Field Town Hall Meeting June 26, 2017

Field Recreation and Advisory Association
Town Hall Meeting – Monday June 26, 2017

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Claudia Harding, Desneige Meyer, Kathryn Cameron, Marthe Boissonnault, Mike Vanderveen, John Schlichting, Helen Barry, Ginette Therrien, Sonja Jakubec

1. Presentation: “Nature Teaches Us to Grieve” with Dr. Sonya Jakubec

More evidence is becoming known about how natural environments impact both our physical and spiritual well-being. Little is known, however, about the place of parks and nature at end-of-life, or the impact of parks and nature on quality of life during palliative care or bereavement experiences.

A 2015 study aimed to develop a better understanding of people’s (including those at end-of-life, caregivers and those experiencing grief) beliefs and experiences about the connection of parks and nature at end-of-life. The study combined an initial online survey (n=118) and narrative research process, whereby a subgroup of participants (n=15) were interviewed in an open-ended story-telling approach.

Analysis focused on the meaning of people’s stories and narratives using concepts derived from ecopsychology theory concerned with nature connection, individual wellness and social/earth justice.

Over 80% believed that visiting a park or natural place is worth the risk involved and over 90% expressed that they personally would like to have end-of-life experiences in parks and nature.
The narrative process uncovered three dominant themes: 1. Death brings people to parks and nature, 2. Nature teaches people to grieve, and 3. Parks and nature reveal death and life.

Animal companions, observing the cycles of natural decay and renewal, and observations of nature as something bigger than death were emphasized. These discoveries will help develop the foundations for policy and practice within parks and health sectors that promote access and enjoyment of parks and nature for people during end-of-life experiences.

2. FRAA Report – Kathryn Cameron

Congratulations to Jordy Chapman, Field’s 2017 Grad at Golden Secondary School! Great accomplishment Jordy. We’re very proud of you.

Eau Canada! Wow! Cool project. The Kicking Horse River is back in British Columbia. Thank you Friends of Yoho! Check it out on YouTube: Eau Canada!

Spring Fling on May 28 was a lot of fun! Between 70 and 80 people danced and danced. Great music by DJ Flintaroo, non-stop from 9:00 pm to 1:30 pm. Thanks once again Flint for providing dance music as an FRAA event at no charge. You rock! We served food at midnight – hot dogs; they were delicious. We have some left over for the next event. Recommended that we delay the start until 9:30 next year.

TransCanada Highway Twinning Open House on May 31 was pretty interesting. Good response. Lots of concepts presented, good discussion. Looking forward to funding announcement.

Litter Pick was June 14. Good turnout. Always some interesting finds during the exercise. This year someone found a basketball.

Town Walkabout and Field Utility Board (FUB) were rescheduled to June 21. Craig Chapman, Hollie Tataryn, Dana Williamson and I attended the Town Walkabout. We spent an hour and a half walking the village and identifying hazards and maintenance items to be taken care of. We have a list of 47 items that range from paving stone maintenance to garbage bin cleanup/painting to wooden sign maintenance to suggested speed signs on Stephen Creek road. Sally and I attended the FUB, with Hollie Tataryn, Dana Williamson, Keith Parkinson, Betty Sloan and Marthe Boissonnault. Marthe will report on FUB later in the meeting.

Solstice Yoga Retreat with Enola Nygren, scheduled for June 23 and 24 was cancelled. We set the minimum registration at 6 participants and had six until one person had to drop out. We plan to try again in the fall. It was all local participation so the FRAA is really hopeful that the event will go ahead when life isn’t quite so busy.

Yoho Yoga however, will start this Wednesday evening at 7:30 at the Community Hall, lead by Cindy Kelly of Canmore. She will offer 9 yoga practices every Wednesday except for August 23. Mark your calendar yogis, June 28 through August 30, from 7:30 to 8:45. Looking a bit further ahead, Alana Jung from Golden has expressed interest in offering yoga through the fall and winter.

Canada Day
• Pancake Breakfast 8:30-10:00 am. BC Ambulance. Community Hall
• Parade 11:00am – RCMP are in, two members. Dress up as your favourite Yoho National Park Animal! We can take the Giant Beaver in the parade if we can find a trailer large enough to hold it and a power source that keeps the air pump running. The other option is to have the beaver in place at the Visitor Centre.
• The water fight is still a big part of the parade, and we encourage all water fight participants to retrace the parade route and pick up all the spent water balloons. The two children who pick up the most water balloons will each receive a very fun and watery prize: A Super Soaker! And the two adults who pick up the most water balloon carcasses will each receive a 3-drink bar credit for a future event. You have until Sunday, July 2 at 4 pm to turn in your water balloon parts to The Velvet Antler.
• BBQ at Field VRC Pond – 11:30 Field Fire and Rescue, by donation
• Cake Contest Judging, O Canada, cake and ice cream cones – 12:30. So far, we have one judge for the cake contest. He has very high standards so don’t hold back on your entry. We’ll have chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones on offer as well.
• Boat Race – 1-1:30. Simple race – anything goes: kayak, canoe, paddleboard, dinghy, party boat. All participants must wear a personal flotation device. Expect a mass start! Be very respectful of the other racers. We don’t have prizes beyond the joy of participating; hopefully this will keep the competition clean and safe! The winner will have bragging rights though.
• Friends and Family Bocce Tournament –1:30-3:30. Eight teams, Jeremy is making the schedule, sign up sheets will be posted on the bulletin board Tuesday morning. 4 people per team.
CBT Report and Constitution Update Board members have their summer homework assignment – to read the CBT Report and the current FRAA Constitution and identify up to 5 important roles the FRAA carries out in the community. We’ll look at the lists, identify critical roles, consult with the community and start to rewrite the constitution. It’s an important process. The current constitution was written 22 years ago, with a few amendments over that time period. Field has changed quite a bit in the last 22 years, and we want our organization to represent what’s happening here now.

New Society Act and Registration Also part of our summer homework. Hopefully we’ll have a check mark by that item on the To Do list by our next Town Hall Meeting in the fall.

Catholic Church Update Parks Canada has communicated with Bishop John Corriveau of the Diocese of Nelson, and has advised the FRAA that we must ask the Diocese to let us know what that communication is. Parks Canada cannot legally share it with the FRAA. It’s in process.

Townsites Service at Yoho Admin Hollie will let residents know by email when she will not be available. It’s a good idea to call her to confirm she is available for questions, bill payment, etc., before going over: 250-343-6106.

Facilitated Meetings will resume in September. We have a 4-year funding agreement with Parks Canada that expires March 31, 2018. Renewing the funding agreement will be part of this process.

Status of Parks Canada Bunkhouse Replacement Plan is the responsibility of Asset Management now. Travis Wert responsible for projects and reports, and will communicate once plans are in place re: configuration of proposed housing, start dates, etc.

Street Sweeper Mike Vanderveen will give us an update in his report.

AED Devices have been installed at Field VRC, courtesy of Travel Alberta, and at Truffle Pigs, courtesy of Field Fire and Rescue and the FRAA.

Flower Boxes and Hanging Baskets have been planted. Big thank you to Sally for taking on this responsibility. They’re beautiful!

3. Treasurer’s Report – Sally Watson
Files attached.
Motion to approve by Desneige Meyer. Seconded by Kathryn Cameron.

4. Parks Canada Reports

Acting Townsite Manager – Marthe Boissonnault
• Confirmed the next Facilitated Meeting will be scheduled for the fall.
• Travis Wert, Asset Manager, updated the community in the spring about the Federal Infrastructure Initiatives, and will provide more information at the next Town Hall Meeting.
• Trailers at Boulder Creek Compound are Parks Canada staff accommodation only.
• Sonya Leenders, Burgess Lawn Care and Maintenance has been awarded the landscape contract. Responsible for maintenance of Parks Canada properties: Field VRC, Field Admin building, Waste Water Treatment Plant and the Superintendent’s Residence. Looking into responsibility for maintenance at other Parks Canada properties such as the Doll House and the duplex at 207 Kicking Horse Avenue.
• The public parking lot behind Truffle Pigs Lodge will soon have signs indicating No Overnight Parking and No Camping. It has become a storage site for unlicensed, derelict vehicles, which was not the intended use. Kathryn suggested looking at the Field Community Plan for direction on how the lot was intended to be used, i.e. overflow parking for residents when families visit could mean overnight parking was intended.

Visitor Experience Manager – Not available

Resource Conservation – Not available

Highway Service Centre – Mike Vanderveen
• Street sweepers are both in Edmonton for warranty repairs. May not be ready to resume work for another week. Any uneven grade in pavement seems to collect dirt and dust, and sweepers not able to collect debris in those depressions.
• Heard residents’ concerns about use of milled asphalt on Second Avenue. Commonly used in campgrounds and on the back road to replace gravel/material as it wears away. It’s basically free. No resources in the budget to lay down required 4” of gravel to resurface road. Will scrape it off Second Avenue if residents want it removed. FRAA to talk to affected residents. Major concern is the odor – not as strong as when first applied, but hydrocarbon odor still present one year after application.

5. Friends of Yoho Report – Helen Barry
• Historic Walking Tours of Field start next week, Tuesday July 4. The tours will happen Tuesday and Thursday evenings, starting at 8:00 pm in July and August, and at 7:00 pm in September. Meet at the community Hall.
• Parks Day is July 15 this year. All day celebrations planned with A Muse Troupe from Golden making presentations around noon at Field VRC and later on at 8:00 pm at Kicking Horse Campground. The theme of their presentation is Naming the Kicking Horse River and The Injured Grouse. Promises to be very entertaining! Cake will be served.
• August 8 is S’Mores at Kicking Horse Campground – stay tuned for details.
• Karla is working with Sally on dates to rent the hall for other events to be determined.

6. Field Fire and Rescue Report – Not available

7. Round Table

The public washroom facility is now open at the Community Hall.

Thank you to Desneige for your many volunteer contributions and great input at meetings as a member of the 2016/2017 FRAA Board of Directors. All the best in your move to Winnipeg – so happy to hear there’s room in your new home for visitors!

Sally noticed that the big cottonwood trees at the bottom of Wall Street have hanging limbs, and dead section, and should probably be assessed. Determined they are on CP property. Sally to follow up with person responsible for managing the Parks Canada Admin building lease with CP for CP action.