Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting, February 17, 2020

In attendance: Sally Watson, Paulina O’Brien, Bonnie Brandt, Andrew Bullock, Flint Palmer, Kathryn Cameron

Excused: Sonya Leenders, Greg Dowman

1. Event Recap

            3rd Annual Pond Hockey Tournament January 10 & 11, 2020: Organized by Kurt Devlin, who pays all expenses out of entry/registration fees. FRAA received tips ($486.05), net bar revenue ($1522.00) and hall rental ($300), for a total of $2308.05 for the weekend event, plus a donation of $160 to the St. Joseph Project. Thanks for your generosity Kurt!

            Yoho Blow January 31, February 1 & 2, 2020: Weather is always a big part of the Yoho Blow Weekend story. 2020 saw heavy snow Friday night, changing to rain all night and until 1 pm Saturday, then a beautiful break of sunshine Saturday afternoon, and more snow Saturday night. Sunday was beautiful! Really great event for the community! Financials: took in $4009 in revenue and spent $2623.72 on expenses for a net gain of $1385.25.

Shinny Hockey: Torpedoed by the weather. The weather was too snowy, the rink was too soft and there was no way to improve conditions.

Bocce: Total revamp of the tournament that happened on Friday night with discussion about Round-Robin vs. Elimination models, and Round-Robin won! Which meant games every hour with the team winning most number of games winning the tournament. Great idea! Lots of good competition! 2 hour break for Heritage Relay on Saturday. Bocce all day on Sunday. 

Heritage Relay: A couple of changes to the challenge line-up that everyone loved. Energized by Saturday afternoon sunshine. Good participation with 11 teams; good generational representation.

Dance: 54 people attended. The band was good.

Anything Goes Downhill Race: Second last event of the weekend. Seven participants on skis, snowboard and toboggan! Mass start this year – that was fun, and not as dramatic as you think. Great big Thank You to Kicking Horse Ski Club track setter Joe Nixhipi for grooming the race course, and starting the race from the upper reservoir in 2020 rather than the lower, easier start point at the cemetery. Superb snow conditions at the top, a bit icy toward the bottom. 

Pot Luck Supper: Delicious as always. Lovely way to end the weekend. 

Suggestions for future:

  • Hold the Anything Goes Downhill Race earlier in the day on Sunday, during a scheduled Bocce break, similar idea to Saturday line-up. 
  • Reschedule for one weekend later, tentatively February 5, 6 and 7, 2021. 
  • Find ways to encourage Emerald Lake and Great Divide Lodge staff to participate in events and come to the dance.

            Vegan Pot Luck Supper February 9, 2020: 25 participants, delicious food, plenty of good information via samples, literature and videos about vegan options. Thank you Bonnie and Jana!

            Groove is in the Heart Valentine Day Dance February 14, 2020: Elk Run and Riot from Canmore played for the dance. Great band! They are in the line-up for Field Summer Music Festival so it was really nice to get a sneak preview. 27 people attended. Door proceeds went to the band. Bar proceeds to FRAA. Lots of social media promotion. No posters printed for the event; in the future will definitely print and post to augment digital communication.

            Yoho Nordic Challenge February 15, 2020: Organized and run by Kicking Horse Ski Club. Superb turnout of 85 participants. Great weather and ski conditions this year. Well done KHSC!

2. Upcoming Events are on track. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for details.

            Early Earth Day & Easter Bunny Hop/Pot Luck Brunch – April 13, 2020: Sonya
            Spring Fling – June 7, 2020: Paulina – band or DJs? In discussion.
            Canada Day – July 1, 2020: Kathryn – Dance? Pot Luck? Both?
            Field Summer Music Festival – July 11, 2020: Flint

3. Winter Programs
            HIIT: Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30 pm with Laura Penner from Lake Louise, $6, and Sundays from 6:30 to 7:30 self lead, no charge.
            Yoga: Thursdays from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm with Mardi Elliott from Banff, $6.
            Cooking Classes: First one is Learn to Make Healing Foods Vegan Cooking Class on February 23, 2020. To register: please contact Bonnie Brandt at 250-344-1548, $25 fee.
            Grant application for equipment purchase: Submitted to CBT Community Initiatives. Intent is to set up activity centre in gym at former school with ping pong tables and circuit training options. Presentation to selection committee scheduled for 6 pm on Monday February 25, 2020. Requesting $9450. Once Parks Canada has formally secured the building from Rocky Mountain School District #6, the FRAA will enter a License of Occupation Agreement to use the space for community programs and functions.

4. Hall Rentals

CSRD Information Session Friday, March 13, 2020 from 7 pm to 9 pm at Field Community Hall:Columbia Shuswap Regional District is researching the feasibility of advancing an indoor aquatic facility in Golden that would service the Town of Golden and Electoral Area A.  The first round of public engagement is being scheduled for March 12, 2020 in Golden and March 13, 2020 in Field.  The CSRD will be developing a website and survey which is set to go live on February 24th. Poster on the bulletin board.

5. FRAA Discussion Items for Meeting With Parks Canada February 18, 2020

            a. Volunteer contribution to community of Field
 compensates for lack of Parks Canada presence. 

Role of Kicking Horse Ski Club and track setting; out dated Winter Trails Map – needs to be updated and reprinted; YNP twitter account promotes winter recreation without acknowledging that KHSC is providing the service – encounter with snowshoers on the trail shows misunderstanding of role of KHSC; aging volunteers. FRAA feels it is in everyone’s best interest for Parks Canada to maintain winter trails and provide up-to-date information that gives users accurate trail info and critical safety messages.

            b. Field Fire and Rescue: solution to impasse, role of FFR for community and Yoho National Park, burn-out, recruitment, retention long term vision, administrative continuity re: ensuring propane tank is full and insurance policy is paid and current. Role of FFRD is primarily public safety on TransCanada Highway. 57 call-outs in 2019. Structure fires are rare.

            c. Yoho VRC open year round to offer services to visitors. Average daily use since October 2019 averages 438 people per day. 

            d. Community access in winter: snow removal and storage. We need a new model, not same old method that leaves Field at the end of the maintenance line, looking like an abandoned village. Concern about top-down attitude of HSC staff toward maintenance in Field; this community is seen as a burden when the reality is insufficient funding to HSC in the Field Unit. Entrance to community is not inviting: snow is piled in front of the Village of Field sign, summer banners are still up, and are in tatters. 

            e. Emergency Plan update: During the communications blackout and power failure on February 3, 2019 Field Fire and Rescue played a leadership role in organizing a response plan, communications door-to-door to assess needs, and staffed the Community Hall as an emergency shelter. When the CP train derailed in the early hours of February 4, 2019, CP Bunkhouse was put on evacuation notice due to oil tankers in the Field yard and uncertainty of what would actually happen to the out of control train. Residents heard after the fact; there was no evacuation protocol in place for residents (keeping in mind that particular emergency situation unfolded very fast).

            f. Status of Contribution Agreement: Through communication with a person in the Townsite Office in Lake Louise the FRAA learned that it will include the Honorarium and FRAA Insurance policies. No other discussion; Parks Canada drawing up the agreement without consultation.

            g. Community use of school gym when Parks Canada finishes paperwork for lease surrender from Rocky Mountain School District 6. What does Parks Canada see? Contact person?

            h. Reinstate Outstanding Items List that identifies maintenance issues in Field. Provides a guideline and priorities. Addresses general state of neglect.

            i. Individual issues between Parks Canada and residents need resolution before acrimony develops. FRAA supports cooperative, reasonable, logical solutions to issues.

            j. Overall, what does Parks Canada envision for Field over the next 10+ years? Aging demographic, volunteer burn-out, steady loss of services over the past 25 years – it’s easy to be demoralized. Any movement on CPR land not used for CPR operations reverting to the Crown?

6. CPR Lease: Signed document received. Lease is in place until October 31, 2024. FRAA discussed a cap on land rent in the future. 

7. Constitution Update: Initial meeting on February 10, 2020 to review, discuss changes to reflect current operations and start changes. We have questions about definitions to discuss with Society Act office. It’s really happening.

8. Building Maintenance
            Leaking toilet in Women’s Washroom – Kathryn to talk to Miles
            Change room door and window replacements – Flint to explore other contractor options.
            Hot Water tap cartridge replacement in bar sink – Kathryn to talk to Miles

9. St. Joseph Project
            Designer update: FRAA has asked russell and russell design to go ahead with engineered drawings and architectural review for Development Permit Application

            Grant application for cost of Engineered Drawings and Architectural review submitted to CBT Community Initiatives. Requesting $45,625.00.

            Helen Dickinson is working on the Basic Impact Analysis, also needed for the Development Permit application.

10. Agenda Field Utility Board 9:30 am Yoho Admin on February 27, 2020: Determined after meeting with Parks Canada Tuesday morning. FRAA Board sees the opportunity to build on some of the things we talked about Tuesday morning. Here are the FRAA proposed agenda items:

1. Clarification of the purpose of Field Utility Board Meetings; 

2. Review quarterly reports and the subsidy; 

3. Talk about the contribution agreement; and, 

4. How we proceed in our relationship i.e. Terms of Reference, or Memorandum of Understanding, or other method.

11. Agenda Town Hall Meeting March 9, 2020
Presentation: Constitution Update

FRAA Report

Treasurer Report

Parks Canada Reports

            Townsite Manager

            Highway Operations Unit


            Resource Conservation

            Visitor Experience

12. Round Table

Go International Volunteers: What projects can the volunteers help us with this summer? Volunteers can assist individuals, businesses or organizations. Ron Allen coordinates the program.

Rachel Fernandez-Ubell is the new Townsite Manager for the Waterton Townsite in Waterton Lake National Park. Rachel and Laurie are moving to southern Alberta! Sally to talk to Rachel about a date for a going away roast . .  no, we mean party . . .

What does Parks see as Community use of the school gym under their ownership? To discuss at meeting Tuesday morning.Flint is negotiating job offers that will probably take him away from Field. Will keep us posted.