Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting November 19, 2018

In attendance: Elaine Lemieux, Greg Dowman, Paulina O’Brien, Kathryn Cameron, Sally Watson, Flint Palmer, Denise Toulouse, Ginette Therrien, Brenda Selkirk, Dave Selkirk, Ryan Cameron, Mike Furfaro, Doug Mostert, Boomer Lahti, Mike Legrice, Charisse D’Hamers, Estelle Legrice, Helen Barry, Lorraine Zirke, Patrick Cais, Bruce Bembridge, Marilyn Toulouse, Jen Coffman, Pauline Boisier

1. Pot Luck Supper – Doors and Bar Open at 5:30 pm, Supper from 6:00 pm to 6:45, Clean-Up and Meeting Set-up, Meeting starts at 7:00 pm
Great supper! Field cooks rocked it again.

2. FRAA Report
Kathryn Cameron, President FRAA

The FRAA operational year is August 6 to August 5 the following year, so the Annual Report covers this period of time. Here are the highlights:

Recreation programming expanded to include yoga (with Cindy Kelly to the end of August 2017, Alana Jung to the middle of December 2 and Hayley Markel and Carly Bowers throughout the winter, spring and early summer, and the return of Cindy Kelly for July and August 2018) and Tabata High Intensity Interval Training with Laura Penner ongoing from early February. Thank you to the instructors and participants who have made these programs a resounding success! Yoga and HIIT programs join the tried and true activities we all know and love so well: skating, hockey and cross-country skiing. All of these outdoor activities require a substantial amount of rink and trail maintenance. Thank you to the snow removal and rink flooding crews who kept the ice in great shape all cold winter long last season. Thank you to the volunteers, coach and groomers who manage Kicking Horse Ski Club memberships, communications, Full Moon Skis, the Yoho challenge and grooming. It takes a community to raise a recreation program! Pickleball continues to be an important summer activity, and we have good news: Rocky Mountain School District # 6 has given permission for the FRAA to use the school for winter programs like indoor pickleball and HIIT. Stay tuned for details. Kicking Horse Ski Club is ramping up operations for the 2018/2019 season, and is also looking for people to take on running the club next year and beyond.

Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada to develop a Memorandum of Understanding between the FRAA and Parks Canada will start again when the new Townsite Manager arrives to take up the reins.

Field Recreation Advisory Association has registered with the Province of British Columbia under the new Society Act. The FRAA continues to be legal entity.

In November 2017, the FRAA was gifted St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. We received grants to start the redevelopment process. A lot survey has been done, we have accepted the design proposal from russell and russell design in Canmore and we have had our first public consultation on the project. Friends of Yoho ended the summer 2017 Historic Walking Tours of Field at the church to help raise the profile of the project.

Christmas Celebrations were focussed at the Community Hall in 2017, with the Christmas Concert held in conjunction with the traditional Christmas Pot Luck Supper and Skate with Santa. Once again, Field Fire and Rescue gave us a highly entertaining theatre and dance production!

The Life Kit Program was introduced by BC Ambulance Service Community Paramedicine Program in January 2018. It gives residents guidance on documenting personal medical history and medications that can be referenced by respondents in the event of a medical emergency, and, what to do for pets and how to personally prepare for 72 hours of self-sustainability in the event of an emergency.

The Yoho Blow was held February 2, 3 and 4, 2018. It was a year to welcome former residents to relive their glory years at the crib table, on the bocce courts and in the Heritage Relay and to introduce new residents to a true Yoho Blow complete with a wild snowfall, full-on blizzard and really cold temperatures. What a weekend! It wrapped up with a surprisingly well-attended Pot Luck Supper.

We discovered that the siren at the Fire Hall does not work if there’s a power outage.

Charisse Legrice assumed responsibility for Kid’s Room programming, taking over from Julie Champagne.

We lost a true and quiet community builder when John Morrison died in early March.

Twelve amazing volunteers presented The Vagina Monologues March 10, a co-presentation by the FRAA and Golden Women’s Resource Centre, produced by FRAA Board Member Sonya Leenders.

We celebrated Easter with the Bunny Hop and Pot Luck Brunch on April 2.

At the May 7 Town Hall Meeting, Bonnie Brandt presented information about chemicals used in scented dryer sheets and offered recommended alternative options to their use.

We bid farewell and best wishes to long-term residents on May 10: Deb Bancroft and Mike Finn (off on retirement adventures), and Matt Morrison, Julie Champagne and their two children, Liam and Noah (moving on to Invermere adventures).

Parks Canada Townsite Manager Marthe Boissonnault gave an afternoon community presentation on May 29 to explain how Solid Waste costs are calculated. The presentation was also circulated to residents by email.

The Spring Fling on June 3 welcomed summer staff with a rockin’ dance at the Community Hall.

Canada Day on July 1 – a co-production of BC Ambulance Service, Field Fire and Rescue and the FRAA – started with good food and pickleball at the Community Hall, moved on to the parade (lead by RCMP in red serge) and water fight (featuring Field and Rescue against everyone else . . . ) followed by events at Church Pond (just a little tribute to former Parks Canada Superintendent Ian Church, I know we call it The Pond) at the Visitor Centre – FFR bbq, birthday cake and ice cream, and the tiniest friends and family bocce tournament to date, and ended with another barn-burner of a dance at the Community Hall.

Our final event of the operational year was a mini music festival and dance presented by the FRAA and Flintaroo Productions on July 5, with performers from Winnipeg, Sweden, Golden and Vancouver Island.

Currently, Field has a population of around 140 residents, and five volunteer organizations: the FRAA, which includes Kicking Horse Ski Club; Field Fire and Rescue; Friends of Yoho, and BC Ambulance. Volunteers from all five groups support recreation, culture, heritage and emergency services to residents of the community and visitors to Yoho National Park. Quite an accomplishment for a community of very motivated and enthusiastic people who also have full time jobs and businesses, families and lots of desire to get out and enjoy the environment we live in. Kudos to everyone who plays a volunteer role in the community. Thank you.

Now, let’s look at the future. This is my last year on the Board of the FRAA. I want to work on the St. Joseph Project, finally get the Constitution updated, approved by the community and registered with the Provincial Society Act to replace our current, out-dated model, and have a signed Memorandum of Understanding between Parks Canada and the FRAA. The FRAA will continue to offer events and programs that bring the community together – let’s face it, we all like to have fun! And we will continue to work with our sibling volunteer organizations in the community on shared goals and events. Rock on! It sounds like Bruce and Marilyn will carry on administration duties for Kicking Horse Ski Club this operating season and then will turn the operation over to others. Given the Government of Canada’s initiative to increase tourism in the country it seems like a really good time for Parks Canada to reassume a more active role in winter tourism in Yoho National Park. Let’s open the discussion, and open Field Visitor Centre as a year-round service again.

A quick report on what’s happening right now:
• Updating insurance to cover the snow machine and trailer to bring it all under the FRAA.
• Canada Day grant application for $500 has been submitted, two days before the deadline. Woohoo!
• Next steps in the St. Joseph Project are site planning and building design then meeting with Parks Canada Development Office to start the permit system.
• Shopping for a new stove – looking very, very promising for a two oven, 10-burner Garland. Really. We’re really doing it.
• Yoga continues until December 12, 2019, Wednesdays from 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm with Hayley Markel. No class on December 19 as previously advertised,
• HIIT continues with Laura Penner on Thursday evenings and informally on Sunday evenings.
• Looks like the rink preparation is underway. Good work rink team.
• Pickleball has been set up in the gymnasium. Stay tuned for details.
• Now that Josephine and Estelle are back in town, Children’s Programs at the hall are on again. Welcome back ladies!

The community offers deepest condolences to Jenny and Charlie on the sudden death of Jenny’s son Matthew, and the death of Charlie’s Mom. We also offer condolences to Rick and Sam on the death of Rick’s Mom, and to Max on the recent death of her Dad. To all of you, we are very sorry to hear your families’ sad news.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Sally Watson, Treasurer FRAA

Annual Report presented. Motion by Paulina to approve as presented. Seconded by Greg.
November Financial Reports also presented. Sally noted that the Carmel Colonna Cemetery Fund monies have been moved to the St. Joseph Project (shown as Church in the reports) as requested by Mary Colonna. FRAA to send a Thank You card to Mary. We appreciate her steadfast support for the community. Motion by Paulina to approve as presented. Seconded by Greg.

Files are attached to the distribution email of minutes.

4. Parks Canada Reports
Elaine Lemieux, Realty and Municipal Officer, LLYK Field Unit, Parks Canada

Last Quarter invoice: Everyone should have received the corrected last quarter invoices

In Home Accommodations: Parks Canada will be completing a comprehensive overview of the approved in-home accommodations in Field. The intention of this is to focus on the community plan and how it is being executed.

To ensure we are properly executing the community plan, Parks Canada needs to understand more clearly how approved in-home accommodations are being managed. Specifically we need to ensure that bed numbers, kitchens, bathroom spaces, overall layout and parking all align with the business licences and Community Plan. We intend to complete an inspection of all in-home accommodations prior to this year’s business licence renewal process.

The in home inspections will be starting from January 14th and will be completed by February 8th. In December a letter will be sent to each in-home accommodation requesting you to book an appointment for the inspection over one of these days. We can be flexible if one of these days does not work for you. The inspection is a mandatory part of the business licence renewal process and must be completed prior to the renewals. Also as part of the business licence renewal requirements, Parks Canada will request a simple drawing of the layout of your in-home accommodation.

Flint: Is Parks Canada issuing more accommodation licences for town?
Elaine: Good question as Parks is considering that Field is nearing capacity of # of pillows. If a house in town currently licensed as a guesthouse is sold, and new ownership isn’t interested in operating the house as a guesthouse then the pillows will go back into inventory for the town as a whole.
Jen: What/How was number of pillows determined for Field?
Kathryn: Field Townsite plan c.1999
Jen: Lots of changes since 1999 so would a revision be in order for the townsite plan?

202 Kicking Horse – Superintendent’s House, still getting worked on. Will be dorm for summer 2019, then should go up for application in the Fall
208 Kicking Horse – Basement room being made legal.
214 Stephen Ave and 204 Kicking Horse – Waiting to hear whether or not there’s asbestos

Cannabis: Parks Canada will follow provincial legislation and regulations in the approach to cannabis legalization.

In the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, public consumption is permitted. Accordingly, in places administered by Parks Canada, including Lake Louise and Field, public consumption is permitted.

In Parks Canada’s campgrounds, cannabis consumption will be limited to a visitor’s campsite (with a valid camping permit). It’s important to note that public consumption is not permitted in common areas within campgrounds (e.g. playgrounds, kitchen shelters, washrooms, trails, roads). This is similar to the approach Parks Canada follows for other regulated substances, like alcohol.

In day use areas and on trails, public consumption is permitted. Provincial regulations pertaining to smoking and vaping, no closer than 5 metres from buildings unless otherwise posted, continues to apply and includes cannabis.

Elk update: A study of elk movement and habitat use is starting in the “Field Flats” area of Yoho National Park. Between November 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019, up to 15 female elk will be captured and fitted with radio-collars. The GPS-equipped collars will record their movement for the next three years.

This study is part of the Trans-Canada Highway (TCH) twinning project. It will inform plans to prevent wildlife-vehicle collisions and keep habitat connected along this stretch of the TCH.
The school retaining has been repaired and Pierre’s stairs reaching to his property have also been repaired.

Highway Service Centre: is a 24 hour operation, and the same levels of service as previous years can be expected for both TCH and the town site. Michael Vanderveen met with Al Ure a month ago, and they had a chat about the school bus and any concerns, they both have the same expectations.

Townsite Manager: Juliet Van Livet will start in early December and she will be taking over in the New Year.

Asset Management:
1) 1st Ave/Stephen Ave Water Leak and Ice Situation: We have summarised all info related to the water leak and believe the leak to be coming from a water service line for the Emerald Lake staff house on “Emily’s hill”. A contractor will be on site to excavate and repair the leak hopefully as early as Wednesday, November 21. We are aware the issue has been present for several seasons now. Previous to this fall, the emerging water had only been present seasonally in the spring and was not confirmed as being either ground water or treated water.
2) Stephen Creek Slope Monitoring: We continue to work with Tetra Tech to develop mitigation works that will be constructed along Stephen Creek to minimise impact to the town of Field in the event of a debris flow. Proposed works to date will impact the layout of the town and so we have requested that Tetra Tech quantify the risk reduction by only implementing works closely surrounding the cemetery bridge location. The survey crew monitored the slope throughout the 2018 year with a total of 6 surveys. Survey data revealed typical movement/creep of the slope which was accelerated during periods of snow melt and precipitation (typical of the last few years of survey data). Engineers from Tetra Tech had no concerns with the data collected and magnitude of the movement.
3) Field Access Road Bridge Rehabilitation and Maintenance (Kicking Horse River Bridge): The contractor was able to complete approximately 75% of the bridge deck work required, and approximately 50% of superstructure (repainting the steel girders). Remaining work will continue in spring of 2019 with the same traffic impacts for approximately 6-7 weeks beginning as early as April. There is a possibility that the contractor will return in the fall of 2019 so that time sensitive work can be completed on several bridges in Lake Louise also included in their work program.
Flint: can some changes happen when contractors return with traffic control? Access to town is restricted to 3 or 4 car lengths when the temporary signals are in place because access to Yoho Trading Post and Field Information Centre is so short.

Kathryn: Very happy to hear that Parks Canada views the Field Community Plan as a document that will be properly executed. It states that Field Visitor Centre will be operated year-round to offer services to visitors. Parks Canada can’t pick and choose what will be properly executed in the Field Community Plan.

5. Friends of Yoho Report
Helen Barry, President, Friends of Yoho
A great fundraiser at the Truffle Pigs on Saturday, November 17. Many thanks to Jen for this! Proceeds from the evening will be donated to the St. Joseph Project. Store is closed for season. Brenda and Karla are completing inventory. A Hydration Station will be installed at field Visitor Centre in the near future, funded by Friends of Yoho. We are looking for more Board Members if anyone is interested.

6. Field Fire and Rescue Report
Mike Furfaro, Chief, Field Fire and Rescue Department

1. FFRD AGM – 30 Oct. 2018
a. Fire Chief (Mike), President (Pauline), Secretary/Treasurer (Sophie)
b. Appointment of Officer roles by Fire Chief
i. DC- Patrick, Cpt’s- Dave, Chris, Doug, Eng- Miles

2. Call Outs – 54 as of 01 January 2018.
a. 8/Jan, 5/Feb, 3/Mar, 5/Apr, 1/May, 1/June, 6/July, 8/Aug, 7/Sept.
b. 6/Oct, so far 4 in November (all 4 on Nov. 09)
c. 59 total for 2017/18 fiscal year (2016/17 saw 64 calls)

3. Members – Sitting at 18 members.
a. 6 Officers, 5 Firefighters, 6 Probationary Members, 1 Recruit,
1 Auxiliary Member (Elaine)
-Greg newest Firefighter

4. New and Planned Purchases
a. New Turnout gear. Sized and ordered on 16 Oct 2018
b. Awarded 35k for New SCBAs

5. Completed Training
a. EVD, Interior, Exterior, First Responder (mid-course at this time)

6. Upcoming Training – Awaiting 2019 CSRD Spring training calendar

7. Apparatus
a. Engine 1 (transmission fixed- power distributer, internal harness, temp. sensor)
b. Rescue 1 (turbocharger replaced)
c. Rescue 2 (all good)

8. Field Emergency Plan
a. Field Emergency Plan? Review old Plan, Review new plan
FFRD will conduct initial size-up then assist in notification and evacuation of residence of Field

7. Election of Officers
Thank you to all board Members who served over the past year: Sally, Mike, Sonya, Greg, Paulina, Heather, Karen, Flint and Kathryn. Thank you Mike and Heather for your contributions and we wish you well in your future endeavours! All other Board Members are staying on for another term, joined by Charisse D’Hamers as the eighth Board Member. All elected by acclamation.

8. Round Table
Flint is looking to make summer kicks bigger and better; aiming to sell 400 tickets (up from 150). Plans also for 6 portapotties, a few more acts, better accommodation and possibly to happen sometime near July 1st, in conjunction with Canada Day.

Saturday Dec 22 is Christmas Potluck and Concert. Maybe a 50/50 this year.

Meeting Adjourned 8:54 pm