Field Recreation Advisory Association Community Update June 30, 2020

1. FRAA Report – Kathryn Cameron, President FRAA

Meetings, Programs and Events Review – We are cautiously starting programs again.           

  • HIIT:  (High Intensity Interval Training) with Laura Penner on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, $6 admission, and group-lead on Sunday evenings from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, no charge, outside on the paved surface (skating rink/pickleball court). Please text Craig if you plan to attend.
  • Yoga: Yoga Flow With Julie on Thursday evenings at Field Community Hall from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, by donation. Social distancing measures in place for us to flow safely and stay healthy. Mat placement will be taped on the floor. Bring your own mat 
  • Field Utility Board Meeting: Held on June 16, 2020. Information included in Parks Canada report below.
  • Town Hall Meeting June 22, 2020: The Board feels that it is too soon to hold a public Town Hall Meeting in an inside venue, so this meeting has been cancelled. Minutes of both the FRAA board of Directors Meeting and Field Utility Board Meeting will be circulated by email to the community email list and posted on the website.
  • Canada Day Celebrations normally held throughout the community on Canada Day are cancelled for 2020. However, the FRAA encourages everyone to decorate their house or yard or business, and have a family/household/bubble Canada Day barbeque to love your life, love your family and celebrate our good fortune to live in this remarkable country! 
  • Community Social Distance Street Party has been in discussion for a couple of months now. Again, the Board feels that it’s too soon to host an event but are exploring options that give us chance to get together, stay safe, visit and enjoy some music. It’s on the radar.
  • Community Hall Clean-up and Standards/Protocols: The FRAA will follow Infectious Diseases Protocols when cleaning the Community Hall after it has been used. Sally to forward guidelines to Board members.

Hall Rentals

            Elements Physiotherapy and Massage from Golden have expressed interest in renting the Community Hall one day per week during July and August to offer services to visitors and residents. The Board feels that since we are basically mid-pandemic now, 2021 is probably a better time to embark on this option. Sally to communicate the decision with Elements Physiotherapy and Massage.

            No recent hall rentals, and none on the horizon.

Landscape Contract

            Contract has been awarded to Burgess Lawn Care and Maintenance. Mowing and planting have started.

Community Bulletin Board

            Sonya presented concept. Feels that the corkboard is in good condition. Working on organization and headings. Budget of $150 approved. 

Community Garden Proposal 

            There is interest for a community garden in Field. It is a complicated process. The group is scouting potential locations with a timeline to have the community garden established for 2021.

CP Rail on malfunctions of new crossing and plans for mitigation/repair 

            This will be referred to Parks Canada for action. The new crossing has been in place since late November. The physical crossing is extremely rough/unfinished. The signal mechanism malfunctions frequently. Both need to be addressed.

Constitution Update 

            The Board members will review proposed changes by September. Proposed changes will be presented to the community and if approved will be filed with the BC Government. The changes are minimal. Sally will file the Annual Report this week.

St. Joseph Project 

  • Sally, Craig and Kathryn met with Bryan and Joanie on June 15, 200 and it was good. Basically, they have important points about the size of the project and the impact on their living space and lifestyle. The most important issue is the purpose of the project, which Craig spoke to right at the beginning of the conversation: the church restoration and renovation project is meant to bring the community together, build everyone up and not to create division or anger. We talked about setbacks, site potential and implications for the immediate neighbours as well as for the community. Long story short, it’s back to the drawing board for a smaller project, but not back to square one. A lot of work has been done that is very relevant to the project, including suggestions from the Keefer family. We have to remember too that the world has changed since we started all of this.
  • Helen Irwin has completed the first draft of the Basic Impact Assessment, and all current information has been forwarded to russell and russell design in Canmore. 
  • Owl monitoring continues. One owlet fledged in 2020, on June 24.
  • Sally to pay WSP invoice for last work done on the lot survey, covers registering info with Government of Canada.

Go International Volunteers

Ron Allen reports that there will be changes to the program this year to manage participant safety. He recommended that we put together a short list of ideas for FRAA projects. The Board identified cleaning and staining the deck, and painting the outside doors. Other suggestions?

Fireweed Hostel Closed

Owners Kim and Craig Chapman announced on June 19, 2020 that CP would not renew the lease and would take over the building. Fireweed Hostel has been an integral part of the Field Community for 14 years. This is not only a big loss to Kim and Craig, but to Field too. Fireweed welcomed local, national and international visitors, hosted family and community celebrations and made Field a better place. Thank you to the Chapman and Lucas families for giving us a remarkable, beautiful, iconic and unfortunately short-term operation. 

What’s Open in Field and Yoho – A moving target these days

2. Treasurer’s Report – Sally Watson, Treasurer FRAA

Files to be distributed July 2, 2020.

3. Parks Canada Report June 19, 2020
 – Alex Kolesch, Acting Townsite Manager

  • Water/sewer/garbage rates: Rates for the 20-21 fiscal year will be unchanged, as we have reached the rate cap for cost-recovery and the remaining cost recovery amount will be subsidised by Parks Canada.
  • Outstanding invoice for public washroom use: Parks Canada had some questions about the water consumption on these invoices. Sally was helpful in providing some additional information and we will follow up on this item.
  • Contribution Agreement for FRAA: Parks Canada made some errors related to our internal processes for approval of this. The errors were corrected and the agreement is being vetted internally.  A new agreement will be forthcoming, which will allow contribution payments to be made for honoraria.
  • Traffic signals at Field/TCH intersection: Some off-highway work will begin in June or July, with the signals expected to be installed in September.
  • Community Hall public washroom: I followed up after our discussion – we will maintain and clean this facility this year. We’ll follow up when we are ready to proceed.
  • Kicking Horse Ski Club: Parks Canada will begin discussions with the club regarding the club’s funding of a Parks Canada track setting position to be in place for the 20/21 winter
  • Field Community Emergency Plan: Parks Canada is investigating consultants that can take this work on. This will likely be the most efficient approach to getting this work done. More to come…
  • Field Fire and Rescue: Parks Canada met this week with a consultant undertaking a review of the department. The objective of this review is to look at options that will result in a sustainable service in the long term. The consultant met with current and past fire department staff during his time in Field.
  • CP Crossing: Work is ongoing (as of Thursday, June 18) and we agreed we would see what the finished product looked like.
  • Fireweed Hostel: Parks Canada is now aware of the recent developments on this and will be following up with CP to understand their intentions.
  • Field VRC: Outdoor service started on June 25, 2020

4. Friends of Yoho Report June 24, 2020 – Brenda Selkirk, Manager Friends of Yoho

  • The Friends of Yoho had their 32nd AGM on June 19 with Goggle Meets. We had members from the US, Saskatchewan and Calgary joining us. We had a good 2019 with improvements, good sales and ongoing programs to see us through. The Board has renewed their positions for the upcoming year. Helen is president, Karla is vice president, Ginette is secretary, and Trisha is treasurer. Sarah and Lorraine are continuing as directors. 
  • Day to day operations due to COVID-19 affect a wide range of issues such as employment matters, fundraising, hosting events and meetings.
  • The gift shop remains closed in the VRC. We do have clothing items and magnets on the website that can be purchased on-line.
  • The Historical walking tours are not being offered this year. This is a tough decision based on the current safety of others.
  • Donations and memberships are being accepted through the website. 

6. Field Fire and Rescue Report June 26, 2020 – Patrick Caïs, Acting Chief, Field Fire and Rescue Department

  1. Call Outs –
    1.  7 in November, 13 in December, 4 in January, 3 in February . 
    1. 1 in March, 0 in April, 2 in May (vehicle fire and stand down), 3 in June (power pole fire, gaz leak, STARS landing assistance).  Total 33.
  2. Members
    1. New recruits coming with summer.
  3. New and Planned Purchases
    1. No New purchases
    1. SCBAs have been serviced.
  4. Completed Training 

No external training during this spring because of COVID 19.

In house Tuesdays night trainings stopped mid March because of Covid 19.  Members could follow on line Zoom training every Tuesday nights.  These online trainings were led by Sean Coubrough, CSRD.

  • Upcoming Training
    • Tuesday nights training resumed on June 23rd with equipment check.  
    • Focus for the upcoming summer Tuesday nights training will be fire and extrication.
  • Apparatus
    • Engine 1 (all good) 
    • Rescue 1 (all good) 
    • Rescue 2 (all good considering its age).  
  • Ongoing Projects
    • Discussions with PCA about importance of fulltime fire chief on FFRD (Fire Chief)  ongoing
    • FFRD signed a contract with PCA for the service of fire protection and anything related to fire within Yoho National Park and limited road rescue (vehicle fires and extrication only).  This contract is valid until September 30th.
    • A functional audit of the fire department is going on.  The consulting firm met with members on June 18th.  Final report is due for mid September.

FFRD has been advised that it entirely lost its mutual aid agreement with Lake Louise Fire Department (LLFD).  Until recently, LLFD was coming across the border to respond to vehicle incidents and was also automatically dispatched for structure fires.  LLFD does not come across the AB/BC border anymore.