Field Recreation Advisory Association Minutes Board Meeting September 11, 2018

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron

1. Summer Wrap-up

Canada Day, July 1, 2018: Lots of participation in every event throughout the day, except for the bocce tournament which was affected by cold and rainy weather. However, the Chrysifidis/Stichelbout family soldiered on and enjoyed a game! BC Ambulance Service’s pancake breakfast was delicious. Players enjoyed lots of fun at the pickleball tournament. The parade was wet and wild as usual. Great Field Fire and Rescue barbeque. Our inaugural Canada Day Dance was rockin’ – thank you Flint! The Final Activity Report for the FRAA Celebrate Canada event was submitted to Canadian Heritage on August 14, 2018. The FRAA is eligible to submit a grant application for 2019 Canada Day celebrations.

Summer Kicks, July 5, 2018: This was joint venture between the FRAA and Flintaroo Productions. Good music, good dancing, good food, good event.

Yoho Yoga with Cindy Kelly, July 4 through August 29, 2018: We bought some props to support yoga programs (blocks, bolsters and straps). Participation was down from last year, but still worthwhile for Cindy. She’ll be back next summer!

Just Breathe Yoga with Hayley Markel, September 13 through October 10, 2018: Fall session underway.

Pickleball: We purchased a new net system to replace the sun-rotted nets, which gave us two courts to use this year. Unfortunately, a youthful bike rider took a couple of charges at the downed net after a storm and ruined the new net. No replacement net available in the size we need. His family will purchase a new system next summer.

Upcoming Hall Rentals: Private rentals – September 20 to 25, 2018 and November 9 to 11, 2018. No HIIT at the Community Hall on Sunday, September 23; Laura Penner has been informed.

Friends of Yoho host an event on September 29, 2018, 7:30 at the Community Hall – Fran Drummond and Twin Falls Chalet. Admission by donation.

2. Financial Report: Full report will be presented at the Town Hall Meeting on October 1.

3. Catholic Church Update: Lot survey complete and paid for. Meeting with Lynda Lafleur from Columbia Basin Trust on July 13, 2018 to discuss project and options for grant applications. Organizing initial meeting with designers from Canmore in near future to discuss project and get quote on having plans drawn. Friends of Yoho Historic Walking Tour ended at the Church this year; thanks for the promotion!

4. Constitution Update: Working on descriptions of duties.

5. Field Utility Board Meeting Agenda, Wednesday, September 19, 2018 10:30 am Field Admin

1. Outstanding Items List review

2. Quarterly Reports – Received fourth quarter bills for 2017/2018 fiscal year. When will first quarter bills be sent for the current fiscal year? Have the water meter issues been resolved?

3. Federal Infrastructure Investment Projects Update – When will construction start on new staff housing in Field to replace the dollhouse and the teacherage duplex? Three staff houses became vacant in the last year, two on Kicking Horse Avenue and one on second avenue; all three remain empty. What are Parks Canada’s plans for these three units? What is the status of the Superintendent’s House?

4. Field Community Plan and Yoho Management Plan Reviews – We understand these are part of a larger review for the Field Unit. Housing in the community continues to be a critical issue for businesses and the viability of the village. It was really busy this summer season. Without adequate and affordable housing, it’s hard to recruit and retain employees. Both The Siding and Truffle Pigs reduced their hours of service this year because of staff shortages. Summers continue to be overwhelmingly busy. Both the Field Community Plan and Yoho National Park Management Plan identify the importance of fall, winter and spring visitor services. Field businesses continue to offer services year round. Will Parks Canada open the Field Visitor Centre this winter to support shoulder and winter season operations in the park and village of Field? What are Parks Canada’s marketing plans for the less busy seasons to alleviate some of the pressure we experience in the summer?

5. Recycling Program Update – China stopped buying plastics. How has this affected the plastic recycling program here?

6. Facilitated Meetings and MOU Update

7. Firewood collection discussion – The area above 2nd Avenue has been cleared as part of Fire Smart work. Lots of trees are down in that part of the forest. Is it possible for residents to use the fallen trees for firewood?

8. FRAA Update – Where we’re at with our projects and programs.

9. Round Table

6. Town Hall Meeting Agenda

Presentation – To be confirmed
FRAA Report
Treasurer’s Report
Parks Canada Reports: Townsites, Highway Service Centre, Visitor Experience, Resource Conservation
Friends of Yoho
Field Fire and Rescue
Round Table

7. Round Table

Municipal Election October 20, 2018: Issues that will affect Field residents are: a referendum to decide if Area A residents will pay 20% of the operating costs of the Golden Swimming Pool, Seniors Centre, Rec Plex and Civic Centre through taxation; and, electing a Director for Columbia Shuswap Area A. Kathryn to ask Karen Cathcart to give presentation at Town Hall Meeting on how this will affect Provincial Property Taxes.

British Columbia Referendum on Proportional Representation: will take place by postal ballot between October 22 and November 30, 2018. For more information, go to your search engine and enter British Columbia electoral reform referendum 2018. You’ll have lots of sites to examine.

Volunteer Appreciation: Ideas? We want to thank our wonderful volunteers by doing something kind for them.

Honorarium: Received from Parks Canada. Thank you.
We need to determine a formula for distributing the money to Board Members.