FRAA Board Meeting September 11, 2017

FRAA Board Meeting September 11, 2017

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Christine Lynn, Kathryn Cameron
Excused: Mike Le Grice, Jen Coffman, Krista Callen, Sophie Cais, Caitlin Cameron, Karen Schmidt, Desneige Meyer, Claudia Harding, Kat MacNeill

1. Summer Recap:
• Hall flowers: Thanks for making and maintaining the Community Hall flower baskets and planters Sally. Beautiful job. We still owe Kim for the flowers she supplied. Sally to ask for invoice and pay the bill. Generally, plants cost around $200 annually. Daily watering and deadheading is a volunteer job.
• Canada Day: Major fun event as always! Torah and her family, Thomas and Axel won Super Soakers for the Water Balloon Pick-up Contest. Great job! They filled two grocery bags with spent water balloons.
• Moving On: Desneige has moved to Winnipeg, Claudia has moved to Kelowna, Krista has moved to Donald, and Kat plans to stay in Nova Scotia. Thanks to all of you for your community contributions. We miss you! All the best in your new pursuits.
• Honorarium: Discussion on donating honorarium to FRAA operating account this year. Board to make decision at next meeting.
• Leasehold improvements: Lots of work in the village this summer – landscaping, painting, drainage mitigation. Looks great.
• Welcome Estelle: Congratulations Mike and Charisse!
• Hall Rentals: Columbia Shuswap Regional District Trails Consultation; Rainbow Jaguar; Leo Keefer Wedding. Two Yoga Retreats cancelled at start of summer due to low registration and family commitments.
• Yoho Yoga: Instructor Cindy Kelly. June 28 through August 30, nine sessions. Started strong with 14, 7 stalwarts by end of summer.
• Human Bowling equipment has moved to Golden.

2. Fall programs: Ideas or suggestions? Please talk to one of the Board members.
• Happy Hour Yoga: Instructor Alana Jung. Starts This Wednesday, September 13 through October 25 (no class October 10). Poster circulated and displayed on bulletin board, entered on Calendar of Events on our website

3. Hall Maintenance: What needs to be done? Walk around to develop work plan Monday, September 18, 7:30 pm at the Community Hall. This is an opportunity for residents to have a tour of the facility, see what we offer and a great way to get involved in our organization.

4. Transition to New Societies Act: Winter project. We have until November 2018 to complete the process.

5. Constitution Update: Winter project. Discussed holding a community consultation event to gather ideas. We’re in a time of transition. People are moving out of the community, and people are moving into the community. Dynamic situation. Board feels it would be really valuable to get input on what roles residents want the FRAA to fill.

6. BC Hydro Power Outages and the Emergency Storage Facility: Hot, dry, windy weather, extreme fire danger and CPR work on a long siding to accommodate extra long trains were big factors in the number of outages we had this summer. The Energy Storage Facility, BC Hydro’s pilot project battery back-up system based at Boulder Creek Compound, failed to initiate and required system upgrades. BC Hydro says it’s online now.

7. Solid Waste Cost Calculation and Billing Process: This is a closed system. If there are errors in one account, then chances are there are errors in the whole system. Parks Canada needs to follow legislated guidelines and ensure that the complete process is transparent. Specifically, volume values for each leasehold and annual operating costs are to be communicated every year after March 31. Here’s some background information.
Link to the legislation:

The sections pertaining to the calculation of garbage rates in Yoho are:
Section 12, Subsection 1, under FEES
Section 14, Subsection 1, under FEES

12(1) Every owner of a lot located in Banff National
Park of Canada, Yoho National Park of Canada or Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada shall pay the garbage collection and disposal charge determined by the formula A × B/12 × C/D where
A, is the aggregate of the *volume values of the units on
the lot,
B, is the number of months in the year during which the
owner is permitted to occupy the lot under the lease,
permit or licence of occupation for that lot,
C, is the *total operating and maintenance cost incurred
in respect of the park, and
D, is the *total volume value for the park.

*Volume value – Means the numerical value assigned to a unit in a park, determined by comparing the estimated volume of garbage that the unit will generate annually to that generated by a building that has been established as
the benchmark of one volume value for that park

*Total volume value – In respect of a park or service area, means the aggregate of the lot volume values for all lots in that park or service area that receive garbage collection
and disposal services

*Total operating and maintenance costs – means the annual operating and maintenance costs incurred in respect of a park to collect and dispose of garbage generated by owners of lots in the park.

14 (1) For the purposes of subsection 12(1), the superintendent of each park referred to in that subsection shall, on March 31 of each year, provide each owner of a lot in that park with
(a) the lot volume value for the lot;
(b) the volume value for each unit on the lot;
(c) the total operating and maintenance cost incurred in respect of the park; and
(d) the total volume value for the park.

8. Catholic Church: The Diocese of Nelson is working with Parks Canada to get the paperwork done. The FRAA has asked lawyer Bruce Mackenzie to act for us on the Lease Assignment. We have agreed to purchase the building for $10 so the Catholic Church doesn’t lose its Charitable Organization status. Board is discussing next steps re: ideas, grant applications and development timeline.

9. Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada: Next meeting tentatively scheduled for October 23, 2017.

10. Invitation to MLA and MP to attend a Town Hall Meeting: Board discussed options. Both have hosted community coffee events to discuss issues and concerns with minimal turnout at each event. What is the best venue? Tabled to next FRAA Board Meeting. Please talk to a Board member if you have ideas or suggestions.

11. Upcoming Events:

FUB Agenda (Meeting Wednesday, October 11, 2017)
Solid Waste Calculation and Billing Process
Catholic Church lease transfer
Field Visitor Centre in winter 2017/18 – What are Parks Canada’s plans?
FII Staff Accommodation in Field – Update on project: when will work start?
Highway twinning and burying the power line – discussion
Mount Dennis Slope Stabilization Project – update

Town Hall Meeting Agenda (Monday, October 2, 2017)
FRAA Report
Treasurer’s Report
Parks Canada Reports
Townsite Manager
Visitor Experience Manager
Resource Conservation
Highway Service Centre Manager
Friends of Yoho
Field Fire and Rescue
Round Table

Yoho Blow 2018: Tentatively scheduled for February 2, 3 and 4, Groundhog Day theme. Sally to ask ‘Pick Ups’ if they’re interested in playing for the dance.