Yoho Blow Days 2018 Champions and Results

Yoho Blow 2018 Champions and Results

Thank you to all the hard-working Volunteers who shovelled snow, set up the perimeter fence, created a warm, welcoming atmosphere inside the Community Hall and cleaned up every morning, cleared mounds of snow off the rink for hockey, worked bar and food shifts, made a very challenging Heritage Relay course and timed the contestants, built a Bocce Tournament schedule and kept it on track in tough weather conditions, organized indoor games and activities for kids, played music, packed the Downull Race Course, organized and timed the downhill racers and made really good food to share at the Pot Luck Supper.
Thanks to all the hardy participants and contestants who braved the raging Yoho Blow to make the Yoho Blow Days a crazy, wonderful success.
It takes a Village to put on an event!

Bocce Tournament Results

1st – Goats in the Woods: Jeremy, Doug, Paulina, Dave
2nd – Canadian Rocky’s: Flint, Katje, Vic, Baptiste, Frank, Janna
3rd – Short and Curlies: Judy, Shelley, Shane, Gina

Heritage Relay Results

1st – Dave and Keith in 5 minutes 40 seconds
2nd – Baptiste and Patrick in six minutes 50 seconds
3rd – The Outdoorsmen, Shane and Wally in 7 minutes 5 seconds

Anything Goes Downhill Race Results
(from the Reservoir to 1 Avenue on the Cemetery Road and Brook Lane)

1st – Jen in 1 minute 57 seconds
2nd – Peter in 1 minute 58 seconds
3rd – Charlie in 2 minutes 3 seconds