In-Camera Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2014

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Randle Robertson, Steve Christy, Chris Allen, Kathryn Cameron, Helen Dickenson

Excused: Craig Chapman, Matt Morrison, Devon Brook, David Allen

Old Business                                                                                                             Action

1. Media Project – Facebook and website: Chris needs $30 to purchase a Word Press plug-in that will synchronize Facebook and website calendar. Motion by Steve, Randle seconded. Carried. Also ready to do email update option. People can subscribe by going to the website now, and doing the entry. Has pictures of Steve, Craig and Randle, needs photos from the rest of us. Facebook update: ten GB of historic, photos from Amy Krause, Parks Canada, new material for page. 507 likes. People starting to use it to communicate, like where can we recycle in town? Steve says he has heard Facebook is dead, but Chris says it is still valuable and will continue to use it. 

Chris has created an account in for the secretary position. Kathryn has logged on and had a quick look at the program. Chris plans to create accounts for all council members if they want to have one.



Interested citizens

Sally, Kathryn, Matt, Dave, Devon, Helen







2. Yoho Blow: Big success. Food still to pick up; one sleeve of burgers left: 24 for $20, plus 2 sets of 24 buns – $6 each. Contact Sally if you want to purchase: 250-343-6354. Made just under $2000 over the weekend. Dance paid for itself – very good news. Sally will put the event on a function sheet for analysis and presentation at Town Hall Meeting. Over spent on food; important to keep track of what we used to determine what we need in the future.  



3. Kicking Horse Ski Club Supper: Sold around $700. Breakdown will be presented in financial report at March 24 Town Hall Meeting. Sally
4. Community Policing: Council feels the most important element is getting to know each other. We can help Townsites design a level of service that meets our needs. Agenda item for FUB. FUB


New Business                                                                                                           Action

1. In Camera Meeting Agenda: To be developed by Chair and circulated by Secretary. Steve, Kathryn
2. Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation Development Status: Final Report circulated to council. SFU has estimated $45,000 to $50,000 to do feasibility study. Applying to CBT and GAI to fund study. Area needed for parking is massive so Golden identified for Discovery Centre and Field for Learning Centre. Six to seven months to complete the study. What does Foundation want from council? Involvement in consultation process, yes, mostly keeping us informed. Randle very hopeful this time around. Feels good to have SFU involvement. Randle
3. March and Upcoming Events: Sally going to Australia for 4 weeks leaving on Sunday, March 2. Kirk McLean renting hall April 6 for Emerald Lake staff party. Plans to open event to residents. $300 rental, maybe a dance. Kirk interested in running the bar, rather than FRAA. Liquor sales are an important part of our revenue plan; decided not to outsource bar operation at this time. Discussion about need to develop a rental fee for people running their own bar.  Chris to apply for the license, figure out the liquor order. Sally can be on the license, but will just be getting home from her trip. 

Sally will leave cheque book and keys with Chris. Chris has set up link from website requests for hall bookings to Sally’s iPad so she will continue to handle hall bookings while she is away.


Jordan, thanks for supervising children in the Kid’s Room on February 19.  Really great service so parents could attend the meeting with MP David Wilks.


Yoga rentals in April, May, June and July – lots.


Marla picked up toilet paper and paper towels, supplies; Sally to reimburse.

4. Early Childhood Development Program: Helen negotiating funding questions right now. Will keep us posted. Ready, Set, Learn and ECDC have both provided funding. Outdoor fun with Jane Powell, and Landon, Susan Williamson also providing programming at this point. Sue to provide invoices monthly, hourly rate plus supplies.
5. Field VRC Winter Closure: Received financials from Parks Canada. Analysis composed of November through end of March, but VRC is closed from October 15 to April 30. Council requested numbers for full period of closure to have complete understanding of Parks Canada decision to close. Caroline
6. Highway Maintenance in Winter: Highway, commercial traffic continues west of Lake Louise so some recognition that there is traffic on the TCH west, even though the ski hill traffic stops at Lake Louise. How do we galvanize action? Media? Petition? Could go on website and Facebook to raise awareness. Take photos and send them to David Wilks and Parks Canada. Petition? Steven Lay to be asked to spearhead this initiative. Read through guidelines. Follow directions precisely. Wording is important. Randle and Helen to assist. Steve, Helen, Steve
7. Upcoming Events: Sustainability Discussion and Field Utility Board Meeting: February 26, 2014 –9:30 am to noon, Yoho Admin boardroom

Kicking Horse Ski Club Guided Ski: March 9, 2014 – 10 am, Natural Bridge

Field Town Hall Meeting: March 10, 2014 – 7 pm Field Community Hall

Kicking Horse Ski Club Full Moon Ski: March 14, 2014 – 8 pm, Emerald Lake

FRAA Easter Planning Meeting: March 18, 2014 – 8 pm, Cameron residence

FCC/FRAA In Camera Meeting: March 24, 2014 – 7:00 pm, Community Hall

Food Coop Meeting: March 25, 2014 – 11 am, The Siding

Steve, Randle, Chris, Kathryn, Craig, Sally