Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting October 1, 2018

In Attendance: Jen Coffman, Sophie Cais, Ginette Therrien, Denise Toulouse, Helen Barry, Ryan Cameron, Bryan Keefer, Karla Gaffney, Brenda Selkirk, Dave Selkirk, Carla Evans, Elizabeth Truslow-Evans, Rick Kubian, Chris Allen, Mike Furfaro, Ron Oszust, Jon Wilsgard, Karen Cathcart, Paulina O’Brien, Kathryn Cameron, Sally Watson

1. Presentation: Core Services Establishment Bylaw Karen Cathcart, Director Area A Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD), Ron Oszust, Mayor, Town Of Golden and Jon Wilsgard, CAO, Town of Golden

Director Karen Cathcart’s presentation and Frequently Asked Questions information sheet are attached to the minutes email.

To receive updates from CSRD Area A Director, please send an email message to

Vote will take place on Saturday, October 20, 2018. The polling place is at Field Community Hall from 8 am to 8 pm. Advance voting available at Town of Golden Town Hall on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. For more information visit

2. FRAA Report Kathryn Cameron, President FRAA

First of all, a great big shout out to all the volunteers and leaders and presenters who support programs and events in our community. That includes people who help set up for events, cleaning before and after, tending bar, making and serving food, attending meetings and responding to emergencies or information or activities even though we say we’re taking a summer break – except for the first responders in our community who do not take breaks! This summer we were steady on.

Passages: Field’s oldest dog, Sophie, age 19 (human years) died on Thursday, September 27. She was Boomer’s faithful companion, and best friend to Vic, Elias, Pavo and Sally. Sophie joined the Lahti family after she grew too tall to live at the Husky Trailer court in Golden. To live there she couldn’t be over 12” in height. Sophie grew to a very dainty 15” stature! It was a heartbreaking loss to her former family, but a nugget of joy for her new family when she moved up the valley to Field. Farewell Sophie.

Canada Day, July 1, 2018: Lots of participation in every event throughout the day, except for the bocce tournament, which was affected by the cold and rainy weather. However, the Chrysifidis/Stichelbout family soldiered on and enjoyed a good game! BC Ambulance Service’s pancake breakfast was delicious. Players enjoyed lots of fun at the pickleball tournament. The parade was wet and wild as usual. Great Field Fire and Rescue barbeque. Our inaugural Canada Day Dance was rockin’ – thank you Flint! The Final Activity Report for the FRAA Celebrate Canada event was submitted to Canadian Heritage on August 14, 2018. The FRAA is eligible to submit a grant application for 2019 Canada Day celebrations; the grant application is due by the middle of November.
Summer Kicks, July 5, 2018: This was joint venture between the FRAA and Flintaroo Productions. Good music, good dancing, good food, good event.

Yoho Yoga with Cindy Kelly, July 4 through August 29, 2018: We bought some props to support yoga programs (blocks, bolsters and straps). Participation was down from last year, but still worthwhile for Cindy. She’ll be back next summer!

Sunday Start-Up Yoga with Carly Bowers, Sundays at 10:00 am through summer until late August. Carly is taking a break for now. Stay tuned for update on this program.

Just Breathe Yoga with Hayley Markel, 6:00 pm Wednesday September 13 through October 10, 2018: Fall session underway.

HIIT: Continued program faithfully throughout the summer on Sunday nights with Laura Penner and Wednesday evenings without her, and still follows the same schedule. Thanks to all the HIITers for your flexibility on changing your Wednesday evening schedule to accommodate yoga classes.

Pickleball: We purchased a new net system to replace the sun-rotted nets, which gave us two courts to use this year. Unfortunately, a youthful bike rider took a couple of charges at the downed net after a storm and ruined the new net. No replacement net available in the size we need. His family will purchase a new system next summer.

Hall Rentals: Private rentals – September 20 to 25, 2018 (complete), October 20, 2018 – Municipal Election (vote on the Core Services Establishment Referendum as residents of Area A) and November 9 to 11, 2018 (upcoming).

Friends of Yoho hosted an event on September 29, 2018, 7:30 at the Community Hall – Fran Drummond and Twin Falls Chalet. Fran knows where the skeletons are buried! She shared some great history and personal stories of her time in the Rockies that started in 1951.

Catholic Church Update: Lot survey complete and paid for. Meeting with Lynda Lafleur from Columbia Basin Trust on July 13, 2018 to discuss project and options for grant applications. Had an initial meeting with designers from Canmore on September 25, 201 to discuss project and get quote on having plans drawn. Anticipating a fee proposal this week. Parks Canada Development Office has offered important guidelines that have been shared with the designer. Before we commit to final plans, the FRAA will talk to the community. Not sure exactly how or when, but we’ll let residents know what, when and where. The propane tank is really old, with leaky valves and needs to be replaced. We’ll coordinate with Superior Propane.

The Friends of Yoho Historic Walking Tour ended at the Church this year; thanks for the promotion!

Constitution Update: Working on descriptions of duties.

British Columbia Referendum on Proportional Representation: will take place by postal ballot between October 22 and November 30, 2018. Lots of information available online. Check it out and participate in the decision. It’s important.

Volunteer Appreciation: Ideas? We want to thank our wonderful volunteers by doing something kind for them.

Honorarium: Received from Parks Canada. Thank you.

Annual General Meeting and Election of Board Members on Monday November 19, 2018: Nomination papers will be available at the Post Office, and will be sent out to the community email lists. If you are interested in participating as a Board Member, don’t hesitate to talk to one of us to find out what it’s all about.

3. Treasurer’s Report Sally Watson, Treasurer FRAA

Financial Reports attached to the minutes email.
No motion to approve. One error to correct. The revised report will be presented again at the November 19, 2018 Town Hall Meeting for approval.

4. Parks Canada Reports Rick Kubian, Acting Townsite Manager and Associate Superintendent, LLYK Field Unit, Parks Canada

Water, Sewer and Solid Waste Billing: Rates will remain the same for the 2017/2018 fiscal year. An error in the solid waste calculation formula means that the most recent bills are not accurate. If you have already paid the bill, then the correction will be shown on the next quarterly bill. If you haven’t paid the last bill, don’t pay it; a corrected bill will be sent – pay that one. Rick will give a presentation on the billing system at the next Town Hall Meeting in November.

Federal Infrastructure Investment: Parks Canada received 2.9 billion dollars to repair infrastructure across the country that had not been maintained for over a decade. Currently entering year five of a five-year program. The money has been spent on existing infrastructure like highways, bridges, canals, locks, campgrounds, and bunkhouse accommodations. The Yoho Bunkhouse at Boulder Creek, which houses 25, was identified and approved for repairs and upgrade. The work will be done in 2019. This means the facility will not be used as staff accommodation next summer and staff will live in Parks Canada housing in Field next summer. Housing is not included in the FII program; it is a separate operation. The goal over time is to fix and fill Parks Canada houses in Field.

National Office Project to Develop a New Regulatory Process for Granting Permits: Parks Canada will hold an Open House in Field to explain the project and get public input into the new process. Once the date has been set the community will receive an invitation to participate.

Highway Service Centre: Mike Vanderveen not able to attend tonight due to weather and highway maintenance demands. The snow maintenance map for 2018/2019 has been sent for review, and will be shared with the community soon. Bridge construction at the entrance to Field expected to be finished by the end of October. Contractors are sandblasting and resurfacing the underside of the bridge.

Stone Wall Repair on Stephen Avenue at School: The facing rocks were knocked off by a snowplow last winter. Contractor has been hired, just waiting for a window of warmer temperatures to do the work. May happen this fall; may happen in the spring. Highways will pay for the repair.

Field Emergency Plan: No word on update progress. Field has an existing plan.

Field VRC: Parks Canada operations continue until October 8, 2018. Friends of Yoho will be open until October 28, 2018. No personal visitor services available there this winter. Washrooms will continue to be open 24 hours, seven days a week. Visitors can purchase permits at the Lake Louise Visitor Centre. FRAA Board of Directors continues to advocate for year-round visitor services and Parks Canada presence in Yoho National Park at Field Visitor Centre.

5. Friends of Yoho Report Helen Barry, President, Friends of Yoho

Some summer programs were cancelled due to smoke and the fire ban, so no S’Mores at the campgrounds in the summer of 2018. However, the store is doing well, Historic Walking Tours of Field were popular as always and two evening presentations – The Gummo Lumber Company Logging in the Rockies and Fran Drummond’s Twin Falls Tea House – were both well-attended. The model train at the Visitor Centre works most of the time! Member’s Appreciation Day on October 4, 2018, 35% off for members.

6. Field Fire and Rescue Report Mike Furfaro, Chief, Field Fire and Rescue Department

Members – Sitting at 19 members.
o 6 Officers, 4 Firefighters, 7 Probationary Members, 2 Recruit,
• 1 Auxiliary Member (Elaine)
Call Outs – 44 as of 01 January 2018.
o 8/Jan, 5/Feb, 3/Mar, 5/Apr, 1/May, 1/June, 6/July, 8/Aug, 7/Sept.
New and Planned Purchases
o New Turnout gear. Planned to order by end of first week in Oct.
o Odds and Ends (Blankets, small tools for hall repairs, etc)
Completed Training
o 15 Sept – In House Auto Ex (11 Members)
o 29-30 Sept – APO (1 Member)
Upcoming Training – CSRD Fall training courses.
o EVD, Interior, Exterior, S&T, Hazmat Aware, ISO
o First Responder – In House (Nov. 9-11, 23-25)
• First Responder Program – A few more steps to be completed before in place
Battery Storage Facility
o 28 Sept. Call out – SO2 Alarm
o Bunkhouse Evacuation
o BC Hydro and P.C.
o Field Emergency Plan? Review old Plan, Review new plan
FFRD will conduct initial size-up then assist in notification and evacuation of residence of Field
FFRD AGM – 30 Oct. 2018
o Vote for Fire Chief, President, Secretary (admin)
o Appointment of Officer roles by Fire Chief

7. Round Table

Bridge Construction and Mail Delivery: Current equipment and supply storage limits mail truck access to Field. Dave Allen, Project Manager for Parks Canada to coordinate with contractors and Post Office to resolve issues.

Poo Bucket at Dog Park: Dog owners are reminded to take poo bags to the nearest dumpster, and refrain from setting up unsightly on-site disposal systems that no one maintains.