Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting, January 21, 2019

In Attendance: Brenda Selkirk, Dave Selkirk, Lorraine Zirke, Juliet Van Vliet, Michael Vanderveen, John Stichelbout, Craig Chapman, Ryan Cameron, Pierre Lemire, Wendy Edge, Patrick Cais, Jen Coffman, Andrew Bartels, Marilyn Toulouse, Michael Furfaro, Sally Watson, Paulina O’Brien, Kathryn Cameron, Flint Palmer

Excused: Karen Schmidt, Greg Dowman, Charisse D’hamers, Sonya Leenders

Welcome and introductions. 

Field residents are passionate about our community. Town Hall Meetings are held about every two months to provide a venue to share information with each other and provide feedback on events, projects and townsite management. The intent of these meetings is to communicate respectfully with each other, recognizing there are many perspectives on what happens in our community. This is the venue to hear and discuss those perspectives that promote well being in the community and also promote ability for businesses and residents to function even in tough circumstances like the big weather event at the beginning of the year. So, let’s keep it clean and productive!

1. FRAA Report  – Kathryn Cameron, President FRAA

It’s been an active two months since our last Town Hall Meeting on November 19, 2018. First and foremost, thank you to all the volunteers who organize, promote and participate in events organized for the community. For a village of around 140 people, we have a lot going on. Residents step up in official and unofficial capacity to clear and flood the rink (which is getting lots of use this winter), plan and host events at both of our facilities and on the ski trails, work on projects (the church renovation, grant research and very soon now grant application writing), communicate with followers on the website and Facebook page and have discussion with Parks Canada about salient issues like snow removal. Volunteers are at the heart of everything the FRAA offers.

Events Recap  

Christmas Pot Luck Supper, Skate with Santa and Christmas Concert:
 Saturday December 22, 2018. What a great evening! 

Thanks to Marcus Selkirk for his MC skills and establishing that it was our 101st Annual Christmas Celebration. Who knew? 

Thanks to our prep cooks and carving chefs. 

Field people – the food was outstanding. 

Santa – your diet works and your skills with kids haven’t changed at all – you were wonderful on the ice and handing out gifts. We’ll see you next year!

Concert performers – rock on, especially on the fashion runway. Totally entertaining and fun evening. Standing room only. Delicious food. Visiting. Entertainment. Everything we love as a community. Kudos to the clean-up crews who prepared and decorated the Community Hall before the event, brought order to the chaos during the event, and undecorated and washed the Hall after the event.

Music at the Church: Friday, December 28, 2018. Our first event at St. Joseph’s featured music from Carrington and Syena Mitchell of Golden, with support from their Dad, Charlie. Guitar and fiddle, harmony. Surprise solos from Slade. Really nice evening. Good turnout. Great donations. 

Moonlight Ski with Kicking Horse Ski Club took place on Friday, January 18, 2018, 8:00 pm at beautiful Emerald Lake. Six people attended.

Pond Hockey Tournament happened Friday and Saturday, January 18 and 19, 2019, organized by Kurt Devlin. Congratulations on a great event Kurt. Congratulations to Dave Allen, who apparently now looks like a real hockey player, Scott Matheson, Brandon Feuz, Mike Nelson, Bailey Christianson, Hannah Macklin and Hannah’s boyfriend Mike on taking the gold.

Events Future

Just Breathe Yoga:
 Starting again this Wednesday on January 23, 2019, with Hayley Markel at the Community Hall, 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm, $12 drop in fee.

HIIT: Two weekly sessions. Thursday evening with Laura Penner at the Community Hall, 6:30 to 7:30 pm, $12. Sunday evening, group lead at the Community Hall, no charge.

Yoho Blow: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 1, 2 and 3, 2019.

         Friday evening: Crib Tournament, Pick Up Hockey Game

         Saturday: Bocce Tournament, Heritage Relay, Dance with John        Jenkins and Small Town Revival

         Sunday: Bocce Tournament, Anything Goes Downhill Race, Pot Luck        Supper

         All Weekend: Church Fundraisers: 50/50 draw, 50/50 Squares; Bar and Food Service (daytime Saturday and Sunday); Visiting
         Tasks: Confirm champions for events(bocce and heritage relay champions confirmed, waiting for confirmation on downhill race champion), Fire Pit Restricted Activity Permit application for 2019 (complete), liquor license and order, food, volunteer sign up sheets, communications. Poster to be sent out this week, with updates posted on Facebook pages and website. 

Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) awarded the FRAA a $1000 grant in support of the dance. Thanks again CBT!

Groove is in the Heart: Thursday, February 14 with The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra at Field Community Hall, $15 at the door, cash bar. Seriously. Valentine’s Day Dance with an exceptionally groovy group.

St. Joseph Project: Second set of conceptual plan revisions received and presented at meeting, including rendering or proposed appearance. Almost ready to hold second public consultation. It’s exciting.

Thanks to the Friends of Yoho for your generous donation of  $3305.19, presented musically at the Christmas Concert. 

One-hour weekly project management meetings, 3:30 pm at Truffle Pigs lounge. Project management team core members: Sally Watson, Craig Chapman, Kathryn Cameron. Board members sit in as their schedules permit. 

Working on website that will accept donations.

Working on dedicated stationery for project correspondence.

MP Wayne Stetski’s Parliamentary Office has researched federal grants the FRAA is eligible to apply to for the project and Board members are researching provincial and foundation grants to help us have a big picture of what’s available and what we‘re eligible to apply for. Learning the grants process! 

Field Summer Music Festival: Sunday, July 7, 2019 from mid afternoon to 11 pm outside on paved area of Community Hall lease; inside for wind down until midnight. 

Six bands confirmed to date. Negotiations in process with seventh group. 

Organizing accommodation for performers.

Budget on target. Plan is to sell 300 to 350 tickets this year.

Logo contest posted on Facebook

Sponsorship from local businesses in process.

Merchandise, staging, licenses and food options all in process.

Applying for grants. Leaving no stones unturned.

Looking for assistance – volunteers can contact Flint Palmer:

Stoves: Ordered two 30” GE gas ranges from Barrault Home Furnishings in Golden on November 29, 2018 during their annual GE appliance sale. Total cost $4558.01 after taxes, $1700 savings and $75.00 delivery fee. Fully paid. On back order. Hope to have them installed before Yoho Blow.

Once new stoves arrive, Sonya to purchase one fully functioning stove for $100 and Flint to dispose of stove without oven function.

Ski Club Update: CIBC provided copies of cancelled cheques from purchase of snow machine in 2013 that show it was purchased by FRAA. Now ready to transfer registration to FRAA from Kicking Horse Ski Club without paying PST again. It’s on the short list of things to do. Visit for trail reports and Club updates.

Constitution Update: In process. Kathryn and Sonya working on it. May have draft for review at Town Hall Meeting on March 11, 2019.

Communications: Flint and Kathryn held training session on process for updating website. 

Vagina Monologues in Golden: Sonya talking to Golden Women’s Resource Centre about staging the production in Golden this year, potentially March 10, 2019 with same cast as last year.

Snow removal following January 2 and 3 snowfall event: Granted, it was a substantial amount of snow. However, one week later there were still huge windrows on both sides of streets that should have one windrow on one side or no windrows, parking issues through the community, concern about emergency vehicle access to all residences, access and egress for large delivery vehicles like the mail truck and grocery trucks, and a perceived lack of interest from Parks Canada to keep the community able to function. If you have concerns about snow removal, please contact the Townsites Office by email: or or phone 403-522-1212.

John Jenkins does equipment repair now. We’ll take our damaged speaker to him once he’s back home in Golden from a winter getaway to somewhere hot.

We have a Free Library on the porch of the Community Hall, donated by Sean Higgins, which she originally placed on the lawn at the Allen residence. It’s a great addition to the Community Hall offering. Thanks Sean.

We received a request for contact information on a resident named Raymond R who lived in Field about 25 years ago. Long term residents – any ideas? The contact phone number was 604-344-7164. The 250 area code didn’t come into effect until October 1996 so that would have been a Golden number. Does anyone recognize it? Two potential follow-up ideas determined. Action by Craig and Kathryn.

Want to know what’s happening? Check out our Facebook Page: The Village of Field or the website:

2. Treasurer’s Report 

         Sally Watson, Treasurer FRAA

Motion by Paulina, seconded by Flint to accept Financial Reports as presented. Motion Carried unanimously.

Files attached to the minutes email.

3. Parks Canada Reports 

         Juliet Van Vliet, Townsite Manager

  • Thanks for the welcome! Field is a really lively, important community.
  • Outline of Park Management Plan engagement process launching January 29, 2019
    • From January 25 – April 14, 2019, Parks Canada will discuss what the focus of the future management plans should be. We invite you to participate and have your say on Canada’s mountain national parks. Visit for more information. 
    • Mailing address: Parks Canada, Integrated Land Use and Planning, 7511 Columbia Ave, Box 220, Radium Hot Springs, BC V0A 1M0
    • Upcoming meeting in Golden in March, date will be on webpage.
  • Outline of Fire Management Plan engagement process launching Feb 6, 2019
    • Parks Canada is developing a plan to guide fire management in Banff, Kootenay and Yoho national parks. Learn more and let us know what you think from February 6 – April 30, 2019 at:
  • Pricing Consultations
    • New prices will come into effect on January 1, 2020. Prices on Parks Canada fees including admissions, camping/accommodations and experiences such as guided tours and programs will increase by 2.2% on 2018 rates. Admission fees will also be adjusted on a limited number of locations including some in the mountain parks because of the increased level of service and available infrastructure.
  • Update on billing for utilities: water, sewer and garbage 
    • there is a bill coming in the next couple of weeks for quarters 1, 2 and 3
    • This can be paid in installments
  • Terms of Reference / MOU discussions
    • Drafts to come, for review.
  • Guest house inspections
    • Data gathering exercise to ensure that guesthouses do not have a negative impact on the community in the future (parking etc.).
    • Requirement to renew guesthouse business licence
    • Great response so far, most guesthouses have booked inspections
    • Book through Townsites office
  • We keep a record of all snow removal comments/questions/complaints, please contact Townsites to provide comments.
  • Updated contact information for Parks Canada Townsites and Realty
    • Weekdays telephone 830am to 430pm 430-522-1186 

         Michael Vanderveen, Highway Service Centre

Halfway through the winter. Doing the mid-season transition for day and night crews where they exchange schedules. Record snowfall January 2 and 3, 2019, over 70 cm of snow. Three new staff coming on strength this week. Crew will be in Field on Wednesday to haul snow and clean up lines of sight at intersections. Discussion about more comprehensive communication to advise when people need to move their vehicles from streets so ploughs can clean roads. Sandwich board? Village of Field Facebook page? Not everyone has internet or email. Parking lot behind Truffle Pigs Lodge and Bistro is cleared and available for short-term parking.

4. Friends of Yoho Report 
         Brenda Selkirk, Manager Friends of Yoho

The Friends of Yoho are happy to report two new Board Members have joined the team: Lorraine Zirke and Flint Palmer. Currently offering a $1000 scholarship for post secondary education; working on details.

5. British Columbia Emergency Health Services (BCEHS) Report

         Craig Chapman, Community Paramedic

Station 409 has been busy the last several months averaging about 10 calls per month. Mostly motor vehicle accidents. 

There are 4 members working at the station that live out of town and stay at the station when they are working. The station is not ideal for having people live there due to lack of separate bedroom and layout; we are actively looking for other rental options for them. Please contact Kim or Craig if you know of any space in town.

This increase in out of town members is linked to changes in the remuneration for part time members working on rural / remote stations. Members now get paid a minimum 4 hours for being on call for a 12 hour shift and this has lead to Station 409 having much less time out of service.

Community Paramedic works Tues and Wed, 20 hours per week. Originally rolled out provincially as a service for seniors with chronic disease this program is now much more involved in all aspects of community health.

Starting Wednesday, February 6, the Community Paramedic will be at the Community Hall from 1 – 3pm. There will be information on various health topics, opportunity to discuss specific concerns, discuss and work on possibilities for health promotion in the community, get vitals and blood pressure checked and coffee / tea. Poster is forthcoming.

Reviewed when to call “911” and “811”. If you think you need an ambulance you probably do. Better to call “911” than spend time trying to decide if it is an emergency. “811” is a great resource for general health concerns or questions. 

Public AED locations in the area are at the Truffle Pigs lodge, Information Centre and Emeralds Lake Lodge.

6. Field Fire and Rescue Report 
         Mike Furfaro, Chief, Field Fire and Rescue Department

  1. Call Outs – 4 as of 01 January 2019.
    1. 2018 calendar year saw 63 emergency responses from FFR
      1. 2 fires, 2 investigations, 2 medical assists, 3 Stand downs, 4 Hazmat, 50 MVAs
  • Members – Sitting at 19 members. 
    • 6 Officers, 5 Firefighters, 7 Probationary Members 1 Auxiliary Member (Elaine), -Anna newest Probationary member
  • New and Planned Purchases
    • New purchases – Turnout Gear, 5 SCBAs, Sawzall, Rescue Knives, Heavy duty ratchet set.
    • No foreseeable small purchases at this time. 
  • Completed Training
    • First Responder Course – November 2018
  • Upcoming Training –  Awaiting 2019 CSRD Spring training calendar 
  • Apparatus
    • Engine 1 (all good)
    • Rescue 1 (all good)
    • Rescue 2 (Siren Issues)
  • Upcoming Projects
    • Work with PC to formalize mutual aid agreements with L.L. (ID9) and Townsite of Golden
    • Future large purchase plan for PC (5 years +) 

7. Round TableCoordinate and update FRAA town email list with Parks Canada’s town e-mail list. Some residents didn’t receive notification about Telus cell tower service interruption and repair on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.