Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA) Regular Board Meeting April 24, 2017

In Attendance: Christine Lynn, Karen Schmidt, Sally Watson, Kat MacNeill, Kathryn Cameron Excused: Mike LeGrice, Jen Coffman, Caitlin Cameron, Desneige Meyer, Sophie Cais, Krista Callen, Claudia Harding 1. Easter Bunny Hop and Pot Luck Recap: Great event! Thanks Kat and Carmen for organising treats, making the very cool poster and decorating and setting up the […]

Field Town Hall Meeting March 13, 2017

Field Town Hall Meeting Field Community Hall 7:00 pm, March 13, 2017 1. Presentations 1a. Fire and Vegetation – Jed Cochrane, Parks Canada 1. FIRE i. Fire has been an important part of the ecosystem and suppression of fire has left an impression on the landscape. Parks Canada (PC) is trying to emulate natural fire […]

FRAA Regular Board Meeting February 20, 2017

FIELD RECREATION & ADVISORY ASSOCIATION (FRAA) REGULAR MEETING February 20, 2017 @ 7:00 pm IN ATTENDANCE: Kathryn Cameron, Chair; Claudia Harding, Co-Chair; Krista Callen, Secretary; Sophie Cais, Member; Christine Lynn, Member; Karen Schmidt, Member REGRETS: Sally Watson, Treasurer; Katherine MacNeill, Member; Desneige Meyer, Member; Michael LeGrice, Member; Caitlin Cameron, Member; Jen Coffman, Member 1. EVENTS […]

Field Town Hall Meeting January 30, 2017

FIELD TOWN HALL MEETING January 30, 2017 @ 7:00 pm IN ATTENDANCE: Kathryn Cameron, Chair; Claudia Harding, Co-Chair; Sally Watson, Treasurer; Krista Callen, Secretary; Desneige Meyer, Member; Christine Lynn, Member; Caitlin Cameron, Member; Michael LeGrice, Member; Jen Coffman, Member; Patrick Cais, Resident; Dave Allen, Resident; Ryan Cameron, Resident; Rick Kubain, Parks Canada; Marthe Boissonault, Parks […]

Kicking Horse Ski Club’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

KHSC is 30 years in 2017 —Join us for the celebration at Emerald Lake Lodge February 16th, 2017 khsc-30th The Kicking Horse Ski Club started in Nov. 1987 You are invited to Emerald Lake Lodge, our neighbours & sponsors since the start of the Club. This is a CELEBRATION! 1987-2017! Special “members” overnight rate including […]

Skating at the rink is on!

Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work in this cold weather to flood the rink, and usher in winter!

Field Town Hall Meeting and FRAA Annual General Meeting November 14, 2016

Field Town Hall Meeting and FRAA Annual General Meeting November 14, 2016 In Attendance: Patrick Cais, Sophie Cais, Ryan Cameron, Bruce Bembridge, Barbara McNeill, Marilyn Toulouse, Katherine MacNeill, Christine, Krista Callen, Karla Gaffney, Lloyd Lafrance, Helen Barry, Desneige Meyer, Kim Chapman, Sebastian Harbottle, Jeremy Schmidt, Kathryn Cameron, Claudia Harding, Sally Watson. FRAA/FCC Report – Kathryn […]

Field Recreation and Advisory Association and Field Community Council Regular Meeting October 24, 2016


Field Town Hall Meeting October 3, 2016

Field Town Hall Meeting October 3, 2016 In Attendance: Ellen Francis, Alex Goatcher, Hélène Cassista, John Schlichting, Karla Gaffney, Betty Watson, Barbara McNeil, Sophie Cais, Ryan Cameron, Travis Wert, Michael Vanderveen, Kathryn Cameron, Kim Chapman, Claudia Harding, Sebastian Harbottle, Jeremy Schmidt, Helen Barry Excused: Sally Watson, Craig Chapman, Tyra Cameron, Kat MacNeill, Karen Schmidt, Mike […]