Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting, September 9, 2019

1. Calendar Review

  • Sally is away from November 9 to December 14.
  • Motion by Greg, and Seconded by Flint that we reschedule the AGM from November      18, 2019 to November 4, 2019. Passed. 
  • Kathryn is away from October 24 to 28.
  • Paulina is away from October 26 to November 14.
  • Greg will be away in early October.

2. Events Recap
Canada Day

  • Two thumbs up on events throughout the day, especially for the Pot Luck Supper. 
  • Let’s keep the option of a Canada Day Dance open next year, potentially to hire a band for the dance.
  • Final Report to Canadian Heritage sent August 29, 2019. Celebrate Canada grant application for 2020 due November 16, 2019.
  • Receipts submitted to Sally. 

Field Summer Music Festival

  • Overall really superb event.
  • Much support was received from Flint’s Mom and aunts cooking up loads of great eats! There were 35 music people and 45 volunteers.
  • Date for 2020 set for Saturday, July 11. Music line-up almost filled, with completion expected in a month. Considering groups like Barney Bentall, Red Elvises, The Boom Booms. Hotels and hostels booked for performers. Having the date announced now means festival attendees will be able to book accommodation in town or at Kicking Horse Campground. Potential to have block of sites set aside in Kicking Horse Campground for festival attendees. 
  • Different price strategy for ticket sales in 2020.
  • Identified more funding agencies and partnerships. 
  • Some vendors still to submit % of sales. 
  • Discussion about continued operation under the umbrella of FRAA until Field Summer Music Festival (FSMF) has completed Not For Profit Organization process. Flint to share spreadsheet with Board. Board is comfortable with current arrangement and supports FSMF move to society status. 

Summer Programs at Community Hall

  • Last Just Breathe Yoga session with Hayley Markel was on August 21, 2019. Hayley has moved to Edmonton to work for Indigenous Services. Thanks for all the great yoga Hayley; we wish you all the best!
  • Tabata High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) continues to be a big hit . . . 
  • Shake It Up With Paulina will end the current session on Friday, September 13, 2019. Stay tuned for winter high-energy dancing!

Perennial Plant Swap: Wednesday, August 28 at Sonya’s place. Really nice, low-key event. Good opportunity to share plants and ideas. Nice start to the fall!

3. Fall Programs and Upcoming Events
Yoga: We’re looking for an instructor.
HIIT: There will be a new winter schedule, and poster available soon. In the meantime, HIIT will meet at 6:30 pm on Sunday evenings (group lead, no charge) and 7:30 pm on Thursday evenings with Laura Penner, $12 drop in fee. 
Pickleball: The weather is good. Pickleball nets are set upon the courts behind the community Hall.

Retirement Party for Reg Hawryluk: At the Government Ranch, Friday, September 27 from 2 pm to 5 pm. Poster attached to minutes email.

Farewell Party: for Mike, Charisse and Estelle, who are moving to Sparwood, in the Far-East Kootenays at the end of October. The FRAA will host a farewell party for them in October. Kathryn to coordinate a party date with them.
AGM: New date is Monday, November 4, 2019. Pot Luck Supper, slide show and election. Mark your calendar!

4. Hall Rentals
Only summer rental was Erin Evans’ Yoga teacher training in August. One fall booking at this point for the Federal Election on October 21.

5. St Joseph Project

  • Final Reports submitted to CSRD (for $5000, used for the Lot Survey and designer plans consultation) and Rural Dividend Fund ($10,000 used for conceptual drawings).
  • $150,000 grant from Built Heritage (managed by Columbia Basin Trust) confirmed.
  • $150,000 grant from Columbia Basin Trust confirmed, contingent on approval of Gaming Grant or Gas Tax Grant.
  • $200,000 grants application submitted July 30, 2019 to the Gaming Commission. Anticipate an answer in October.
  • Once we have engineered drawings, the FRAA will put the project out to tender. We need three bids to submit an application to the Gas Tax.
  • Working on Development permit with Parks Canada Development Office.
  • Working on final conceptual drawings, then the FRAA will hold community consultation to get resident feedback and go-ahead.
  • Fundraising options in discussion.

6. Hall Repairs

Kathryn will talk to Miles about plumbing repairs and Flint will talk to Joe about the other work. We would like to have everything done by the end of September.

7. Parks Canada Honorarium: Dispersal Proposal sent by email to Board Members June 6, 2019 – Motion by Sally and Seconded by Flint to accept proposal.
            Honorarium Payment, Based on Meetings, Events and Operational duties:
Board (6), Town Hall (6), Field Utility Board (4) meeting attendance: $25 each = $400 x 8 potential attendees = $3200
Event lead/organizer: $50 each event, 12 events per year and generally 2 organizers per event = $600
Operational duties: Treasurer 18 probable sessions – 6 financial reports, 12 monthly entries: $50 each = $900
Secretary – 12 sets of minutes: $50 each = $600
Total: $5300, which leaves us $700 for volunteer appreciation or board development or in the event we have more people who take a lead on organizing an event. Any amount not used for meeting attendance can also go into this fund.

The Board agreed it’s better that Board members make individual cash donations to the FRAA if that’s their interest.

8. FUB Agenda, Wednesday September 18, 2019 10:30 am at Field Admin

            1. Quarterly Reports

            2. Recycling Protocol Review

            3. Discuss Memorandum of Understanding or Terms of Reference option for Advisory Board role with Parks Canada, and Contribution Funding Agreement

            4. Set date for Snow Removal Meeting, preferably before the end of September

            5. TransCanada Highway Construction Project – What information does Parks Canada have about the project and how it may impact the community of Field

            Flint, Paulina and Kathryn will attend the meeting.

9. Town Hall Meeting Agenda, Monday September 30, 2019

            1. FRAA Report

            2. Treasurer’s Report

            3. Parks Canada Reports

            4. Friends of Yoho Report

            5. Field Fire and Rescue Report

            6. Round Table

10. Round Table

  • Flint, Paulina and Kathryn to attend Not For Profit Workshops at College of the Rockies in Golden: October 2, Financial Management and October 9, Fundraising. 
  • Discussion about CP Rail rumours re: closing Field Bunkhouse. Kathryn to call Brenda Lam at Community for clarification.

In the Gaming Commission grant application process, we found that Columbia Valley Credit Union is very customer service oriented, and offers fee-free banking to societies and not-for-profit organizations. Motion by Greg, seconded by Paulina that the FRAA move our banking to the Credit Union. Kathryn and Sally to coordinate research and process. Greg expressed support for great service offered to residents and FRAA by Columbia Valley Credit Union.