FRAA Board Meeting October 23, 2017

Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA)
Minutes: Board Meeting October 23, 2017

In Attendance: Christine Lynn, Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron
Excused: Mike LeGrice, Jen Coffman, Caitlin Cameron, Karen Schmidt, Sophie Cais

1. Community Hall Rentals: Truffle Pigs staff training October 24; Parks Canada Agency (PCA) Townsite Managers October 25; Yoga workshop weekend of October 28.

2. Happy Hour Yoga: Originally scheduled to end October 25, but will continue through November on Wednesdays, November 2, 9,16, 23 and 30 from 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm. Cost: $12 per class. Instructor: Alana Jung.

3. Catholic Church Update: Paperwork from Diocese of Nelson received by Ewan and McKenzie, Barristers and Solicitors, acting on behalf of FRAA. Signing scheduled for November 1, 2017. Signed paperwork then goes to Parks Canada Agency for approval and lease assignment. In discussion with Johnson Meier Insurance on insuring building once the FRAA is confirmed by PCA as leaseholder and owner of the building.

4. Solid Waste Cost Calculation and Billing Process: Discussed at Field Utility Board Meeting on October 11, 2017. Townsite Manager Marthe Boissonault working on the file. Invoicing expected to be more detailed and relevant. Plans to send out letter on factors for each user. Highways costs have not been updated for several years. The process is currently in a correction phase to meet cost recovery. Billing not expected to be retroactive. Once proper factors are established for each user type then the outcome should be back on track.

5. Hall Maintenance: Need to repair broken shelves in kitchen, replace or repair broken windows in change room and replace damaged shingles on outside shed. Kathryn will talk to Hipi Construction about doing the work.

Kathryn and Christine plan to clean and organize our storage room downstairs the week of November 6.

6. Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada Agency: Most recent session held the afternoon of October 23, 2017. Positive process.

7. Yoho Blow February 2, 3 & 4, 2018: Pick Ups interested in playing at the dance Saturday night. Sally to get details on cost, accommodation, etc. No new products this year; we’ll sell the items we have in stock from previous events. Agreed on a noon start for events on Sunday.

9. Honorarium: Agreed to donate the honorarium to the organization this year.

10. New Stoves: Sally to measure available space to confirm two 4-burner residential Blue Star gas ranges will fit, and research price for purchase, delivery and installation. Agreed to use the rest of the Friends of Yoho donation and tip money to purchase the stoves. We want to install them soon.

11. Upcoming Events:
FRAA Annual General Meeting on Monday, November 6. 2017 at Field Community Hall
Doors open at 5:30 pm
Pot Luck Supper starts at 6:00 pm
Coffee, tea and punch provided
Meeting at 7:00 pm
FRAA Annual Report
Treasurer’s Report and Annual Financial Statements
Parks Canada Agency Report
Friends of Yoho Report
Field Fire and Rescue Report
Election of Board of Directors

Note: We need a minimum of five people to be on the Board of Directors. So far, we have two nominations. Nomination forms are at the Post Office. We have a great community, and it’s fun to serve on the Board. If you have any questions about time commitment and participation as a Board Member, please contact Sally Watson at 250-343-6354 or Kathryn Cameron at 250-343-6065, or stop us on the street! In the next year we have events to plan, renovations on the Catholic Church to plan and implement, grant applications to submit, continue to work with PCA through facilitated meetings to develop a Memorandum of Understanding, Societies Act registration to complete and constitution updates to agree on and submit. It’s going to be a busy and exciting year for the FRAA.