Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA) Regular Board Meeting April 24, 2017

In Attendance: Christine Lynn, Karen Schmidt, Sally Watson, Kat MacNeill, Kathryn Cameron
Excused: Mike LeGrice, Jen Coffman, Caitlin Cameron, Desneige Meyer, Sophie Cais, Krista Callen, Claudia Harding

1. Easter Bunny Hop and Pot Luck Recap: Great event! Thanks Kat and Carmen for organising treats, making the very cool poster and decorating and setting up the hall. Lots of participation in the Bunny Hop. Plastic eggs gathered by the kids were turned in for a basket of chocolates and candy from the Easter Bunny, who has been concerned about magpies finding the chocolate-filled eggs before the kids. The plan was successful – magpies thwarted! Pot Luck Brunch hosted thirty-six people. Thanks to kitchen general JP.

2. Constitution Update and Columbia Basin Trust Non Profit Advisors Program: First meeting rescheduled to Wednesday April 26, 2017 at Community Hall, 9:00 am. Kathryn, Desneige and Sally to attend. Consent to participate form signed and sent to CBT. Checklist for discussion received and will be used as a guideline for discussion. Transition package to re-register under new BC Societies Act in the mail.
Board discussed community consultation on role of FRAA. Suggestions welcome by email, and, we’ll have time for public discussion at the next Town Hall Meeting.

3. Yoho Blow Volunteer Appreciation Night: Bowling April 26, 7:00 pm at High Rollers in Banff.

4. Gong Show: Hosted by Truffle Pigs Sunday April 30, 2017 at 7:00 pm. Contact for details.

5. Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada: Second meeting to be held Monday May 1, 2017 at Field Admin, 9:00 am. Kathryn and Sally to attend.

6. Friends of Yoho and Canadian Heritage Rivers Canada 150 Celebrations: First event will take place next week – exact date to be determined but will happen between May 5 and Field residents are invited to participate in a video production, singing one line of Oh! Canada as two or three canoes, paddled by local specialists, follow the Kicking Horse River downstream with Mount Stephen in the background. The section shown on the Kicking Horse River will be part of a show featuring Heritage Rivers across Canada. As soon as the videographers know the day they’ll be in Field, an email from the Friends of Yoho will be sent out to the community. The Friends are hoping for a strong showing from Field singers!
Second event will be held this summer, featuring A Muse Troupe from Golden.

7. BC Election: FRAA has signed a rental agreement with BC Elections for Tuesday May 9, 2017 to use the Community Hall as a polling station.

8. Spring Fling: Third Annual welcome to summer staff dance Sunday May 28, 2017 at the Community Hall 8:30 pm to 1:00 am. Christine to organize staff shuttle for Emerald Lake Lodge staff. Mike to make poster. Kathryn and Sally to apply for liquor license. Board members (and anyone else who wants to help) to decorate Hall same day at 11:00 am. Tickle trunk dress up and Instagram photo site!

9. Parks Canada Highway Twinning: Open House Wednesday May 31, 2017 at the Community Hall from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. FRAA Board will meet with Parks Canada staff and consultants one hour before the Open House public event.

10. Solstice Yoga Retreat: FRAA sponsored, evening of Friday June 23 and all day Saturday June 24, 2017 at the Community Hall Fee: $95, maximum 15 participants. Poster will be circulated this week.

11. Canada Day: On Saturday July 1, 2017. Canada celebrates 150 years of Confederation! And, Field hosts a full day of activities and events starting at 8:30 at the Community Hall. Researching boat race: Sally to check insurance coverage; Kathryn to talk to Parks Canada about permit protocols. Kathryn to send invitation letters to Yoho businesses to participate in the parade. Ongoing organization by Board will be done via email.

12. Community Bulletin Board: Valuable way to communicate. Needs more attention. Board members to take on responsibility for one month each to decorate and maintain bulletin board. If you are interested in helping keep the bulletin board current, please let us know. Thanks to the Fireweed Hostel woofers for all the bulletin board work they have accomplished in the past months – you set the benchmark high!

13. Street Sweeper: Thank you to Highway Service Centre staff for cleaning Field streets on April 22 and 23. This early cleaning should help keep dust levels down. We will discuss how to reduce amount of dust in spring at the next Field Utility Board meeting.

14. Parks Canada Townsites Staffing: Hollie Tataryn is Acting Realty and Municipal Officer until the end of July. For townsite issues, contact her at 250-343-6106 or

15. Upcoming Bookings for Community Hall: To date: April 27, 28, 29, 30; May 2; May 9; May 12,13,14; May 28; May 31; June 9,10,11; June 23,24; July 1; August 21, 22, 23; August 24, 25, 26; October 28. General discussion about revenue and expenses.

16. Highway Construction Summer 2017: Started for the season on both sides of community – twinning west from the Alberta/BC border for 6 km, and rock blasting and removal 16 km west of Field.

17. BC Hydro Notification List: If residents want to receive notifications from BC Hydro, contact Sally MacDonald at

18. Community Hall Spring Cleaning: Lots of cleaning and organizing done on March 16. No time to tackle the downstairs storage area. Christine and Krista to set a date to accomplish this task, then we’ll put out a call for assistance.

19. Yoho Blow 40th Anniversary T-shirts: Have been heat-pressed, test-washed and are ready to sell/replace. They’ll be at the Community Hall. Contact a member of the FRAA. $15 each for kids; $22 each for adults.

20. Community Hall Keys: Establishing inventory.

21. Round Table:
Sally suggested we have two Naloxone kits at the Hall. Will research training. Kits can be purchased at most pharmacies.
Kathryn to research grant options for stoves purchase.
Kat is moving back to Nova Scotia; wants to stay on the community email list. We’ll seriously miss you Kat! Thanks for everything you’ve done during your time on the Board.

Field Utility Board (FUB) Agenda – Wednesday May 3, 2017 Field Admin
Quarterly Reports
Mount Dennis Slope Stabilization Project – Update
Town Plan Review and Parks Canada Priorities for Field Townsite
Discussions with CSRD re: Emergency Planning and Solid Waste Management
Spring Bin Dates
Catholic Church Update – Has the Diocese of Nelson initiated the lease assignment process?
Minutes from March 1, 2017 FUB
Outstanding Items List – may have another name; document Hélène Cassista pulled together in early March
Winter Street Maintenance – Possibility of using less gravel in order to reduce road dust in the spring?
Round Table

Town Hall Meeting Agenda – Monday May 15, 2017
Presentation: Community Paramedic Program – Craig Chapman, 30 minutes
RCMP Report
FRAA Report
Discussion on role of FRAA as we prepare to update the Constitution
Treasurer’s Report
Parks Canada Reports
Townsite Manager
Visitor Experience
Highway Service Centre
Resource Conservation
Friends of Yoho
Field Fire and Rescue
Round Table

Field Town Hall Meeting March 13, 2017

Field Town Hall Meeting
Field Community Hall
7:00 pm, March 13, 2017

1. Presentations

1a. Fire and Vegetation – Jed Cochrane, Parks Canada

i. Fire has been an important part of the ecosystem and suppression of fire has left an impression on the landscape. Parks Canada (PC) is trying to emulate natural fire regime by using prescribed burns, letting wildfires burn and suppressing wildfires. Area around Highway One (TCH) is a suppression zone. NO wildfires will be left to burn due to risk to infrastructure and public safety
ii. Future Plans in Yoho – all to improve Grizzly Habitat, reduce fire risk, reduce mountain pine beetle impact.
1. Nothing in 2017
2. Float Creek-Ottertail Valley (fall burn) – 2+ years away
3. Mount King (fall burn)
4. Amiskwi-Otterhead Valleys – conceptual phase; 4-5 years away. Well removed from Field with natural fire breaks
iii. Future Plans LLYK
1. Harry’s Hill
2. Baker Creek
3. Alexander Valley (near Jasper)
4. Redstreak Mt
5. Sinclair Valley
iv. Looking for interest from residents to do a community outreach program to educate the community on fuel management within Field. In event of large forest fires near towns or cities, for example in Slave Lake and Fort McMurray, most homes lost to fires through ember transfer. Educating community about fire behaviour, risk areas, how to reduce risks etc. could improve community’s outcome in event of forest fire. Currently have a time set up with Lake Louise in the fall.
v. In 2015 looked at firebreaks and fuel loads. They were measured and considered that Field still sitting in a safe area, but will need more work within 3-5 years.

vi. 2 important species in Field Unit – Whitebark Pine and Limber Pine. Whitebark Pine is listed federally as an endangered species. Almost at northern limit for limber pine distribution (some at Saskatchewan crossing). Limber pine cones are open, while whitebark pine cones closed.
vii. Whitebark pine species are at risk because of blister rust, pine beetle, fire exclusion and climate change.
viii. Planning to plant 2000 whitebark pines within the Field unit every year, starting this year.
ix. Looking for blister rust resistant whitebark pines to study. Some whitebark pines have caged cones (to protect them from predation); the cones will be collected to grow/test for strains genetically resistant to blister rust.

1b. Federal Infrastructure Projects Update – Travis Wert, Parks Canada

i. Overpass, Culvert work will continue this summer – anticipated traffic impacts available if interested.
ii. Remote Avalanche control system will be installed at Mt Bosworth – anticipated traffic impacts available if interested
iii. Minimum of one lane will be open throughout the summer, except for blasting area (2km West Finn Creek?) ( 20 minute closures). Slide area will be cleared up for the summer and the work will continue

i. May be enough money in the budget to fix up the bunkhouse and build units within town
ii. Considering building 4 x 3 bedroom duplexes that could be family units or bunkhouse units. Total of 24 beds in town. Have currently identified one lot (Dollhouse lot) and considering one other; the duplex at 207 Kicking Horse Ave would be demolished and replaced. Still looking for other sites. Potential that building could begin this summer.
iii. Planning on having temporary housing – something like an ATCO trailer, located at Boulder Creek – for the summer (similar to system used in Waterton).

3. REMEDIATION Work for Mt Stephen
i. Creek/bridge where cemetery road crosses needs work. Currently in the design phase.

4. FUTURE Federal Infrastructure Work
i. $6 million needed for bridge on the way into town (essentially deferred maintenance)
ii. Kicking Horse/Monarch campgrounds ‘refreshing’

5. GREEN ENERGY PLAN for the Superintendents House
i. Behind schedule, nothing planned for this year

6. OPEN HOUSE at the Water Treatment Plant Monday April 24, 2017
i. Afternoon event, will be posted on the bulletin board

2. FRAA Report – Kathryn Cameron

1. Events
1a. Yoho Blow Recap
i. General overview assessment: lots of fun and participation. Full weekend event; plan to keep the general format but nix the less popular events.
ii. T-shirts – ink flaked off when washed. Off the Wall heat pressed two shirts then washed them numerous times to test the ink. No more flaking. Should be ready to pick up this week. For sale again.
iii. Thank you letters – distributed.
iv. Volunteer Thank You Night – 10 pin bowling in Banff March 20, High Rollers, Banff
1b. Kicking Horse Ski Club
i. 30th Anniversary Celebration – February 16, 2017
ii. Full Moon Ski – February 10 notice apology
iii. Skate Ski Workshop for members March 12 – hard work, great drills, lots of fun

1c. Easter Brunch and Bunny Hop – April 17, 2016

1d. Spring Fling – May 28, 2017

1e. Canada Day – July 1, 2017, Canada’s 150th birthday
i. Giant Beaver has been booked!
ii. Pancake breakfast, courtesy of BC Ambulance Service
iii. Parade – Costume contest – dress up as your favourite Yoho animal. All local businesses invited to enter a float to commemorate Canada 150. Water balloon pick-up contest – everyone welcome to participate.
iv. Field Fire and Rescue Department BBQ
v. Cake contest.
vi. Boat relay race at the pond
vii. Afternoon bocce tournament
viii. Evening dance at the hall including fire pit.

2. Societies Act update workshop – 7:00 pm COTR February 23, 2017, Golden, Kathryn and Desneige attended. Very informative. Sally has sent for a transition kit. We have until November 2018 to make the transition to fully digital format. Failure to comply? Our Society ceases to exist and all assets become the property of the Provincial Government.

3. Community Hall Spring Clean and organization work party March 16, 7:30 pm. Bring your rubber gloves.

4. New stove – purchasing stoves that will work with our current ventilation system.

5. Catholic Church
i. FRAA and the Catholic Church have agreed to the transfer of the building and lease to the FRAA.
ii. Parks Canada has voiced support for the project that fits with the institutional zoning.
iii. FRAA has spoken to funding partners – CBT and CSRD and have received very positive feedback. FRAA will also be fundraising for this project through some new channels.
iv. Business model would involve an Arts and Wellness Centre and would have a supporting revenue stream of rentals from weddings.
v. FRAA is sharing this information at a very early stage but it is in keeping with the open dialog we are planning with the community. The Community will be informed and consulted through all the stages of the project.
vi. This is the biggest project the FRAA has taken on in many years and it will involve a change in the way we operate. There is a possibility for hiring of a Manager for our facilities at a future date. Exciting!

6. Constitution Update and Board Development – meeting with Columbia Basin Trust Non Profit Advisor on Thursday, March 16. Introductory session to see how they can help us rewrite the constitution so it reflects what we actually do and help the Board set direction for operations for the future.

7. Parks Canada and FRAA Facilitated Meetings – To confirm roles and responsibilities, and develop a Memorandum or Understanding or similar agreement to guide the relationship for both organizations.

8. AED – Request from FFRD to share 50% of the cost of an automatic External Defibrillator. Board said yes. Truffle Pigs has offered to keep the device at the hotel. Plan to offer training for staff at businesses/offices in centre of village on use. FFRD researching cost.

9. Keys – If you are not on the board or doing programming, please drop your keys off at the Velvet Antler so they can be given to current board members.

10. BC Hydro Update – From Diane Tammen, by email today:
“It looks like the cause of last week’s outage was a communications failure. Our contractor S&C came to the site on the weekend to download the data and information logs regarding the ESF’s recent operations. S&C are assessing this information and have indicated they may require replacement parts, but expect to have a better idea shortly. Depending on the results of the assessment and the availability of the parts, their technicians may be back on site to troubleshoot and replace the parts the week of March 20th. I will provide you with an update when there is more clarity.
Please thank everyone for their patience. The Energy Storage Facility in Field is a unique demonstration project and the only battery storage facility in the BC Hydro system. The $13 million ESF project in Field was made possible with help from $6.5 million in funding from Natural Resources Canada’s Clean Energy Fund. Since its installation the ESF has provided numerous hours of trouble-free back-up power during outages. That said, we know that any outage is an inconvenience and we are working closely with S&C to ensure the facility is available when it’s needed. We are also working internally to ensure we have an effective maintenance program for the ESF operations.
Please also let Field residents know that in the near future I will be sending them a request to update their account information. This is being done to improve the information flow and enhance our communications. I would like to thank everyone in advance for responding to that request.”

3.Treasurer’s Report – Sally Watson
Files attached to the email
Motion to accept report: Claudia Harding, seconded by Desneige Meyer

4. RCMP Report – From Sgt. Betty Watson, Golden/Field Detachment
“I have included driving complaints in the stats as this will explain the increase in total calls for service. As mentioned in the last meeting I attended, we feel that the increase in these calls directly relates to the cell service now available in the parks allowing for motorists to call in other bad motorists as the time, rather than when they are in cell service and have calmed down then decide not to call.”
See Appendix 1 for detailed stats.

5. Parks Canada Reports

5a. Townsites
Ellen Francis
i. Community Waste Bin. Will be scheduled for last two weeks of May. Cost will be added to the budget
ii. Visitor Experience – New Acting (long term) Manager Richard Dupuis. From Riding National Park where he was Visitor Experience Manager and recently served as Acting Superintendent.
iii. Michael Vanderveen is here from Townsites if anyone has questions for him.

Angela Wilson
i. Emergency Planning. Will work on the Field Emergency Plan in the fall and will be passed on to the community for input.

Helene Cassista
i. New Parks Canada location signs will be installed on the TCH before May – updating several of the current signs for the busy summer.
ii. CP Train Whistle – From Christine Brown, CP Community Connect
“CP is a federally regulated company, required by law to sound the train whistle at all public grade crossings within Canada as prescribed by the Canadian Railway Operating Rules (CROR). The rules apply 24 hours a day and the whistle must be sounded even if the crossing has flashing lights, bells and crossing gates. The train whistle must begin at least a quarter mile before each crossing, and is sounded in a sequence of 2 long – 1 short – 1 long whistle, and the last long whistle must be held until the crossing is fully occupied by the train. The train whistle is a significant safety appliance, which provides a last warning to the public of an approaching train. CP takes public and employee safety very seriously, therefore it is CP’s position to sound the train whistle at every public crossing. The only exceptions to whistling regulations are crossings where federally approved whistle prohibitions have been put in place. Note that if at any time there is a safety concern such as trespassers or animals on the track or adjacent right of way, the crew will sound the whistle to warn of the approaching train.
You can approach your municipality to ask if they have interest in seeking whistle cessation at nearby crossings. It is important to be aware that crossings with crossing gates are not automatically exempted from use of the train whistle. The municipality would still have to apply for whistle cessation, and are responsible for the crossing safety assessment and additional insurance if the application is successful. Information on the process of applying for a whistle cessation can be found at: .
CP must operate around the clock in order to meet the needs of a complex network of customers, industries, and other transportation connections. We are under statutory obligation to our customers to whom we have the responsibility to provide adequate and suitable service. Just as would happen with highway and road traffic, should there be time restrictions to roadway use, restricting the hours of train operations would cause congestion, goods and people would be delayed, and businesses and consumers would suffer.
You may wish to know that there are rules regarding the length of time that a train can block (be stopped at) a public grade crossing. Under the Canadian Railway Operating Rules, there is no time limit for which a train can occupy a crossing as long as it is moving, no matter what the train speed is. However, if the train is completely stopped, or shunting, for over a period of five minutes where there is evidence of vehicular or pedestrian traffic wishing to access the crossing the crew would be required to move or split the train as soon as possible. The clock resets each time the train moves.
It is important to keep in mind that CP property is a heavy industrial zone, and train operations can result in the transmission of industrial nuisances to adjacent properties. This can be disruptive to public convenience and although we try to minimize the effects of our operation on people living nearby, sometimes this is unavoidable.”
iii. CP Sediment Trap – work completed.
iv. TCH Twinning Open House. Dates have not yet been finalised. Hopefully in May at the Community Hall with preliminary plans that will include ‘intersections for major turn offs’.

6. Friends of Yoho – Helen Barry, President
i. Back open in the VRC Friday, Saturday, Sunday – until May 1st , then open daily
ii. May have something to add to Canada Day – Amuse Troupe (from Golden) to do a piece on the naming of the Kicking Horse River (with grant from the Heritage Rivers Society).
iii. Friends of Yoho will have regular summer programming, including S’Mores evening, Historic Walks, CPR weekend. No Full Moon walks this year – the moon rises too late.
iv. Deb Bancroft’s last year with Friends of Yoho.
v. Celebrating 30th Anniversary this year and will have a bigger and better dinner this fall.

7. Field Fire and Rescue Department – Claudia Harding
i. Two call outs February: Avalanche on the TransCanada Highway and one stand down. FFRD did excellent job in clearing all traffic from avalanche path.
ii. One call out so far in March: Head on collision, 1 fatality declared deceased on scene.
iii. AED – $700 raised at Canada day, FRAA willing to contribute $700 from the Tip Fund and FFRD society willing to cover gap up to $500. Chief is exploring options for extra funding from Stars fundraiser. Currently looking at a quote – all in for $2000, hoping to put in central location here in town. Truffle Pigs has agreed to keep it at the hotel. Request to ask Canada Post if we could extend the hours of access to the postal boxes to keep it there as other option.

8. Round Table – nothing added

Appendix 1

FRAA Regular Board Meeting February 20, 2017

February 20, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

IN ATTENDANCE: Kathryn Cameron, Chair; Claudia Harding, Co-Chair; Krista Callen, Secretary; Sophie Cais, Member; Christine Lynn, Member; Karen Schmidt, Member

REGRETS: Sally Watson, Treasurer; Katherine MacNeill, Member; Desneige Meyer, Member; Michael LeGrice, Member; Caitlin Cameron, Member; Jen Coffman, Member

Kathryn has a file for events this year and will compile a report for next year’s organizers. Action: Kathryn

The increased number of teams for Bocce Tournament worked well (14 teams). Hockey should be at night only next year, to maximize participation. Having DJ to cover live band’s breaks at the Dance worked out well. Most popular events were bocce and hockey. Next year we will drop interpretive skate due to lack of participation.

Minute-to-Win-It it seemed to go well, the little kids especially enjoyed it. Maybe next year a Games Night could be scheduled for the Friday? Could ask to move foosball table to Hall? Perhaps a Crib Tournament? This is the initial Meet & Greet to kick of the Festival. People can come to the hall, participate in Games, have drinks, watch hockey.

Kids games not as much of a success due to extreme cold temperatures. They enjoyed video games but maybe the hours should be limited so kids actually play outside. Kids really enjoyed Heritage Relay!

Door prizes were given out at Potluck. Majority of thank you letters for donations have been sent out, remaining will be delivered in the next week.

February 16, 2017
Although it was warm/started with pouring rain, conditions were amazing. Two weeks prior there were concerns about registry, but 130 ended up attending dinner!

February 23, 2017
Workshop being held on Thursday night in Golden @ 7 pm, College of the Rockies. Action: Kathryn and Desneige will attend, gather information, and share with other interested parties.

April 17, 2017
Kat will take the lead on this event. There will be a Potluck Brunch. (FRAA cooks ham, bar is not open.) Action: Kat

May 28, 2017
Will need liquor license, request Flint to DJ, plans to decorate the Hall. We need a champion for this event, as well as a Spring Fling Committee. This event is a welcome to the summer staff. Action: FRAA

July 1, 2017

MORNING – Pancake Breakfast, Parade, Animals of Yoho Costume Contest (dress up as your favourite Yoho critter!), Water Fight, Balloon Pick-Up Contest. Would be great if local businesses would enter floats this year (Lake O’Hara Lodge, Emerald, Cathedral, etc.) Deadline for Water Balloon Pick-Up will be extended to maximize participation (deadline 6 pm on July 2nd, contest open to everyone.)

AFTERNOON – BBQ at the Pond, judging/eating Cake Contest entries, Heritage Canoe Relay, Summer Bocce Tournament.


Send out a call for interest re: Canada Day celebrations. Kathryn will request use of Parks’ giant inflatable beaver. Karen will research license possibilities for band/dance, beer garden, and bonfire. Donations to be requested for contest prizes. Canada Day fund contains $249 is funds required to supplement prizes. Action: Kathryn, Karen, FRAA

Clean-Up Night to be held at Hall on March 16th (7:30 pm start time). Hall will be fully cleaned, storage room will be dismantled, organized, inventoried. Members of Community invited/encouraged to attend. Action: FRAA & community

Note to be left on chalkboard downstairs reminding those using rink/change room to pick up trash/cigarette butts.

To purchase a commercial-grade stove, renovations would have to be made to vents. Total cost would be over $20,000. Two good-quality propane stoves would work well, at a significantly lower cost. Do not have the demand for commercial grade stove. Can move forward on this right away. Action: Sally

Catholic Diocese in the process of turning Catholic Church over to Community. Craig Chapman will ask for clarification. Action: Craig

Census results have come in for Village of Field. In 2016, population was 230. This contrasts with a population of 169 residents in 2011. The increase is likely due to inclusion of Emerald Lake Lodge Staff Residence on recent census.

Craig Chapman is appointed to a new position as Community Paramedic (2 days per week.) More information to follow.

Mediation meeting between FRAA and Parks is scheduled for March 3rd from
1-3 pm at Parks Administrative Building in Field. Sally, Kathryn, Barbara McNeil (Mediator), Helene Cassista, Rick Kubian, Ellen Francis to attend.

No upcoming rentals prior to March.


FIELD UTILITY BOARD AGENDA – Kathryn and Sally to attend
1. QUARTERLY REPORTS – 2015/16 Q4 (January, February, March), 2016/17 Q1 (April, May, June), Q2 (July, August, September), Q3 (October, November, December)
2. HIGHWAY TWINNING – Date for Community of Field Open House
3. FIELD COMMUNITY PLAN REVIEW – Update on process
4. CATHOLIC CHURCH – Status update
5. SPRING BIN – Status update
6. AED – Only maintenance unit would require is regular battery check. Cost approximately $1500, needs to be placed in a central location such as Truffle Pigs. Due to length of time emergency response will take, suggest AED be available at Visitor Centre.
7. FIRE HYDRANTS – Hydrants have not been shoveled. When plough clears road, hydrants are covered. Timely process to shovel when responding to a call.
8. MUNICIPAL SERVICES – Comments/issues re: road concerns, municipal/town site operations should be directed to Helene Cassista.
9. POST OFFICE ACCESS – Much better response re: keeping road clear for postal truck, or at very least providing information when this is not possible.
10. SPRING CLEAN-UP – Request date for cleanup, plan garage sale at Hall around this date (possibly May 27)


Next Town Hall Meeting is on March 13 @ 7 pm. All residents of Field are encouraged to attend!


1. FRAA Report
2. Treasurer’s Report
3. RCMP Report
4. Parks Canada Reports
a) Town site Manager
b) Visitor Experience
c) Resource Conservation
d) Highway Service Centre
5. Friends of Yoho
6. Field Fire & Rescue Department
7. Round Table


Popcorn & Pizza Night set this upcoming Friday, Feb 24 for kids. Action: Sophie and Claudia

Monday, February 27th @ Community Hall
Linda Lafleur from the Columbia Basin Trust will be here next Monday. Anyone may attend. Action: Kathryn and Craig

Kathryn has requested assistance re: updates to Constitution. (It was recently discovered that Annual Reports for 2015/16 were not on record. Due to a rate increase, correct amount had not submitted. Due to this oversight, we were not in compliance since 2014. This has been since been rectified.) Action: Kathryn

Would there be a Community interest if fitness classes could be made available?

Volunteer Appreciation Night is tentatively set for Monday, March 20 @ High Rollers Bowling Lanes in Banff. Details to follow. Action: Kathryn, Krista

More keys need to be made/distributed. There was an issue with Hall access during Yoho Blow. Action: Kathryn

Field Town Hall Meeting January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

IN ATTENDANCE: Kathryn Cameron, Chair; Claudia Harding, Co-Chair; Sally Watson, Treasurer; Krista Callen, Secretary; Desneige Meyer, Member; Christine Lynn, Member; Caitlin Cameron, Member; Michael LeGrice, Member; Jen Coffman, Member; Patrick Cais, Resident; Dave Allen, Resident; Ryan Cameron, Resident; Rick Kubain, Parks Canada; Marthe Boissonault, Parks Canada; Mike Vanderveen, Parks Canada

REGRETS: Sophie Cais, Member; Karen Schmidt, Member; Katherine MacNeill, Member


Welcome to Town Hall Meeting! Hosted by FRAA, Town Hall Meetings are an opportunity to communicate what is going on in community, to hear from Parks Canada, and to ask questions. Meetings are an important vehicle for communication between residents of Field and people who provide services to the village.

Introduction of FRAA members, Parks Canada representatives, and residents in attendance.

Thank you to volunteers for their hard work, with special mention to rink maintainers who have spent so many hours clearing snow, flooding the rink. The rink serves not only the community of Field but also visitors to town. Thanks to Sally for handling all hall rentals. Special thank you to people providing snow removal for Community Hall. These volunteers work for Kim and Craig at the hostel, also shovel school, firehall, and ambulance station. Thank you to Parks Canada for snow removal. (Crews are still sanding Stephen Creek from 2nd down to 1st, which may affect upcoming downhill race, but we will find a way to make it work. Caitlyn Cameron would like to compliment Parks on clearing back roads following recent avalanche!)

FRAA is pleased to welcome three new members: Christine Lynn, Jen Coffman, Caitlyn Cameron, for a total of 11 Board Members this year.

Christmas events were great! Santa able to clear time in his busy schedule to join us for the Potluck Supper and Skate with Santa. The annual Christmas Concert was held for the first time since school closed. Field Fire & Rescue were highlight of concert. Field’s renowned ukulele band were stuck in traffic, but everyone managed to make it and it was fantastic! Thank you to all who participated. The 50/50 draw raised $383.20 for the Food Bank, plus two boxes of food donations. A nighttime ski was held on New Year’s Eve. The group skied to the back of Emerald Lake for hot chocolate. Conditions were outstanding on the Kicking Horse Trail for the full moon ski organized by Kicking Horse Ski Club on January 14th. A successful pizza/movie night was held for the kids of Field on January 18th here at the Community Hall.

Yoho Blow – February 3, 4 & 5, 2017
FRAA – February 20, 2017
Field Utility Board – March 1, 2017
Town Hall – March 13, 2017
Easter Brunch & Bunny Hop – April 17, 2017

Yoho Blow is coming this weekend (February 3 – 5). Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions, sign-up sheets on bulletin board beside Post Office.

Hockey tournament is being run by Kurt Devlin. Jeremy Schmidt will run bocce tournament (8 teams in total, event is fully booked). Kim & Craig Chapman will be running the heritage relay. Jessica Stichlebout and Susan Calder are organizing the downhill race. Caitlyn Cameron, Desneige Meyer will oversee kids’ events, under the kids’ directions. Minute-to-Win-It and other games on Friday night. Interpretive Skate is being organized by Kat MacNeill, Tyra Cameron for Saturday – anything goes as long as it’s on ice! Bar shifts/food shifts/clean up shifts available at Community Hall. Contact Mike LeGrice with preferred shifts or he will provide options. Liquor license has been obtained, liquor and food orders have been placed. Anything goes for snow sculpture competition! Details on the Scavenger Hunt to be announced. 50/50 all weekend long. Possible candlelight parade – more info to follow. Check schedule on bulletin board, website, Yoho Blow Daze Facebook page (thanks Mike!), and Amelie Goulet-Boucher (Parks Canada) will start tweeting and posting on Facebook. This is not a closed event – all are welcome!

Mike has arranged transportation for Lake Louise/Great Divide Lodge staff to attend dance. FRAA paying for shuttle for staff to be transported to Field and home again so they may attend the dance, drink and not drive. Christine Lynn has organized staff bus for Emerald Lakers. Jeremy Schmidt is organizing the dance, and has booked John Jenkins and Small Town Revival to perform. Jen Coffman will be providing accommodations for the band. In addition to live band, DJ Flintaroo will be performing.

Merchandise has been ordered. This is 40th anniversary! Special logo can be seen on sign-up sheets posted on bulletin board. Long sleeved t-shirts will be available in black or navy (not a huge number ordered but if demand is high more can be ordered), plus kids’ t-shirts, and vintage Yoho Blow shirts.

Lots of donations have been received for prizes. A special thanks to Parks for donating a guided hike for two to Burgess Shale, as well as to all local businesses who have participated!

KHSC will be celebrating its 30th anniversary at Emerald Lake Lodge on February 16th. Packages are available. Accommodation, dinner for two and breakfast for two the following day for a rate of $227. Dinner-only can be purchased for $30/adult. Track setting has been completed from the Visitor Centre to Emerald Lake (11 km one-way) and is in great condition!

Gentle reminder rink/changeroom is a public facility. Quite clearly stated on rules that open liquor is against the law. We don’t want to jeopardize our chance to obtain future liquor licenses, so please observe the rules. (Copy of changeroom rules have been sent out via email.)

Kathryn apologizes for missing the deadline for this year’s Canada Day grant. Donation request will be saved for purchase of cake from Golden. (Money remains from last year’s Canada Grant, don’t normally spend a lot for on this day.)

BC has recently changed rules for societies. FRAA has until November 2017 to comply. Desneige and Kathryn will be consulting with a lawyer at Golden College of Rockies to find out what is involved.

FRAA has discussed offering programs in Hall for residents. Request put out for yoga teacher, currently awaiting response but will be more likely for spring. Potential for cooking and dance classes. May circulate a questionnaire to see what types of activities residents would be interested in. Kat is currently running a playgroup here at the Hall every Monday from 8:45 am until 11 am.

Coffee with Your MP was held on January 11th. He suggested we send him a summary of concerns and he will see what he can do to help. He apparently meets every 2 months with Minister of Environment, we would love to welcome her to come here next time she is in Banff and highlight some things happening in Field and Yoho, maybe cast a bit of magic on Yoho!

Sally and Kathryn met with Terry McGuire and Noelle Summers re: highway twinning. Money has come through for environmental assessment plus initial plan for highway. They have until March 2018 and are busy working on proposal. McEhanney will be working with them on plans and undertaking environmental assessment. Anticipate 40 km of highway remaining in Yoho to cost approximately $750M – $850M to complete. Will likely start from west end of park and work their way east. Challenges due to terrain (river and mountains!) Public consultation is next – there will be an Open House in Field at some point during first 3 weeks of March. Everyone is encouraged to attend, look at the tentative plans, give feedback. They are looking for input, and will also be consulting with Visitor Experience (taking into consideration access to turnoffs, and trailheads, such as Wapta Falls, Hoodoos.)


Financial Statements attached to circulation email.

Kids really liked Christmas gift choices this year – thank you to Santa’s elves for their excellent research! Thank you to Emerald Lake Lodge; Pat O’Connor used his broker to bring in the track-setter this year.

Tips will be used to purchase new stove, in conjunction with donation from Friends of Yoho which is currently sitting in HIP account.

Reminder to FRAA members to submit receipts re: Kids’ Pizza/Movie Night.

PAC from Field School donated funds to FRAA to be put toward programming for fun activities for school-aged kids in the community.

Motion to accept financials made by Claudia Harding, seconded by Desneige Meyer.





Welcome back to returning Board Members and thank you to new Board Members for volunteering. We look forward to working with you! Facilitated conversations have been taking place re: renewing relationship between FRAA and Parks. Melanie Kwan will be returning mid-February, Ellen Francis has been on leave and will be returning as Townsite Manager on Wednesday.

Residents requesting further discussion re: housing in Field. Parks has met re: their own housing requirements in Field but not resident housing. Parks will bring report to March meeting. Housing should be discussed directly with Kathryn.

Unclear at this time if their will be further action re: Field Community Plan Review, despite follow up by Parks. Residents concerned about housing, job opportunities. Redevelopment of lower trailer court for entry level housing would be met positively by residents, would be good for community, more demand for services, more opportunity for businesses. Heard and noted by Parks.


With respect to visitor experience, Visitor Centre open in winter this year. Will be open 7 days a week, campground season expanded. With 150th anniversary/free Parks passes, lots of visitors expected. Focus on solution to congestion at Lake Louise, trying to bring people out to Yoho, which is less congested. Move people to less busy areas. Lots of time spent figuring out Lake Louise shuttle and parking. Working with Lake Louise community on details. (Shuttle offered 3 days per week, but will likely be increased to 7 days per week based on demand.) Parking issues at Emerald and Takkakaw Falls. Park is hitting ceiling on infrastructure and starting to affect visitor experience.

Management Plan due in 2020, would like to get people to start thinking about these issues/possible solutions. Scoping document will be prepared in next year. Think about what you want to see in future. If interested in details of hours for Visitor Centre, dates of campground openings, everything is on Yoho National Park website.

The ability for public to comment on upcoming plans for TransCanada Highway twinning project is historic, try to get a lot of folks out when Terry comes to town with presentation, a lot of room for input from public.


Has been an easier winter this year, and 24-hour schedule working out well. Have received good feedback, both Lake Louse and Golden RCMP have stated this change is making a difference. Sludge removal in west end took place prior to winter and will resume when closer to spring.

Concerns about mail truck being unable to come through town for fear of getting stuck addressed. Post Office staff had to drive to highway to retrieve town’s mail. Highway safety takes priority, and guidelines are being met, however if this continues to be an issue contact Helene or Townsite Manager. Will do their best, do have to prioritize.


Cost increase re: solid waste removal services. Trying to do cost recovery of this service based on volume and pickups, is a work in progress. Believe rates are in line with other communities in BC, but working on comparison to ensure this is the case.

Comments by residents that plastic recycling bin always very full, plastic is going into tin recycling receptacle. Parks confirmed these two bins can be combined. Request for recycling bin for wine/beer/liquor bottles, however is not practical as bottles will be broken and third party would be required to run that service. If a service group in town is interested in taking this on, Parks would be open to it providing storage is bear-proof. If the right proposal came through they would consider. (Bottle depot in Banff will pick up recycling, but will take 50% of profit. Possible conversation for next FRAA meeting – good fundraising idea, but in past people don’t rinse bottles and recycling attracts animals. Will be added to FRAA agenda.)

Old exterior water meters were not providing accurate readings, bills may have been higher than they should have. Software for digital water meters was not compatible and causing issues. Keith Parkinson, Water Treatment Plant Manager, is working with company to deal with readings and plan to have issue fixed by March. Have been actively contacting many affected Field residents. If you have not been contacted, your meters probably working properly, but if concerns contact Helene and she will work with Keith on this. Installation of water meters is 75% complete – approx. 93 installed, remaining 20 will be installed once issue with readings is fixed. (At recent FUB meeting, Keith said best thing you can do is monitor your consumption, look at past bills for the norm, and if any issues contact Helene at Townsite Office.)

Looking at an event for Earth Day, perhaps a tour of wastewater treatment plan. Discussion at FUB about how great system is here.




Since November, Field Fire & Rescue responded to 26 callouts, including 14 calls during an 11-day period, 3 of which were fires. Great performances to all calls!

Elections recently held. Jaime re-elected Chief. Patrick elected Deputy Chief. Dave, Chris, Doug all elected Captains. Miles elected Engineer. Five new recruits, possibly one new probationer.

Heartfelt thanks to Field Fire & Rescue for their hard work and unprecedented dance recital at Christmas Concert.


Jen Coffman has noticed a lot of snow dumped in front of Yoho Brothers, gas station not visible due to obstruction, perhaps this can be mentioned to their contractor.

Jen Coffman mentioned an increase in traffic at Truffle Pigs to use washrooms as Community Hall bathrooms are only open from June 1st to September 30th. Limited hours due to the facilities available 24/7 at Visitor Centre, as well as bulk of Hall rentals occur October through May and like washroom to be accessible. Will revisit winter washrooms in next FRAA meeting.

Desneige suggested Kids Committee to be set up for them to have more input in suggestions and set-up for kids’ activities.

Kathryn extended her hope to see Parks at Yoho Blow and Kicking Horse Ski Club anniversary celebration, also mentioning she would love to see funding restored for Parks Canada to maintain the trails in Yoho again. Cross country ski trails important part of community and to have Parks involved in track setting would be a huge relief and help.

Thank you everyone!

Meeting adjourned at 8:17 pm.

NEXT TOWN HALL MEETING: March 13, 2017 @ 7 pm

Kicking Horse Ski Club’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

KHSC is 30 years in 2017 —Join us for the celebration at Emerald Lake Lodge February 16th, 2017


The Kicking Horse Ski Club started in Nov. 1987

You are invited to Emerald Lake Lodge, our neighbours & sponsors since the start of the Club. This is a CELEBRATION! 1987-2017!

Special “members” overnight rate including 2 dinners & 2 breakfasts starting at $227.00 (for two people!). You may extend room stay on Wed. Feb 15 for $119.00)

18% gratuities and taxes added to all meals.

All bookings are made through Emerald Lake Lodge @ 250-343-6321. Reserve NOW!

Bring a friend—everyone is welcome!

Note: You must be a member of the Club to stay overnight at this SPECIAL MEMBERS RATE on Feb. 16th. Please get your card prior to arriving at the lodge. Visit the Membership & Perks page. January would be an ideal time for us to send out your cards.

Skating at the rink is on!

Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work in this cold weather to flood the rink, and usher in winter!

Field Town Hall Meeting and FRAA Annual General Meeting November 14, 2016

Field Town Hall Meeting and FRAA Annual General Meeting November 14, 2016

In Attendance: Patrick Cais, Sophie Cais, Ryan Cameron, Bruce Bembridge, Barbara McNeill, Marilyn Toulouse, Katherine MacNeill, Christine, Krista Callen, Karla Gaffney, Lloyd Lafrance, Helen Barry, Desneige Meyer, Kim Chapman, Sebastian Harbottle, Jeremy Schmidt, Kathryn Cameron, Claudia Harding, Sally Watson.

  1. FRAA/FCC Report – Kathryn Cameron

Welcome, everyone, to the Annual General Meeting of the Field Recreation and Advisory Association.

We are without official Parks Canada presence tonight. Townsite Manager Ellen Francis is on medical leave until December 23. Marthe Boissonault will act in the position until Ellen’s return. She accepted the assignment on Thursday November 10, 2016 and has not had time to prepare answers to our questions from the last regular meeting of the FRAA/FCC (the Field Utility Board meeting scheduled for November 4 was cancelled by Parks Canada). Marthe has assured me that we will have answers at the next Town Hall Meeting, to be scheduled in January once the new Board of Directors sets meeting dates for the new term.

A heartfelt Thank You to Craig Chapman, Sally Watson, Claudia Harding, Jeremy Schmidt, Kim Chapman, Karen Schmidt, Kat MacNeill, Mike Le Grice, Kathryn Cameron, Tyra Cameron and Tanje Baker – the outgoing Board of Directors of the FRAA. Some are standing for election to fill another term. To our fellow volunteers who are not planning to be formal volunteers, thank you for applying for grants, managing projects, organizing and putting on events, keeping track of our finances and always boosting the community of Field.

To be more specific, this is what the FRAA accomplished in the past year.

We received grants of $20,000 from Columbia Basin Trust for:

  • new fire panel, alarm system and fire extinguishers;
  • security camera system;
  • six more acoustic baffles
  • sound system for the Community Hall and a portable sound system;
  • video projector;
  • Wi-Fi router;
  • project to convert all lights in the hall to LED – thank you Matt Morrison who volunteered to do the installations.

The FRAA share of these projects was $9,500.

We received a donation from the Friends of Yoho, and have used some of that money to purchase a new fridge. The rest of the donation will be used to purchase a new stove. Sally continues to research options.

We received a new bar fridge from Coca Cola, at no cost, on the promise that we will order product from the company.

We hosted functions:

  • Paul Charbonneau’s Memorial Service;
  • Christmas Pot Luck Supper and Skate With Santa;
  • 39th Annual Yoho Blow winter celebration;
  • Easter Pot Luck Brunch and Bunny Hop;
  • Spring Fling
  • Celebrating the Life of One of Canada’s Smallest Schools;
  • Canada Day Parade and Celebrations in concert with BC Ambulance Service and Field Fire and Rescue

Significant events happened since our last Annual General Meeting:

  • Kudos to Kicking Horse Ski Club for the excellent track setting and trail work done last winter, most notably the re-establishment of Monarch Trail and regular grooming of the Yoho Valley Road. It was an awesome winter offering and we’re looking forward to doing it all again this winter – when winter happens;
  • Yoho Trading Post was closed last winter and the building boarded up;
  • We received a response to our letter to the Minister of the Environment requesting that Field Visitor Centre be open in winter again. There is no change to the edicts of Budget 2012 that identified Yoho National Park as a medium use National Park;
  • Met with CP Rail, Parks Canada and Columbia Shuswap Regional District to discuss land use, train horns, length of trains, extended crossing closures for crew changes, Field Community Plan. One change has been implemented: some crew changes take place at the crossing which reduces the length of time the crossing is closed in some instances;
  • Rocky Mountain School District voted to close Field Elementary School, effective June 30, 2016. Not clear what will happen to the playground. The swings have been removed from the frame but the Blue Imp playground structure is still in place;
  • Townsite Manager Ellen Francis requested mediation to develop a productive working relationship with the community. Barbara McNeil continues to research our organization and function, and help clarify the role of FRAA;
  • FRAA applied for funding to install an electric car charge station in Field, as a potential 2017 legacy project, but the grant was not approved;
  • Two babies were born – Noa Morrison and Sebastian Harbottle;
  • Two young adult residents graduated from Golden Secondary School – Naomi Lenstra and Steven Young;
  • Fire Underwriters representative visited the community in June to assess our protection program and facilities. A report is anticipated in January 2017. It may impact fire insurance premiums for residents;
  • There was an increase in solid waste costs;
  • More preparation in 2016 construction season for twinning the TransCanada Highway from the BC Alberta Border to the outlet of Wapta Lake at the east end of Yoho National Parks, and from the former Misko Viewpoint to Finn Creek in the west end of the park. This places us between two big highway construction projects with ensuing delays, probably for a few years into the future;
  • Mount Dennis Slope Stabilization Project continues to be monitored; catastrophic impact not seen by Parks Canada as so dire as indicated in the June 2014 report;
  • Columbia Basin Trust representative visited community to encourage continued use of programs and resources available to promote social and economic well-being of community;
  • East Link pulled cable TV services and infrastructure from the community in September. Shaw Direct working on options for people who live in satellite dead zone to provide satellite TV service;
  • CP Rail started work on the catchment basin at the bottom of Stephen Creek to reduce sediment build-up in the culverts under the tracks over the creek;
  • Two former residents and totally awesome people died in 2016: Jacquie Hunter – Park Interpreter, mother, Friend of Yoho, member of the Field Arts Council and overall fun-loving wonderful person; and, Ian Church – Park Superintendent, father, visionary environmentalist, member of Field Fire and Rescue, K-Car pilot who sometimes obeyed the speed limit, and overall decent and generous person. We offer condolences to their families, and gratitude for the life they both brought to our village.

What we’re looking at for the next term:

  • Community Plan Review, a process intended to be done every five years and anticipated for 2016 but not started yet;
  • Catholic Church – the sale has fallen through. Residents have expressed sadness at the prospect of the church being demolished. Council has spoken to Bishop Corriveau to see what options are possible;
  • Canada turns 150 years old in 2017 – celebrations will dovetail with our traditional events during the Yoho Blow and Canada Day;
  • Movie nights, yoga classes and cooking classes, a weekend yoga workshop in the spring open to residents and out of town participants, Easter Pot Luck Brunch and Bunny Hop and Spring Fling;
  • Banff Fire and Safety completes frame around the alarm panel;
  • Environmental assessment results on using milled asphalt in community;
  • Update our website and Facebook page on a regular basis – if social media can work for Donald Trump so effectively it should work for us too;
  • Renewed relationship with Parks Canada through mediation process, communication and Parks Canada follow through on commitments to meet to discuss mutually important items and processes.

Upcoming Events:

  • November 23 – Gravel Bed Rivers Presentation at Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies in Banff, 7:00 pm, $10 admission, jointly hosted by Y2Y
  • December 18 – Christmas Pot Luck and Skate with Santa at the Community Hall;
  • December 22 – Christmas Concert at Field Elementary School (performers, start your engines!);
  • December 31 – 2017 Fireworks;
  • February 3, 4 and 5 – Yoho Blow Winter Festival 40th Anniversary;
  • February 16 – Kicking Horse Ski Club 30th Anniversary Celebration at Emerald Lake Lodge


The health and success of the community of Field is tied directly to Yoho National Park. Residents of Field hold up their side of the social contract living in a National Park townsite. We welcome visitors, provide stellar services, host awesome events, get together, support each other and enjoy a truly enviable lifestyle. We have a beautiful, useful asset – the community hall. We have a population of less than 150 people, and accomplish many good things. This report only covers the accomplishments of the FRAA; it doesn’t cover the many contributions of the Friends of Yoho, Field Fire and Rescue, BC Ambulance Service and Kicking Horse Ski Club – and there’s plenty of crossover in volunteer commitment to all the Not for Profit organizations in the community. Residents of Field can’t sustain this community without Parks Canada presence in a reliable and supportive relationship.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Sally Watson

FRAA Statement of Accounts as of November 9, 2016 presented. Motion to approve as presented by Claudia Harding; seconded by Jeremy Schmidt.

FRAA Annual Financial Statement August 6, 2015 to August 5, 2016 presented. Motion to approve as presented by Claudia Harding, seconded by Jeremy Schmidt.

Financial Reports attached to the email and posted on the bulletin board inside the Post Office.

  1. Barbara McNeil – Report on Mediation Process

As a mediator and facilitator has worked with private organizations, municipalities, and oil and gas companies. Received a request last spring from Townsite Manager Ellen Francis to mediate tension in her relationship with community council. Barbara has collected information by talking to people, attending meetings and researching documents that define the relationship. Goal is to create a defined, workable and purposeful relationship. Ongoing process. Next steps proposed: establish working group with two representative from each of FRAA and Parks Canada; identify the issues that need to be clarified; gather perspectives; determine course of actions; implement plan.

Kim: Parks Canada asked for this process but is not even present at the Town Hall Meeting. They need to show up.

Karla: Can residents provide insights without going through Council or Parks Canada? Can we talk to you directly?

Barbara: Probably best to present through working group.

  1. Field Fire & Rescue Department – Claudia Harding

It’s been a quiet month, no accidents, weather has been good, no snow. One new probationary member: Desneige Meyer, and one returning member: Sierra Sullivan. FFR always welcomes new recruits. Congratulation to Sophie Cais on successful completion of a course on operating the pump truck – received special mention from instructor. Three members are doing Hazardous Material training in Golden. Seven members completed First Responder course with Golden Fire and Rescue, offered in Field; participants are qualified to attend to First Aid calls when BC Ambulance not available.

      5. Round Table

  1. Patrick Cais: Just for information, Canada Post has requested Parks Canada to install a No Parking sign in the area above Luc Blanchette’s lot on Kicking Horse Avenue so the mail truck can navigate the turn down on to Wall Street in the summer. Parking on both sides of Kicking Horse Avenue at that location makes it very hard for the mail truck to do the afternoon delivery/pick up.
  1. Lloyd Lafrance would like to see the speed limit posted on Stephen Avenue to reduce speeding on the route. Also suggested that One Way signs be installed at all entrances to Stephen Avenue. Many visitors use Stephen Avenue as a two-way thoroughfare.
  1. Sally Watson reported that the Highway Service Centre has installed winter markers to guide the snowplough operators, and inform that the stop sign by the hostel on Wall Street will soon be taken out for the winter. Reminder to drivers to stop at all stop signs.
  1. Karen Schmidt recommends that a yield sign be posted at the intersection of Kicking Horse Avenue and Brook Lane. The fence around the Cathedral staff house property has created a blind corner. Drivers traveling downhill have the right of way, but drivers on Kicking Horse need a reminder to be cautious at that intersection.

       6. Election

FRAA will operate as one Board of Directors with assigned roles and responsibilities as outlined in our Constitution. We have nomination papers for nine positions with one outstanding nomination.

Welcome to the new Board of Directors, all recognized by acclamation:

Sally Watson, Claudia Harding, Karen Schmidt, Krista Callen, Kathryn Cameron, Desneige Meyer, Katherine MacNeill, Sophie Cais, and Michael Le Grice.

First Meeting of the new Board: Monday, November 21, 2016 to determine roles, meeting dates, event dates and set goals for the next term.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Field Recreation and Advisory Association and Field Community Council Regular Meeting October 24, 2016


Field Town Hall Meeting October 3, 2016

Field Town Hall Meeting October 3, 2016

In Attendance: Ellen Francis, Alex Goatcher, Hélène Cassista, John Schlichting, Karla Gaffney, Betty Watson, Barbara McNeil, Sophie Cais, Ryan Cameron, Travis Wert, Michael Vanderveen, Kathryn Cameron, Kim Chapman, Claudia Harding, Sebastian Harbottle, Jeremy Schmidt, Helen Barry

Excused: Sally Watson, Craig Chapman, Tyra Cameron, Kat MacNeill, Karen Schmidt, Mike Legrice, Tanje Baker

  1. FRAA/FCC Report – Kathryn Cameron
  • Welcome to baby Sebastian Harbottle born August 8, 2016, and congratulations to Jamie, Claudia and Mikayla on your newest family member!
  • Canada Day Event: Great work by volunteers with BC Ambulance Service (pancake breakfast), FRAA (parade) and Field Fire and Rescue (barbeque at Yoho VRC pond). Final report submitted to Canadian Heritage mid-August, including event photos. The FRAA sponsored a Water Balloon Clean Up Contest, and awarded Super Soakers to the six participants. There are still remnants of water balloons along the parade route – don’t hesitate to pick them up when you see them.
  • Thank you from RCMP Victim Services in Golden for community support to the family and emergency services personnel when a child fell into the Yoho River at Takakkaw Falls the evening of July 8. We opened the Community Hall to the group, and provided blankets, sleeping bags and sleeping mats for their comfort during the initial stage of the search. The family expressed deep gratitude to the community of Field, especially to the two families who supplied dry clothing and footwear for two other children in the group who were rescued from the river. We offer condolences to the family in the death of their son.
  • Community Hall Update: Thank you to the people who came to the Work Party on September 19. Our new Sub Zero fridge was installed and the old fridge removed, major clean up in the kitchen, new bar fridge stocked. Cost of the new fridge covered by donation from the Friends of Yoho Pasta Supper in 2015. The remainder of the Friends’ donation will be used to purchase a new stove. Thank you again to the Friends of Yoho for their generosity.
  • Canada 150 Celebrations: Will dovetail with local anniversaries – Yoho Blow 40th, Friends of Yoho 30th, Kicking Horse Ski Club 30th. FRAA plans to apply for a Restricted Activity Permit for fireworks to ring in the New Year 2017.
  • Electric Car Recharge Station: Research ongoing.
  • East Link Cable Television Service: Contractors were in town to remove East Link Infrastructure in late September. Karla Gaffney working with Shaw to explore options in Field.
  • Mediation Process Requested by Ellen Francis: Welcome Barbara McNeil, and thank you for the time and energy you are investing to prepare for the mediation process. Barbara has attended the Field Recreation and Advisory Association/Field Community Council Regular Meeting (September 12) and the Field Utility Board and Liaison Meeting (September 21). This meeting rounds out the triumvirate of our meeting cycle that has normally taken place every two months.
  • MLA Norm MacDonald extends his appreciation to residents of Field for their support in his election for three terms to the BC Legislature. He will not run in the next provincial election in May 2017. He suggested finding out which organization is responsible for the playground in Parson.

Note: Alex Goatcher offered to stop in Parson on his way through the Columbia Valley this week. He sent photos showing the playground is owned and operated by the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD).

  • Field Elementary School: The first day of school was very quiet in Field this fall. The School District wants to remove the playground if the community is not able to assume responsibility for maintenance and insurance.
  • Coffee With Council: Informal opportunity September 17 to talk about what’s going on in the community was quite lovely. We’ll do it again.
  • Columbia Shuswap Regional District update: posted on bulletin board.
  • Rocky Mountain School District #6 will hold the first public consultation for their Draft Facilities Plan on October 4, 2016 7:00 pm at Golden Elementary School Kathryn to attend. The Draft Facilities Plan indicates the School District is in discussion with Parks Canada about the future of their lease and the two buildings (School and Teacherage). Confirmed by Ellen Francis.
  • Increase in Solid Waste Costs: To determine the increase in individual bills, compare the rate on your current bill to your previous bill. Residents understand that solid waste costs are fully paid by residents and businesses of Field, as legislated in the National Park Act.
  • Train Horns: Jeff Lahti found out that the Governing Body for the Village of Field (Parks Canada) can apply to Transport Canada for an exemption to cease the required four horn blasts (Long, Long, Short, Long) when a train will cross a federally regulated public railway crossing. Parks Canada has not received any written complaints about the numerous sound disruptions – day and night – caused by train horns. If the community wants action, residents need to put their concerns in writing to
  • Scheduled Power Outage: Wednesday, October 19, 2016. BC Hydro will do upgrades to the Battery Storage Facility. There will be three 30 minutes outages that day – no battery backup during this work.
  • Annual General Meeting: November 14, 2016. Nomination forms will be available at the Post Office Monday, October 17. There are five positions available on the FRAA and five positions available on FCC. We have an excellent asset: Field Community Hall, and a really great community. Volunteers play critical roles in many organizations in Field, and are the best advocates/activists for education, safety, and community development. Interested in participating? Submit your nomination papers and join in the good work and fun with other committed residents.
  • Gravel Bed Rivers Presentation: November 23, 2016 at Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies in Banff, 7:00 pm, $10 admission, jointly hosted by Y2Y.
  1. Presentations

Solid Waste Presentation – Ellen Francis, Townsite Manager Parks Canada

A revised letter will be circulated to residents about the increase in solid waste costs, as requested by Field Community Council.

Council is concerned about:

  1. How the recycle bins are currently used: substantial number of wine and beer bottles are being put in the glass bin; paper and plastic are being put in the tin bin and vice versa;
  2. Large items dropped off by the garbage bins (i.e. mattresses, desks, old propane outdoor stoves), rather than taken to the CSRD landfill site in Golden, and;
  3. Are Yoho VRC solid waste costs included in the calculation of solid waste costs for the Village of Field?

For the system to function properly and to keep the community’s costs down, users need to put recyclable material in the appropriate bin, take refundable bottles and plastics to a depot, and take large items to the landfill. Ellen advised residents that the Town of Banff currently holds the contract to accept our recycle bin contents. For information on what is acceptable, please look at the Town Of Banff website: To learn more about CSRD solid waste guidelines, please visit:

Highway Operations Unit Winter Maintenance in the Village of Field – Michael Vanderveen

Handout distributed outlining service levels for winter road maintenance in the Field Unit, and specifically for the Village of Field. Copy attached with the minutes.

  1. Treasurer’s Report – Tabled to AGM November 14, 2016
  1. RCMP Report – Sergeant Betty Watson
  • Watson took over responsibility for the Golden RCMP detachment in October 2015.
  • Criminal Code offenses in Field saw a minor increase from 3 reported offenses in 2015 to 5 reported offenses in 2016.
  • With improved cell phone coverage through Yoho National Park (cell tower in the Beaverfoot Valley and cell tower in Field) there has been a marked increase in the number of reports of unsafe drivers.
  • Golden Detachment now has a Traffic Analyst in the detachment; reduces length of road closures when there is a major incident to investigate.
  • Like many government departments the RCMP experience resource challenges. Currently understaffed, but anticipate the arrival of an experienced Corporal from Trail to fill a vacant position and new cadet to fill a Constable position very soon.
  • Thank you to Community for support offered to the family who lost their son to the Yoho River in July. Victim Services expressed gratitude for the compassionate response from Field. For more information about participating in RCMP Victim Services in Golden, we can contact Niela Wolf at the Golden Detachment Office.

Note: Thank you to the RCMP from the community of Field for leading the Canada Day parade this year, and the photo op offered to visitors to pose with members dressed in their iconic red serge uniforms!

  1. Parks Canada Reports

Townsite Manager – Ellen Francis

  • Residents can send comments to:
  • Evaluation of supply/demand of public parking facilities (on-street and off-street). Staff with the Development Office is currently reviewing the provisions of the Field Community Plan (Amended 2010) and Land Use Directive (2010) to better understand the regulatory requirements that influence successful commercial and residential development in Field. The Field Unit is considering whether a formal analysis of current parking supply and projected demand under various redevelopment scenarios would be necessary in the near future. Any comments from FCC regarding the existing number, type(s) and condition of existing on-street stalls and off-street parking lots would be greatly appreciated (please identify priorities areas/items), as well as recommendations about the scope of analysis/review (i.e. commercial downtown, residential guest homes, hotels, hostels, information centre, parking on CPR lands, etc.) would be greatly appreciated.
  • Hélène Cassista will work with FCC to organize Town Walk About, and will include Development Officers. Note: Town Walk About scheduled for October 18, 2016; 9:00 am start at Yoho Admin.
  • Spring bin to be organized for May/June 2017. This is not a free service; cost will be reflected in solid waste fees.
  • Canada150 Branding: contact information for Canadian Heritage sent to FCC by Marthe Boissonnault. Parks Canada will provide banners; design and installation to be determined.
  • Streetlights and nighttime safety: If you see that a light is burned out, please contact Hélène Cassista. Parks Canada will look at need for additional light between intersection of 1st Avenue and 1st Street, and the Fire Hall. Townsite Office will consult Fire Chief.
  • Residents requested predictable access to 6A-30 key to open the gate at the west end of town to drop green waste (garden waste) once the Visitor Centre is closed for the winter season. Hélène Cassista to determine schedule.

Highway Service Centre – Michael Vanderveen

  • Rock Scaling Update: Project proceeding well; delays significantly shorter than expected. For current information visit If you want to receive email notifications from the Field Unit, please send an email to to be added to the mail list.
  • Other projects underway: Replacing seven culverts under the TransCanada Highway in Yoho, starting with one to the East of Field near the Yoho pit and west to the park boundary; adding diversions where needed. Removing accumulated material from avalanche gully and berm on Mt. Stephen.
  • Working on an Environmental Assessment on milled asphalt. The product was used on 2nd Avenue in Field. Residents not impressed with the product. Report to be presented at the next meeting.

Asset Management – Travis Wert

  • Mount Dennis and 2nd Avenue: Dewatering Mt. Dennis seems to be going well. Monitoring ongoing. Looking at diversion work to move water west of Waste Water Treatment Plant. Consultant from Tetra Tec has been on site, completed draft report but not ready to share. Seem to have stepped back from original claims; situation now seen as less catastrophic.
  • Fire Hall Roof: Contractor on site to make temporary repairs.
  • Consultant has been retained to assess operational space at Boulder Creek, Fire Hall, etc.
  • Yoho Trading Post site now on Contaminated Site Index; eligible for funding. Assessment to be conducted on site in fall.
  • Superintendent’s Residence: Work to be done on electrical, heating and building envelope in the fall. Stringent guidelines for Federal Heritage Building. Green technology project would provide few benefits for very costly initiatives like wind or solar power, or geothermal heat.
  • Federal Infrastructure Initiatives (FII) Funding for Staff Accommodation in Field to replace Boulder Creek Bunkhouse: Lots have been identified for flexible housing to replace the bunkhouse. Concepts in development. May see something in next construction season. Proposal resubmitted today to National Office for FII funds to do maintenance on all Parks Canada housing in Field. Some budget increases made for urgent work. Note: Housing is critical to overall function of operations in Yoho National Park.

Visitor Experience – No Report

Resource Conservation – No Report

  1. Friends of Yoho – Helen Barry, President

The Friends of Yoho had a busy season in the store, and hosted some great programs this summer as well. Historic Walking Tours of Field were offered twice a week from late June to early September. There were two Full Moon Hikes. Parks Day Celebrations included a “S’Mores” event. Sweet. History of the CPR Course was offered again in summer 2016.

  1. Field Fire and Rescue

Since last report we have had 11 callouts: 9 motor vehicle collisions; 1 motor vehicle fire; 1 water rescue assist. Turnout to all calls was adequate. No serious injuries.


New purchases – electric positive pressure fan, which will complement the gas powered EPP fan. Key components required for an offensive attack on a single-family building.


In house training has been concentrating on exterior fire attack.

Members sent to: Rapid Intervention Team – for a rescue team inside a structure fire; Live Fire 3; Fire Service Instructor One

Membership is low right now- roster has 18 (including part time members who are only in Field occasionally) and due to various circumstances (including seasonal membership) lost 3 fire fighters. Minimum membership is 16. If anyone knows someone interested in joining, please send him or her our way.

  1. Roundtable

Karla Gaffney shared a letter dated September 2, 2016 from the Diocese of Nelson to Parks Canada stating that all attempts had been made to assign the former Catholic Church property, unsuccessfully. Consequently the Diocese has advised Parks Canada they have decided “to demolish the property and relinquish our lease . . “. Discussion was held about heritage values, different assessments of the state of the building, zoning restrictions, and the diminishing pool of volunteers to take on big community projects. No resolutions offered.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.