sally suggested we have two Naloxone kits at the Hall. Will research training. Kits can be purchased at most pharmacies.
Kathryn to research grant options for stoves purchase.
Kat is moving back to Nova Scotia; wants to stay on the community email list. We’ll seriously miss you Kat! Thanks for everything you’ve done during your time on the Board.

Field Utility Board (FUB) Agenda – Wednesday May 3, 2017 Field Admin
Quarterly Reports
Mount Dennis Slope Stabilization Project – Update
Town Plan Review and Parks Canada Priorities for Field Townsite
Discussions with CSRD re: Emergency Planning and Solid Waste Management
Spring Bin Dates
Catholic Church Update – Has the Diocese of Nelson initiated the lease assignment process?
Minutes from March 1, 2017 FUB
Outstanding Items List – may have another name; document Hélène Cassista pulled together in early March
Winter Street Maintenance – Possibility of using less gravel in order to reduce road dust in the spring?
Round Table

Town Hall Meeting Agenda – Monday May 15, 2017
Presentation: Community Paramedic Program – Craig Chapman, 30 minutes
RCMP Report
FRAA Report
Discussion on role of FRAA as we prepare to update the Constitution
Treasurer’s Report
Parks Canada Reports
Townsite Manager
Visitor Experience
Highway Service Centre
Resource Conservation
Friends of Yoho
Field Fire and Rescue
Round Table