Field Recreation Advisory Association Update January 25, 2021

Public Health Order dated January 8, 2021 does not allow public meetings at this time. The Board can meet but no members of the public can attend.

The BC Public Health Officer will update the order on February 8, 2021. Based on the guidelines stated then we will look at options for an in-person and virtual meeting in February.

Superintendent Rick Kubian and Policy Advisor Alex Kolesch have said they would like to attend the next Town Hall Meeting to share information and answer residents’ questions about the information they present. They’re on standby until we can have an in-person public meeting with virtual participation as well that will reach as many residents as possible.

This update presents information that would have been given at the January 25, 2021 Town Hall Meeting. 

1. FRAA Report 

            Kathryn Cameron, President FRAA

Here is what the FRAA Board members have worked on since our last Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting on November 16, 2020:


  • Virtual FRAA Board meetings on November 28, 2020, December 16, 2020 and January 11, 2021. Minutes of all meetings have been circulated to the community email list and are posted on the Village of Field website
  • Conference Call meeting with Parks Canada Superintendent Rick Kubian December 11, 2020.
  • Conference call Field Utility Board Meeting January 20, 2021


Covid-19 guidelines from the British Columbia Public Health Officer have determined how FRAA programs and facilities operate this winter. We are committed to health and safety of the community and will continue to follow guidelines as they change. 

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) continues virtually via Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Centre on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with Laura Penner at 7:00 pm. Please visit the LLSRC Facebook page for participation details. If you want to receive reminders, send a text to 250-344-8291 to be added to the contact list.
  • Yoga Flow With Julie on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm at the Community Hall, admission by donation. Please wear a mask as you enter the hall, sanitize your hands (sanitizer is on the table at the entrance or wash your hands in the washroom) and proceed to set up your mat a minimum of 2.5 meters from other participants. You can remove your mask for the yoga session. Please put on your mask again and maintain the 2.5 meters distance recommended as you gather your mat, sanitize your hands, put on your coat and boots and exit the community hall. The hall can safely accommodate 8 participants. 
  • The Ice Rink is flooded and in use – well done Rink People! The change room remains locked. For night time skaters, the lights are set to be on from around 5 pm to 11 pm. The timers were installed several years ago and may need to be updated or replaced. The FRAA will have an electrician assess them. There are benches outside to use for putting on skates/boots. You can also use the benches and chairs on the Community Hall porch. Please maintain a physical distance of 2.5 meters between yourself and other skaters outside your personal bubble. The change room door is locked from the inside. Entering through the windows for whatever reason is not good; please comply with the guidelines.
  • Kicking Horse Ski Club continues to provide us with wonderful cross-country skiing! Tally-Ho Trail, Kicking Horse Trail, Tree Hugger Trail, Emerald Lake Alluvial Fan and Horse Trails, Emerald Connector and the Yoho Valley Road have all been packed, groomed, track set and skier tracked, and are in great shape. Visit the website  for trail reports, membership information and club updates. QR codes are now available at trailheads to make donations and memberships easier for skiers and snowshoers to make payments to the club. E-transfers now enabled to deposit memberships and donation directly to the FRAA account at Columbia Valley Credit Union. Big thanks to the Kicking Horse Ski Club team!

Parks Canada Invoices and Honorarium

All outstanding invoices for public washroom use and Honorarium for 2019/2020 have been paid in full. The new contribution agreement is very specific about itemizing 12 meetings attended by a maximum of 5 FRAA Board members to achieve the annual maximum contribution of $6000. Given the volunteer nature of the FRAA it is doubtful the organization will realize that financial maximum in the duration of the current agreement. Our community is doing so many things that would normally fall in the responsibility/role of municipal jurisdiction that are simply not recognized by Parks Canada management. It’s a conundrum.


Sally filled out the questionnaire on changes to coverage as requested by our insurance provider Johnson Meier Insurance in Golden. The FRAA requested quotes with larger deductibles than are currently in place for our three policies that cover buildings and other assets, programs and director liability. For many years Parks Canada has paid our insurance in lieu of a municipal recreation grant. The FRAA anticipates receiving invoices in the next week, which will be forwarded to Parks Canada for payment.


Townsite Manager Tracey LeBlanc indicated at the Field Utility Board meeting that Field Fire and Rescue have been consulted on the Emergency Service Coordinator position.

Parks Canada has made formal requests for Golden Fire Department and Lake Louise Fire Department to respond to road rescue in Yoho National Park.

St Joseph Project

It’s been an intense three months of work. New conceptual drawings were developed and circulated to the community for public comment – only positive comments in response. Level Engineering was contracted to produce engineered drawings for mechanical and electrical services to the renovation, FRP Engineering was contracted to produce structural engineering drawings and Studio C Architecture was contracted to provide architectural review and guidance. The designer, russell and russell design is reviewing all drawings submitted and coordinating with Studio C. The final report to Columbia Basin Trust for the Community Initiatives and Affected Areas grant to cover costs for engineered drawings was submitted in mid-January. Next steps: Development Permit, tender the project for contractor bids, apply for more grants.

Constitution Update

Tabled for now. To be discussed at next FRAA Board Meeting scheduled for February 8, 2021.

Community Hall 

To meet insurance requirements, we inspect the Community Hall three times a week with a complete walk-through of upstairs and downstairs rooms: Sally on Tuesdays; Kathryn on Thursdays; and, Paulina on Saturdays.


Congratulations to Pavo and Chloe on their engagement! 

Congratulations to Spud on his retirement!

2. Treasurer’s Report 

            Sally Watson, Treasurer FRAA

Files attached to distribution e-mail.

3. Parks Canada Reports 

            Tracey LeBlanc, Townsite Manager

Not available

4. Friends of Yoho

            Brenda Selkirk, Manager

Not available

5. Community Paramedicine, British Columbia Emergency Health Service

            Craig Chapman, Community Paramedic

Not available

6. Field Fire and Rescue Report 
            Patrick Caïs, Acting Chief, Field Fire and Rescue Department

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