Minutes from FCC and FRAA meetings.

Field Recreation and Advisory Association and Field Community Council Regular Meeting April 25, 2016

FRAA and FCC Meeting April 25th  2016, 7pm

In attendance: Kathryn Cameron, Jeremy and Karen Schmidt, Sally Watson, Kim Chapman, Claudia Harding, Tyra Cameron and Katherine MacNeill

Pierre Lemire made a presentation to FCC and FRAA about his concerns as to the progress with mitigation to the Mt Dennis Slump area?

  • Brought images from 70’s of slide from Mt Stephen on to CP rail tracks and also brought photos of current area of concern.
  • Has been up to slumping area recently and says it appears that about 50% of the water has so far been diverted. It seems that one reservoir is working and the other is not,
  • Has concern about damage to pipes – large avalanche covered pipes during the winter and big boulder was moved and appears to have slightly damaged.
  • There was an alternative solution, put forward in proposal, why was this not used? Is it in relation to the cost?
  • Pierre suggested the addition of several small pipes to drain off the water that does not appear to have been diverted.
  • Wants to the community to continue to follow progress of project and ensure that Parks Canada is doing everything they can to mitigate risk to the town of Field.
  • Questions to ask PC –
    • Why was alternate solution not implemented – is it due to cost?
    • Are you satisfied with the amount of water that is being captured – do you feel that this makes the slump area ‘safe’/stable?
    • How much has been spent on the project so far? What is the budget limit?
    • Who is responsible if something fails?
    • If this doesn’t work – does PC have an exit strategy for the village of Field?
    • The reservoir that doesn’t appear to be filling; is it working? If not – what will be done to improve its function?
    • Where is monitoring at? Can Travis present the updates at the next town meeting?
    • Can we remove some of the larger trees to reduce the risk of damage to the pipe?



  • Good Job Tyra and Kat .
  • Please send any photos to Kathryn for Craig to put up on village of Field Website/Facebook page and to keep for a ‘scrapbook’
  • Were able to keep costs down by reusing decorations


  • May 29th (Sunday)
  • Need to organize a DJ – last year Kirk volunteered services. Lets talk to Flint and see what he would charge. Otherwise the same DJ as was used for Yoho Blow. Kat and Tyra will organize
  • Make sure Emerald Lake and Cathedral Lodge staff are fully aware of this so that we can get the numbers up. Does Emerald Lake have more than one shuttle?
  • Make a poster to put up in town and Emerald and Cathedral – Kat and Tyra will organize
  • Food
    • pulled pork sliders were great last year, but this year let’s try something simpler that is easier in terms of food safety – maybe hot dogs. Kim will organize.
    • Liquor license – Sally will be away – so Tyra will organize with help of Kim and Karen
  • Decorations
    • Disco light (in cupboard near kitchen?)
    • Tickle trunk and photo corner to encourage people to take photos (similar to Mike and Charisse’s wedding)
    • Tissue paper ball decorations – Karen


  • June 25th (Saturday)
  • School has plans for what the kids are going to do in preparation
  • Back to Community Hall for community gathering after school stuff is done
  • What time will it start? Community Hall will open doors at 5pm.
  • Potluck Salad/Deserts. Community will provide Beef or Turkey
  • Admission by donation
  • Kathryn will organize liquor license
  • Will need volunteers – lets ask past and present parents of the school
  • Sid estimates 70-75 people coming from outside the community
  • It has been posted on the ‘I Lived in Field’ Facebook page
  • Mike will make a Facebook event for the Potluck
  • Kathryn will touch base with Sid and the School – as it is a co-hosted event between the School and the FRAA
  • Decorations
    • Old School images (bring from the school to the hall)
    • Old class photos
    • Guest book (maybe Jamie Frazer book from the siding)
    • Talk to Edwin Knox, Pierre Lemire, Sue Larose and Debbie Bancroft re: photos
    • Some photos hanging at Lady Gray
    • Use Field Kids past and present projects to decorate
    • Ask Madame Rebecca for some bulletin board borders to decorate the Hall like a school classroom
  • Special invite for all past teachers – ask the school board to contact them



  • $440 to spend (for balloons, cake, ice cream, 3 bottle of helium, prizes, advertising)
  • Compare helium pricing at Home Depot – with Costco
  • Kids’ adventure race – like a scavenger hunt but with activities – down by the pond/ball diamond
  • Family bocce tournament
  • Need to think about how to get people involved in the parade
    • Invite business to participate, include Emerald Lake Lodge/ GDL/ Cathedral/Lake O’Hara Lodge
    • Make it a challenge with a prize for winning Entry
  • Make sure that everyone involved in water balloon fight picks up empty balloons – could have a sign up sheet with a prize for the most balloons collected e.g. a super soaker.


  • Who owns the Piano? Does the school and if so – do they want to keep it to move it? – Talk to Vivian.


  • Fire department society has volunteered to look after the playground if it means the school will allow the equipment to remain.
  • They will need to be told what checks, certification and maintenance is required
  • Parks Canada has two maintenance kits – they can get equipment from Blue Imp if required
  • Does the FCC insurance cover the playground? Sally to investigate. If not do we need to put up signage?



  • Is Maggie hosting the party this year – or was last year her last year?
  • When would it fall? Around the Solstice – so weekend of the 17/18 or 24/25 (school celebration is on the 25th)



  • Craig has stepped down from his position as Chair. Kathryn has taken on this role and Claudia has taken on the role of secretary until August.


  • Think about a response to this
  • PC says revenue is up 20% and we are expecting another big year and looking to encourage visitation in shoulder/off season for the 2017 Canada celebrations
  • Doesn’t take into account aging ski club and that Friends of Yoho aren’t happy ‘covering’ for parks during the winter


  • Kathryn to send email to Ellen to accept mediation
  • Need to ensure FCC moves as a unit
  • Express that we have a functioning model
  • Need to make our Qs for Ellen more focused, but also need for follow up as it has been a year since some items were added to the agenda.
  • Sally will be away May 11-20 and June 8-13 – normally has weekends and every second Friday off
  • Jeremy switches from Mon-Thursday work to Sunday to Wednesday after May long weekend
  • Kathryn Wed/Thursday off but has a flexible schedule
  • Claudia not working until June 13- but ideally would work best on a day Jamie can care for Mikayla
  • Wait for Ellen to suggest a date and then counter if required – possibly an evening would work best.


  • 6 week delivery was estimated March 14th so should arrive end of April. Follow up for a timeline.


  • Add to FUB
  • Generally takes place 1st week in June with Elaine Lemieux
  • Bring outstanding items from past Walks


  • Have new pumps. Opening May 1st


  • Scheduled for 2 weeks earlier than last year. Send Elaine Lemieux an email asking for a date
  • (should be early May based on email from April 19th stating 2 weeks from then)

HIGHWAY (information from email)

  • Trans-Canada Highway Construction in Banff and Yoho national parks
    These projects, and the estimated impacts on motorists, include:

    Yoho National Park
    Rock Slope Stabilization – This work will occur in various locations
    between Wapta Lake and the Yoho west boundary. No blasting will occur in
    July and August, or over long weekends. Outside of those months, work will
    occur from approximately April to October, seven days a week, 24 hours a
    Expect delays from Monday to Thursday throughout the project duration
    as follows: two closures of up to 90 minutes per day between 7 a.m. and 11
    a.m.; and one closure of up to 90 minutes between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. In
    addition, travellers should expect occasional delays of up to 60 minutes
    from Monday to Saturday.

    * Please note that to safely accommodate rock blasting, the Spiral Tunnels
    Viewpoint is presently closed until the end of June, 2016.

    Yoho National Park
    Paving – Work will occur in September and October between the Ottertail
    Viewpoint and the Yoho west boundary from Monday to Saturday. Expect single
    lane alternating traffic and delays of up to 30 minutes. No work on Sundays
    or long weekends.

    Yoho National Park
    Emerald Lake Road repaving – Work will occur in May and June between the
    Emerald Lake Road/Trans Canada Highway Junction and the Emerald Lake
    parking lot. Working hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Saturday, with
    no work on Sundays or long weekends. Expect single lane alternating traffic
    and delays of up to 30 minutes.


  • Yoga retreat May 13-17 has been cancelled
  • Enola Nygren is interested in partnering with FRAA to host a 2 day retreat in August
  • Mikki’s memorial is at the Church May 1st
  • Kathryn will set up the pickle ball court
  • Add Train whistle-sounding to the FUB Agenda
  • Jeremy will take a look at new security system and if training is required will train others

Field Town Hall Meeting March 14, 2016

Field Town Hall Meeting, March 14, 2016

In Attendance: Kathryn Cameron, Jo- Anne Arnold, Ellen Francis, Mike VanDerVeen, Karla Gaffney, Lloyd LaFrance, Karen Nickurak, Patrick Cais, Sophie Cais, Sally Watson, Kim Chapman, Kat MacNeill, Tyra Cameron, Ryan Cameron, Deb Bancroft, Mike Finn

Excused: Craig Chapman, Jeremy Schmidt, Karen Schmidt, Claudia Harding, Tanje Baker

  1. FRAA Report

1.1 Yoho Blow Days – Jan 29, 30, 31

Great event. Thanks to all the volunteers and participants for a very fun weekend.

Next year is the 40th Anniversary – based on a Pierre Lemire photograph from 1977. We will celebrate 40 Years of Blowing on Feb 3, 4, and 5 in 2017.

1.2 Kicking Horse Ski Club Dinner was Feb 13 – delicious and successful.

6 years ago in 2010 we thanked Marilyn and Denise for their last year of managing track setting in Yoho National Park through the work of the Kicking Horse Ski Club. How times change. Kudos to the Kicking Horse Ski Club organizers and track setting team for all the work they do. Skiing opportunities have been outstanding this year – in spite of the warm, loving arms of El Nino – with the addition of track set on the Yoho Valley Road and Monarch, and continue to be good!

1.3 Upcoming events to look forward to – mark your calendars

Monday, March 28 – Easter Celebrations at the Community Hall: Bunny Hop and Brunch. Check the poster on the bulletin board for details. FRAA will provide ham; participants asked to bring potluck brunchy foods.

Monday, April 25 – FRAA and FCC Regular Meeting (formerly known as In Camera Meeting)

Wednesday, May 4 – Field Utility Board and Liaison Meeting

Monday, May 16 – Town Hall Meeting

Sunday, May 30 – Spring Fling, Dance and Welcome to summer staff

Celebration of Field Elementary School – Date TBA. Discussing weekend before last day of school; consultation with Madame Rebecka and PAC suggested.

Friday, July 1 – Canada Day. We need floats and more participants!

Ellen: Is there a calendar online people can refer to? Yes, there is a Calendar of events on our website www.field.bc.ca but it may not be up to date.

  1. FCC Report

2a. Chair Report

2a.1 Caroline’s last meeting was one year ago. Ellen started March 23, almost her 1st anniversary as Townsite Manager.

2a.2 Meeting with Canadian Pacific on February 23,2016.

Kathryn and Craig met with Mike LoVecchio, Director Government Affairs, Karen Cathcart, CSRD Director, Alex Kolesh, Acting Parks Canada Superintendent and Ellen Francis, Parks Canada Townsite Manager. Thanks to Karen Cathcart for organizing the meeting.

Discussed leases and economic opportunities on CP land, land transfer possibility, train noise and trains blocking access to town.

Key discussion points:

  • Residential leases issued by CP follow their interpretation of BC Landlord and Tenants guidelines that recommend rental agreements not exceed three year terms. Apparently this guideline has changed but CP has not changed their policy. It’s difficult for buyers to secure a mortgage on a property when the lease term is so short.
  • Two vacant CP building zoned commercial or institutional are the Telegraph Building and the Railway Station. Friends of Yoho are in discussion with CP Realty about potential use of the Telegraph Building. Railway Station has designated Heritage Status; building is in state of disrepair.
  • Suggestion by Parks Canada that CP and Government of Canada examine possibility of land transfer of lands no longer used by CP operations to Parks Canada.
  • Moving the Crew Changeover location from the bottom of Wall Street to the crossing seen as viable option to reduce wait times at the crossing.
  • Transportation Safety Board (TSB) reviewed crossing at entrance to Field and feels it is in fact a public crossing, not a private crossing as designated by CP. Based on TSB analysis, trains are now required by law to blow their whistle on approach to the crossing. There is a process to override that rule, but it involves a lot of time and paperwork. Parks Canada wants to hear if residents feel it is worth the time and energy. Please contact Elaine Lemieux.
  • CP Resthouse (bunkhouse) exists to provide proper rest for crews. Based on Collective Agreements that determine hours of work, the Field Resthouse will be used for years to come. Moving the crew changeover location from Field to Golden means adjusting schedules all the way down the line to the coast; this is not feasible.
  • 9000’ trains seems to be the standard. Longest siding in the Field Yard is 7400’. CP plans to extend the Leanchoil Siding, west of Field, to accommodate longer trains.

CP Police Dispatch number is 1 800 716 9132: Primary contact for residents when trains block the crossing for excess amount of time. Add this to your phone contacts.

Mike LoVecchio presented “In Your Community” to meeting attendees, an overview of CP safety commitments and responsibilities. The presentation is available on paper, from Kathryn.

2a.3 Film project – Growing Up In Field

No progress at this time.

2a.4 Hall Improvements

Completed cycle and final report will be sent in this week. Last step in final report is to write a media release to submit to local media.

2b. Discussion Items – Field Utility Board and Liaison Meeting March 4, 2016 was cancelled by Parks Canada so we missed the opportunity to talk about issues important to the community.

2b.1 Field Elementary School

School board voted to close the school at their last meeting. Does Parks Canada have plans to use the school if the School District closes it as an elementary school? Idea that the College of the Rockies and Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation may team up for a Learning Centre does not look possible at this time. There is a real potential here for something to happen – not for profit or commercial.

Parks is talking with school district now that the closure is official. Parks will lay put some possible ideas, options and alternatives; the building does not have to be removed. Who should own the building? Current operation renting space in the building is not compliant with current lease.

Does Parks Canada plan to lease the building for offices? Ellen could not speak to this at this time.

Concerns with future of playground equipment / gym use. Discussed keeping the playground in town, but would require a group to assume responsibility for it, assume liability, do maintenance and regular inspections. This is a long-term commitment. If anyone is interested in taking on responsibility for the playground equipment please contact FRAA or FCC. Also discussed moving it to Field VRC. Parks Canada is interested as long as there’s room for it. Would need to get a quote from Blue Imp for relocation costs. Building Permit required from Development Office to move the structure.

2b.2 Yoho Trading Post Site

Council is disappointed with the current operation at the site; it is at the entrance to the village and gives Field the appearance of a derelict community. Would like to hear from Parks Canada if they have a timeline on the renovation project by current operator. Craig sent an email to Gary Smith, asking for information about renovations and reopening date but has not received a response. Parks Canada said there have no development permits issued for the site. Current lease continues in overhold. There may be contamination on site that will need to be mitigated before a call for proposals can be issued. No timeline has been identified for mitigation or a call for proposals. Parks Canada will ask current operator for opening dates for 2016 season.

Council feels that Parks Canada set the precedent by closing Field Visitor Centre in the winter. Will the Townsite Manager champion reopening the Field Visitor Centre year-round on behalf of the community? No, that decision is the responsibility of the Visitor Experience (VE) manager and outside the responsibility of Townsites.

Some residents feel there is not a clear policy on compliance with lease regulations. There have been incidents where a leaseholder was advised they could not proceed with a small change on their property until they had received permission from the Development Office, but the work actually did not need a development permit. Other leaseholders have not developed their lots, years after purchase. What is the policy on time lines for development after assuming a lease or signing a new lease? Ellen to find out and share the guidelines.

2b.3 Status of Lot Release in Field

Is development of the lots identified in the Town Plan realistic? If not, how will this play out in the Town Plan review? When will the review commence?

Parks Canada has identified seven lots in the Town Plan that have been released and are suitable for building. Contact the Townsite Office if you are interested in developing, or pass the information on if you know someone else who is interested.

Council requested a list of lots that are available for sale now.

Community Plan Review not scheduled at this point. Parks Canada interested in different framework for reviewing Community Plans. No details available.

2b.3 Staff Housing

What is the status of the FII project to move staff accommodation into Field and close the bunkhouse at Boulder Creek?

Parks Canada continues to examine options that meet demographic needs. No definite time line on consultation process to refine parameters, however that may take place in the fall. Considering all options including renovations or addition to the existing bunkhouse at Boulder Creek or building in the community of Field. Currently, Parks Canada is conduction an energy assessment of the Superintendent’s Residence; developing renovation plan that will respect the Federal Heritage Building designation and incorporate green technologies. This renovation will not be patchwork. Several other Parks Canada residences are getting upgrades to bathrooms, and asbestos abatement is underway in one residence now.

2b.4 Minutes from Field Utility Board and Liaison Meetings

None received to date for meetings in June and December 2015, and January 2016. When can Council expect to receive the minutes of these meetings? Parks Canada committed to having the minutes distributed in two weeks.

2b.5 Full Time Fire Chief and Sustainability of Emergency Services in Yoho NP

With the school closure we may see further changes in our community demographic, with fewer options for staffing volunteer positions on Field Fire and Rescue.

Parks Canada looking at recruitment options. Meeting with Field Fire and Rescue Chief to set terms for contract for next fiscal year. Also exploring recruitment and training used by Lake Louise Fire and Rescue; may be opportunity to liaise.

Council feels that sustainability of emergency services in the community and Yoho National Park are closely tied to jobs and housing in the community; it’s part of a bigger picture – community sustainability.

2b.6 Operating Budget and 3rd Quarter Report

Council has requested a full financial report from Parks Canada for operating and maintaining the community of Field, revenues and expenses. Council is curious to know how much the community is subsidized by Parks Canada.

Parks Canada can share that information. Finance Department is wrapping up year-end so not able to pull the information together until the new fiscal year. This request represents additional duties for Parks Canada staff and needs to include adequate timelines to complete the task.

Council also requests clarification on cost allocations for Field and Lake Louise as mentioned in our meeting of January 20, 2016. Can residents expect the freeze on cost increases to continue into the 2016/2017 operating year?

Parks Canada found anomalies in how costs were allocated to Field and Lake Louise, and feels that it would be unfair to expect Lake Louise rate payers to subsidize Field rate payers by allocating all overtime to Lake Louise operations and none to Field. At this time rate increases are not anticipated since Field has reached its maximum load. The 3rd Quarter report is available and Ellen will send it to FCC. Ellen will also confirm rates for 2016/2017 Operating Budget.

2b.7 Hoodoo Creek Campground

Is Parks Canada open to proposals from private entrepreneurs to operate a campground at Hoodoo Creek? Has Parks Canada approached potential operators to consider operating a campground at Hoodoo Creek?

Parks Canada is not actively pursuing partnerships. Visitor Experience camping offers are focused on the Yoho Valley: Monarch, Kicking Horse and Takakkaw Falls campgrounds. There will be Federal Infrastructure Investments planned for Monarch and Kicking Horse in the second round of spending. Hoodoo Creek is not on Parks Canada’s radar.

Ellen to provide the most recent list of projects that have been announced.

2b.8 Coffee with Superintendent

Council asked for potential dates at the January 20, 2016 FUB; none have been provided.

Parks Canada wants to revisit purpose of Coffee with the Superintendent. Going forward, how can the superintendent best use her time to engage the community?

From a community perspective, it has been an informal opportunity for stakeholders and residents to discuss ideas and get to know each other. It seemed to be productive and informative. There hasn’t been Coffee with the Superintendent for over six months, and Council feels that we have no engagement with the Superintendent at this time. We are partners, but feel that we are left out of whatever conversations about Field are taking place.

Ellen assured us that is not the case; she is here to bring things forward to the Superintendent. Parks Canada wants to work together and be productive, and do it in ways that make certain the Superintendent’s time spent here is the done in the best format. Ellen proposed a meeting to discuss what that format would look like.

2b.9 Warning signs at Water Treatment Facility

Is this the full mitigation for the safety of Field’s drinking water?

Parks Canada is consulting with National Office staff to determine security measures in other venues. Updates to follow.

2b.10 Snow Clearing

Snow clearing in town has been contentious this winter, and Council is concerned about the Townsite Manager’s suggestion the mail truck not drive into Field on snow days. Services, including mail service, in the community are important to community function. Other deliveries also need to be completed.

2b.11 Summer Rock Scaling Plans

Currently moving rock from storage area at Alberta/BC border to Mannix and Niblock pits. Material will be used for other construction. This summer rock scaling will take place on the rock face across from the Spiral Tunnels Viewpoint so the Day Use Area and viewpoint will be closed until June 29, then open for the busy summer season until September 7, then closed for rock scaling until November. Rock scaling will also happen at the west end of the park, from west of Finn Creek to east of Faeder Lake, on the rock face where trees were removed in spring 2015. Delays and operation details to follow.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Presented by Sally Watson. Moved to accept by Kim; seconded by Kat. Files will be distributed with minutes of the meeting.

  1. RCMP Report – Tabled. No representative from RCMP at tonight’s meeting.
  1. Parks Canada

5a. Townsite Manager’s Report

5a.1 Lots currently available in Field – Addressed in item 2b.3

5a.2 Update from BC Hydro Hazard Tree Removal between Golden and Field – BC Hydro plans to remove hazard trees along the entire power line route this summer.

5a.3 Emergency Plan Update – Plans to consolidate existing plans. Discussion about need for concise instructions to flag personnel so Field residents and visitors can proceed if the road to Field and Emerald Lake is clear, and not impacted by the incident that closed the road.

5a.4 2017 Canada 150 Celebration – Planning meeting scheduled for March 23, 2016. Stakeholders have been invited. Parks Canada’s role is to bring communities and groups together to coordinate celebrations, with emphasis on shoulder season/less busy times of the year. Parks Canada is not spearheading events or opportunities, but acting more as facilitator.

5a.5 Town Walk About – Parks Canada staff takes notes and photos, compiles the list of items that need to be repaired and communicates with other departments. Field Community Council participates in an advisory capacity. Parks Canada will consolidate operational lists and circulate to Council.

5b. Highway Service Centre

5b.1 Damage to Tin and Plastic Recycling Bins – Damage to the hydraulic lifts on both bins means they cannot be used at all. Highway Service Center has ordered two replacement bins. Anticipate they will be delivered in about six weeks. In the meantime, residents have been directed to use tin and plastic recycling facilities in Lake Louise and Golden.

  1. Field Fire and Rescue – Tabled. Fire Chief is out of town.
  1. Round Table

7.1 Field Elementary School Fundraiser – Students will host a dinner and movie night at the school after spring break. PAC to send out details.

7.2 Karla Gaffney requested that Craig submit his resignation from council. Kathryn asked her to submit a letter to council outlining her concerns, and suggested that if Karla witnessed the event that prompted her request, then she needs to talk to the RCMP who are conducting an investigation. Otherwise, it is an incident that should not be discussed in public by people that were not present and do not have firsthand information.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm.

Field Recreation and Advisory Association and Field Community Council Meeting February 22, 2016


Field Town Hall Meeting January 25, 2016

Field Town Hall Meeting January 25, 2016

In Attendance: Marilyn Toulouse, Bruce Bembridge, Karla Gaffney, Joanne Arnold, Travis Wert, Ellen Francis, Elaine Lemieux, Craig Chapman, Kathryn Cameron, Claudia Harding, Jeremy Schmidt, Sally Watson, Mike Vanderveen, Pierre Lemire, Sophie Cais, Ryan Cameron, Kim Chapman, Karen Schmidt, Lloyd Lafrance

  1. FRAA Report – Craig Chapman

Thanks everyone for coming out.

Great events recently:

  • The Friends of Yoho supper in December raised $3672. 34 and it was donated to the community for Hall Improvements. Thanks for the donation! Sally has been pricing stoves and fridges. We decided to apply for matching funds in next grant cycle to maximize our resources. Currently we have two grants on the go and want to wrap them up before engaging in another one.
  • Christmas Pot Luck and Skate with Santa were wonderful.
  • Upcoming events: Yoho Blow this weekend; next regular meeting February 22, 2016; next FUB March 4, 2016; next Town Hall Meeting March 14, 2016. Mark your calendars!

Yoho Blow – January 29, 30 and 31. Schedule posted on the Bulletin Board.

  • Interpretive Skating – Return event, anything goes so get your costume, music and routine ready for Friday night at 8:00 pm.
  • Minute to Win It – Challenges at the Hall Friday night.
  • Saturday night – Dance with DJ, encourage friends from Lake Louise to attend, shuttle arranged with Lake Louise Ski area to make two runs from Lake Louise with stops at Great Divide Lodge. No shuttle from Emerald Lake Lodge this year.
  • Bocce – All ten possible teams have signed up. $20 entry fee per team. Want to play? Register as an alternate player, to fill in as needed.
  • Human bowling – Suits ready to try on; all equipment assembled and ready to go. Be brave.
  • Scavenger hunt – sign up sheets will be at the Post Office for Friday start and participation throughout the weekend. Combination scavenger/treasure hunt with clues and hidden treasure to collect. Participation reward (involves French butter cream) and draw prize for winner.
  • Heritage Relay – Check bulletin board for details.
  • Hockey tournament – Rules posted on bulletin board. $20 entry fee per team.
  • Downhill Race – Cross country skis, downhill skis, Chariots, bikes all allowed! Important message to spectators this year: adults and kids – No Snowballs. It’s dangerous. We’ll enforce the message through conversations on Sunday. Suggested that we need to plan for a snowball fight next year.
  • Snow Sculpture Contest – Warm weather forecast for next few days so get started!
  • Jail and Bail – Bruce and Boomer have built an ice dungeon next to the Hall. You pay to put someone in the dungeon and they pay to get out. Puts the fun in fundraising!
  • Sunday Morning Ski – with Kicking Horse Ski Club coach Jessica, 10 am to noon with start from town, either Tally-Ho or Monarch.
  • Comfy setting in the hall for hanging out. If you have a comfy chair please bring it down to the Hall; we’ll move it out for the dance. Sign up sheets for volunteers tonight, or email Kim.
  1. FCC Report – Craig Chapman

Meeting with Mike Lovecchio, CP Rail Director of Government Affairs, arranged by Karen Cathcart, Area A CSRD Director, scheduled for February 23 at 6:00 pm to discuss leases and economic opportunities on CP Land, Telegraph Building and other issues. If you have something you would like brought to the table please forward to Craig.

School closure meeting scheduled for February 3, 2016. There have been no developments in town with ideas to date so it seems apparent that the school board vote will lead to a closure. Will transportation be discussed at the meeting? What it would take to not provide school bus service to Field? Equation is pretty much written. If the cost of providing transportation assistance to each family at 20 cents per kilometer is less than running the bus, then 8 students is the number. Small community school has not attracted people and there are not the jobs here to attract people either. Looking at the future, council has discussed what could happen to the building i.e. lease of usable space. Parks Canada currently leases space there and might want more office space. Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation (BSGF) in cooperation with College of the Rockies could operate a Learning Centre. Craig met with Jon Dudley, Acting Chair for BSGF; definitely facing hard times as well because if school closes their rent agreement will change and they will loose use of the gym, major impacts on their livelihood and success. BSGF in communication with School District 6 on options. Could we fight for keeping gym? School lease with Parks is an unknown factor. Parks is examining where they can be involved. What does the community want? What could it look like in the future if there is need for a school in the future? Is this size needed i.e. that building and that place or is there another option? Resolution needs to take into account needs of current tenants and future school needs. What would be the flow? Keep meeting with school board? Board has to vote on closure before other possibilities can be determined. Lease has to comply with use. School district also has option to sell building as well. No step-by-step guide at this point. Rent? Sale? Both options involve lease, so Parks Canada holds final say. Burgess Shale cost concerns may be related to insurance costs. Utilities are only $12000 annually so not an expensive building to operate.

Yoho Trading Post site: Council understands that we must tread carefully when commenting on how businesses operate, but community is not keen on current operation. Council would like to see that site opened sooner rather than later to a call for proposals. Foundation lease is currently in overhold. Questions have gone to the Department of Justice for guidance; Ellen has asked for additional staff to deal with the site. Parks Canada wants to make certain that whatever is done there provides the opportunity for something really great to happen. This has been added to list of outstanding items. Probably will not be a quick fix. May be contamination issues on site that need to be mitigated; researching possibilities so it could be used by anyone.  Bruce expressed concern about the front line image for the community of Field. The Trading Post sits there boarded up with plywood. Is there something that can be done to make it look less derelict? The community has only one chance for a first impression. As a Parks Canada townsite, what do we want to say at the entry? No one is happy with the current presentation. Moving toward special year, 2017 and Canada’s 150 Birthday Celebrations, although every year is special.

Catholic Church: Karla Gaffney will address next meeting of council on February 22, 2016. Offer accepted August 19, 2015 but the final papers are not signed. Diocese and realtor are dumbfounded at the process. Purchasers have asked for alternate uses but received no feedback to date. Lease says place of worship. Other parties are interested in the church. Does Parks Canada have way to block moving the church? Not currently in consideration so there’s no need to discuss. Parks Canada will meet with Diocese and Karla. There are no final details at this time.

Hall Improvement Project: Chris Allen will purchase and install Wi-Fi and security systems for the hall. New acoustic panels have been delivered, and are ready to install. LED lighting has been installed inside and outside; well done Matt Morrison. Thank you for the great work. Banff Fire and Safety has installed the new fire panel and system, just waiting for panel cover. New soundboard has been returned, repaired and ready to go. Portable sound system is excellent.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Sally Watson

It must have been Christmas because we spent a lot of money. Please see files attached to the email.

Kathryn moved to accept; Claudia seconded the motion.

  1. Parks Canada Townsite Manager’s Report – Ellen Francis

Would like to start with introductions; bringing other members from our team for residents to meet. As you know, we manage both townsites of Field and Lake Louise. Introduced: Elaine Lemieux, Realty and Municipal Officer; Joanne Arnold, Housing Coordinator, Mike Vanderveen, Highway Service Centre; Travis Wert, Asset Manager. Community members introduced themselves.

Canada 150 Celebration ideas for 2017: Government announced free visitation for parks in 2017; Parks Canada examining implications. Looking at Lake Louise and Field for offering: what do we want to achieve and how can we provide positive visitor experience? There will be meetings/discussions around principles, something new or special in shoulder or off seasons and ensure current offerings in high season are stellar. We will involve stakeholders, businesses, residents; invitations are forthcoming. Looking at what other venues are offering in Jasper, ID 9, Banff, and Canmore. Plans will coordinate so all events align. Time to start thinking about ideas as community or individuals. The intent is to bring people together but not control the conversation.

Snow removal: E-mail notifications working well. Snow removal more effective when vehicles are moved off street. Please communicate with Elaine, by email, any problems, and please offer solutions. Feedback welcome. Highways team has cleared bridge and currently hauling snow from in town. Please be patient when there are equipment failures; we are doing our best.

Federal Infrastructure Initiatives: Parks Canada is advancing projects internally but has nothing to offer publically at this time as per Ministerial Announcement guidelines. On the Yoho Bunkhouse project, we are defining accommodations by demographic needs. Parks Canada wants to provide suitable staff housing; working with an architect. Is there enough money for that project? Yes. With the new administration, there are many possibilities in Parks Canada as a whole and LLYK specifically.

Keeping the Community Clean: We have received reports of golf balls and dog feces left around town. Please clean up after your activities and after your pets. If you are not comfortable approaching people, please correspond with Elaine by e-mail.

Superintendent’s Residence: Frozen pipes lead to flooding in early December. Significant improvements are planned, with access to FHBRO funding. Great report on the house itself if anyone is interested in reading it, but generally, because of heritage status the current carbon footprint of the building is horrendous. Parks Canada and FHBRO hope to use this building as a heritage model operated by green technology in ways that have not been available. Building has to be livable and lived in, and Parks Canada wants it to be used. Can it be used for Parks Canada housing only? It could be used by other organizations that make it a showcase of green technology where it is potentially open to the public. Use of the facility is in discussion.

Budget: The budget was presented at Field Utility Board on Wednesday, January 20, 2016. The quarterly report from April to September was delivered to Councilors tonight. Still waiting for some information to complete last quarterly report.

Outstanding Items List: We will continue to review items on the list.

Remote Water Meter Change: In order to provide efficient service, utilities staff will schedule appointments for remaining houses. Sally’s new meter not reading any use. Elaine will look into it. Some meters have malfunctioned. Residents have asked that notices not be taped to doors with packing tape; it pulls the paint off.

Water Reservoir Site Signs: Make suggestions if you feel there is more that needs to be done to enhance security at the site. Council feels that there needs to be better security. Significant trail use now is obvious. Video surveillance suggested by RCMP would provide information if the locks are cut again, and use of that popular trail would not be curtailed.

Emergency Plan: Parks Canada continues to review and change the document. We will consult with the community when ready.

Lot release: Potentially there is one lot possible to release.

3a. Asset Manager’s Report – Travis Wert

Mount Dennis Slope Stabilization: monitoring program in place for spring review. Not expecting significant data until thaw starts in spring.

2nd Avenue Drainage: Gathered anecdotal evidence and geotechnical observations. Spring observations critical to monitor drainage from old reservoir. Estimate that Parks Canada will have to redo all work done on 2nd avenue to make drainage better than it is now.

Parks Canada Reports Discussion

Snow removal

Bruce: We need a grader. Speed plows and loaders don’t do as good a job.

Mike: Actually, the grader has been here fairly often this winter. Some days we send in the plow; it leaves a windrow. Then we send in the grader; it leaves a windrow. The loader removes windrows. Then the snow is hauled – requires loader and trucks. The equipment that is used in the village is based on conditions, resources and need.

Karla: We used to have a one-ton equipped with a plow but we haven’t seen it recently.

Mike: That was an old fire truck from Kootenay; it was worn out, has been surplused and auctioned off. Basically, a single axle truck is not as effective here because it needs more weight to negotiate the snow and hills in Field.

Karla: Are you entertaining contracting Gottler more often?

Ellen: Gottler operates out of Golden; they will be asked to do emergency routes when highways team is over stretched and not able to come into Field. Gottler does not do regular or fine work. Townsites pays the costs, and is used only for Field not for Lake Louise.

Mike: We are testing an attachment for our plows that works like a grader.

Craig: Parks Canada used to have a bobcat that did fine work like removing windrows and clearing around fire hydrants. It’s not used anymore.

Mike: Bobcat belonged to technical services, not highways and the service was provided by a willing Parks Canada utilities staff member who has since retired.

Kathryn: Thanks for leaving the snow on Stephen Creek road for the Downhill Race this weekend.

Canada 150 Celebration ideas for 2017

Karla: Will grant money available for events?

Ellen: Let’s keep in touch and see what is possible.

Craig: There is partnership potential for Yoho and Field; not a lot of deep pockets here but lots of heart.

  1. Fire Chief’s Report – submitted by Jamie Harbottle, presented by Claudia Harding

Callouts (November to Present): 20 MVA (4 of which we had No Response, Lake Louise Fire Responded). Two of the call-outs involved fatalities: one near Yoho West Gate and the second near rock work at Sherbrooke Creek on the Big Hill. There was 1 Vehicle Fire, fully involving a Grey Hound Bus.

New Recruits: Maggie and Tina are now Probationary Fire Fighters. Tina is planning on returning in the spring.

Rescue Truck: Currently in Radium. Estimate another 1-2 weeks until paperwork goes through.

Equipment: New portable pool and fire hydrant adaptors; this will improve fire fighting capability in remote areas.

In-House Training: Auto Extrication techniques.

Callout Turn Out: Generally ok. 9-5 on weekdays is a problem with very few fire fighters in town.

Ellen: Working on ways to recruit people that don’t live here but work here and would be available to respond to call-outs during the day.

  1. Round Table

Karla: New magazine Canadian Rockies Annual, produced by Crowfoot Media. High quality, soft cover annual, archival quality mountain culture magazine with striking visuals and outstanding design. May 2016 release dare, advertising closes February 15. For more information visit: http://crowfootmedia.com Crowfoot Media rate cards and info attached to this e-mail as well.

Kim: Thank you to Kicking Horse Ski Club for the groomed dog-friendly trail to the switchbacks on the Yoho Valley Road this year. Great job! We’re looking forward to the annual Ski Club supper on Saturday, February 13, 2016.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Field Recreation and Advisory Association and Field Community Council Regular Meeting January 11, 2016


Field Recreation and Advisory Association and Field Community Council Regular Meeting November 19, 2015

Field Recreation Advisory Association and Field Community Council Regular Meeting November 19, 2015

In Attendance: Kim Chapman, Karen Schmidt, Claudia Harding, Kat MacNeill, Sally Watson, Tanye Baker, Craig Chapman, Kathryn Cameron, Jeremy Schmidt

Item                                                                                                                            Action

1. Welcome to the New Directors: FRAA Members are Kim Chapman, Karen Schmidt, Kat MacNeill and Tanye Baker. FCC members are Craig Chapman, Sally Watson, Jeremy Schmidt, Claudia Harding and Kathryn Cameron. Five members on each arm of the organization is optimum. We need one more member for the FRAA.
2. Roles and Responsibilities: Generally we meet together for the first part of our regular meetings, formerly called In Camera Meetings but the minutes of In Camera Meetings have been distributed to all community members on the town e-mail list for several years now so the meetings were not confidential therefore not In Camera. After joint discussion on events and issues, the two groups separate to conduct business of their area of responsibility. FRAA plans and hosts functions. FCC liaises with Parks Canada. Each group selects a Chair and Secretary. We have one Treasurer for both groups. There is mutual support between both arms of the organization.


Constitution and By Laws and the Field Community Council-Parks Canada Initiatives and Follow-up List to be distributed to all Directors.













3. Meeting Schedule for this Term:

Regular Meetings: November 19, 2015, January 11, 2016, February 22, 2016, April 25, 2016, June 6, 2016, September 12, 2016, October 24, 2016.

Field Utility Board Meetings: January 20, 2016, March 2, 2016, May 4, 2016, June 15, 2016 (Budget Meeting), September 21, 2016, November 2, 2016.

Field Town Hall Meetings: January 25, 2016, March 14, 2016, May 16, 2016, June 27, 2016, October 3, 2016, November 14, 2016 (AGM and elections).









4. Upcoming Events: The next two months are jam packed with seasonal celebrations. Mark your calendars!

December 1 – Field Fire and Rescue Annual Christmas Party, by invitation. Members to confirm attendance with Craig so he can give numbers to Fire Chief Jamie Harbottle.

December 3 – Parks Canada Annual Pancake Breakfast, Field Community Hall

December 5 – Friends of Yoho Annual Supper and Auction

December 7 – Rocky Mountain School District #6 Meeting at Field Elementary School re: School closure process

December 14 – Decorate Community Hall for Christmas

December 17 – Field Elementary School Christmas Concert

December 20 – FRAA Community Christmas Pot Luck and Skate with Santa. Format has changed this year to give participants more fun time with Santa and allow him to enjoy a delicious Christmas meal with Field residents – keep an eye open for the poster!). Shopping for 5 turkeys, 3 hams, 40 lbs potatoes, cranberries.

January 29, 30 and 31 – Yoho Blow Days Winter Festival. This year more bocce teams in the tournament, DJ booked for the dance, promotion to start on Village of Field website (www.fieldbc.ca) and Facebook page.

Events under consideration for 2016: New members encouraged to develop ideas. Spring Fling was well attended in 2015. Garage Sale not so successful. Movie Nights? Stay tuned.








Liquor Licence – Karen





Sally, Karen Hagen

Liquor License & poster – Karen










5. New Sound Systems: The system for the Community Hall has arrived. Mike Pecora scheduled to install on November 26, 2015. The portable sound system has been order, and expect it to arrive prior to the Christmas Concert.
6. Grants: Columbia Basin Trust’s projections indicate there may be twice as much funding available for community development. Field qualifies for funding in many areas based on 13 strategic priorities identified by CBT. Visit www.cbt.org/ourtrust/priorities for details.
7. Positive Tone at Town Hall Meetings: In the FCC role as liaison with Parks Canada, we recognize there is a delicate balance to manage. Town Hall meetings are the forum to share information and for residents to express concerns and opinions on management programs and initiatives. One option discussed is to invite residents to contribute or make presentations once the agenda has been circulated to the town email list. Groups that travel from out of town for the meeting, like the RCMP as one example, would be scheduled to present first then be able to leave or stay depending on their interest in the rest of the meeting agenda. Do we want Resource Conservation, Visitor Experience, Highway Service Centre to attend Town Hall Meetings? Yes. Town Hall meetings are important opportunities to engage in productive communication.
8. Future of Field Elementary School: Council discussed various options for the building. We support use that is good for the community like recreation in the gymnasium, pre-school programming, establishing a learning centre focussed on sports or the Burgess Shale, partnering with College of the Rockies. FUB January 20
9. Call for Proposals Yoho Brothers Site: Council is very concerned that the current operation closed with no communication. The lease is in overhold, meaning the current lease agreement expired. Lots of rumours about environmental contamination on the site, and the current operator’s plans to install new tanks and pumps. This site was re-zoned commercial and is in a prime location for a development that will support and showcase Field. Council is interested in participating in selection of proposals once the process is initiated. FUB January 20
10. Lot Release: When will the next lot release be announced? Can Parks Canada confirm the number of lots currently identified on the Town Plan that will never be released? Will the Town Plan map be redrawn to reflect this information? FUB January 20
11. Conditional Sale of the Catholic Church: Update on progress. FUB January 20
12. Staff Housing: Update on progress of plans to move bunkhouse accommodations from Boulder Creek to Field. Council would like to have input into this process. FUB January 20
13. Congratulation Letters to Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Katherine McKenna and Member of Parliament Wayne Stetski: To include congratulations, impact of Budget 2012 on community, encouragement to follow through with campaign promises to reinstate cuts i.e. closure of Field VRC in the winter and ending Parks Canada tracksetting winter trails, highlight the bounty of opportunities that Yoho National Park holds and how the community of Field supports the park and vice versa, ask how free admission to National Parks in Canada’s 150th Anniversary year will impact local operations, and express support for clarity and transparency in government. Kathryn to draft letters and circulate for input from council
14. Hazard Tree Removal: Confirm with BC Hydro that hazard trees along line from Battery Storage Unit to Field have been removed. FUB January 20
15. Hoodoo Creek Campground: Is Parks Canada open to a proposal for private development at Hoodoo Creek to fill gaps in the campground offer in Yoho National Park? FUB January 20.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm. Next Regular Meeting scheduled for January 11, 2016.

Field Town Hall Meeting and FRAA Annual General Meeting November 16, 2015

Field Town Hall Meeting and FRAA Annual General Meeting November 16, 2015

In Attendance: Pierre Lemire, Travis Wert, Kim Chapman, Elaine Lemieux, Patrick Cais, Sophie Cais, Katherine MacNeill, Jamie Harbottle, Sally Watson, Claudia Harding, Ginette Therrien, Craig Chapman, Kathryn Cameron, Ellen Francis

  1. FCC Report – Craig Chapman

As it is our AGM I am going to speak for a moment about the year. And I think for town it has been a good one.

It has been a year of change. Long-time Townsite Manager Caroline Marion retired and Ellen Francis joined. Melanie returned after a long spell of acting in Ottawa. New Fire Chief Jameson Harbottle took over from Sean. We saw the sale of the church, and face possible school closure.

There have been many positive developments:

  • Announcement of infrastructure money for the moving of bunkhouse accommodation into the town of Field.
  • Election of Liberal Government and the commitment from them to reinstate funding to Parks Canada.
  • Mitigation efforts on Mount Denis started.
  • New fire engine
  • Refinished entrance sign.
  • A year of the Dog Park.
  • Significant improvements to the highway.
  • Pretty good year for Power Outages
  • Great Yoho Blow!
  • New windows, blinds, acoustic panels and furnaces in the hall.

On the not so great side:

  • The community continued to contract and we lost several families. This unfortunately has resulted in the school attendance hitting a low of 3 children this year and only 1 child for the next 2 years. There was a community meeting with the School Superintendent and others at the school recently to start the process of closing the school. Attendance by residents was strong but the challenge to keep the school open is large. FCC has asked for interested community members who want to work toward keeping the school open to contact us. To date we have not received any interest. The FCC will not be working on trying to keep the school open unless there are members of the community who come forward and are able to drive this file. It may be that there is a collective realization that the community has had a gift for the last 17 years, keeping our school with such small numbers and the time has come for it to close. The highway to Golden is better, we see a strong family community starting in Lake Louise where there is no school the bus ride does not seem to be a barrier. The FCC has begun looking into the future and has had discussions with the CSRD and the College of the Rockies to start to look at other possibilities for the building.

So the community is moving into the New Year with much to do and many challenges.

Some of the things we will be working on:

  • Revision of Community Plan 5-year process.
  • School
  • Future of Yoho Trading Post site
  • Opportunities with CPR
  • Continue to work with Parks Canada and all partners to grow Field.

And of course more Hall Improvements are in the works. We have received a grant of $20,000 from Columbia Basin Trust to purchase and install: a new fire panel, alarm system and fire extinguishers; a security camera system; six additional acoustic baffles; a sound system for the Hall; a video projector and a WIFI router; and to purchase: a portable sound system; a screen and flipchart. We will also convert the lights in hall to LED. The FRAA share of these improvements will be $10,000.

We submitted a change to our bylaws, revoking the amendment that stipulates 10 Director, seven of whom must be leaseholders. The Field Recreation and Advisory Association now needs five directors, of whom two must be leaseholders.

On events since the last Town Hall Meeting:

  • The community Hall was rented for Paul Charbonneau’s Memorial on October 10, a Yoga retreat October 23 and 24, and the CSRD Advisory Board community meeting on October 27.
  • Thanks to Townsites for the snow clean up.
  • Canada Day Grant submitted November 16, 2015 by Kathryn.
  • School bus meeting has taken place; thanks to Sophie for sending out phone tree.
  • Big thanks in advance to everyone who is going to help with the rink.

Upcoming Events

The new FRAA and FCC members will schedule meetings for the next year at their initial meeting.

Parent Advisory Council – Wednesday, November 18, 2015: Fundraiser Pasta dinner at the school

Friends of Yoho Pasta Supper and Auction – Saturday, December 5, 2015: This year the Friends of Yoho have earmarked the profits from the event as a donation to the Community Hall. We plan to purchase two new stoves and a fridge.

Parks Canada Pancake Breakfast – Thursday, December 3, 2015

Annual Field Fire and Rescue Dinner – Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Field Community Christmas Potluck Supper – Sunday, December 20, 2015

Field Elementary School Christmas Concert – Thursday, December 17, 2015

  1. Townsite Manager’s Report

2.1 On behalf of Visitor Experience Manager Michael St-Denis:

  • The sign replacement program on Yoho Valley road is finished for this season. There are still two signs to be added in the spring.
  • The Sherbrooke Lake and Wapta Lake locator sign is not on this cycle of sign upgrades; it may be installed during the next cycle.
  • Parks Canada will work with the community to make certain that there are camping options for visitors to Yoho National Park.

2.2 On behalf of Highway Service Centre Supervisor Michael Vanderveen:

  • Met with parents, bus driver for annual discussions on ploughing, accident/highway closure protocols. A new radio will be installed in the school bus to improve communications.
  • Rock scaling will continue until the end of November
  • Field ploughed by Gottler Brothers Contracting on the weekend. Lake Louise and Banff received more snow in the weekend storm. Maintaining the TransCanada Highway is the top priority. Townsites will work with HSC and contractor to make certain that emergency access routes are cleared on the imperative pass during the storm cycle. Comments or concerns need to go through Elaine and they will be passed on to HSC.

Kim: Back road is not cleared and that is the emergency exit from Field. We have lots of visitors, but it seems that Field is always the lowest priority.

Ellen: If the plan the contractor follows is not working, please give feedback to Ellen and she will discuss expectations with them.

Sophie: Mail truck is large, needs more space especially on two corners that are tight. We might need to talk about putting No Parking signs in those locations. Truck driver won’t come into town unless there is a route he can maneuver.

Discussion about priorities. Frustration expressed that people are not able to drive to their homes and emergency vehicles are not able to get to locations at top of town when we have big snowstorm events like the most recent. Agreement that local information is really important, need to have eyes on the ground in order to give feedback. Delay was quite long in this situation. We know the town well, and know the routes. Suggested that residents examine the plough map and give comments to identify priorities.

Ellen: We will work with the contractor. Hears frustration and wants to do something positive with it.

Craig: We have seen improvement every year. Contractor is accountable to Townsite Manager whereas HSC not accountable to anyone.

2.3 Townsite operations

Still awaiting direction from new government. Mandate letters to Ministers have been shared for first time in history of Canadian Government. In regards to Parks Canada, the Minister has been asked to: Develop Canada’s National Parks system, as well as manage and expand National Wildlife Areas and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries; develop Parks Canada programs and services so that more Canadians can experience our National Parks and learn more about our environment and heritage; make admission for all visitors to National Parks free in 2017, the 150th anniversary of Confederation; beginning in 2018, ensure that admission for children under 18 is free, and provide any adult who has become a Canadian citizen in the previous 12 months one year’s free admission; through an expanded Learn to Camp program, ensure that more low- and middle-income families have an opportunity to experience Canada’s outdoors; protect our National Parks by limiting development within them, and where possible, work with nearby communities to help grow local eco-tourism industries and create jobs. See more at: http://pm.gc.ca/eng/minister-environment-and-climate-change-mandate-letter#sthash.YixD0l72.dpuf


Emergency plans: Parks Canada will meet with Field residents in early 2016. Emergency services are provided by different jurisdictions. We will discuss how to integrate and make them work practically. There is a system in place. This is an opportunity to build it cohesively.

School: The meeting on November 3 was a great learning opportunity. Parks Canada is always looking for ways to support positive educational experience for students.

Tree removal: BC Hydro has committed to doing work by the end of 2015.

Organic composting: Discussions are in process in Lake Louise.

Cemetery work: The fence will be repaired in 2016. Painting by international volunteers will also take place next year.

Slope stability work: Two interceptor ditches have been built and a drainage culvert installed. The next stage is the monitoring process that will become earnest in the spring. There may be issues with ice at toe of pipe in the spring. Resident Pierre Lemire has identified hazard trees; local knowledge is critical. We’ll see how it works in the spring. Smaller tertiary drainage not incorporated in this plan. Hoping that dewatering of the uphill sections will improve the water issues on that slope.

Pierre: Thank you for your integrity Ellen and the dedication of everyone here. This work was not implemented because of us feeling unsafe but more due to the landslide at Johnson’s Landing and flooding in Canmore. We should not minimize the dangers identified. If an engineer says do something, then we need to do something. We could lose everything. Houses in the safe zone may be safe but the village would not exist. I have noticed something that has not been addressed: the huge trees leaning over the pipe, and those big Douglas fir trees do come down. The water is not running through the pipes now. Rocks and debris coming down can damage the pipe. Glad that it is getting taken care of, but do not minimize what the engineer has said in the initial report.

Ellen: Appreciates what you have contributed and for sharing your local knowledge. Feedback and holding us to account is important.

Travis: The danger is damming at the cemetery road bridge. Any swale movement can pick up trees and debris, be blocked at the bridge, and eventually burst.

Pierre: Concerned about awareness; the project needs to be continually monitored and addressed. There is ongoing responsibility to mitigate.

Travis: This is a dewatering system, basically building a sump. Pits have been established to gather the water and divert it through the pipes. The ditches are lined. Craig: This is phase one. Other items were identified as in this phase – what’s happening with those items?

Ellen: Consultants that wrote that report came up with this plan to mitigate biggest issue first that would reduce risk most right now. We will look at it in the spring, evaluate it, and then make decisions on additional work that may or not may need to be done.

Travis: Parks Canada is looking for a long-term solution. Dropping water into the creek may have future impacts on creek as well. If this system performs well, but there is no noticeable improvement in the saturation level of the material, that’s not good. If the system performs well and the material dries out, that’s good. Parks Canada is not walking away from this; we’re taking a holistic view of all drainage issues here.

Kathryn: What about CP plans to build a catchment basin to protect their bridge at the bottom of the creek? Work has never proceeded.

Ellen: Will find out where that project stands.

General discussion occurred about Second Avenue Drainage project and the impacts on residents below the project. If any residents have drainage issues in their yards or basements, please contact Travis: travis.wert@pc.gc.ca.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Sally Watson

Annual Report and financial statements to November 15, 2015 were presented. Please view files attached to the email. Motion: Craig to accept reports as presented, Claudia seconded.

There was a mistake on statement of accounts from last meeting. The outstanding amount from CBT was $14,000 not $18,000 as indicated. The cheque has been received.

Designated funds from honorarium to spend on AV will be moved into the HIP (Hall Improvement Project) account right away.

  1. Election – Jamie Harbottle

Field Fire and Rescue are handling the election this year, as an ‘arms length’ organization.

There have been four nominations for five positions on the Field Recreation Advisory Association; Kim Chapman, Karen Schmidt, Kat MacNeill and Tanye Baker acclaimed. One more FRAA member needed. If you are interested, please contact an FRAA member.

There have been five nominations for five positions on Field Community Council; Craig Chapman, Claudia Harding, Jeremy Schmidt and Kathryn Cameron acclaimed.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Field Community Council In Camera Meeting October 20, 2015

Field Community Council in Camera Meeting, October 20, 2015

In Attendance: Craig Chapman, Jeremy Schmidt, Kathryn Cameron

Excused: Claudia Harding, Sally Watson

1. Annual General Meeting and Election: Date has been changed to November 16, from November 9. This year, the Fire Department has agreed to run the election. Nomination papers are available at the Post Office, and can be dropped off at the Post Office as well. Fire Chief Jameson Harbottle will oversee collecting nominations and conducting the vote at the AGM. New information sheet will be sent out to residents. We really need people to come forward to help with functions. With the amendment to the constitution, we can accept as and when help, but still need a solid cohort of leaders to plan and organize functions. Kathryn




2. Constitution Revision: Amendment has been submitted to British Columbia Societies Act administrator, and the change will be effective from the day of application.
3. Field HIP: Grant application for alarm system, surveillance cameras, audio visual component including portable sound system, projector, screen, flip chart, energy efficient lights, buy and install router for Wi-Fi, and purchase additional acoustic baffles has been submitted to Columbia Basin Trust. We may be able to roll up this component of improvements for 2015 with original grant application (for windows, furnaces and blinds), under tutelage of Katherine Hamilton. If all is well, we could receive an additional $20,000; our commitment is $6000.

The Friends of Yoho want to contribute to hall improvements and have asked what our priorities are. New stoves would be ideal, maybe even a new fridge, china, cutlery in that order. Craig to talk to Helen Barry, President of the Friends of Yoho, about our suggestions.











4. School Closure Meeting November 3, 2015: Rocky Mountain School District No.6 will hold a meeting in Field on November 3 to discuss the future of Field Elementary School. This is an important meeting for residents to attend. We have asked Parks Canada what will happen to the building if the school closes, and how it may affect the community. FCC would like answers from Parks Canada before the meeting on November 3. This is a priority for council.  



Ellen, Melanie

5. Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD): Area A Director Karen Cathcart will have an advisory board meeting in Field on October 27, 2015 at the Community Centre. This is residents’ opportunity to find out what the role of the CSRD is in our community, and how can they support us. What are our issues and concerns? Round table discussions. Craig
6. Congratulation Letters: To Wayne Stetski, our new Member of Parliament and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister Designate, expressing congratulations and inviting them to come to Field. Will determine timing in the next two weeks. Kathryn
 7. Field Documentary: Premise – Growing up in Field, importance of community and how changes have affected family life. To include past and present. Applying for $5000 from CBT, and Kootenay Culture Alliance for $10,000 for next year. Want this to be an FRAA documentary, so also looking for funds from FRAA and CSRD for grant in aid. We need $20,000 for a 20-minute documentary; generally costs are $1000 per minute. Using experienced award winning documentary team who are very excited about the project; coming to Field to do a walk through. Craig working on story line. Preparation is key and takes most time. Craig
8. Round Table:

Kathryn – Will wash linens from Hall rental October 10, and will try to have the podium moved to Lake Louise in next two days. My front door key is not working smoothly. Is anyone else having trouble with their key?

Paul Charbonneau’s memorial service was lovely. Wonderful to see so many friends and former neighbors. Great participation from people helping out with food and running the bar. Nice thank you from Sid.



9. Upcoming Events

October 27 – CSRD Advisory Board Meeting in Field

November 3 – School District No.6 Meeting re: Field Elementary School

November 4 – Field Utility Board Meeting

November 16 – Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting

December 5 – Friends of Yoho Supper and Silent Auction

10. Agenda – Field Utility Board Meeting, November 4, 2015 10:00 am Field Admin Boardroom

-Removal of trees along the power line

-Mount Dennis slope stabilization update

-Doll House release

-Update on FII (Federal Infrastructure Initiatives) $$ i.e. moving Parks Canada Bunkhouse into town

-FII Fire Hall plans

-Melanie’s responses to our questions from Coffee with Superintendent

-Camping offer in Yoho National Park, concerns about illegal camping in community, bush above community, parking lots in community

-Park facilities in general, lack of parking spaces at Emerald Lake

-Left hand turn lane for Wapta Falls

-Signs for Sherbrook Lake/Paget lookout

-Rock scaling work plans 2015 and 2016

-Emergency Plan

-Catholic Church Update: level of protection and land use directive

-Open Field VRC in winter and return to track setting for x country skiing in light of election result and Liberal platform promise to reinstate cuts of Budget 2012

-Impact of influx of new Canadians with increased refugees welcomed to Canada

-Impact of Park Fees in 2017: clarification on free entrance for Canadian citizens in 150th Anniversary of Canada

11. Agenda – Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting,

November 16, 2015

-FRAA/FCC Report

-Treasurer’s Report

-Townsite Manager’s Report


Next meeting dates will be scheduled after the election.

Field Town Hall Meeting September 28, 2015

Field Town Hall Meeting Monday September 28, 2015

In Attendance: John Schlichting, Karla Gaffney, Jamie Harbottle, Alex Kolesch, Mike Vanderveen, Elaine Lemieux, Ellen Francis, Craig Chapman, Kathryn Cameron, Claudia Harding, Jeremy Schmidt, Sophie Caïs, Patrick Caïs, Helen Barry, Ginette Therrien

Craig: There wasn’t a Field Utility Board meeting prior to this Town Hall Meeting. Dialogue between Parks Canada and Field Community Council may be more in depth since we haven’t had a chance to discuss items.

  1. Agenda approved with two changes:

No Resource Conservation report

No RCMP report

  1. FCC/FRAA Report – Craig Chapman

Hall break-in August 31, 2015: Reported to RCMP who feel it was a random event. The new steel door has been installed. Thanks to Réjean for doing repairs and thanks to Parks Canada for funding the repair.

2.1 Rekeying the building: This is a very expensive process based on number of locks and codes involved. RCMP suggested installing camera surveillance that is much less expensive than rekeying. Council will proceed with this option.

2.2 Baffles have been installed, twelve in total. The next potluck will be the test for how well they absorb noise.

2.3 Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives Grant: The blinds have been installed. Craig demonstrated how they work. Impressive! The final report was submitted; we’re waiting for the $18,000.00 cheque to arrive from the Golden and District Foundation, the group that administers the program in this area. Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) has numerous grants available to support social, economic and environmental projects. If you have an environmental project, youth project, CBT probably has a grant to fund it. If you have an idea you want to develop, please let us know and we can work with you to submit applications.

2.4 Electrical Upgrade: No time this summer to get together with Matt to install electrical for WIFI, etc. Hopefully, we will be able to do this work before the AGM in early November.

2.5 Events at the Community Hall over the summer: Two weddings, two Friends of Yoho events this summer, Parks Canada meetings and Yoga on Thursday nights from July through September.

2.6 Upcoming Rentals:

  • Yoga finishing this Wednesday, September 30.
  • Resource Conservation meeting October 7, 2015.
  • Visitor Experience Meeting October 8, 2015.
  • Memorial service for Paul Charbonneau on October 10, from 4 pm to 12 am. Help requested from community to run the bar. Ham and turkey will be provided; please bring a side dish, a salad or a dessert.
  • Federal Election Polling Station October 19, 2015 from 8 am to 8 pm MDT.
  • Yoga retreat Oct 23 and 24, 2015. Private event.

2.7 FRAA Elections and Annual General Meeting scheduled for November 9, 2015. We need more participation from town. There is good core group, but we want to share the joy! Please consider volunteering for the community.

2.8 The Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) local committee is looking for feedback/suggestions and action items from residents. We are managed by Parks Canada but are in the CSRD taxation area and the director wants to meet with us. It’s probably a good idea for Director Karen Cathcart to meet with local Parks Canada managers first to discuss areas of responsibility and how the organizations can work together to solve issues like long trains blocking the crossing. If there are items residents think might fall in the jurisdiction of CSRD, please talk to Craig.

2.9 Power outages have been minimal this summer. Tweets seem to work now.

2.10 Catholic Church has received a conditional offer. Interest from residents on the use of the site is high. It is not listed as a historical building to best of our knowledge. There are pluses and minuses to protection. Currently the site is still an institutional lease. This is a private sale, so no special knowledge has been shared between FCC and Parks Canada.

Patrick: If building not protected, could it be torn down?

Craig: That is one of the questions posed to Parks Canada.

Ellen: Nothing to add at this point and not worth speculating. No information to share. Craig: Someone has made an offer, so rules of use and development must be defined somehow.

Ellen: It is. This is a private matter so not willing to speculate until the proposal is put forward.

Helen: What does institutional zoning mean?

Elaine: The building can be used for community services, government services, or by a not for profit group. Parks Canada is still communicating with the Catholic Church.

Ellen: The Field Community Plan is a guiding document, and Parks Canada will make decisions based on a specific proposal.

Craig: Does Parks Canada have the authority to say no? What does PC want to see there?

Ellen: Not able to comment on it.

Helen: We seem to have received different information about the designation of the building. Can we clarify the status of historical?

Elaine: The Catholic Church is not a FBHRO building since it is not a federal government asset. There are different levels of protection, federal and provincial.

Helen: So, the information I was given isn’t accurate?

Patrick: It’s important for us as a community to know what Parks Canada will allow for the building and proposed sale. Once it is sold it’s too late.

Ellen: The buyers can’t do whatever they want. The development and approval process is private however, Parks Canada would not authorize someone to do whatever they want. Guidance documents will form decisions. Not willing to pursue this conversation any further. People are welcome to talk to the development office about ideas or plans for any building in the townsite.

Helen: For the record, no matter what offer is accepted some buildings in town have been sold with no parameters and nothing has happened so it’s important to have clarity of intention.

Craig: There is real concern from the community about future of the building; it’s an important landmark. FCC doesn’t want to hold up the process; we want to see progress there.

2.11 Organic waste dumping seems to have been done successfully at the west end of town on the old power plant site. People have followed the guidelines. Highway contractor still has full exclusive use of the Ottertail pit, so is off limits for dumping material there. If you have yard waste to dispose of, get key from Elaine to use old power plant site.

2.12 Labels on bins: There is some confusion in the wording on some dumpsters. Residents can use the bins for residential waste, but not for residential construction waste.

2.13 Coffee with the Superintendent in July: FCC presented key issues of some urgency:

  • full time fire chief position;
  • emergency services response plan;
  • response times from Parks Canada staff in event of emergency in town;
  • long term commitment to emergency services;
  • what does PC want from community;
  • clarification on the future of the school with low enrollment, i.e. what are the opportunities to keep it open? What would happen to the building if no school?

Council has received no response from Parks Canada to date.

Ellen: There are things we are not publicly discussing at this time.

Craig: Ellen refers to the federal election. Government employees are limited in what they can discuss during the election.

Ellen: We will discuss these issues after the federal election.

2.14 Federal Infrastructure Initiatives Program: Funds have been identified to move staff accommodation into town from Boulder Creek. FCC wants to have input; no discussion to date.

2.15 Access to water treatment facility: How will PC keep it secure in the future?

2.16 Rumble strips: Three sets were grooved into the pavement this summer; two sets on the entrance to town above the train tracks and one set on Brook Lane. The lower set of rumble strips above the tracks has been paved over because residents felt it was too noisy. How is effectiveness as a speed control monitored?

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Sally Watson

Please see pdf documents attached to the email.

3.1 Canada Day Grant money discussed. We must spend all the money, but never cover all our expenses like janitorial, supplies. Should we move the unspent grant money into FRAA accounts or spend the money on something related to Canada Day? General feeling is that we can leave it in the Canada Day account and use it next year but it also acceptable to include out operating costs in accounting for the grant money.

Craig: Motion to accept report as read. Claudia: Seconded.

  1. Parks Canada Reports

Ellen Francis presenting for Townsites and Visitor Experience


4.1 Mount Dennis Slope Stabilization Project: Bulk of materials and equipment has been taken up to the site. Intent is to move water from unstable area into the creek. If you have any particular questions about it, please ask us. Monitoring pieces have been installed to measure slope activity until freeze up. Information will also be collected next year to determine what’s working and if additional work needs to be done.

4.2 Tree Removal Along Power Line Adjacent to Battery Storage Unit: Work will be done this fall. Not aware of number of trees but hazard trees have been identified. Does anyone have questions about these two items?

Kathryn: Can we see plans of the slope stabilization project? There has been very little communication on this project.

John: It’s a twenty-minute walk up to the site.

Ellen: Will see what can be made available to the community that people can make sense of. Trail is very mucky, not in good condition, not closed but use not encouraged.

Craig: Are there plans to work on the trail next spring?

Ellen: Not known at this time. Water issues will be monitored. With water diverted from the slope the trail may dry out.

Kathryn: The initial report has already been made public. It makes sense to share the mitigation plans and intended outcomes as well.

Visitor Experience Update

4.3 Concerns about illegal camping: This is a new issue that has been raised to the VE team. We are looking into it. Currently in information collection phase and will be able to respond in the future.

Helen: Where is illegal camping happening?

Elaine: Back road, cemetery, VRC, behind the lodge, 2nd Avenue.

Helen: Do you think we need more campsites?

Ellen: As we were informed at the last meeting, Takakkaw Falls and the Yoho Valley Road are the priority focus for visitor Experience.

Kathryn: Council feels the focus should also be on the west end of the park. Redeveloping a campground at Hoodoo Creek will solve the lack of campsites issue, increase visitation to the west end and relieve congestion at other attractions. Council feels that the economic viability of Field is directly tied to what’s happening in Yoho National Park. A vibrant, refreshed offer of attractions, services and facilities will benefit Field as well.

Karla: Can we get clarification on camping in town, for example on back yard camping. Can friends and family pitch tents in yards? What about trailers parked on the street? Ellen: Can we get back to you on your questions?

Karla: Yes.

4.4 Concerns about parking congestion at Emerald Lake and Takakkaw Falls: Parks Canada plans to encourage off peak use to mitigate congestion.

Craig: Old horse stable site is a clear solution for secondary parking lot, rather than parking all the way down the road.

4.5 Highway Signs for Sherbrook Lake and Paget Lookout: The focus is on the Yoho Valley Road; new way finding signs will be installed in next two weeks. Other new sign priorities are Emerald Lake and Lake O’Hara.

Craig: FCC asks that Sherbrook Lake and Paget Lookout way finding signs be made a priority for several reasons, but especially for safety reasons.

Craig: Looking forward, let the minutes state that FCC wants to meet and have a FUB at the earliest possible time after the election.

Highway Service Centre Report – Mike Vanderveen

4.6 Winter preparations are in full swing: reflective stakes have been installed along routes in the village; we are in the process of hiring four new drivers; and, left hand turn lines have been painted for the left hand turn into Great Divide Lodge. At present, highway crews will work on roads in town, back road and 2nd avenue.

4.7 Rock scalers now working night shift starting tonight from 7 pm to 7 am at both sites. They plan to work until the snow flies until at least the end of October. All lanes will be open for the winter.

Patrick: What about the regular closure during the day from 9 am to 10:30 am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday? What is the process for allowing emergency vehicles during closures?

Mike: These closures have not been followed, rolling closures have been more effective for the contractor. Emergency vehicles always have priority unless blasting is imminent or in process.

Alex: The contractor is authorized to close the road at any time. The actual physical closures initially communicated are not followed.

Craig: The community would like to have better communication of what is actually happening.

Alex: Parks Canada has agreed to full closures on Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving long weekend. Night work will be hauling only, no blasting or scaling. New communication is forthcoming.

Craig: Will this contract continue in the spring?

Mike: Yes. Once we know much progress has been made on this phase, we’ll know what plans will be for next season.

4.8 Winter Schedule: Hiring competition is in process; received applications from many good, experienced candidates.

Jamie: Will Highways have the same schedule as last year?

Mike: Yes, the 4 am shift will run again this year, with the evening shift on until 2:30 am. Unless there’s a storm, when crews will continue, there will be only 1.5 hours without crews on the roads.

Craig: There’s a bad pothole on ELL road that needs to be addressed.

Mike: Yes, we’ll work on it.

Craig: Currently there is no left hand turn lane for Wapta Falls for westbound traffic. This is an important attraction. Is there some reason it can’t be done? Seems like a safety hazard now.

Mike: We will consult the highway engineers so see if there is the possibility for it? Can the highway width manage it?

Craig: Many of the turn outs are outdated. Significant attractions should be more readily accessible.

Mike: Highway upgrades and changes are very expensive. Just to put a lift of asphalt on the road is $1 million per kilometer, building new road is very expensive.

Craig: The eastbound sign for Wapta Falls needs to be stabilized; it’s really leaning.

Craig: Thank you Mike.

Ryan: Has Parks Canada considered installing a traffic light at the Field intersection? We need one.

A show of hands indicated there is a general feeling from people at the meeting that something needs to be done to make the intersection function better and safer.

Alex: Engineers need to make that call.

Craig: What is the process?

Alex: Engineers look at it, continually examine traffic volumes based on road. FCC doesn’t have expertise of knowledge to make recommendations.

Kathryn: We are not engineers but we do travel this highway and use the intersection a lot, so are familiar with the safety issues. We have local knowledge that tends to be overlooked. People feel there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Alex: There is a process to follow.

  1. Field Fire and Rescue Report – Jameson Harbottle, Chief

It was quiet summer until September 7, which gave us time to settle into our new roles, then two busy weeks with four incidents.

5.1 Training: Fall training up and running: air brakes; hazardous material; wild land interface; and pumping courses. Training is 100% funded by Parks Canada. Training is provided by CSRD but Parks Canada pays all training bills.

5.2 Membership: Numbers are at 15, which is the minimum Jamie wants to see. This summer the department lost seasoned members: Sean Coubrough, Aaron Cameron and Mike Furfaro, and Sierra Sullivan and Meghan Beamish plan to leave in the fall. In the winter season, all officers work outside the Park. For members to attend a call, an officer must be present. There is one day each week when all officers are not present in town, so if there is a call-out, we will need to call reciprocal forces (Lake Louise or Golden) to attend. It take two months minimum to train a new member. The door is open to all past members who were in good standing.

Craig: What are the benefits?

Jamie: After 8 practices, a new recruit becomes a probationary member. We have a good Christmas party; all training provided free of cost; good starting point for anyone considering a career in firefighting.

5.3 Equipment: Small pickup truck now used as rescue truck until we receive the new rescue truck currently being built in Abbotsford. We have asked for a few extras that are being added now and hope it will be delivered by the new year.

Thank you for attending. The next Town Hall Meeting is November 9, 2015.

Meeting adjourned 8:39 pm


Field Recreation and Advisory Association In Camera Meeting September 14, 2015

Field Recreation and Advisory Association In Camera Meeting September 14, 2015

In Attendance: Kim Chapman, Craig Chapman, Kathryn Cameron, Jeremy Schmidt, Sally Watson, and Claudia Harding

Excused: Michelle Cameron (moved to Lake Louise), Vicky Coubrough-Blanchette (moving to Salmon Arm in one month), Clayton Nylen, and Karen Schmidt

Old Business                                                                                           Action


·      Yoga offered July and August at the hall. Very successful. New session will continue the offer Thursday evenings, 7:30 to 9:00 pm, until October 1.

·      Upcoming Functions: Parks Canada Resource Conservation meeting September 22; Parks Canada Visitor Experience Supervisors meeting September 23; wedding reception/party September 24; Parks Canada Resource Conservation meeting October 7; Elections Canada has booked the hall for the Federal Election October 19; Yoga Retreat October 23 and 24; Fire Department negotiating an event: date, details TBA.

·      Volunteers Needed for the wedding reception event September 24. We have two volunteers confirmed so far, but need more people to help run the bar that night. Sign up poster on the bulletin board.

·      FRAA Kitchen Equipment: Five serving inserts missing since the wedding event in August. We believe the caterer packed them in with their equipment. Sally has contacted the caterer and advised that if the inserts are not returned by Friday, September 18, 2015, we will purchase replacements and bill the caterer. Discussed converting the large storage cabinet in the kitchen, next to the bar entrance, into a locked storage unit we can use to store our equipment when the facility is rented by caterers.

·      AGM and Election: Monday, November 9, 2015. Poster will go up soon to encourage awareness and participation.

·      Break In at Community Hall August 31, 2015: RCMP feel it was a random event. Access to Community Hall gained by breaking door from Public Washroom. Our $450.00 float was stolen from the locked bar storage cabinet; insurance deductible is $1000.00 so FRAA will absorb the loss. No other damage or stolen items noted. A steel door will replace the broken wooden door. Estimate for all repairs is $2015.60. Parks Canada feels the downtown public washroom offer is valuable to visitors and the community, and will cover the cost of repairs. Contractor negotiating timelines with Craig.

·      Columbia Basin Trust HIP Grant: Final Report for Community Initiatives Grant (new furnaces, windows and blinds) has been submitted now all work is complete.

·      CSRD HIP Grant to purchase and install audio visual system, new hot water tanks, security cameras, energy efficient lighting, fire panel and purchase a portable sound system to be submitted to CSRD in the next month.





































2. Next In Camera rescheduled to October 20, from October 19, 2015 due to Federal Election. FRAA and FCC
3. Constitution Revision: File now in Word format. Kathryn to send the file to FRAA and FCC members, and research ideas for streamlined version. Resolution to revise the number of directors to minimum of five directors rather than 10 will be submitted to the British Columbia Society Act people. Motion by Craig, seconded by Claudia. Carried. Kathryn
4. Rekeying Community Hall and Security: Walk through with locksmith was not productive. Following the break-in, RCMP and Karla Gaffney suggested installing a camera surveillance system. Now that we have Wi-Fi, can install a system for under $500. Plan to include with grant application for audiovisual system. One option includes four cameras in a package. Many potential settings for surveillance program; option for text messages if a sensor is activated. If something happens the recorded information can be reviewed. Discussion about privacy concerns during functions. System can be turned on when building is closed, and off during functions. Craig
5. Catholic Church: The diocese received a lot of interest after posting the For Sale sign. Apparently there is a conditional sale but Parks Canada has yet to determine rules around institutional zoning and whether or not it could be changed. Joanie Keefer has expressed concern that the Catholic Church did not gift the building to the community given the years of maintenance and support the community has provided. Rezoning process may not be as onerous as previously thought. Local authority may be able to initiate the process and include it in other legislation. Although FRAA/FCC have not submitted a bid, we are concerned about the future of the building and would like to be involved in the process. We support new ideas and new people in the community. What are Parks Canada’s plans for zoning, and potential for protection as a heritage structure? The community feels some investment in the decision. Parks Canada
6. Future of the School: Discussion item at Coffee with the Superintendent along with viability of Fire Department, emergency response, relationship of community and PC, and what the community means to Parks Canada. No response from the Superintendent on the issues brought up. What is the outcome of discussions with school district? What is the outcome of the emergency response planning meeting? Many changes taking place in the community. How will these changes be managed by Parks Canada? Can Melanie please respond to our concerns? Melanie, Ellen
7. Shuttle Bus Between Field and Lake Louise: Community not ready for trial period, tabled for now. Council is interested to know Parks Canada’s plans for summer public transit in Lake Louise.  

Parks Canada

8. Relationship with CSRD: Karen Cathcart, Director, won the election last November. She is new to area, and brings new energy. Experiencing some resistance to change from outlying areas. Karen visiting Area A communities to meet residents and see what they are interested in. How can she help us? Maybe leverage with CP for better communication, reduced noise levels, address issued around longer trains; organic waste; public transportation; low cost housing. FCC wants to meet with her before community meeting. Potential to meet with Ellen and Melanie to discuss ways they can work together. Karen may be able to help us meet some of our objectives. FCC
9. Low Cost Housing: Tabled for now.

New Business                                                                                          Action

1. Discussion about sponsoring refugee families: Housing, jobs, immigration support are issues to consider. There is interest in the community to investigate the possibilities. Families would be good for the community. Any possibility of getting the trailer court going again? Kathryn



Parks Canada

2. Honorarium: Council has donated the honorarium to support projects for past two years. Continuing to donate the honorarium is now at the discretion of individual directors. Discussion on how to attract volunteers.
3. FUB, Wednesday September 23, 2015, Field Admin Boardroom

-Removal of trees along the power line

-Mount Stephen/Mount Dennis mudflow mitigation update

-Doll House release

-Update on FII (Federal Infrastructure Initiatives) $$ i.e. moving Parks Canada Bunkhouse into town

-FII Fire Hall plans

-Yoho Teahouse update

-Melanie’s responses to our questions from Coffee with Superintendent

-Camping offer in Yoho National Park, concerns about illegal camping in community, bush above community, parking lots in community

-Park facilities in general, lack of parking spaces at Emerald Lake

-Left hand turn lane for Wapta Falls

-Signs for Sherbrook Lake/Paget lookout

-Rock scaling work plan communicated, no follow through with closures announced at last meeting and in communiqué sent to community

4. Town Hall Meeting, Monday September 28, 2015, Community Hall

-FRAA/FCC Report

-Treasurer’s Report

-RCMP Report

-Parks Canada Reports: Townsite Manager, Visitor Experience, Highways, Resource Conservation

-Field Fire and Rescue

5. Round Table

Sally: Yoga participants asked to please make sure the lights downstairs are turned off after practise. We just received second highest power bill, up to $254 from $180. Discussion that new furnaces may be contributing to higher power costs; also BC Hydro has increased prices.

Next In Camera Meeting: Tuesday, October 20, 2015 7:00 pm at the Community Hall