Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting November 6, 2017

Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA)
Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting
November 6, 2017

In Attendance: Elaine Lemieux, Marthe Boissonnault, Dave Selkirk, Brenda Selkirk, Deb Bancroft, Helen Barry, Sonya Leenders, Jeff Lahti, Bruce Bembridge, Marilyn Toulouse, Miles Dickenson, Jen Coffman, Darren, Paulina, Greg Dowman, Michelle Mausolf, Pauline Boisier, Doug Mostert, Dave Allen, Flint Palmer, Katja, Brian Pineau, Richard Dupuis, Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron, Caitlin Cameron, Axel Cameron

Excused: Mike LeGrice, Christine Lynn, Karen Schmidt, Sophie Cais

Welcome to the Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting. Thank you for all the delicious food served at the potluck supper this evening.

1. Presentation: Parks Canada Agency Acting Visitor Experience Manager Richard Dupuis

Parks Canada Agency Visitor Experience has had a very full 2017 to date. There was a one-time infusion of funding to hire more staff for the Canada 150 celebrations. General overall assessment that staff numbers and resources were actually what to aspire to in future operations, and the request has been made to increase funding. Traffic program was successful, at a cost of $3 million. Learned a great deal about managing visitors and vehicles in the Lake Louise and Moraine Lake region. Niblock Gate staff sold Parks Canada merchandise on Lake Louise shoreline and at Emerald Lake; very successful from Parks Canada perspective. At the end of 2017, the Lake Louise Visitor Centre will remain open 7 days per week. Parks Canada will close the Field Visitor Centre, effective January 1, 2018, until May 1, as specified in the medium-use park designation applied after Budget 2012. Understands that this is not the news residents of Field want to hear. The Management Team based the decision on what they feel are the best use of available resources. As before, the washrooms will be open 24 hours per day. Friends of Yoho have not decided if they will operate during the winter as they have in past years. Also recommended by Friends of Yoho that in the future Field Visitor Centre be open from April 1 through October 31, rather than current open season of May 1 through Thanksgiving. Concurrence from residents at the meeting that having Field Visitor Centre open in the winter is important to visitors and residents, and that is the announcement we want to hear, sooner rather than later. No support expressed for Parks Canada’s decision, but appreciated Richard delivering the announcement in person.

2. FRAA Annual Report: Operating Year August 6, 2016 to August 5, 2017

August 2016
• Transport Canada communicates that either CP Rail or Parks Canada can apply for whistle cessation. “There is a requirement in law that all trains passing over any public railway crossing to sound a CROR 14L (long, long, short, long), four blasts in total.” After years of relatively quiet train approaches to the crossing, announced by bell rings, Transport Canada designated the Field crossing a public rather than private crossing, and advised CP Rail to follow laws governing public crossings. Townsite Manager Ellen Francis advised residents to contact her if they wanted to have train whistles stopped; she wouldn’t initiate the process unless there was overall dissatisfaction with the new regime. We still have the four blasts.

September 2016
• Installed new bar fridge, courtesy of Coca Cola Company, and a new kitchen fridge, courtesy of a donation from the Friends of Yoho.
• Grant to install an electric car charging station in Field was not successful.
• EastLink Satellite Television service terminated and all equipment removed.
• Coffee with Council attended by two residents.
• Solid Waste costs under review. Residents advised to compare current bill to previous bills.

October 2016
• Town Walk About to identify maintenance needs in community infrastructure
• Parks Canada Agency (PCA) Assets Manager reports that the dewatering project on Mt. Dennis as part of the Slope Stabilization Project is going well
• Letter from Diocese of Nelson reports that proposed sale of Catholic Church to a local resident was not successful and the Diocese would apply to PCA for a demolition permit to remove the structure and surrender the lease.
• Board of Directors move to follow the FRAA constitution as it exists, recognizing need to update the document.

November 2016
• FRAA approached the Diocese of Nelson about future of Catholic Church in Field, to see if the Diocese would consider gifting the church to the community.
• PCA announces it will not support fireworks Restricted Activity Permits from the FRAA for New Years Eve, Yoho Blow or Canada Day events.
• New Board of Directors elected by acclamation November 14, 2016.

December 2016
• Christmas Concert at the school raised $380 and two boxes of donated food for the Golden Food Bank, and revealed the amazing ballet expertise of our own very accomplished Field Fire and Rescue Department.
• Skate with Santa and Christmas Pot Luck Supper was a huge success.
• Kicking Horse Ski Club (KHSC) hosted a very fun New Years Eve Ski at Emerald Lake.

January 2017
• KHSC hosted a Full Moon Ski on the Kicking Horse Trail.
• FRAA hosted a Pizza and Movie Night for kids.
• Coffee with Member of Parliament Wayne Stetski to discuss residents’ concerns.

February 2017
• FRAA 40th Anniversary Yoho Blow February 3 – 5; major fun. We still have lots of t-shirts to sell!
• KHSC full Moon Ski February 9.
• KHSC 30th Anniversary celebration at Emerald Lake Lodge February 16.
• Updated Societies Act workshop in golden on February 23.

March 2017
• Volunteer Thank You Night at High Rollers 10-pin bowling, March 10.
• KHSC Skate Ski Workshop for members March 12 on Great Divide Trail.
• FRAA and Diocese of Nelson agree to transfer of Field Catholic Church lease and building to the FRAA.
• Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) Non Profit Advisor meets with FRAA Board members to do assessment of organization, and produce recommendations.
• Facilitated Meeting with PCA

April 2017
• FRAA Easter Brunch and Bunny Hop event

May 2017
• BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) launched the Community Paramedicine Initiative which includes service to the community of Field.
• Josephina born to Yanna and Frank.
• Received BC Societies Act update transition package.
• RCMP conduct a Service Evaluation interview with FRAA to assess RCMP role in community.
• Doug Clovechok wins BC Provincial Election for Riding of Columbia River-Revelstoke to become our new MLA.
• FRAA hosts Spring Fling on May 28 – great welcome to summer staff!
• Highway Twinning Open House on May 31 – first opportunity to comment on plans.
• Spring bins

June 2017
• Town Walkabout
• Solstice Yoga Retreat hosted by FRAA cancelled due to family commitments by instructor and participants.
• Yoho Yoga offered for summer season, June 28 through August 30 with Cindy Kelly.
• AED installed at Truffle Pigs; joint purchase by Field Fire and Rescue Department (FFRD) and FRAA – we haven’t received an invoice yet for our share of the cost. Training for staff provided by BCAS Community Paramedicine Program.

July 2017
• Canada Day 2017 – lots of fun with a full day of events. Multiple hosts: BCAS, FRAA, FFRD with pancake breakfast, parade, barbeque, cake contest, ice cream, boat race, bocce tournament.
• Human Bowling Equipment moved to Golden.
• Estelle born to Mike and Charise.

In this time frame, Board Members also attended 7 FRAA Board of Directors Meetings, 6 Town Hall Meetings, and, 4 Field Utility Board and Liaison Meetings with PCA.

Field is pretty dynamic and the 2016/2017 operating year for the FRAA demonstrated a year of transition. Two new babies were welcomed to families in Field. Houses sold and new people moved in from out of town and out of province. Welcome! Long-time residents moved away to pursue their own dreams and we wish them all the best, but will miss them and the many ways they enriched our community. Leaseholders seriously invested in their properties this summer.
What’s happening in the future? Changes are happening before our eyes with the demolition of two buildings in the past two weeks – the duplex and the Dollhouse – and plans for Parks Canada Agency to build staff accommodation on those lots starting in the spring of 2018. The FRAA will start work on the Catholic Church, a big initiative for our organization that will contribute to economic stability in the community. It’s a risk, but we’re in! We will register under the new Societies Act and update our constitution with input from residents. We will negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding with Parks Canada to guide us in our relationship over time and the inevitable changes in people who act on behalf of each organization. And we’ll sponsor events and activities. Honestly, it’s exciting!

Thank you to the 2016/2017 FRAA Board Members Katherine MacNeill, Sophie Cais, Krista Callen, Christine Lynn, Sally Watson, Mike Le Grice, Caitlin Cameron, Claudia Harding, Kathryn Cameron, Desneige Meyer, Jen Coffman, and Karen Schmidt for your hard work, ideas, decorating, cooking, cleaning, dancing and care for our community. Thank you to all the volunteers who support the FRAA setting up for events, running the bar, making music, making ice, donating pickleball nets, cleaning up and doing maintenance on the Community Hall. Thank you to Parks Canada for the Contribution Agreement Honorarium and paying for insurance.

3. Treasurer’s Reports – Sally Watson
Files attached to distribution email list: Annual Financial Statement August 6, 2016 to August 5, 2017, financial Statement November 3, 2017 and Statement of Accounts as of November 6, 2017.

Motion by Jen Coffman to accept Financial Reports as presented. Seconded by Kathryn Cameron.

4. Friends of Yoho – Helen Barry
The Friends of Yoho will celebrate their 30th Anniversary on Friday, November 17 at Truffle Pigs Bistro with a silent auction and supper. Memberships available at the door. General Manager Deb Bancroft will retire at the end of April 2018. Brenda Selkirk has been hired as the new General Manager.

5. Field Fire and Rescue Department (FFRD) – Dave Allen
FFRD held their Annual General Meeting two weeks ago. Election results: Michael Furfaro was elected to position of Fire Chief, Patrick Cais as Deputy Chief, Dave Allen and Doug Mostert as Captains, Miles Dickenson as Training Officer, Chris Allen as Equipment Officer, Pauline Boisier as President of the Society and Sophie Cais as Secretary.

Patrick Cais will continue as Acting Fire Chief until Michael Furfaro fulfills his term of service with the Canadian Armed Forces in early December 2017 and moves back to Field full-time.

The Department responded to 72 calls outs in the past year. August 2017, with 14 call outs, was the busiest month in the history of FFRD.

FFRD had another successful training year on site at weekly meetings and by attending courses offered by Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD). Deputy Chief Patrick Cais is working with BC Emergency Services on the First Responder Program. 10 to 12 members have completed the training and member Maggie Fields will complete Train the Trainer in order to offer the training here in the future.

FFRD contract with Parks Canada has been amended to allow the department to buy food for responders when they are on lengthy call-outs.

The Canada Day Barbeque raised $1600. All food was donated by Emerald Lake Lodge.

The Emergency Services Ball held at Emerald Lake Lodge in the spring raised money for STARS Air Ambulance and local Emergency Services. The funds donated to FFRD were used to help pay for the AED installed at Truffle Pigs. With the money raised on Canada Day, FFRD decided to fully fund the AED and won’t invoice the FRAA.

6. Round Table
No questions or information shared.

7. Election of New Board of Directors
Our Constitution states that we must have a minimum of five members to continue operating as a Society in the Province of British Columbia. There were nomination papers submitted for the following people: Flint Palmer, Greg Dowman, Michael Le Grice, Kathryn Cameron, Sally Watson, Karen Schmidt, Sonya Leenders.

All were acclaimed Board Members for the 2017/2018 operating year of the Field Recreation Advisory Association. Welcome new Board of Directors!

8. Upcoming Events
Happy Hour Yoga will continue at the Community Hall on Wednesdays, 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm through to December 13, break for Christmas then resume in January.

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 pm.