Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting March 12, 2018

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Greg Dowman, Kathryn Cameron, Helen Barry, Michael Furfaro, Ryan Cameron, Marthe Boissonnault, Craig Chapman, Patrick Cais

1. FRAA Report: Kathryn Cameron

It’s been a really busy 7 weeks since our last Town Hall Meeting on January 22.

Yoho Blow Recap – February 2, 3 and 4, 2018
Great weekend, in spite of the weather! Lots of participation in all the events. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to organize and put on events: Moonlight Ski, Games Night at the hall, Pick-Up Hockey game, Bocce Tournament, Heritage Relay, the Dance, Anything Goes Downhill Race and to people who managed the bar and made food to keep the energy moving.

The Board identified some items to keep in mind for next year:
• start advertising and communications through social media at least one week earlier than we did this year;
• sign a contract with the band to cover all expenses;
• try some different strategies to recruit volunteers, especially people who aren’t the regular volunteers (who we seriously appreciate and don’t want make their volunteer contributions feel like obligations instead of fun);
• consider scheduling for a different weekend;
• create a comprehensive recycling plan that includes getting empty cans out of the change room;
• communicate rules regarding alcohol during FRAA events, specifically that people are not allowed to bring their own alcohol to the event.

And, we have a new Board Member: welcome Heather Galligan!

Winter Programs
We have three active programs going strong.
• Sunday Start Up Yoga with Carly Browers, Sunday mornings from 10 am to 11 am, by donation
• Just Breathe Yoga with Hayley Markel, Wednesday afternoons from 5:30 to 6:45 pm, $12 drop-in fee, or $60 for the six week session that ends on April 11, 2018.
• Tabata High Intensity Interval Training with Laura Penner, Sunday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, $12 drop-in fee.
All three programs are advertised on our Facebook Page, The Village of Field.

Charisse LeGrice has taken over the Early Childhood program in the kid’s room. Thanks Charisse!

The Vagina Monologues was presented on Saturday, March 10. What a wonderful evening! Eleven women and one man participated in the production. Fifty people attended. A big shout out goes to Sonya Leenders for all her hard work organizing the production and the event, with support from Flint, Karen Schmidt, Helen, Michael, Katya, Karen Hagen, The Siding, Truffle Pigs and Golden Women’s Resource Centre. The FRAA received donations from Rona (plywood for the stage), Overwaitea (food and flowers), and Madonna Hollohan (sheets for the backdrop).

Kicking Horse Ski Club Yoho Challenge on Saturday, February 17 had 40 participants and raised $620. Great job KHSC team!

There was a setback for the Club last week when contractors ploughed up the start of the ski trail from Field Visitor Centre to the ball diamond in order to do drilling test for highway construction. Parks Canada has apologized to Kicking Horse Ski Club, recognized the valuable work the club does to offer superb winter recreation to residents and visitors and promises to communicate diligently before disruptions like this happen again.

Catholic Church Update
We should receive responses soon on our grant applications. In the meantime, we are working on expanding the website to include a page about the church project that we can update as things start to happen. We have requested an estimate for a site survey and are in the process of getting an estimate for engineered drawings. Also, we plan to contact the Development Office and start the development process with Parks Canada right away.

Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada will continue in April. A Memorandum of Understanding template has been circulated for the group to consider. It will be tailored to our specific needs and goals identified through the process.

Societies Act Registration is actually started but not yet complete. Watch for the fireworks display when it’s done!

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendar

• Easter Bunny Hop and Potluck Brunch – Monday, April 2
• Spring Fling – Sunday June 3
• Canada Day – Sunday July 1. Should we hold a street dance?

John Morrison, partner to Heather MacNeill, father to Jessica, Sky and Angus, long-term resident of Field and Columbia Lake, exceptional trail builder, trail blazer and quiet community builder, died on March 2, 2018 after a short but deadly illness. John worked hard with the Kicking Horse Ski Club to establish and maintain the incredible trails we enjoy skiing today, notably the Emerald Connector. He worked for many years on the Parks Canada trail crew as well, in Yoho, especially in the Lake O’Hara area, Kootenay and Banff, again, on trails that we have all enjoyed and will continue to enjoy. Our condolences go out to John’s family and friends. John’s influence is deep here.

2. Treasurer’s Report: Sally Watson
Files attached to email, including Yoho Blow function report.

Treasurer’s Report accepted as reported. Moved by Greg. Seconded by Kathryn.

FRAA will pay potential bar volunteers to take the Serving It Right online course.

3. Parks Canada Reports

Townsite Manager: Marthe Boissonnault
Additional funding requested for snow removal around the townsite. Important in the case of extra snow and highways may not be able to assist.

Helen Lemieux on leave; we have Kaitlin Doyle acting in the position until Elaine returns.

Helena Waddick, new person in LLYK office in Field, to process Business licences here. Easier to process these in Field. Renewal notices will be sent out mid-March.

Garbage (solid waste) billing: The billing cycle is fiscal: April to March and when the quarter closes there’s a 90 day bill delay. Intention is to carry on with rate calculations as before.

Solid waste is on a cost recovery basis for Field. Better clarity of costs by the end of April. Education meeting TBA for entire Town for solid waste management to explain the billing calculation system, and also including recycling protocols. A comment was made on what we often see in the recycling bins: returnables and inappropriate waste materials in recycling, and vice versa.

Emergency shelter protocol: The Community Hall would be used only when the hotel and all accommodations/guesthouses are full, and a designated Parks Canada employee is on site to ensure safety of people in the community Hall. Details will be included in the Field Emergency Plan currently in review and update.

Discussion about snow removal during big snowfall events. The storm on February 8 was so intense that when emergency personnel were called to respond to a highway incident, BC Ambulance and Field Fire and Rescue were not able to leave the station, let alone leave town. Clearing the route from the station is critical for first responders to attend callouts.

Highway Service Centre: No report

Resource Conservation: No report

Visitor Experience: No report

4. Friends of Yoho Report: Helen Barry

Debbie Bancroft is retiring. Brenda Selkirk will take over a General Manager. We have a new Parks Canada Liaison Officer – Chelsea Dawes. Accessing Columbia Basin Trust Not For Profit Advisor’s program.

5. Field Fire and Rescue Report: Michael Furfaro

23 members! 6 directors, 3 fire fighters,11 probationary members, 1 recruit and 2 auxiliary members: Elaine and Tom

Mike outlines that three courses are required to qualify as a fire fighter: EVDO, Auto EX and Exterior FF.

14 call outs since January 1: 8 in January, 5 in February and 1 in March. New purchases are in progress as FFRD approaches the end of its annual budget. New purchases are avalanche gear; (beacon/transceivers x 4 – now the hall has 10; currently have 8 shovels and 8 probes); New radios and new pagers are to arrive soon along with headsets for apparatus operators.

In the New fiscal year, planned are a new compressor, a pressure washer and services to vehicles.

A number of sets of turn out gear (bunker) need renewal; A draft proposal has been sent in at $50000 as a current estimate to replace old turn out gear.

Different funding sourcing; fire fighters boots under capital expenses where members can purchase boots at the Calgary 911 store; Keep receipt to submit to the hall.

New contract to be looked at with Marthe in April.

FFRD has a spring season training unit and the fall training unit is coming up.
Upcoming Courses for FFRD
Airbrakes course in Golden this weekend – 4 members
S 131 Basic Wild Land fire course in Banff : 4 spots for March 26 to 29. Members bring lunch.
CSRD: 12 courses in next 4 months. Incident Command system. Safety Officer courses. EVDO courses. Names delivered to Sean Coubrough .

Fall training starts September, with same training packages

Recent Train Derailment south of Field at Boulder Creek Bridge. Hazardous materials involved. Responders waiting to 8 or 9pm no updates from CP; CP was not able to give more info. No spills. Marthe found out about the derailment after the fact; handled by Law Enforcement. If we need to implement an evacuation then we require and updated evacuation plan. Nicky Winn is working on the update for Field. Lake Louise plan was completed first because until now, Lake Louise has not had an emergency plan. The updated Field Emergency plan will be to BC protocols.

Air raid siren is connected to the grid. No power = no siren! We could put a back up on it. What do other jurisdictions do for siren events like emergency evacuations?

6. Round Table

Laura Penner interested in offering a noon-hour, mid-week High Intensity Interval Training if people are interested.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.