Minutes from FCC and FRAA meetings.

Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting May 7, 2018

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Paulina O’Brien, Flint Palmer, Karla Gaffney, Helen Barry, Bonnie Brandt, Andrew Bullock, Mike Furfaro, Craig Chapman, Dave Selkirk, Brenda Selkirk, Lorraine Zirke, Ginette Therrien, Elaine Lemieux

Excused: Karen Schmidt, Sonya Leenders, Greg Dowman, Heather Galligan, Kathryn Cameron, Mike LeGrice

1. Presentation by Bonnie Brandt on the Impact of Scented Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheet presentation

I moved to Field almost 3 years ago and one thing I love most about this place is the clean, fresh air. I go outside and I smell the forest, I love to fill my lungs with that beautiful air. We are so lucky to live here. I came from a big city and worked in downtown office, so I spent my days breathing in all the chemicals of the office.
All the chemicals my co-workers wore on their bodies and washed their clothes in and the cleaning products used by the cleaning staff. On my walk home, I walked through kilometers of car exhaust.
All of this was not doing my health any favors.
So when I came here, I literally breathed a sigh of relief to be so far removed from such a toxic environment.
But I’ve noticed something very unfortunate since I moved here;
The use of scented dryer sheets.
It saddens me to see this pristine, clean air being unnecessarily polluted with these toxic, lingering chemicals.
On a calm day, household vents pump these poisons out of homes where they sit outside, heavy in the air.
Personally, I have instant reactions to it and I’m not the only one. The number of people who tell me they are negatively affected by these chemicals is growing.
Dryer sheets affect not only personal health, but also public and environmental health. The chemicals go into the air, down the drain and into bodies of water.
They are considered toxic to wildlife, and even trigger reproductive toxicity in animals.

Here are some stats:
Dryer sheets are coated in synthetic fragrance chemicals.
Studies analyzing the compounds found in laundry dryer emissions identified more than 25 VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
Some of these VOCs are classified as hazardous air pollutants and carcinogens—unsafe at any level of exposure.
In many cases, none of these VOCs are listed on the product label.
Why? At this time, laws do not require individual fragrance ingredients to be listed on labels.
Companies can avoid disclosing the ingredients, saying that they are ‘Trade Secrets’.

Fabric softening agents in dryer sheets contain quaternary ammonium compounds (“quats”), known to release formaldehyde. Quats cause a variety of asthma-like symptoms and formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and is related to birth defects.
Further to this, we now know fabric softeners contain a distressing array of compounds—methanol, butane, pentane, benzyl acetate, camphor, chloroform, A-terpinol, and others—but these never appear on product labels, and all of them certainly contribute to the overall toxic load in your body.

When exposed to these chemicals, some may experience immediate reactions, including headaches, shortness of breath, eye and throat irritation and contact dermatitis.
Others may experience adverse reactions such as sore throat, dizziness, poor concentration and even anxiety.
These chemicals over the long term are neurotoxic and carcinogenic and even contribute to depression.
Many other toxic, immune disrupting ingredients on the list are also considered endocrine disruptors: AKA: compounds that toy with your hormonal health that can trigger weight gain and even set you up for disease.
I even believe that these chemicals are influencing rising rates of Alzheimer’s as well.
These are dangerous chemicals you definitely don’t want filling your family’s airspace or venting into the outdoor air!

And when there are completely non-toxic options available, why put that stress on your body?

At this point, I hope it goes without saying that dryer sheets are not the only problem. Toxic chemical scents are added to thousands of products, like laundry detergent, perfume, air freshener and much more.

Don’t worry, there are many Alternatives to Store-Bought Dryer Sheets

• My favorite is this: Purecosheet reusable chemical free dryer sheets. These sheets eliminate static without chemicals. They can be found at Nutters and any other health food store, or online.

• Try adding wool dryer-balls to your dryer (Nellie’s). This also cuts down on drying time. You can add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to the balls for a little fragrance, if you find you’re missing that.

– There are many YouTube videos with DIY ideas for using essential oils in your dryer.

• Hang your clothing outside to dry, which I know many of you do already.

• Look for plant-based, unscented laundry detergents.

• Reduce static cling naturally by adding a quarter cup of white vinegar to your washer’s rinse cycle.

• Beware of “green” laundry products. Even some of these released toxic compounds in some studies.

Final Thoughts

I propose we encourage the residents of Field to give up the dryer sheets, for our health and the health of the environment and the animals.
And I’m willing to bet that those with guesthouses will have customers who will appreciate this action as well. Many people are sensitive to scent chemicals but don’t come out and tell you.
We can become known as the chemical-free destination, the healthiest place to go for vacation.
Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas.
I’m hoping we can work toward making Field a scent-free Village.

***The precautionary principle denotes a duty to prevent harm, when it is within our power to do so, even when all the evidence is not in. (although, in this case, the evidence is in)***

2. FRAA Report: Sally Watson


Bunny Hop and Easter Potluck Brunch – April 2, 2018
Turnout – 5 kids at the Hop and 19 people at the Brunch. Really lovely morning and early afternoon. Delicious food as always! Shout out to Steve and Andrea for all their help.
Thursday May 10, 2018 Farewell Party and Pot Luck Supper for Mike and Deb, and Matt, Julie, Liam and Noa at the Community Hall. Bar is open at 5:30 and supper will start at 6:00 pm. Come on out to wish both families the best in their new lives! Bring some food to share with neighbors. And stories too! There are cards at the Post Office for each family. Community gift donations also accepted at the Post Office.
Pierre Lemire has an exhibit of photographs at the Art Gallery of Golden until May 13.
Sunday June 3 is the Annual Spring Fling. Paulina and Heather are working on details. Stay tuned for posters and announcements.
Sonya has expressed interest in putting on a community garage sale at the hall in June. Details to be determined and announced.
Canada Day, Sunday July 1. We’re adding a dance and morning pickleball to the festivities this year.


High Intensity Interval Training with Laura Penner continues weekly on Sunday evenings $12 drop in fee) and without Laura Penner weekly on Wednesday evenings. Both sessions start at 7:00 pm.
Just Breathe Yoga with Hayley Markel is in week three of an eight week session, Wednesday afternoons from 5:30 to 6:45. $12 drop in fee. The last class is on June 13.
Sunday Start-Up Yoga with Carly Bowers starts again May 20, community Hall at 10:00 am. Fee: by donation.
Cindy Kelly returns late June or early July with Yoho Yoga for the summer. Details will be sent out when she gets home from her bike trip to Spain in about two weeks.
We’re getting a new net for the pickleball court. However, we have one net that’s still in good shape, lots of paddles and a few balls so that will be set up and ready in the next week.
If you are interested in offering programming at the hall, please contact a Board member. We charge 20% of fees collected.

New Societies Act Registration

Application was submitted on April 6, 2018.

Constitution Update

In progress. Kathryn has put together a job description of Secretary. Sally to write down duties for Treasurer, Mike will be in charge of writing duties for Social Media. Hope to identify one Board Member to be responsible for overseeing functions. A list of how to prepare for a function would be helpful. Ongoing process.


Parks Canada has paid FRAA Insurance. Thank you.
Janice Ottoson, Johnston Meier Insurance, says the FRAA is insured to use the School for programs such as HIIT, Yoga, Floor Hockey etc. Craig is currently communicating with Operations Manager Steve Jackson to find out if we have permission to use the School. The FRAA would be required to make an application listing each event.

Church Update

We have received a $10,000 grant from the Rural Dividend Fund and a $5000.00 grant from CSRD. Estimate for plans may be around $11,000. Quote for the lot survey received from WSP is around 2500.00 including GST. Estimate for completion of the church, somewhere between $ 250,000 – $ 500,000.
Construction will start next year. Contract for the Church renovation will be put out to tender. There are three interested Contractors so far. The FRAA will decide on a contractor based on work, bid and if they’re willing to sign a contract.
This summer The Friends of Yoho would like to finish the historic walking tour at the Church. Storyboards to tell the building’s story and a donation box will be located inside the church. A Go-Fund me Page will be started as well in addition to applying for grants.
Throughout the summer months, volunteers will be needed to maintain the landscaping around the Church. Mowing the lawn, sweeping the sidewalk and stairs. A walk around the building to ensure there is no garbage etc. A sign-up sheet to come soon. Estimated 16-20 weeks of maintenance, if we have 20 volunteers who each take a week, we’ll be covered.
Church will be a community gathering place for weddings, memorial services, live music, a wellness centre. The building will be Accessible. We plan to have a
bride’s lounge/suite in the basement with a kitchenette and two washrooms. Full time employee will be hired to look after the Church. The Church will be surrounded by beautiful gardens. Perfect for wedding photos!

Facilitated Meeting with Parks Canada

No date set for the next meeting. Draft Memorandum of Understanding has been sent to participants. Very general. Lots of work to do. Kathryn feels the MOU needs to have specifics, especially regarding meetings. Feels that current format for Field Utility Board Meetings not comprehensive enough.

Community Update
Truffle Pigs closed for annual maintenance until May 11. The Siding is open daily until May 9, then will close from May 10 to June 1.
Window Cleaning: Contact Craig Chapman, 250-343-6441
Community Hall washroom will be open to the public from June 1 through September 30, 2018.
In light of recent thefts, keep an eye out for your neighbours’ property, put your things away and out of sight.
Lots of Hall rentals through May and June.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Sally Watson

Files attached to the email.

4. Parks Canada Reports: Elaine Lemieux


– Staff working from Field Admin Office:
• Elaine has returned.
• Helena Waddock, Business Licence Admin Services Officer
• John Cattie, A/Staff Housing Coordinator, starting Monday, May 14th

– Garbage billings
• Quarterly billings have been sent out
Still working on 2018/2019 rates, delayed due to year end in Finance. Hope to have those update by end of May

The sweeper is scheduled to come back to Field and the supervisors will notify prior to them being in town.

Seasonal openings have taken place (Spiral Tunnels, Natural Bridge, Monarch Campground, Finn Creek and Faeder Lake) Wapta Falls will be once the snow melt off is complete on that road. We have been digging out Moraine Lake road for the past few weeks, and once that is done, we will start on Lake O’Hara Road, then into Takkaka falls road.

Construction season is here, so various contractors are mobilising on the highway in different areas from the 6 km twining, to the rock scalers on the Field Hill. Some paving will take place in Yoho this summer too in a few different areas.

Visitor Experience

– Traffic control starts May 18 within Lake Louise village. This will be conducted and managed as it was last year (daily until October 8, as needed)
– Local shuttles start running daily May 18 – October 8 from the Lake Louise over flow to Samson Mall and Lake Louise free for visitors with a valid National Parks Pass. Moraine lake route runs from Sept 10 to October 8 only (also from the overflow),
– Lake Louise residents and staff should be displaying decals in vehicles, pick up from Lake Louise Visitor centre
– Digital hotel and guest decals have been distributed to Lake Louise Hotels and lodges, if anyone was missed, contact us directly traffic.pc.gc.ca
– All transit information is now live on the web, at pc.gc.ca/banff-transit or explorethepark.ca
– No Parking signs are scheduled to be reinstalled along Lake Louise Drive and Emerald Lake Road the week of May 14th
• Kicking horse CG delayed due to avalanche debris and assessment of clean up, expect June.
• Monarch Campground is open.
• Little Yoho road dependent on snow clearing and melt..
Yoho VRC operating hours: April 1 to May 30, 2018: 9 am to 5 pm &
June 1 to September 30th , 2018: 8:30 am to 7 pm
October 1 to October 8, 2018: 9 am to 5 pm
October 9, 2018 to April 30, 2019: *Closed


1) Mt. Dennis Slope Stabilisation
Parks Canada has extended the duration of the existing monitoring program (conducted by Tetra Tech) to include one additional year of slope monitoring. This monitoring consists of quarterly GPS surveys conducted to quantify the movement of 25 survey points. Recent data has shown a considerable decline in the velocity of movement since project inception May 2016. Tetra Tech and Parks Canada are also working to establish risk mitigation measures that will be backed by risk analysis modelling software, currently underway. Parks Canada continues regular inspection and maintenance on the water diversion system installed in fall 2015.

2) Second Avenue Drainage
Parks Canada continues to monitor issues related to ground water near second avenue in Field. Residents should report and document any issues on their property to the Parks Canada Agency LLYK Townsites office.

3) Staff Housing (Superintendent’s House and new structure construction at 207 Kicking Horse Ave.)
Renovations are still underway at the Superintendent’s house, and are expected to be completed early this summer. 207 Kicking Horse Ave (the old duplex) tentative construction start date for this is as early as August 2018.

5. Friends of Yoho: Helen Barry

Deb is now a board member and Brenda Selkirk is the manager.
Walking Tour will begin in July on Tuesday and Thursday 8 pm (moving to 7 pm late August and September) All donations will go to the church. Helen asked if Craig was talking to the Bishop and the Diocese if we could get the collection plate back. The FOY would like to pass the plate so to speak at the end of each evening. The tour will end at the church.
Planning an evening presentation at Kicking Horse Theatre. ‘Lumbering in Yoho’ – Story of Gummo Lumber and their operation here in the Park.
S’mores at the campground fire circles July in Kicking Horse Campground and August up at Takakkaw Falls Campground.
Project to install a water bottle filling station at the Yoho VRC.
AGM is May 29th 6 pm at the Plaza. Join the friends for a wiener roast.

6. Field Fire and Rescue: Mike Furfaro

1. Members – Sitting at 20 members. (down from 23, Matt, Jason,Tom)
a. 6 Officers, 3 Firefighters, 9 Probationary Members, 1 Recruit, 1 Auxiliary Member (Elaine)

2. Call Outs – 21 as of 01 January 2018.
a. 8 in January, 5 in February, 3 in March, 5 in April, none in May yet.
i. 31 March, Locomotive Fire
ii. 05 April, 301 K.H. Avenue Structure Fire

3. New and Planned Purchases
a. New Turnout gear. Draft proposal letter to Marthe. Asking $50,000
b. Emergency Scene Ahead Signs (X2), IC Boards, Radio Mics + Battery
c. In progress, Future Large Purchase Plan (5 years)

4. Completed Training
a. Air Brakes (4 members)
b. S-131 (4 members)
c. ISO (4 members)
d. Hazmat Awareness (1 member)
e. S&T (1 member)
f. Ventilation (4 members)
g. S-115 (3 members)
h. APO (1 member)
i. Battery Storage Facility (April 27th)

5. Upcoming Training – Spring training courses.
a. Interior Fire, EVD, Exterior Fire
b. Wildland Fire with L.L. Fire March 22

New Chief’s Cell Number – (250)344-0957
I will be away from May 25th to June 25th.
Primary contact for FFRD will be Patrick Cais – (403)760-5635
Secondary contact for FFRD will be Chris Allen – (403)431-0326

7. Round Table

Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting April 23, 2018

In attendance: Kathryn & Ryan, Paulina, and Heather

Excused: Karen, Flint, Mike, Sonya, Greg and Sally

1. Review Meeting Calendar:

Town Hall Meeting – May 7, 2018

Next FRAA Board Meeting – June 4

Field Utility Board Meeting June 13 – Budget for 2018/2019
Trying to figure out the billing for the Community Hall. In the past we were charged a factor of .5 so our Solid Waste Bills were very small. Now paying a factor of 1. Over the next year we will keep track of how much garbage and cardboard we dispose of in the bins to determine an accurate factor.

Town Tall Meeting – June 18

Summer Break – Next FRAA Board meeting is scheduled for September 10. Kathryn requested that it to be moved to Tuesday, September 11, if everyone is in agreement.

2.Town Hall Meeting Agenda for May 7, 2018

Health and Wellness Presentation, Bonnie Brandt – Consequences and impact on the environment on the use of dryer sheets and alternatives

Life Kit Update – Craig Chapman, Community Paramedicine

Reports: FRAA,Treasurer, Parks Canada (Townsites, Highway Service Centre, Resource conservation, Visitor Experience), Friends of Yoho, Field Fire & Rescue

3. New Societies Act Registration:
Application was submitted on April 6, 2018.

4. Constitution Update:
In progress. Kathryn has put together a job description of Secretary. Sally to write down duties for Treasurer, Mike will be in charge of writing duties for Social Media. Hope to identify one Board Member to be responsible for overseeing functions. A list of how to prepare for a function would be helpful. Ongoing process.

5. Insurance:
Parks Canada has paid FRAA Insurance. Thank you.

Janice Ottoson, Johnston Meier Insurance, says the FRAA is insured to use the School for programs such as HIIT, Yoga, Floor Hockey etc. Craig is currently communicating with Operations Manager Steve Jackson to find out if we have permission to use the School. The FRAA would be required to make an application listing each event.

6. Programs:

HIIT – Currently every Sunday. Laura Penner proposed adding Tuesday as an option, however a majority of participants are on the Field Fire Department and Tuesday evening conflicts with their Tuesday night Fire Practice. It was suggested that the HIIT participants work that out themselves.

Just Breathe Yoga – Starts up again Wednesday April 25 – Wednesday June 13

Sunday start up Yoga – Will resume when Carly Bowers gets back from 3 weeks vacation. TBD

Yoho Yoga – Cindy Kelly. Starts on end of June or early July and will go until end of August, possibly into the fall. Time will be 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm. Once Cindy knows the schedule a poster will be sent out to let everyone know.

Pickleball – We need a new net. Kathryn has been pricing out nets online with Amazon. Cost will be under $200.00. Will have to be authorized by the board first. An idea would be to have a pickleball game going on morning of Canada Day and to use some of our Canada Day Grant of $450 to purchase a new net.

Ultimate Frisbee – Put a call out to see if someone would be interested in organizing Ultimate Frisbee. Paulina will be putting up a notice on the Community Bulletin Board and on Field BC Classifieds page on Facebook.

7. Events:

Bunny Hop and Easter Potluck Brunch – April 2, 2018
Turnout – 5 kids at the Hop and 19 people at the Brunch. It’s a smaller event, but a favourite event for many so let’s keep it going. It was noted that the kids’ bags of treats should contain less chocolate/candy and more fun activity toys.

Farewell Potluck for Matt and Julie, Mike and Debbie – One Potluck for both families, Thursday May 10, 2018. Gift ideas discussed – Ryan to research. Cards will be Post Office on April 30, donations accepted. We’ll use the tip fund to pay the difference. This will be a smaller, community function and the liquor license will reflect that. Invitations will be sent out for this function.

Spring Fling – June 3, 2018

Heather & Paulina have volunteered to chair the Spring Fling! “Bring on Spring, let’s celebrate”! Will oversee: liquor license, liquor order, advertising; Community Bulletin Board, Town email list and social media, volunteers for the bar, someone to cook and sell hotdogs during the dance, decorations & props. *Secretary’s side note: Volunteers for after party Hall clean-up will be greatly appreciated as well :)*
Flint has agreed to be in charge of the music. DJ Flintaroo to the rescue! Yay Flint!
**Important note ** During our discussion of events involving liquor sales, Kathryn mentioned those who do not have SIR Certification, the FRAA will cover the cost for board members and community volunteers to take the course online. Heather and Paulina have said they are willing to take the course and will arrange with Sally when she returns from Australia.

Canada Day – July 1, 2018

Kathryn has volunteered to oversee the Canada Day events. Thank you Kathryn!

Pickleball game and Bocce Ball tournament. Pancake Breakfast, parade, face painting and a boat race are planned activities. Are we having a dance? Yes! Advertise on social media, put up posters. Indicate in all advertising any people travelling to attend our celebrations (i.e. from emerald Lake Lodge or Great Divide Lodge, or from Lake Louise) should have a DD. There will be Cake & ice cream and a cake contest. FRAA will be buying a cake as well. We discussed ideas for a prize for the winner of the best cake. A cake decorating set, cake pans, silicone oven mitts, cake turntable were ideas. A suggestion was made to give out prizes to the person(s) who pick up the most broken water balloons. 5 drink tickets for an adult(s) volunteer and a super soaker for kids.

8. Church Update:

We have received a $10,000 grant from the Rural Dividend Fund and a $5000.00 grant from CSRD. Estimate for plans may be around $11,000, lot survey may be up to $5600.00. Estimate for completion of the church, somewhere between $ 250,000 – $ 500,000.

Construction will start next year. Contract for the Church renovation will be put out to tender. There are three interested Contractors so far. The FRAA will decide on a contractor based on work, bid and if they’re willing to sign a contract.

This summer The Friends of Yoho would like to finish the historic walking tour at the Church. Storyboards to tell the building’s story and a donation box will be located inside the church. A Go-Fund me Page will be started as well in addition to applying for grants.

Throughout the summer months, volunteers will be needed to maintain the landscaping around the Church. Mowing the lawn, sweeping the sidewalk and stairs. A walk around the building to ensure there is no garbage etc. A sign-up sheet to come soon. Estimated 16-20 weeks of maintenance, if we have 20 volunteers who each take a week, we’ll be covered.

Church will be a community gathering place for weddings, memorial services, live music, a wellness centre. The building will be Accessible. We plan to have a bride’s lounge/suite in the basement with a kitchenette and two washrooms. Full time employee will be hired to look after the Church. The Church will be surrounded by beautiful gardens. Perfect for wedding photos!

9. Facilitated Meeting with Parks Canada:
No date set for the next meeting. Draft Memorandum of Understanding has been sent to participants. Very general. Lots of work to do. Kathryn feels the MOU needs to have specifics, especially regarding meetings. Feels that current format for Field Utility Board Meetings not comprehensive enough.

10. Financial Report & Hall Rentals:
Sally is in Australia until April 30 so no financial report.
Wednesday May 9th – Parks Canada has booked the Hall for the day.
Yoga Programs ongoing.
Sally to send all board members a copy of the Hall rental agreement.
Paulina has volunteered to help with Hall rentals.

11. Round Table:
Kathryn is going to send an email to Elaine regarding when the street sweeper will be in Field and the expected delivery of the garbage bins for 2018.

Sonya suggested we hold a community garage sale in June. Stayed tuned for details.

Condolences go out to the family & friends of the O’Connor family on their recent loss of Pat O’Conner.

The Vagina Monologues was a huge success. We sold 50 tickets resulting in the Golden women’s Resource Center receiving $450.00. Will we be hosting the Monologues again next year, in Field or perhaps in other locations like Lake Louise & Golden?

Ryan mentioned there is a male version of the monologues called Cocktails…maybe host this next year?

Another suggestion was in conjunction with the Arts Council, possibly have a Poetry reading featuring Canadian Poets. The Church would be the perfect setting. There are grants available through Canada Council for the Arts: canandacouncil.ca. Heather is going to do some research online for the grants available for community groups.

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 pm.

Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting March 12, 2018

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Greg Dowman, Kathryn Cameron, Helen Barry, Michael Furfaro, Ryan Cameron, Marthe Boissonnault, Craig Chapman, Patrick Cais

1. FRAA Report: Kathryn Cameron

It’s been a really busy 7 weeks since our last Town Hall Meeting on January 22.

Yoho Blow Recap – February 2, 3 and 4, 2018
Great weekend, in spite of the weather! Lots of participation in all the events. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to organize and put on events: Moonlight Ski, Games Night at the hall, Pick-Up Hockey game, Bocce Tournament, Heritage Relay, the Dance, Anything Goes Downhill Race and to people who managed the bar and made food to keep the energy moving.

The Board identified some items to keep in mind for next year:
• start advertising and communications through social media at least one week earlier than we did this year;
• sign a contract with the band to cover all expenses;
• try some different strategies to recruit volunteers, especially people who aren’t the regular volunteers (who we seriously appreciate and don’t want make their volunteer contributions feel like obligations instead of fun);
• consider scheduling for a different weekend;
• create a comprehensive recycling plan that includes getting empty cans out of the change room;
• communicate rules regarding alcohol during FRAA events, specifically that people are not allowed to bring their own alcohol to the event.

And, we have a new Board Member: welcome Heather Galligan!

Winter Programs
We have three active programs going strong.
• Sunday Start Up Yoga with Carly Browers, Sunday mornings from 10 am to 11 am, by donation
• Just Breathe Yoga with Hayley Markel, Wednesday afternoons from 5:30 to 6:45 pm, $12 drop-in fee, or $60 for the six week session that ends on April 11, 2018.
• Tabata High Intensity Interval Training with Laura Penner, Sunday evenings from 7:00 to 8:00 pm, $12 drop-in fee.
All three programs are advertised on our Facebook Page, The Village of Field.

Charisse LeGrice has taken over the Early Childhood program in the kid’s room. Thanks Charisse!

The Vagina Monologues was presented on Saturday, March 10. What a wonderful evening! Eleven women and one man participated in the production. Fifty people attended. A big shout out goes to Sonya Leenders for all her hard work organizing the production and the event, with support from Flint, Karen Schmidt, Helen, Michael, Katya, Karen Hagen, The Siding, Truffle Pigs and Golden Women’s Resource Centre. The FRAA received donations from Rona (plywood for the stage), Overwaitea (food and flowers), and Madonna Hollohan (sheets for the backdrop).

Kicking Horse Ski Club Yoho Challenge on Saturday, February 17 had 40 participants and raised $620. Great job KHSC team!

There was a setback for the Club last week when contractors ploughed up the start of the ski trail from Field Visitor Centre to the ball diamond in order to do drilling test for highway construction. Parks Canada has apologized to Kicking Horse Ski Club, recognized the valuable work the club does to offer superb winter recreation to residents and visitors and promises to communicate diligently before disruptions like this happen again.

Catholic Church Update
We should receive responses soon on our grant applications. In the meantime, we are working on expanding the fieldbc.ca website to include a page about the church project that we can update as things start to happen. We have requested an estimate for a site survey and are in the process of getting an estimate for engineered drawings. Also, we plan to contact the Development Office and start the development process with Parks Canada right away.

Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada will continue in April. A Memorandum of Understanding template has been circulated for the group to consider. It will be tailored to our specific needs and goals identified through the process.

Societies Act Registration is actually started but not yet complete. Watch for the fireworks display when it’s done!

Upcoming Events – Mark Your Calendar

• Easter Bunny Hop and Potluck Brunch – Monday, April 2
• Spring Fling – Sunday June 3
• Canada Day – Sunday July 1. Should we hold a street dance?

John Morrison, partner to Heather MacNeill, father to Jessica, Sky and Angus, long-term resident of Field and Columbia Lake, exceptional trail builder, trail blazer and quiet community builder, died on March 2, 2018 after a short but deadly illness. John worked hard with the Kicking Horse Ski Club to establish and maintain the incredible trails we enjoy skiing today, notably the Emerald Connector. He worked for many years on the Parks Canada trail crew as well, in Yoho, especially in the Lake O’Hara area, Kootenay and Banff, again, on trails that we have all enjoyed and will continue to enjoy. Our condolences go out to John’s family and friends. John’s influence is deep here.

2. Treasurer’s Report: Sally Watson
Files attached to email, including Yoho Blow function report.

Treasurer’s Report accepted as reported. Moved by Greg. Seconded by Kathryn.

FRAA will pay potential bar volunteers to take the Serving It Right online course.

3. Parks Canada Reports

Townsite Manager: Marthe Boissonnault
Additional funding requested for snow removal around the townsite. Important in the case of extra snow and highways may not be able to assist.

Helen Lemieux on leave; we have Kaitlin Doyle acting in the position until Elaine returns.

Helena Waddick, new person in LLYK office in Field, to process Business licences here. Easier to process these in Field. Renewal notices will be sent out mid-March.

Garbage (solid waste) billing: The billing cycle is fiscal: April to March and when the quarter closes there’s a 90 day bill delay. Intention is to carry on with rate calculations as before.

Solid waste is on a cost recovery basis for Field. Better clarity of costs by the end of April. Education meeting TBA for entire Town for solid waste management to explain the billing calculation system, and also including recycling protocols. A comment was made on what we often see in the recycling bins: returnables and inappropriate waste materials in recycling, and vice versa.

Emergency shelter protocol: The Community Hall would be used only when the hotel and all accommodations/guesthouses are full, and a designated Parks Canada employee is on site to ensure safety of people in the community Hall. Details will be included in the Field Emergency Plan currently in review and update.

Discussion about snow removal during big snowfall events. The storm on February 8 was so intense that when emergency personnel were called to respond to a highway incident, BC Ambulance and Field Fire and Rescue were not able to leave the station, let alone leave town. Clearing the route from the station is critical for first responders to attend callouts.

Highway Service Centre: No report

Resource Conservation: No report

Visitor Experience: No report

4. Friends of Yoho Report: Helen Barry

Debbie Bancroft is retiring. Brenda Selkirk will take over a General Manager. We have a new Parks Canada Liaison Officer – Chelsea Dawes. Accessing Columbia Basin Trust Not For Profit Advisor’s program.

5. Field Fire and Rescue Report: Michael Furfaro

23 members! 6 directors, 3 fire fighters,11 probationary members, 1 recruit and 2 auxiliary members: Elaine and Tom

Mike outlines that three courses are required to qualify as a fire fighter: EVDO, Auto EX and Exterior FF.

14 call outs since January 1: 8 in January, 5 in February and 1 in March. New purchases are in progress as FFRD approaches the end of its annual budget. New purchases are avalanche gear; (beacon/transceivers x 4 – now the hall has 10; currently have 8 shovels and 8 probes); New radios and new pagers are to arrive soon along with headsets for apparatus operators.

In the New fiscal year, planned are a new compressor, a pressure washer and services to vehicles.

A number of sets of turn out gear (bunker) need renewal; A draft proposal has been sent in at $50000 as a current estimate to replace old turn out gear.

Different funding sourcing; fire fighters boots under capital expenses where members can purchase boots at the Calgary 911 store; Keep receipt to submit to the hall.

New contract to be looked at with Marthe in April.

FFRD has a spring season training unit and the fall training unit is coming up.
Upcoming Courses for FFRD
Airbrakes course in Golden this weekend – 4 members
S 131 Basic Wild Land fire course in Banff : 4 spots for March 26 to 29. Members bring lunch.
CSRD: 12 courses in next 4 months. Incident Command system. Safety Officer courses. EVDO courses. Names delivered to Sean Coubrough .

Fall training starts September, with same training packages

Recent Train Derailment south of Field at Boulder Creek Bridge. Hazardous materials involved. Responders waiting to 8 or 9pm no updates from CP; CP was not able to give more info. No spills. Marthe found out about the derailment after the fact; handled by Law Enforcement. If we need to implement an evacuation then we require and updated evacuation plan. Nicky Winn is working on the update for Field. Lake Louise plan was completed first because until now, Lake Louise has not had an emergency plan. The updated Field Emergency plan will be to BC protocols.

Air raid siren is connected to the grid. No power = no siren! We could put a back up on it. What do other jurisdictions do for siren events like emergency evacuations?

6. Round Table

Laura Penner interested in offering a noon-hour, mid-week High Intensity Interval Training if people are interested.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting February 19, 2018

In attendance: Kathryn Cameron, Sally Watson, Karen Schmidt, Mike LeGrice, Flint Palmer, Sonja Leenders, Heather Galligan.

Excused: Greg Dowman

1. Yoho Blow Recap – This year’s Yoho Blow went smoothly. A good time was had by all considering the weather!!

We were a week late advertising on social media.

Some dance tickets bought in advance, broke $800.00. Ticket sales paid for the band. However they brought more people, and more ended up staying because of the weather, which cost us more money for accommodation. Flint suggested that in the initial contact with the band, we let them know what accommodation we have available for them and that they are responsible for additional costs.

A suggestion was made for future Yoho Blows to not be held on the same weekend as Super Bowl. If we upgraded our Internet service at the Hall it would be possible to stream major events; it may distract participants from our main event. Also noted that BC Family Day has now been changed and will be on the same weekend as Alberta in the future.

Create a volunteer roster of people willing to commit to events. More assigning/recruiting than just tossing the net asking for help with bar shifts, clean-up. Make a list of specific duties for jobs that need to be done. More volunteers were needed. Big shout out to our regular volunteers. Agreed that we need to advertise by reaching out to the younger generation of Community members. Utilize the Community bulletin board, town email list as well as through social media, etc. Post sign up sheets for volunteers. Offer an incentive program to recruit volunteers such as free drink or burger etc. Kathryn suggested that all board members recruit one person.

We need designated recycling sites. There were numerous empty cans inside in the main hall, downstairs in the skate room, out on front porch as well as glass bottles that were found outside by the rink. Post a friendly reminder that the skate room is a family facility. Also indicate where alcoholic beverages are permitted. Another issue of concern was people sneaking in their own alcohol. Outside alcohol is absolutely not permitted. The liquor license for the Yoho Blow included inside the main floor of the hall, basement and front porch. Board members to continue to monitor and educate during future events. Kathryn suggested we post a gentle reminder that outside alcohol is not permitted; participants need to self-police.

2. New FRAA Meeting Calendar – was emailed to board members.

3. Grant Applications for Church – Two applications have been submitted: $10,000 from the Rural Dividend Fund and $10,000 from CSRD. If both are approved it gives us $20,000 to get going on a lot survey, engineered plans and project media/promotion. Plans for the church include raising up the structure, laying a foundation and building a full basement that will have a separate entrance, wheelchair accessible ramp from the street to the front of the church. Bathrooms will be also be installed. Some other ideas for the church include a Wedding Chapel with photo gardens, Wellness Centre, collaborating with the Banff Centre for Art, Live music, performances, and possibly workshops for end of life care.

4. Insurance – Invoices have been submitted to Parks Canada for payment. Coverage includes Community Hall replacement, Church, rink, cross country ski trails, events and board members’ liability. Does not include skateboarding. Sally to send out the hall rental form to board members so they can become familiar with form and the process.

5. Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada – A work in progress to develop a Memorandum of Understanding between FRAA and Parks Canada. Template is being sent out. Currently negotiating the current contribution agreement; it expires on March 31, 2018.

6. Societies Act Registration – We’re on track for the registration to be complete by the end of February.

7. Financial Report – Revenue from Yoho Blow was $4875.60 including recycling. No total on expenses. Still have to pay for band accommodation. Bar Inventory will be done.

8. Hall Clean-Up/Work Party – Sunday February 25 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

9. Upcoming Events, Winter Programs, Hall Rentals
Kathryn- Croco Curling as a possible new future event on the rink next winter?
Flint- We could make circles and put them on the ice. Kathryn also mentioned that we can buy the circles.

Just Breathe Yoga- Wednesday’s at 5:30 pm through April 11, 2018. Turnout is generally 3-7 people.

Sunday Start Up Yoga- Every Sunday morning in March from 10:00 am-11:00 am except for March 11. Carly to put a new poster on the Community Bulletin Board.

Tabata High Intensity Interval Training- Sunday’s at 7:00 pm. Laura is aware of policy for instructors to give 20% back to the FRAA.

Wedding Supper – Private Booking. March 9. The group is responsible for clean-up

Vagina Monologues – Saturday March 10. Sonya – Stage will be set up Wednesday February 21st at 3:00 pm. Rona had donated three 4 x 8 x ¾ inch pieces of plywood. The base will consist of approximately 27 milk cartons. Flint is helping with the lights. Volunteers needed for the bar and door. Sonya and Sam have taken care of all the decorations. Chinese lanterns will be hung above the stage for additional lighting and ambiance, as well as beautiful Jamie Fraser lamps on loan courtesy of Sam from the Siding. Fabric backdrop will be in red, purple and pink. Madonna has donated some sheets. Sonya is going to dye them. In addition Sonya is going to make a skirt for the stage. Banquet clips are needed to secure the skirt to the stage.
Liquor License- Sonya. Need to take bar inventory to see what we have and what is needed.
Post Hotel is donating flowers.
Tickets are printed and available for purchase at The Siding Cafe, Truffle Pigs, Golden Women’s Resource Centre.
Man’s Prayer- Sonya has asked a few local men, unfortunately no one has committed…yet!
Discussion about pot luck appetizers. Probably not.

Town Hall Meeting – Monday, March 12, 2018 7:00 pm Community Hall

Yoga – Private Booking. Erin April 13, 14 & 15
Steel Toe Stiletto – Private Booking. Jill June 1, 2, 3rd or June 8, 9, 10th
RDE Provincial Regional District Elections – Private Booking. October 20, 2018

Easter Bunny Hop and Potluck Brunch – Monday April 2. Still in need of volunteers to organize event.

Spring Fling – Sunday June 3

Canada Day – Sunday July 1: pancake breakfast, face painting, parade, bbq at the pond, boat race, family bocce tournament. Discussed hosting a dance event at the Hall with the possibility of having a band set up on the tennis courts. Hosting celebrations at the pond would require too much logistically with Insurance, liquor license etc. The rink would be a much more viable and safer venue. Entertainment would not be an issue as Flint has a large roster of Bands.

10. Kicking Horse Ski Club Yoho Challenge – Revenue $620.00, 40 participants signed up, it was a good turn out.

11. Volunteer Appreciation Event – Date and event location TBA

12. Round Table
Flint is donating a small chest freezer that will be put in the kids room.
Kids Room Update- Julie has given the keys to Charisse and she has sent in the application to the ECHD.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 pm

Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting January 22, 2018

Field Recreation and Advisory Association
Town Hall Meeting – Monday, January 22, 2018

In attendance: Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron, Flint Palmer, Sonya Leenders, Greg Dowman, Paulina Silva, Marthe Boissonnault, Mike Vanderveen, Doug Mostert, Pauline Boisier, Mike Furfaro, Dave Selkirk, Brenda Selkirk, Patrick Cais, Ryan Cameron, Andrew Bullock, Bonnie Brandt, Craig Chapman, Katya, Jen Coffman

Excused: Karen Schmidt, Mike LeGrice

1. Special Presentation: Community Paramedicine “Life Kit Program” – Craig Chapman

Volunteer run program developed in Golden for this area. Life Kits will be delivered in Field to all mailboxes and hand delivered to General Delivery recipients. Guides people to:
• record pertinent medical history and medications used;
• think about what to do for their pets in the event of an emergency;
• prepare for 72 hours self-sustainability in event of an emergency; and,
• store completed kit in refrigerator with indicator stickers on home entrance door and outside of fridge.
Marthe Boissonnault to pass information about the program to Nichola Wynn who has taken on the responsibility for writing the Field Community Emergency Plan.

Craig also reported that Station 409, Field Station, has 5 core members, which does not give 24/7 coverage. Currently recruiting; please contact Craig for information. If accommodation or quarters were offered for EMS contract workers from Alberta there would be round the clock coverage. British Columbia Ambulance Service now known as British Columbia Health Services. Improved pay means that it is possible to earn a living as a paramedic in British Columbia now.

2. FRAA Report – Kathryn Cameron

Thank you to all the people who have worked on rink maintenance this winter. Great job!

Christmas celebrations were a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who participated. Everything has been put away until next year. Combining the potluck supper and concert worked well; we’ll probably do that next year too.

The FRAA now has two assets: Field Community Hall and the former St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. Only one set of signatures required to complete the Parks Canada lease assignment for the church property.

Grant applications have been submitted to Canadian Heritage for Canada Day funding ($425.00), the British Columbia Rural Dividend Program ($10,000.00) to start plans for the church renovation and a Grant in Aid from Columbia Shuswap Regional District ($10,000.00) is in process. Our organization is too small to qualify for a technology grant from Columbia Basin Trust to purchase a computer; we must have an annual budget of $100,000.00. We plan to buy a computer in the near future to hold all our files in one FRAA owned place.
The Board is working on Constitution Update, Societies Act Registration, and a Memorandum of Understanding with Parks Canada.

Winter Programming and Hall Rentals:
• Pond Hockey – January 19 and 20, 2018, organized by Kurt Devlin – great event Kurt! All proceeds from food and liquor sales donated to FRAA. Thank you.
• Just Breathe Yoga starts January 31 to February 28, Wednesday evenings, 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm, $12 drop in fee or preregister for all five sessions $50. Contact Hayley Markel at misshjm137@gmail.com.
• Laura Penner from Lake Louise will offer Tabata classes (High Intensity Interval Training) Sunday evenings 6:30 pm with the first class on February 11, 2018. Details to be circulated and posted on the bulletin board.
• Carly Bowers offers Sunday Start-Up Yoga in the Community Hall, starting January 13, by donation to cover utility costs. Sundays from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Bring a mat and blanket. No class on January 21 or February 4, but there will be a Monday class Feb. 5.
• March 9th: wedding rehearsal dinner, party from Canmore.
• March 10th: Vagina Monologues to celebrate V-Day, 8:00 pm at Field Community Hall.
• Two external yoga sessions booked for April.

Yoho Blow is scheduled for February 2, 3 and 4. The Community Hall is the hub of activity and get-togethers. See you there! Here’s the schedule so far:

Friday, February 2
3:00 pm – Set up Friday afternoon: outdoor fencing, merchandise, stock the bar, food prep
7:00 pm – Bar Open; Karaoke and games at the hall, including some Minute to Win It Skill Tests, Crib and/or Euchre Tournament
8:00 pm – Moonlight Ski with Kicking Horse Ski Club, meet at parking area at the bottom of the Yoho Valley Road
8:00 pm – Pick-up Hockey Game at the rink

Saturday, February 3
9:00 am to 11:00 am – BOB (Breakfast on a Bun)
9:00 am to 1:00 – Bocce Tournament
11:00 am to 4:00 pm – Burgers and Hot Dogs
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm – Heritage Relay
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Bocce tournament
Mike and Jeremy to organize Bocce draw, with as many teams as feasible. Need to have strict timekeeping this year. And better weather than last year!
Craig to organize Heritage Relay.
9:00 pm to 1:00 am – Dance to “The Pickups Featuring Marty and Eli Beingessner” with “DJ Flintaroo” covering the breaks Admission Fee to Dance: $10

Sunday, February 4
10:30 am to noon – Breakfast on a Bun (BOB)
11:00 am to 3:00 pm – Bocce tournament
12:00 Noon – Kids Games and Relays
4:00 pm – Anything Goes Downhill Race from Cemetery to 1st Avenue on Stephen Creek Road
6:00 pm – Potluck Supper

Information will be posted on the bulletin Board this week. Watch the Facebook Page Yoho Blow Daze for updates and announcements. Get your Bocce and Relay Teams ready, and your Anything for the Downhill Race.

3. Treasurer’s Report – Sally Watson

Motion by Flint to accept the report as amended. Seconded by Sonya.
Financial Report attached to distribution email.

4. Parks Canada Reports

Townsite Manager – Marthe Boissonnault, also presenting information for Resource Conservation and Visitor Experience

Elaine Lemieux is still on leave. Kaitlyn Doyle (responsible for Realty) and Katie MacDonald (responsible for all Admin duties including invoicing for Field Fire and Rescue Department0 are backfilling Elaine’s position until she returns.

Emergency Preparedness: The Lake Louise Community Emergency plan has been finalized and work on the Field Community Emergency Plan starting.

2nd Quarter Billing (July, August, September 2017) for Water and Sewer only have been sent. No bill for Solid Waste at this time. Marthe is working to clarify billing for Solid Waste. Once the process has been finalized there will be a special meeting to explain how Solid Waste billing is calculated, and will also include an educational presentation on proper use of the bins.
Note: There is no free store at the bins. Electronics, old mattresses and spent household furniture will not be picked up by the garbage trucks that empty the bins. Please take this to the dump. The Cais and Schmidt families are fundraising by collecting refundable bottles and cans; if you want to get rid of these items, contact them rather than dumping them in the garbage bins or the glass recycling bin. Tin and plastic can go into the same bin.

Resource Conservation leading the Yoho Collaring Project to monitor mountain goat adaptation to the TransCanada Highway Twinning project through Kicking Horse Pass around the Mt. Bosworth mineral lick area just east of Wapta Lake. Ten GPS collars have been put on goats to monitor movement in relation to fences and wildlife crossing structures (over and under the highway) installed during the construction.

Visitor Experience has closed the Field Visitor Centre as of December 31, 2017. The Friends of Yoho will open in February for three days per week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is no call forward for people who phone Field Visitor Centre, but there is a voice message that advises people to contact the Lake Louise Visitor Centre for permits and information. Where can people get resident passes? Marthe to find out if they are available at Field Admin, otherwise, they are available at Lake Louise Visitor Centre. Residents of Field continue to support opening Field Visitor Centre year round.

Craig: The rock wall by the school along Stephen Avenue has had a section of the rockwork shaved off by a snow plough and the street sign at the corner of 1st Street East and Kicking Horse Avenue needs repair; the Kicking Horse part of the sign was demolished by heavy equipment. Mike Vanderveen said Highways will repair the rock wall in the spring. Marthe will look into having a new rustic sign made to replace the broken section.

Craig: Has a base rate for solid waste been considered? Marthe said when she stepped into the position a recalculation had been done that was very hard on some people. She is now looking at regulations, garbage factors, i.e. residence, staff accommodation, guesthouse, to develop fairness and accuracy throughout the process.

Highway Service Centre – Mike Vanderveen

We’re halfway through the winter now. Winter Plough Map Review and clarification on 300 block Stephen Avenue windrows: The windrow goes to the north side of the street, in front of the Community Hall, until the loader comes through to remove snow from the streets.
Sally: Has 2nd Avenue been cleared after the last cycle of snow. Mike: Yes, it was cleared with the grader last week.

Andrew: The new highway sign on the Yoho Valley Road could cause confusion for drivers who are travelling east on the TransCanada Highway (TCH) when they’re travelling in the dark. The sign reflects headlights and may divert attention to turn to the left instead of following the TCH as it turns right at the bottom of the hill. Mike to investigate.

5. Friends of Yoho Report – No Report

6. Field Fire and Rescue Department (FFRD) Report – Mike Furfaro, FFRD Chief

Currently 21 members: 17 with pagers and 4 recruits, which means good response for call-outs. Anticipates that 2 probationary members will receive their pagers at the next meeting. Ordering new radios and pagers. There is also cell phone option now for members to receive calls until new pagers arrive.
There were four calls in December, all between the 20th and 28th. There have been 5 calls in January so far.
The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) spring training schedule will be out soon. FFRD participates in their training programs. Anticipates that the focus this year will be on Wild Land/Urban Interface Program. Mike Furfaro is the only member of FFRD who has taken this training.
The turnout gear is approaching the end of its 10-year legislated lifecycle and must be replaced. The project involves research and a bidding process as well as finding out the best way to deal with the old gear. Could take up to a year to complete.
FFRD is cleaning out the hall, disposing of old appliances.
There is a new addition to the Standard Operating Guidelines: all responders are required to wear avalanche beacons under their turnout gear, and have probes and shovels on board during avalanche season. FFRD currently has 10 beacons; ordering 4 more beacons plus additional probes and shovels. There are several avalanche zones on the TransCanada Highway and the Emerald Lake Road.
Started the process to register under the new Societies Act.
Current Leadership: Mike Furfaro – Chief, Patrick Cais – Deputy Chief, Dave Allen, Doug Mostert and Chris Allen – Captains, Miles Dickenson – Engineer.
Gentle Reminder: Clearance around fire hydrants is 5 – 7 meters. No parking in front of hydrants.
The siren is still used to summon responders if necessary. Confirm and add code to Field Community Emergency Plan: 3 for an MVC and 5 for a fire.

7. Round Table: The microphone stands have been found at the Community Hall.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm

FRAA Board Meeting January 8, 2018

Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA) Board Meeting
January 8, 2018

In attendance: Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron, Mike LeGrice, Flint Palmer, Paulina Silva, Sonja Leenders, Greg Dowman
Excused: Karen Schmidt

1. Take down Christmas decorations and put away in basement. All done!

Christmas Event Recap: Skate with Santa, Christmas Pot Luck Supper, Concert, and visit from Santa at the end of the evening were great. Thanks to everyone who brought good food, cooked turkeys, hams and potatoes, helped to set up for the evening and take it down at the end of the night, and shared their talents at the Concert. Field Fire and Rescue Department (FFRD) did it again. Last year they gave us a ballet; this year they presented a coronation!

2. Church Update: Now owned by FRAA. Researching insurance options. Greg to assess Bell Tower on Church, and secure if necessary.

3. Insurance Renewal: Johnston Meier has presented our insurance coverage and costs for the next year.

4. Grant applications:
• Canada Day 2018 grant submitted on time in mid-November; should hear if we will receive money from Heritage Canada by early February.
• $10,000 BC Rural Dividend Program grant submitted mid-December. We’ll hear the results of that application in mid-March. Currently working on a $10,000 Grant in Aid from CSRD. Strategy is that these two grants will provide seed money to start the planning process, develop plans.
• Grant Application to Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) for technology funding examined; the FRAA is too small to qualify for the program. One Drive for FRAA digital files discussed. Julia can help with this; Greg to follow up. Cloud storage and cross platform access to FRAA procedurals preferred.

5. Treasurer’s Report: Sally made a balance sheet for our last fiscal year; it was required for the Rural Dividend Program grant application. It looks amazing!

6. Constitution Update, Societies Act Registration, MOU with Parks Canada:
• Board members to have a look at Constitution for FRAA. Moving it over to digital by the end of February 2018. Will collaborate on process with FFRD; also in process of registering under the new BC Societies Act.

• MOU with Parks Canada: We have an unsigned Draft from 2004. Intention is to define FRAA role with PCA through facilitated meetings with Parks Canada. Next meeting scheduled for Monday January 15, 2018. Sally and Kathryn to attend for FRAA.

7. Yoho Blow: Friday, Saturday and Sunday February 2, 3 and 4 2018

Tentative Schedule
Friday, February 2
Set up Friday afternoon: outdoor fencing, merchandise, stock the bar, food prep
7:00 pm Bar Open
Karaoke and games at the hall, including some Minute to Win It Skill Tests, Euchre Tournament
8:00 pm Moonlight Ski with Kicking Horse Ski Club, meet at parking area at the bottom of the Yoho Valley Road
8:00 pm Pick-up Hockey Game at the rink

Saturday, February 3
9:00 am to 11:00 am – BOB (Breakfast on a Bun)
9:00 am to 1:00 – Bocce Tournament
11:00 am to 4:00 pm – Burgers and Hot Dogs
1:00 pm to 3:00 pm – Heritage Relay
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm – Bocce tournament
Mike and Jeremy to organize Bocce draw, with as many teams as feasible. Need to have strict timekeeping this year. And better weather than last year!
Craig to organize Heritage Relay.
9:00 pm to 1:00 am – Dance to “The Pickups Featuring Marty and Eli Beingessner” with “DJ Flintaroo” covering the breaks Admission Fee to Dance: $10

Sunday, February 4
10:30 am to noon – Breakfast on a Bun (BOB)
11:00 am to 3:00 pm – Bocce tournament
12:00 Noon – Kids Games and Relays
4:00 pm – Anything Goes Downhill Race from Cemetery to 1st Avenue on Stephen Creek Road
6:00 pm – Potluck Supper

Fire pit Restricted Activity Permit for 2018 FRAA events: Kathryn
Liquor license and order: Kathryn, Sonya. Locally, Golden BCLDB needs a heads up; like a couple of weeks to assemble an order for us; Nola manager at Golden BCLDB 250 344 7558.
Food purchase: Sally
Facebook Page: Mike
50/50 for event: Sonya
CBC Kelowna, Community Service Announcement – 2 weeks in advance of event: Kathryn
Communicate by email as events and Champions are confirmed.

8. Hall Bookings and Winter Programs
• Pond Hockey – January 19 and 20, 2018, organized by Kurt Devlin – way to go Kurt! FRAA will run bar. Bar sign-up sheets to be circulated. FRAA will pay volunteers to do the Serving it Right online course. Really good training for working bar shifts at community events.
• Happy Hour Yoga starts again January 24 to February 28, Wednesday evenings, 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm, $12 drop in fee or preregister for all six sessions $60. Contact Alana Jung at alana.n.jung@gmail.com.
• Laura Penner from Lake Louise will offer Tabata classes (High Intensity Interval Training) Sunday evenings 6:30 pm with the first class on February 11, 2018. Details to be circulated and posted on the bulletin board.
• Karly will offer Sunday Start-Up Yoga in the community hall, starting January 13, 2018, by donation to cover utility costs. Sundays from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Bring a mat and blanket. No class on January 21 or February 4.
• March 9th: wedding rehearsal dinner, party from Canmore.

9. Event Considerations
• Film Festival? Tabled to next meeting.
• Screen Olympic events like hockey, skating, ski cross, board cross? Final hockey games ? Maybe, if there’s interest.
• Vagina Monologues: Sonya, only in February no licensing fee. Tentative dates February 24 or March 10

10. Round Table
• Missing 2 microphone stands. Does anyone know where they are? Please return them to the hall if you borrowed them.
• Greg will repair the broken kitchen shelves and broken basement window

Meeting Adjourned at 9:25 pm.

FRAA Board Meeting November 20, 2017

Field Recreation and Advisory Association
Regular Board Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2017

Present: Sonya Leenders, Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron, Paulina Silva, Karen Schmidt, Greg Dowman
Regrets: Flint Palmer, Mike LeGrice

1. Approval of agenda – Unanimously approved as circulated via email

2. Approval of minutes from previous meeting

3. Announcements

The Association appointed roles for the organization
President – Kathryn Cameron
Vice President – Sonya Leenders
Treasurer – Sally Watson
Secretary –Greg Dowman
Social Media – Mike Legrice
Village of Field Facebook Page – New board members to be authorized as administrators
Operating/Updating www.fieldbc.ca Website – Chris Allen may help the FRAA with this
Building Maintenance – Flint assigned task of overseeing building maintenance if interested.
Joe Nixhipi to repair shed roofs and windows in change rooms. Recommends plexiglass to be put in place for the winter, then glass in the spring. A resizing of the windows could be in the works to have the windows open outwards, to function as an emergency exit. Two kitchen shelves need to be repaired. Paulina will stay on as a Contract Janitor for Community Hall.
Bulletin Board – Paulina and Karen
Field Utility Board Meetings – Kathryn, Paulina, and Greg

Calendar for the 2018 year:
FRAA Regular Board Meetings: January 8, February 19, April 23, June 4, September 10, October 22
Field Utility Board and Liaison Meetings: January 11, February 28, May 2, June 13 (Budget Meeting), September 19, October 31
Town Hall Meetings: January 22, March 12, May 7, June 18, October 1, November 5 (AGM)

4. Winter Programs at Community Hall
Early Childhood Development: Activities for children are Tuesdays and Fridays

Happy Hour Yoga with Alana Jung: Wednesdays until December 13, 5:30 to 6:45, $12 drop-in or $10 preregister per season. 20% of intake from attendance is paid to FRAA in lieu of hall rental. Alana plans to resume in January.

Movie Nights at Hall: We can sell refreshments but can’t charge admission. Tabled to January meeting. Sonya to investigate viability of movies via Popcorn, Netflix etc.

5. Upcoming FRAA Events
Christmas Concert: To be held in conjunction with Skate with Santa and Christmas Pot Luck Supper on Saturday, December 16. Performances presented after supper.
December 14th Decorating Hall with set up. To be purchased: 6 turkeys, 2 hams 40 lbs. of potatoes, cranberries. Watch fliers for deals @ Costco etc., aim for +- .99/lb turkeys. Will host 50/50 draw; half of winnings to winner, half to food bank. Cash and cheque donations to Golden Food Bank also accepted. Liquor Licence: Sonya and Karen. Hall decoration and set up December 14 at 7:00 pm; everyone welcome to help.

Yoho Blow: February 2, 3 and 4 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Bunny Hop and Easter Potluck Brunch: Sunday, April 2nd.

Spring Fling: Sunday, May 27th

Canada Day: Sunday, July 1st.

More events likely to be held throughout the year. Stay tuned.

6. Hall Rentals
Parks Canada booked Hall for Holiday Breakfast, December 13th

Kurt Devlin is organizing hockey tournament 19 and 20th of January. FRAA will do liquor sales.

7. Stoves for Hall Kitchen
Try to order by Saturday from Costco; they will deliver to Lake Louise. Need measurements and a gas fitter to install. Sally and Kathryn to coordinate.

8. Members should get Serving it Right for bar service/liquor license applications at the Hall. FRAA will pay for course. Can be done on line.

9. Catholic Church
All paperwork is in with Parks Canada. Planning to submit grant application by Mid December. Intended use of building requires a change in the language as per Parks Canada from Community Building to Community Hall. Lease to be amended. Bruce McKenzie wrote a great explanation outlining and defining use of structure. However, the change in terminology has been complete and signed document to be delivered to Parks Canada Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

10. Societies Act and Constitution Update
Tabled to January. Bring Copy of Constitution (13 pages) with suggestions and deletions. Kathryn to send out Word version of Constitution for Board Members to mark up/revise in preparation for meeting.

11. Columbia Basin Trust Not for Profit Report and Recommendations
Tabled to Feb 19. Discussion about file storage and computer purchase. What grants are available?

12. Round Table
Sonya: Looking for ideas to make money. Suggested presenting The Vagina Monologues in March for International Women’s Day. Yes!
Discussion: If there is something you want to do, you can spearhead planning and be the point person. If a project is a fundraiser for the hall there is no Hall rental. If a fundraiser is for someone/something else then there is a rental fee. Church is a huge project and all fund raising ideas need to be considered.

Annual Honorarium from Parks Canada for service with the FRAA: $6000, funds use TBD

Secret Santa: Frank was Santa last year. Gifts for the kids in town: Noa, Liam, Torah, Josephine, Estelle, Abby, Axel, May, William, Lucy, Thomas, Baptiste. Ask about Eva and Sophie, Violet and Olivia attendance at Christmas event this year.

Next meeting: January 8, 2018.

Meeting Adjourned at 9pm.

Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting November 6, 2017

Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA)
Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting
November 6, 2017

In Attendance: Elaine Lemieux, Marthe Boissonnault, Dave Selkirk, Brenda Selkirk, Deb Bancroft, Helen Barry, Sonya Leenders, Jeff Lahti, Bruce Bembridge, Marilyn Toulouse, Miles Dickenson, Jen Coffman, Darren, Paulina, Greg Dowman, Michelle Mausolf, Pauline Boisier, Doug Mostert, Dave Allen, Flint Palmer, Katja, Brian Pineau, Richard Dupuis, Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron, Caitlin Cameron, Axel Cameron

Excused: Mike LeGrice, Christine Lynn, Karen Schmidt, Sophie Cais

Welcome to the Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting. Thank you for all the delicious food served at the potluck supper this evening.

1. Presentation: Parks Canada Agency Acting Visitor Experience Manager Richard Dupuis

Parks Canada Agency Visitor Experience has had a very full 2017 to date. There was a one-time infusion of funding to hire more staff for the Canada 150 celebrations. General overall assessment that staff numbers and resources were actually what to aspire to in future operations, and the request has been made to increase funding. Traffic program was successful, at a cost of $3 million. Learned a great deal about managing visitors and vehicles in the Lake Louise and Moraine Lake region. Niblock Gate staff sold Parks Canada merchandise on Lake Louise shoreline and at Emerald Lake; very successful from Parks Canada perspective. At the end of 2017, the Lake Louise Visitor Centre will remain open 7 days per week. Parks Canada will close the Field Visitor Centre, effective January 1, 2018, until May 1, as specified in the medium-use park designation applied after Budget 2012. Understands that this is not the news residents of Field want to hear. The Management Team based the decision on what they feel are the best use of available resources. As before, the washrooms will be open 24 hours per day. Friends of Yoho have not decided if they will operate during the winter as they have in past years. Also recommended by Friends of Yoho that in the future Field Visitor Centre be open from April 1 through October 31, rather than current open season of May 1 through Thanksgiving. Concurrence from residents at the meeting that having Field Visitor Centre open in the winter is important to visitors and residents, and that is the announcement we want to hear, sooner rather than later. No support expressed for Parks Canada’s decision, but appreciated Richard delivering the announcement in person.

2. FRAA Annual Report: Operating Year August 6, 2016 to August 5, 2017

August 2016
• Transport Canada communicates that either CP Rail or Parks Canada can apply for whistle cessation. “There is a requirement in law that all trains passing over any public railway crossing to sound a CROR 14L (long, long, short, long), four blasts in total.” After years of relatively quiet train approaches to the crossing, announced by bell rings, Transport Canada designated the Field crossing a public rather than private crossing, and advised CP Rail to follow laws governing public crossings. Townsite Manager Ellen Francis advised residents to contact her if they wanted to have train whistles stopped; she wouldn’t initiate the process unless there was overall dissatisfaction with the new regime. We still have the four blasts.

September 2016
• Installed new bar fridge, courtesy of Coca Cola Company, and a new kitchen fridge, courtesy of a donation from the Friends of Yoho.
• Grant to install an electric car charging station in Field was not successful.
• EastLink Satellite Television service terminated and all equipment removed.
• Coffee with Council attended by two residents.
• Solid Waste costs under review. Residents advised to compare current bill to previous bills.

October 2016
• Town Walk About to identify maintenance needs in community infrastructure
• Parks Canada Agency (PCA) Assets Manager reports that the dewatering project on Mt. Dennis as part of the Slope Stabilization Project is going well
• Letter from Diocese of Nelson reports that proposed sale of Catholic Church to a local resident was not successful and the Diocese would apply to PCA for a demolition permit to remove the structure and surrender the lease.
• Board of Directors move to follow the FRAA constitution as it exists, recognizing need to update the document.

November 2016
• FRAA approached the Diocese of Nelson about future of Catholic Church in Field, to see if the Diocese would consider gifting the church to the community.
• PCA announces it will not support fireworks Restricted Activity Permits from the FRAA for New Years Eve, Yoho Blow or Canada Day events.
• New Board of Directors elected by acclamation November 14, 2016.

December 2016
• Christmas Concert at the school raised $380 and two boxes of donated food for the Golden Food Bank, and revealed the amazing ballet expertise of our own very accomplished Field Fire and Rescue Department.
• Skate with Santa and Christmas Pot Luck Supper was a huge success.
• Kicking Horse Ski Club (KHSC) hosted a very fun New Years Eve Ski at Emerald Lake.

January 2017
• KHSC hosted a Full Moon Ski on the Kicking Horse Trail.
• FRAA hosted a Pizza and Movie Night for kids.
• Coffee with Member of Parliament Wayne Stetski to discuss residents’ concerns.

February 2017
• FRAA 40th Anniversary Yoho Blow February 3 – 5; major fun. We still have lots of t-shirts to sell!
• KHSC full Moon Ski February 9.
• KHSC 30th Anniversary celebration at Emerald Lake Lodge February 16.
• Updated Societies Act workshop in golden on February 23.

March 2017
• Volunteer Thank You Night at High Rollers 10-pin bowling, March 10.
• KHSC Skate Ski Workshop for members March 12 on Great Divide Trail.
• FRAA and Diocese of Nelson agree to transfer of Field Catholic Church lease and building to the FRAA.
• Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) Non Profit Advisor meets with FRAA Board members to do assessment of organization, and produce recommendations.
• Facilitated Meeting with PCA

April 2017
• FRAA Easter Brunch and Bunny Hop event

May 2017
• BC Ambulance Service (BCAS) launched the Community Paramedicine Initiative which includes service to the community of Field.
• Josephina born to Yanna and Frank.
• Received BC Societies Act update transition package.
• RCMP conduct a Service Evaluation interview with FRAA to assess RCMP role in community.
• Doug Clovechok wins BC Provincial Election for Riding of Columbia River-Revelstoke to become our new MLA.
• FRAA hosts Spring Fling on May 28 – great welcome to summer staff!
• Highway Twinning Open House on May 31 – first opportunity to comment on plans.
• Spring bins

June 2017
• Town Walkabout
• Solstice Yoga Retreat hosted by FRAA cancelled due to family commitments by instructor and participants.
• Yoho Yoga offered for summer season, June 28 through August 30 with Cindy Kelly.
• AED installed at Truffle Pigs; joint purchase by Field Fire and Rescue Department (FFRD) and FRAA – we haven’t received an invoice yet for our share of the cost. Training for staff provided by BCAS Community Paramedicine Program.

July 2017
• Canada Day 2017 – lots of fun with a full day of events. Multiple hosts: BCAS, FRAA, FFRD with pancake breakfast, parade, barbeque, cake contest, ice cream, boat race, bocce tournament.
• Human Bowling Equipment moved to Golden.
• Estelle born to Mike and Charise.

In this time frame, Board Members also attended 7 FRAA Board of Directors Meetings, 6 Town Hall Meetings, and, 4 Field Utility Board and Liaison Meetings with PCA.

Field is pretty dynamic and the 2016/2017 operating year for the FRAA demonstrated a year of transition. Two new babies were welcomed to families in Field. Houses sold and new people moved in from out of town and out of province. Welcome! Long-time residents moved away to pursue their own dreams and we wish them all the best, but will miss them and the many ways they enriched our community. Leaseholders seriously invested in their properties this summer.
What’s happening in the future? Changes are happening before our eyes with the demolition of two buildings in the past two weeks – the duplex and the Dollhouse – and plans for Parks Canada Agency to build staff accommodation on those lots starting in the spring of 2018. The FRAA will start work on the Catholic Church, a big initiative for our organization that will contribute to economic stability in the community. It’s a risk, but we’re in! We will register under the new Societies Act and update our constitution with input from residents. We will negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding with Parks Canada to guide us in our relationship over time and the inevitable changes in people who act on behalf of each organization. And we’ll sponsor events and activities. Honestly, it’s exciting!

Thank you to the 2016/2017 FRAA Board Members Katherine MacNeill, Sophie Cais, Krista Callen, Christine Lynn, Sally Watson, Mike Le Grice, Caitlin Cameron, Claudia Harding, Kathryn Cameron, Desneige Meyer, Jen Coffman, and Karen Schmidt for your hard work, ideas, decorating, cooking, cleaning, dancing and care for our community. Thank you to all the volunteers who support the FRAA setting up for events, running the bar, making music, making ice, donating pickleball nets, cleaning up and doing maintenance on the Community Hall. Thank you to Parks Canada for the Contribution Agreement Honorarium and paying for insurance.

3. Treasurer’s Reports – Sally Watson
Files attached to distribution email list: Annual Financial Statement August 6, 2016 to August 5, 2017, financial Statement November 3, 2017 and Statement of Accounts as of November 6, 2017.

Motion by Jen Coffman to accept Financial Reports as presented. Seconded by Kathryn Cameron.

4. Friends of Yoho – Helen Barry
The Friends of Yoho will celebrate their 30th Anniversary on Friday, November 17 at Truffle Pigs Bistro with a silent auction and supper. Memberships available at the door. General Manager Deb Bancroft will retire at the end of April 2018. Brenda Selkirk has been hired as the new General Manager.

5. Field Fire and Rescue Department (FFRD) – Dave Allen
FFRD held their Annual General Meeting two weeks ago. Election results: Michael Furfaro was elected to position of Fire Chief, Patrick Cais as Deputy Chief, Dave Allen and Doug Mostert as Captains, Miles Dickenson as Training Officer, Chris Allen as Equipment Officer, Pauline Boisier as President of the Society and Sophie Cais as Secretary.

Patrick Cais will continue as Acting Fire Chief until Michael Furfaro fulfills his term of service with the Canadian Armed Forces in early December 2017 and moves back to Field full-time.

The Department responded to 72 calls outs in the past year. August 2017, with 14 call outs, was the busiest month in the history of FFRD.

FFRD had another successful training year on site at weekly meetings and by attending courses offered by Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD). Deputy Chief Patrick Cais is working with BC Emergency Services on the First Responder Program. 10 to 12 members have completed the training and member Maggie Fields will complete Train the Trainer in order to offer the training here in the future.

FFRD contract with Parks Canada has been amended to allow the department to buy food for responders when they are on lengthy call-outs.

The Canada Day Barbeque raised $1600. All food was donated by Emerald Lake Lodge.

The Emergency Services Ball held at Emerald Lake Lodge in the spring raised money for STARS Air Ambulance and local Emergency Services. The funds donated to FFRD were used to help pay for the AED installed at Truffle Pigs. With the money raised on Canada Day, FFRD decided to fully fund the AED and won’t invoice the FRAA.

6. Round Table
No questions or information shared.

7. Election of New Board of Directors
Our Constitution states that we must have a minimum of five members to continue operating as a Society in the Province of British Columbia. There were nomination papers submitted for the following people: Flint Palmer, Greg Dowman, Michael Le Grice, Kathryn Cameron, Sally Watson, Karen Schmidt, Sonya Leenders.

All were acclaimed Board Members for the 2017/2018 operating year of the Field Recreation Advisory Association. Welcome new Board of Directors!

8. Upcoming Events
Happy Hour Yoga will continue at the Community Hall on Wednesdays, 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm through to December 13, break for Christmas then resume in January.

Meeting adjourned at 8:24 pm.

FRAA Board Meeting October 23, 2017

Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA)
Minutes: Board Meeting October 23, 2017

In Attendance: Christine Lynn, Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron
Excused: Mike LeGrice, Jen Coffman, Caitlin Cameron, Karen Schmidt, Sophie Cais

1. Community Hall Rentals: Truffle Pigs staff training October 24; Parks Canada Agency (PCA) Townsite Managers October 25; Yoga workshop weekend of October 28.

2. Happy Hour Yoga: Originally scheduled to end October 25, but will continue through November on Wednesdays, November 2, 9,16, 23 and 30 from 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm. Cost: $12 per class. Instructor: Alana Jung.

3. Catholic Church Update: Paperwork from Diocese of Nelson received by Ewan and McKenzie, Barristers and Solicitors, acting on behalf of FRAA. Signing scheduled for November 1, 2017. Signed paperwork then goes to Parks Canada Agency for approval and lease assignment. In discussion with Johnson Meier Insurance on insuring building once the FRAA is confirmed by PCA as leaseholder and owner of the building.

4. Solid Waste Cost Calculation and Billing Process: Discussed at Field Utility Board Meeting on October 11, 2017. Townsite Manager Marthe Boissonault working on the file. Invoicing expected to be more detailed and relevant. Plans to send out letter on factors for each user. Highways costs have not been updated for several years. The process is currently in a correction phase to meet cost recovery. Billing not expected to be retroactive. Once proper factors are established for each user type then the outcome should be back on track.

5. Hall Maintenance: Need to repair broken shelves in kitchen, replace or repair broken windows in change room and replace damaged shingles on outside shed. Kathryn will talk to Hipi Construction about doing the work.

Kathryn and Christine plan to clean and organize our storage room downstairs the week of November 6.

6. Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada Agency: Most recent session held the afternoon of October 23, 2017. Positive process.

7. Yoho Blow February 2, 3 & 4, 2018: Pick Ups interested in playing at the dance Saturday night. Sally to get details on cost, accommodation, etc. No new products this year; we’ll sell the items we have in stock from previous events. Agreed on a noon start for events on Sunday.

9. Honorarium: Agreed to donate the honorarium to the organization this year.

10. New Stoves: Sally to measure available space to confirm two 4-burner residential Blue Star gas ranges will fit, and research price for purchase, delivery and installation. Agreed to use the rest of the Friends of Yoho donation and tip money to purchase the stoves. We want to install them soon.

11. Upcoming Events:
FRAA Annual General Meeting on Monday, November 6. 2017 at Field Community Hall
Doors open at 5:30 pm
Pot Luck Supper starts at 6:00 pm
Coffee, tea and punch provided
Meeting at 7:00 pm
FRAA Annual Report
Treasurer’s Report and Annual Financial Statements
Parks Canada Agency Report
Friends of Yoho Report
Field Fire and Rescue Report
Election of Board of Directors

Note: We need a minimum of five people to be on the Board of Directors. So far, we have two nominations. Nomination forms are at the Post Office. We have a great community, and it’s fun to serve on the Board. If you have any questions about time commitment and participation as a Board Member, please contact Sally Watson at 250-343-6354 or Kathryn Cameron at 250-343-6065, or stop us on the street! In the next year we have events to plan, renovations on the Catholic Church to plan and implement, grant applications to submit, continue to work with PCA through facilitated meetings to develop a Memorandum of Understanding, Societies Act registration to complete and constitution updates to agree on and submit. It’s going to be a busy and exciting year for the FRAA.

Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting October 2, 2017

Field Recreation and Advisory Association
Town Hall Meeting – Monday October 2, 2017

In attendance: Lloyd Lafrance, Sophie Cais, Karla Gaffney, Brenda Selkirk, Dave Selkirk, Helen Barry, Ryan Cameron, Lorraine Zirke, Bill, Travis Moir, Marthe Boissonnault, Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron

1. FRAA Report
Summer Recap:
• Hall flowers: Thanks for making and maintaining the Community Hall flower baskets and planters Sally. Beautiful job. We still owe Kim for the flowers she supplied. Sally to ask for invoice and pay the bill. Generally, plants cost around $200 annually. Daily watering and deadheading is a volunteer job.
• Canada Day: Major fun event as always! Torah and her family, Thomas and Axel won Super Soakers for the Water Balloon Pick-up Contest. Great job! They filled two grocery bags with spent water balloons.
• Moving On: From the FRAA Board, Desneige and Beckett have moved to Winnipeg, Claudia, Jamie, Mikayla and Sebastian have moved to Kelowna, Krista and Mr. Nixon have moved to Donald, and Kat and Jeff plan to stay in Nova Scotia. Alex, Shelley and Jack have moved to Invermere. Alex, Carmen and Alasdair have moved to Nova Scotia. Susan and Forrest have moved to Vancouver. Jim has moved to Vancouver. Thanks to all of you for your community contributions. We miss you! All the best in your new pursuits. Welcome to the two new families who have moved to Field.
• Honorarium: Discussion on donating honorarium to FRAA operating account this year. Board to make decision at next meeting.
• Leasehold improvements: Lots of work in the village this summer – landscaping, painting, drainage mitigation. Looks great.
• Welcome Estelle: Congratulations Mike and Charisse!
• Hall Rentals: Columbia Shuswap Regional District Trails Consultation; Rainbow Jaguar; Leo Keefer Wedding. Two Yoga Retreats cancelled at start of summer due to low registration and family commitments.
• Yoho Yoga: Instructor Cindy Kelly. June 28 through August 30, nine sessions. Started strong with 14, 7 stalwarts by end of summer.
• Human Bowling equipment has moved to Golden.

Fall programs: Ideas or suggestions? Please talk to one of the Board members.
• Happy Hour Yoga: Instructor Alana Jung. Started Wednesday, September 13 through October 25 (no class October 11). Poster circulated and displayed on bulletin board, entered on Calendar of Events on our website www.fieldbc.ca.

Hall Maintenance: Walk around didn’t happen, but we have identified items that need attention, specifically: shingles to be replaced on the roof of the Kubota shed, repair broken window in the change room, divots to repair in the rink surface and pickleball to pack away for winter. Parents, please let your kids know the shed roofs are out of bounds.

Transition to New Societies Act: Winter project. We have until November 2018 to complete the process.

Constitution Update: Winter project. Discussed holding a community consultation event to gather ideas. We’re in a time of transition. People are moving out of the community, and people are moving into the community. Dynamic situation. Board feels it would be really valuable to get input on what roles residents want the FRAA to fill.

BC Hydro Power Outages and the Emergency Storage Facility: Hot, dry, windy weather, extreme fire danger and CPR work on a long siding to accommodate extra long trains were big factors in the number of outages we had this summer. The Energy Storage Facility, BC Hydro’s pilot project battery back-up system based at Boulder Creek Compound, failed to initiate and required system upgrades. BC Hydro says it’s online now.

Solid Waste Cost Calculation and Billing Process: This is a closed system. If there are errors in one account, then chances are there are errors in the whole system. Parks Canada needs to follow legislated guidelines and ensure that the complete process is transparent. Specifically, volume values for each leasehold and annual operating costs are to be communicated every year after March 31. We hope to have discussion about solid waste costs and billing at the next Field Utility Board Meeting, moved from September 11 to October 19.

Catholic Church: The FRAA has asked lawyer Bruce Mackenzie to act for us on the Lease Assignment. We have agreed to purchase the building for $10 so the Catholic Church doesn’t lose its Charitable Organization status. Bruce has received the paperwork. He’ll let us know when it’s time to sign. Board is discussing next steps re: ideas, plans, grant applications and development timeline.

Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada: Next meeting tentatively scheduled for October 23, 2017. Parks Canada has conducted a national review of Townsite Operations in the five National Park municipalities. The evaluation report and a related evaluation summary can now be found on Parks Canada’s website.

Invitation to MLA and MP to attend a Town Hall Meeting: Board discussed options. Both have hosted community coffee events to discuss issues and concerns with minimal turnout at each event. What is the best venue? Tabled to next FRAA Board Meeting. Please talk to a Board member if you have ideas or suggestions.

Annual General Meeting: November 6, 2017 is also the next Town Hall Meeting. Plan to have a community potluck supper, starting at 6:00 pm followed by the Town Hall Meeting, AGM and election at 7:00 pm.

Yoho Blow 2018: Tentatively scheduled for February 2, 3 and 4, Groundhog Day theme. Sally to ask ‘Pick Ups’ if they’re interested in playing for the dance.

2. Treasurer’s Report – Sally Watson
Please see financial report attached to the distribution email. Motion by Sophie to approve financial report as presented; seconded by Kathryn.

3. Parks Canada Reports
Townsite Manager – Marthe Boissonnault (Presenting reports from all departments)

Introduced Travis Moir, Compliance and Business Liaison Officer. Please contact Travis for townsite questions not related to lease or license of occupation: travis.moir@pc.gc.ca, 403-522-1266.

Elaine Lemieux returned to her position of Realty and Municipal Officer for Field townsite in mid-July: elaine.lemieux@pc.gc.ca, 250-343-6016.

The Lake Louise Emergency Management Draft Plan has gone to stakeholders for review. Once complete, the Field Emergency Management Plan will be updated.

Landscaping Contract was rewritten to include Parks Canada properties not currently occupied, to ensure maintenance during the summer season.

Visitor Experience Manager has been asked if Field Visitor Centre will be open for the winter season after December 31, 2017. Once a decision is made it will be communicated to residents.

Parks Canada Staff Accommodation in Field: Demolition contract to be awarded October 3, 2017 for removal of the duplex at 207 Kicking Avenue and the Doll House at 101 – 1st Avenue. Heavy equipment will be used, and work will be done during daytime. Construction of staff housing at both addresses will start in the spring of 2018. Two Boulder Creek Bunkhouse options are under consideration: fix existing structure or demolish and build new structure.

BC Hydro has contacted Parks Canada to discuss burying the power line from the park gate to Field when highway-twinning construction happens. Cathedral Mountain Lodge owners have expressed interest in having the power line go to their property from Field when highway twinning to the east happens. Residents suggested it would be an opportunity to power Kicking Horse Campground as well. Marthe suggested any questions residents have about the BC Hydro proposal be directed to BC Hydro.

Mt. Dennis Slope Stabilisation Project Update – Submitted by Dave Allen:
PCA has retained Tetra Tech since 2014 as the consulting firm on this project and have been working together since December 2016 to produce mitigation plans for the townsite of Field. This came after an updated report was issued by Tetra Tech to address the concern of debris flows within the Stephen Creek drainage system. This included updated information following an eight-month survey monitoring program and geophysical investigation. This report was sent to town council earlier in 2017.
Tetra Tech continues to perform modelling and debris flow analysis in order to quantify the extent of any local townsite mitigations. PCA expects preliminary options to be presented by Tetra Tech in November 2017 in anticipation for tentative implementation of mitigation options for the 2018 construction season. Tetra Tech also continues to monitor the slope with quarterly surveys (next one is mid-October).
David Allen joined three Tetra Tech geoscientists on a site visit late September. These members were also involved in early stages of this project when the issue was first addressed. Updated photos and findings were noted.
Anticipated questions:

1) What kind of mitigation measures might we see in Field?
Things like berming and reinforcing the town side creek bank by means of rip-rap (rock), concrete wall or lock block, and relocating/readjusting the cemetery road bridge to increase the freeboard or clearance. Other measures could include an overflow bypass on the east side of the cemetery road bridge.

2) What kind of movement on the slope was seen since the report?
The monitoring program surveys have show that the movement continues at the same rates according to the survey. Nothing has stood out in the data that has alarmed the Tetra Tech engineers.

3) What about all the trees that have fallen over on-site?
As the slope continues to creep, debris will be washed away by the creek. The slope creek and collapse of the “head scarp“ is expected and has been included in the survey data as well as updated photos sent to Tetra Tech.

4) What about maintenance to the drainage pipeline?
Parks Canada Agency continues to regularly inspect and maintain the pipeline structure. Plans are in place for this fall to complete a few housekeeping items this fall such as clearing fallen tree debris as well as patching a leak found spring 2017.

4. Friends of Yoho
It was a busy summer with Historic Walking tours twice a week from July through September, two Canada 150 Hot Dog Barbeques and two sidewalk sales at Field Visitor Centre, and A Muse Troupe’s presentation about the Kicking Horse River at Kicking Horse Campground in August. Canadian Heritage Rivers System video was a big hit! There wasn’t enough interest to have the History of the CPR weekend program this year. The ever-popular S’Mores night at Kicking Horse Campground was cancelled because of the campfire ban. Annual Pasta Supper and Silent Auction scheduled for November 17, 2017. General Manager Deb Bancroft plans to retire in April; the job will be posted.

5. Field Fire and Rescue
FFRD had its busiest summer to date with 22 call outs in July and August. Jamie Harbottle resigned as Chief to move to Kelowna for school. Patrick Cais, Deputy Chief, has taken on role of Chief until elections are held in three weeks. Captains are Doug Mostert, Dave Allen and Chris Allen. Miles Dickenson is the Engineer. One new member has completed his initial training and been issued a pager: Jerry Renaud. Congratulations Jerry! Field Fire and Rescue has an excellent, ongoing training program. New members are welcome. Meetings are held every Tuesday, 7:00 pm at the Fire Hall.

6. Round Table

Karla Gaffney: CP’s construction project to extend the Ottertail siding is almost complete. The siding will be commissioned next week. It will accommodate trains up to 14,000’ in length. Tracks in the Field yard can accommodate up to 7,000’ trains, but there are often 9,000’ and 10,000’ trains that pass through Field. The longer siding at Ottertail expected to alleviate congestion and long wait times at the crossing into Field.

Sally Watson: Thank you to Paulina Silva for the excellent work she does to clean the hall, and make sure it’s ready for the next booking.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.