Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting April 23, 2018

In attendance: Kathryn & Ryan, Paulina, and Heather

Excused: Karen, Flint, Mike, Sonya, Greg and Sally

1. Review Meeting Calendar:

Town Hall Meeting – May 7, 2018

Next FRAA Board Meeting – June 4

Field Utility Board Meeting June 13 – Budget for 2018/2019
Trying to figure out the billing for the Community Hall. In the past we were charged a factor of .5 so our Solid Waste Bills were very small. Now paying a factor of 1. Over the next year we will keep track of how much garbage and cardboard we dispose of in the bins to determine an accurate factor.

Town Tall Meeting – June 18

Summer Break – Next FRAA Board meeting is scheduled for September 10. Kathryn requested that it to be moved to Tuesday, September 11, if everyone is in agreement.

2.Town Hall Meeting Agenda for May 7, 2018

Health and Wellness Presentation, Bonnie Brandt – Consequences and impact on the environment on the use of dryer sheets and alternatives

Life Kit Update – Craig Chapman, Community Paramedicine

Reports: FRAA,Treasurer, Parks Canada (Townsites, Highway Service Centre, Resource conservation, Visitor Experience), Friends of Yoho, Field Fire & Rescue

3. New Societies Act Registration:
Application was submitted on April 6, 2018.

4. Constitution Update:
In progress. Kathryn has put together a job description of Secretary. Sally to write down duties for Treasurer, Mike will be in charge of writing duties for Social Media. Hope to identify one Board Member to be responsible for overseeing functions. A list of how to prepare for a function would be helpful. Ongoing process.

5. Insurance:
Parks Canada has paid FRAA Insurance. Thank you.

Janice Ottoson, Johnston Meier Insurance, says the FRAA is insured to use the School for programs such as HIIT, Yoga, Floor Hockey etc. Craig is currently communicating with Operations Manager Steve Jackson to find out if we have permission to use the School. The FRAA would be required to make an application listing each event.

6. Programs:

HIIT – Currently every Sunday. Laura Penner proposed adding Tuesday as an option, however a majority of participants are on the Field Fire Department and Tuesday evening conflicts with their Tuesday night Fire Practice. It was suggested that the HIIT participants work that out themselves.

Just Breathe Yoga – Starts up again Wednesday April 25 – Wednesday June 13

Sunday start up Yoga – Will resume when Carly Bowers gets back from 3 weeks vacation. TBD

Yoho Yoga – Cindy Kelly. Starts on end of June or early July and will go until end of August, possibly into the fall. Time will be 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Once Cindy knows the schedule a poster will be sent out to let everyone know.

Pickleball – We need a new net. Kathryn has been pricing out nets online with Amazon. Cost will be under $200.00. Will have to be authorized by the board first. An idea would be to have a pickleball game going on morning of Canada Day and to use some of our Canada Day Grant of $450 to purchase a new net.

Ultimate Frisbee – Put a call out to see if someone would be interested in organizing Ultimate Frisbee. Paulina will be putting up a notice on the Community Bulletin Board and on Field BC Classifieds page on Facebook.

7. Events:

Bunny Hop and Easter Potluck Brunch – April 2, 2018
Turnout – 5 kids at the Hop and 19 people at the Brunch. It’s a smaller event, but a favourite event for many so let’s keep it going. It was noted that the kids’ bags of treats should contain less chocolate/candy and more fun activity toys.

Farewell Potluck for Matt and Julie, Mike and Debbie – One Potluck for both families, Thursday May 10, 2018. Gift ideas discussed – Ryan to research. Cards will be Post Office on April 30, donations accepted. We’ll use the tip fund to pay the difference. This will be a smaller, community function and the liquor license will reflect that. Invitations will be sent out for this function.

Spring Fling – June 3, 2018

Heather & Paulina have volunteered to chair the Spring Fling! “Bring on Spring, let’s celebrate”! Will oversee: liquor license, liquor order, advertising; Community Bulletin Board, Town email list and social media, volunteers for the bar, someone to cook and sell hotdogs during the dance, decorations & props. *Secretary’s side note: Volunteers for after party Hall clean-up will be greatly appreciated as well :)*
Flint has agreed to be in charge of the music. DJ Flintaroo to the rescue! Yay Flint!
**Important note ** During our discussion of events involving liquor sales, Kathryn mentioned those who do not have SIR Certification, the FRAA will cover the cost for board members and community volunteers to take the course online. Heather and Paulina have said they are willing to take the course and will arrange with Sally when she returns from Australia.

Canada Day – July 1, 2018

Kathryn has volunteered to oversee the Canada Day events. Thank you Kathryn!

Pickleball game and Bocce Ball tournament. Pancake Breakfast, parade, face painting and a boat race are planned activities. Are we having a dance? Yes! Advertise on social media, put up posters. Indicate in all advertising any people travelling to attend our celebrations (i.e. from emerald Lake Lodge or Great Divide Lodge, or from Lake Louise) should have a DD. There will be Cake & ice cream and a cake contest. FRAA will be buying a cake as well. We discussed ideas for a prize for the winner of the best cake. A cake decorating set, cake pans, silicone oven mitts, cake turntable were ideas. A suggestion was made to give out prizes to the person(s) who pick up the most broken water balloons. 5 drink tickets for an adult(s) volunteer and a super soaker for kids.

8. Church Update:

We have received a $10,000 grant from the Rural Dividend Fund and a $5000.00 grant from CSRD. Estimate for plans may be around $11,000, lot survey may be up to $5600.00. Estimate for completion of the church, somewhere between $ 250,000 – $ 500,000.

Construction will start next year. Contract for the Church renovation will be put out to tender. There are three interested Contractors so far. The FRAA will decide on a contractor based on work, bid and if they’re willing to sign a contract.

This summer The Friends of Yoho would like to finish the historic walking tour at the Church. Storyboards to tell the building’s story and a donation box will be located inside the church. A Go-Fund me Page will be started as well in addition to applying for grants.

Throughout the summer months, volunteers will be needed to maintain the landscaping around the Church. Mowing the lawn, sweeping the sidewalk and stairs. A walk around the building to ensure there is no garbage etc. A sign-up sheet to come soon. Estimated 16-20 weeks of maintenance, if we have 20 volunteers who each take a week, we’ll be covered.

Church will be a community gathering place for weddings, memorial services, live music, a wellness centre. The building will be Accessible. We plan to have a bride’s lounge/suite in the basement with a kitchenette and two washrooms. Full time employee will be hired to look after the Church. The Church will be surrounded by beautiful gardens. Perfect for wedding photos!

9. Facilitated Meeting with Parks Canada:
No date set for the next meeting. Draft Memorandum of Understanding has been sent to participants. Very general. Lots of work to do. Kathryn feels the MOU needs to have specifics, especially regarding meetings. Feels that current format for Field Utility Board Meetings not comprehensive enough.

10. Financial Report & Hall Rentals:
Sally is in Australia until April 30 so no financial report.
Wednesday May 9th – Parks Canada has booked the Hall for the day.
Yoga Programs ongoing.
Sally to send all board members a copy of the Hall rental agreement.
Paulina has volunteered to help with Hall rentals.

11. Round Table:
Kathryn is going to send an email to Elaine regarding when the street sweeper will be in Field and the expected delivery of the garbage bins for 2018.

Sonya suggested we hold a community garage sale in June. Stayed tuned for details.

Condolences go out to the family & friends of the O’Connor family on their recent loss of Pat O’Conner.

The Vagina Monologues was a huge success. We sold 50 tickets resulting in the Golden women’s Resource Center receiving $450.00. Will we be hosting the Monologues again next year, in Field or perhaps in other locations like Lake Louise & Golden?

Ryan mentioned there is a male version of the monologues called Cocktails…maybe host this next year?

Another suggestion was in conjunction with the Arts Council, possibly have a Poetry reading featuring Canadian Poets. The Church would be the perfect setting. There are grants available through Canada Council for the Arts: Heather is going to do some research online for the grants available for community groups.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 pm.