Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting June 5, 2017

Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting
June 5, June 5, 2017

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Claudia Harding, Kathryn Cameron, Christine Lynn, Desneige Meyer

Excused: Karen Schmidt, Mike LeGrice, Jen Coffman, Caitlin Cameron, Krista Callen, Sophie Cais, Katherine McNeill

1. Events

Spring Fling Recap
• At 11 pm counted 58 people, and they were still arriving, probably around 70 attended
• Super quiet from 8:30 to 10:00 pm, only one child showed up, likely due to it being a Sunday evening. But the focus is on Industry staff and the Sunday seems to work well. Next year we should have a delayed start – 9:00/9:30 pm.
• Food was a brilliant idea Mike, hot dogs were delicious, baked, warm buns, basic condiments, sold 19.
• Music was excellent, great dancing. Thanks Flint! Everyone was well behaved, not too drunk, no loitering outside after.
• Great volunteer participation – superb bar tending everyone!
• Money hasn’t been counted yet, but the night seems to have been a success.

Field Utility Board (FUB), Town Walkabout and Litter Pick are all scheduled for June 14. Recommended continuing with all, be selective about attendance.
Litter Pick: Ask Hollie Tataryn to send out reminder letters to local business; Emerald Lake, Cathedral Mountain Lodge, Great Divide Lodge, Siding and Truffle Pigs.
Town Walkabout: Raise outstanding items. How many have been dealt with? FUB agenda

Wellness Presentation at Town Hall Meeting June 26 – Desneige coordinating. Poster to be distributed. Post on Facebook and website. Presenter Dr. Sonya Jakubec will present “Nature Teaches Us To Grieve: The place for parks and nature at end of life”. Dr. Jakubec is interested in possible use of the church in future.

Yoga Workshop – June 23 and 24 with Enola Nygren – One registrant so far. Craig doing some marketing. Make a cut off for cancellation – one week ahead. Need a minimum of 6 registrants for it to break even.

Cindy Kelley to offer Yoga Classes this summer. Wednesday evenings. 7:30pm to allow for visitor centre staff to join. No conflict with Friends of Yoho. FRAA will receive 20% of fee, still to be determined.

Alana Jung interested in offering Yoga Classes this summer. Interested in trying out Wednesday, June 14 from 6:00 to 7:30 pm before committing to all summer. Will propose winter yoga option to Alana, perhaps shorter sessions (e.g. 30 – 45mins) once or twice a week; lunch or late afternoon/early evening.

Canada Day – No Event Permit required this year. Recommended to get one next year for Yoho Blow. Should apply for yearly bonfire permits for Yoho Blow and other events (need to be identified) and just renew annually.

• Pancake Breakfast 8:30-10:00 am. BC Ambulance. Community Hall
• Parade 11:00am – RCMP are in, two members. Dress up as your favourite Yoho National Park Animal! Giant Beaver: Kathryn will talk to Alyssa re: logistics – can we take it in parade?
• BBQ at Field VRC Pond – 11:30 Field Fire and Rescue
• Cake Contest Judging, O Canada, cake and ice cream cones – 12:30
• Boat Race – 1-1:30 Sally to check if insurance will cover
• Friends and Family Bocce Tournament –1:30-3:30- Ask Jeremy if he can organize schedule and sign up sheets
• Dance – Ask Karen if a band has been booked. If not we will skip it. If a band has been booked we can do 9 pm to12 midnight.
• Need prizes for Cake Contest, Boat Race, water balloon pick up? Decided to offer prizes only for Water Balloon pick up contest. Purchase Super soakers for kid prizes and encourage adults to participate as well with prize of 6 drink bar credit for future event.

Event ideas for end of summer and fall:
End of Season Event: Should we organize an event Labour Day weekend? e.g. Roast Beef Dinner, Baked Potatoes and Beans $15?? per head. Let’s wait and see how the summer pans out.

Thanksgiving Event: Pot luckl Community appreciation? Tabled to September meeting.

AGM: Food and Booze to encourage community members coming out? Tabled to September meeting.

Social media updates: Village of Field and webpage. Training night? Tabled to September meeting.

2. Financial Report – Sally will bring to Town Hall meeting on June 26, 2017.

3. CBT Report and Constitution Update – Options to proceed, i.e. community consultation.
By the next Board Meeting on September 11, 2017, each member of the FRAA Board needs to read the report and constitution and come up with 5 important things for the FCC to do in the community. The Board will compile a list of 10 items that define the organization and then consult with the community. This could be done by door to door surveys, or via Community Café – an evening where community members can come out and discuss a couple of items each and mix and match ideas, or a survey via Survey Monkey. Tabled to September meeting.

4.New Society Act and Registration – Kathryn will send Societies Act link to Board members to read. Things to consider: compliance with Act re: Parks Canada funding agreement and honorarium. This was discussed and seems to be in compliance.

5. Community Hall
• Keys – Krista, Mike and Christine need keys. (Look into a grant for redoing locks at community hall in the future? Last estimate was $1800, but locks are getting old and new keys cut don’t always work).
• Wi-Fi password – Sally to distribute.
• Storage room reorganization and filing – to be done by Krista and Christine when they receive keys. Keep old files – part of history of society.
• Human bowling equipment – Desneige to get photos and post on Field and Golden classifieds to see if anyone wants it.
• Hall Rentals this summer – Not too much booked. For future, hall rentals require a non-refundable deposit, as we have had 3 cancellations already this summer.
• Pickleball is set up! Need new nets. To consider grant application options.

6. Catholic Church – Process for lease reassignment on agenda for FUB. Certain ‘boxes’ need to be ticked by FRAA and Catholic Church before anything can go ahead. FUB agenda

7. Service at Yoho Admin – Residents and Businesses experiencing challenges paying bills. Regular hours need to be posted and followed. Phone service option at Lake Louise or Kootenay Admin option could be used as justification for reduced services here. FUB agenda

8. Field Fire and Rescue, Chief Position – Jamie plans to leave for school in the fall. Current officers not keen on taking on the role of chief; it’s a big personal commitment, takes a lot of time. In a perfect world we would have a full time Chief position funded by Parks Canada. FUB agenda

9. Facilitated Meetings, MOU, Funding Agreement – Will Facilitated Meetings continue? Insurance support. Cathy Jenkins in doing an assignment for Parks Canada, looking at various townsite operations, hoping to establish some consistency. Definite need for public consultation with residents and businesses if service levels are part of this project. FUB agenda

10. Street Sweeper return – When? FUB agenda

11. Spring Bins – In the solid waste budget every two years, 2016 didn’t happen; put off to 2017. Does that mean we will have the bins again next year? Appears to have been really successful in 2017! FUB agenda

12. Housing – Parks Canada installed trailers at Boulder Creek compound to accommodate their staff. Not an option offered to other employers also strapped for accommodation. What research has been done on wildlife corridor use in past 15 years, especially in regard to the lower trailer court area? Important part of Community Plan Review. What is happening to 207 Kicking horse? Is it to be demolished this summer? If not fill it with staff. When is work on the Dollhouse commencing? FUB agenda

13. Budget and Quarterly Reports – Status of Water and Sewer cost freeze for this fiscal year. FUB agenda

14. Landscape Contract – Awarded to Sonya Leenders this year. Congratulations Sonya! Needs to be announced to the community. This is a 3-year contract. FUB agenda

15. Highway Twinning Concept Open House – Estimated 50 people attended. Comments can be sent by E-mail to: or by Mail to Noelle Summers, Yoho National Park, Box 99, Field, BC, V0A 1G0 until June 15. Really important to send feedback. Kathryn has the link to the information boards presented at the Open House if anyone is interested; it’s a 62.5mb file

16. Round Table:
• Sally plans to plant flower boxes and hanging baskets this weekend and would love to have some help. Details to be sent out to community.
• Craig will provide the community with Naloxone Kits. Locations and training to be announced.
• The AED will be installed shortly at the Truffle Pigs, exact location to be determined.

17. Field Utility Board Agenda, June 14, 2017 10:30 am Yoho Admin

Quarterly Reports
Outstanding Items List
Canada Day Parade: RCMP will attend. Parks Canada participation?
Catholic Church Lease Assignment
Public Service by Townsite Office at Yoho Admin
Field Fire and Rescue, Chief Position
Status of Facilitated Meetings
Street Sweeper return date
Spring Bins
Landscape Contract
Round Table

18. Field Town Hall Meeting Agenda, June 26, 2017 Field Community Hall

Presentation: “Nature Teaches Us to Grieve” with Dr. Sonya Jakubec
FRAA Report
Treasurer’s Report
Parks Canada Reports
• Townsite Manager
• Visitor Experience Manager
• Resource Conservation
• Highway Service Centre
Friends of Yoho Report
Field Fire and Rescue Report
Round Table