Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting May 10, 2021

In attendance: Sally Watson, Paulina O’Brien, Sonya Leenders, Kathryn Cameron

Excused: Heather Galligan, Greg Dowman

1. Covid-19 Community Approach Vaccination Clinic May 14, 2021

Thanks to everyone who contacted Interior Health requesting a local vaccination clinic. Thank you Emerald Lake Lodge for hosting the clinic. Reports of some issues with registering and booking an appointment. Interior Health says there are still appointment times available at the clinic. All you need is a Field address. When you register, a temporary BC Personal Health Number will be assigned.

Call 1-833-838-2323 to book your appointment! Phone method seems to be less difficult.

2. CSRD Grant in Aid up to $5000 for Community Organizations that lost revenue due to Public Health Orders

At the April 15, 2021 Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) Board Meeting, Directors approved the allocation of $100,000 of its COVID-19 Safe Restart Grant funding to go towards non-profit and charity groups in the CSRD’s Electoral Areas to support their continued community services. Many of these groups are dealing with shortfalls and unforeseen expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this initiative, the Board approved Policy F-37 COVID-19 Safe Restart Grants-in-Aid, which will guide the application process and the allocation of funds.

Qualifying organizations can apply for grants of up to $5,000 to assist with these financial difficulties. 

Sonya to start Application process, to be submitted by the end of May.

Generally, the FRAA receives between $4000 and $5000 in revenue from Hall rentals. In the past year the FRAA received $150 for the only rental since March 2020: the BC Election. 

We have asked a contractor to give us estimates for a new change room door and replacement windows for the change room. A Grant-in-Aid from CSRD will certainly help us with these necessary improvements.

3. Community Hall Cleanup and Maintenance Tasks assigned:

Kitchen – Kathryn

Bathrooms – Paulina

Inside Windows – Sonya 

Change Room – Winter Poachers (expect a phone call to make arrangements)

Mouse Control – Sonya

Hall Flowers – Five hanging baskets and four window boxes to make. Budget of $200. Sonya to coordinate.

4. Programs and Events

All programs and events are on hold pending changes to current Public Health Orders on Gatherings and Events. For all details:

The Board will meet again in two weeks to review Public Health Orders and determine what is possible for getting together. The next Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 31, 2021. After the Board Meeting on May 24, 2021 we’ll know if the Town Hall Meeting will be virtual or in-person, or a combination of virtual and in-person. Stay tuned.

5. St. Joseph Project 

Development Permit Application information to be circulated to the Board for review. Intent is to submit the Application by the end of the week.

The designer and engineers have been asked for advice on preparing tender packages to send to prospective contractors.

6. Street Cleaner 

Highways has indicated the street cleaner will be in Field in the next ten days to two weeks, depending on progress of highway cleaning and line painting.

7. Spring Bins

This is a year for spring bins. Townsites is getting quotes. Dates to be determined.

8. Yoho National Park Management Planning Virtual Session, Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 6:00 pm 

This Wednesday, May 12, Parks Canada will be hosting a virtual public information session on the draft Yoho National Park management plan.

The session takes place from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. It will include a presentation of the plan, followed by a question and answer period.

To learn more, or to register to receive the Google Meet link, please email:

For more information, contact:

Lesley Matheson

Partnering and Engagement Officer


9. BC Hydro Planned Outage Wednesday May 12, 2021 from 9 am to 3:00 pm

BC Hydro is planning a power outage which will affect approximately 200 customers in Field, BC, on Wednesday, May 12th, from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  This will replace the date originally announced (May 14th).  The length of the outage has been increased to accommodate the scope of work requiring completion.

The scheduled outage will allow BC Hydro to move service to a temporary underground distribution line through the Kicking Horse Canyon construction area on the Trans-Canada Highway, reducing the risk of future unplanned outages.

Questions? Please contact: Sally MacDonald, Community Relations, East Kootenay BC Hydro


Tel: 250.489.6841 

10. FRAA Business Licence

The FRAA now has business license to operate a community organization in Yoho National Park. We needed it to apply for Restricted Activity Permits to maintain ski trails and have a fire pit at the Community Hall.

11. Round Table

Sonya: Signed a three-year contract last year to provide gardening and lawn maintenance services. Discussing status of the contract with Townsite Manager in light of Parks Canada intention to hire a three-person maintenance crew to provide the service to Lake Louise and Field. Sally suggested that when the Parks Canada crew is hired they could also be tasked with sanding and repainting the picnic tables in the Plaza.

Sally: The FRAA to request a debrief with Art MacLean on the extended closure to review protocols re: 

  • need for times the commuters and residents are escorted through the construction zone to be firm and consistent;
  • Covid-19 work-place protocols in the construction zone, i.e. workers not social distancing or masking when travelling in work vehicles; and,
  • Resident Passes to travel through the construction zone during extended closures – people aren’t returning the passes they signed out so the supply is running low. Kathryn to send an email to Art.

Next Meetings:

FRAA Board Meeting: May 24, 2021 7:00 pm

Town Hall Meeting: May 31, 2021

Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting April 12, 2021

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Paulina O’Brien, Sonya Leenders, Kathryn Cameron

1. Programs and Events

HIIT continues to be offered online with Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Society Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Please check their Facebook page for details and registration.

The FRAA has received a request to use the ice rink for outdoor, self-lead HIIT. Public Health Orders allow a maximum of 10 people to meet in an outdoor setting but it must be the same 10 people who share a bubble, not 10 random people who would only get together for the program. FRAA to request a COVID-19 Plan for the program before we’ll make a decision.

Yoga: The Public Health Order circuit-breaker ban on all indoor health and fitness programs has been extended to midnight on May 25, 2021 ( April 22 was the last originally scheduled session this season; it’s cancelled. We’ll send out information about yoga programs in late May.

Earth Day: We didn’t talk about a town clean-up. There’s still quite a lot of snow. Tabled for now. However, Wildsight Golden will host a virtual event and Earth Day Scavenger Hunt participation draw on April 22, 2021. Visit their website: The Scavenger Hunt information is attached to the minutes distribution email.

2. Review Meeting Schedule for 2021

FRAA Board MeetingField Utility BoardTown Hall Meeting
May 10April 14May 31
June 14May 26September 20
August 30September 8November 15 – AGM
October 18  

3. Community Hall Weekly Walk-through: Insurance requires weekly checks only. Kathryn to do walk-through every Thursday or Friday.

Maintenance and Repairs: Sonya to talk to the contractor finishing her kitchen to see if he’s interested in replacing the change room outside door and fixing the broken window. We’ll check with the contractor at the school to see if there’s an outside fire door we could salvage.

The window continues to offer unauthorized access to the change room. Any people who have been going into the change room via the window – stop it now. You’re violating Public Health Orders and disrespecting the community.

4. St. Joseph Project

Development Permit: Waiting for numbers confirmation from designer, then we’ll submit the application and start the process.

Owls and Bats: Owls are active! Heard in the area and seen in the belfry. No sign of bats so far. Thanks for the reports observers!

5. Constitution Update: On hold until we have either a Memorandum Of Understanding of Terms of Reference.

6. Resident Passes for Travel to Golden during Extended Closures for Kicking Horse Canyon Construction:

            Resident Passes will be available at Truffle Pigs from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm for the duration of the extended closure that starts April 12, 2021.

            Resident passes are different from commuter passes. Commuters are issued passes for travel to and from work, and are not returned until the end of the extended closure on June 1, 2021. Resident passes are intended as single use passes for intermittent trips to Golden.

            You can sign out a numbered resident pass at Truffle Pigs’ front desk the day before you plan to go to Golden. You will provide your name and email address or phone number. Please return the pass when your trip is complete.

            Truffle Pigs has committed to provide the Resident Pass program throughout the extended closure, and will have someone available at the lodge from 9 am to 6 pm daily during their scheduled 2-week spring maintenance closure from April 29 to May 13, 2021.

            If you don’t already receive updates from Parks Canada, please contact the Townsite Office, at, to have your email added to the list.

            For more detailed information, visit

            Don’t hesitate to ask questions by calling the 24/7 Construction Information Phone Line: 1-844-815-6111

7. FRAA Insurance: Final invoice submitted to Parks Canada for payment

8. BC Hydro plan to set up a diesel generator to cover the community during power outages: To request update from Sally McDonald.

9. Round Table

In order to secure Restricted Activity Permits for trail work on ski trails and outdoor contained fire pits at the Community Hall, the FRAA needs to have a business license. Application to be submitted by April 24, 2021. There is no charge for not-for-profit organizations.

Kid’s Room: Not used often but still available. Kathryn to get key from Jana before April 18. Public Health Orders apply. Keep at top of mind that outdoor interaction is proven to be safer than indoor activity.Next FRAA Board Meeting Monday, May 10, 2021 at 7:00 pm.

Parks Canada Reports for Town Hall Meeting March 29, 2021

Submitted April 9, 2021 by Townsite Manager Tracey LeBlanc

As we discussed over the Easter break, I was going to provide you with an update for the FRAA meeting that I was unable to attend. Please let me know if you have any follow up questions or concerns. I will be contacting you shortly to have a chat about the landscaping/maintenance key areas. (see the last bullet below).

From the Visitor Experience Team

Opening dates for Parks Canada facilities in Yoho National Park:

o   Visitor Reception Centre – May 1st

o   Kicking Horse Campground –  May 20th   

o   Monarch Campground – May 6th

o   Takkakaw Falls – June 17th, road pending

Changes coming from the BC MOTI highway construction:

o   Yoho West gate will be closed during the hwy closures

Date of the launch of the booking of Lake O’Hara reservation systems

o   LOH Campground on Parks Canada Reservation System, opens on April 27th

o   LOH Day use – Random Draw open for the month of April, winners announced early May

o   LOH operational June 18th

From the Highway Department

They will be running their night shift until the third week of April. They are also anticipating to start the sweeping and pre-marking for the line painters soon on the highway.  

From Townsites and Realty

In January 2021, Parks Canada came to an agreement with the Rocky Mountain School District #6 to assume ownership for the Field School in Field, B.C. Parks Canada is renovating the interior of the building to provide refreshed office space for Parks Canada and other organizations, such as the FRAA, working in Yoho National Park. No changes are planned to the exterior of the building at this time. We are anticipating that the work will be completed by June 2021. 

For the summer season 2021, Parks Canada is piloting a new landscaping/maintenance crew that will work in the communities of Field and Lake Louise. Parks Canada, through the Manager of Townsites and Realty, will be engaging the community on what key areas they believe should be addressed in Field from a landscaping/summer maintenance perspective.

Field Recreation Advisory Association Virtual Town Hall Meeting March 29, 2021

In Attendance: Carla Evans, Connie Atkinson, Karla Gaffney, Michale Lang, Sally Watson, Sara Solvey, Stew McLean, Kathryn Cameron, Paulina O’Brien, Brenda Selkirk, Greg Dowman

1. FRAA Report 

         Kathryn Cameron, President FRAA

Thanks for joining the virtual Town Hall Meeting tonight in month 13 of the pandemic. We considered holding an outdoor meeting tonight but the weather nixed that option! Board members have kept the health and safety of everyone in our community as a guiding goal in our pared-down and flexible operations over the past year. 

As they are eligible, Field residents are booking vaccination appointments with Interior Health. For details about when your age group can make an appointment, please visit the Interior Health website at:

The vaccination clinic in Golden is located in the Curling Club.

The Board will continue to meet monthly. The next meeting is scheduled for April 12, 2021. 

There have been some changes to Public Health Orders on Gatherings and Events, including the orders that affect the FRAA. For details, please visit

So, here’s the latest information on Field Recreation and Advisory Association programs and projects.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Since indoor high intensity training is not allowed by the Public Health Order, HIIT continues to be available online with Laura Penner on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. For participation details, please visit the Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Facebook page. 

Low Impact Group Exercise: We are looking at options for a low impact exercise option to offer outdoors, when Public Health Orders allow, on the skating rink pad at the Community Hall. Stay tuned for details.

Yoga Flow With Julie: The spring session planned for Thursday evenings from April 1 to 22 is on hold with the change to Public Health Orders today that bans indoor low intensity fitness and yoga classes until April 19. It’s still too cold and wet to consider outdoor yoga right now. Changes will be posted on the Village of Field Facebook events page.

Kicking Horse Ski Club: Enjoying the fantastic winter recreation of our area has been a real advantage for us this winter (every winter to be honest!). Huge thanks to Kicking Horse Ski Club for all their hard work to set-up and maintain the trails, and to keep skiers informed via the website. The Virtual Yoho Nordic Challenge was a resounding success! People from Golden and Calgary joined in and contributed $2385 to the club. For a full report and to see some great photos, visit Well done Kicking Horse Ski Club! And, it’s not over yet. With this latest breath of winter we have the chance over the next few days to extend a pretty awesome season.

Skating Rink: The ice is gone! We’ll look at outdoor spring use of the rink area for low and high intensity training, when Public Health Orders allow, and potentially yoga when it warms up. Resolving issues with the timers on the lights is in process.

License of Occupation with Parks Canada for School Gym Community Use: The FRAA is working on a Licence of Occupation for the gymnasium once the Parks Canada office renovation/construction is complete, possibly sometime in late May or June.

Community Passes for travel to Golden during Extended Closures in Kicking Horse Canyon Construction Phase 4: The first extended closure starts Monday, April 12, 2021, two weeks away. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MOTI) website for the project has information about applying for commuter passes, and will have details about community passes posted by the end of the month. Bookmark this website for quick reference over the next three years: and click on Construction for information about Traffic Management and Commuter Passes.

Yoho Trading Post plans to close during the upcoming extended closure.

St. Joseph Project: A draft of the Development Permit Application and supporting documents (Basic Impact Assessment, results of community consultation, conceptual drawings) has been sent to the design firm russell and russell and project committee members Craig and Sally for review. Next in the process: tender packages to circulate for bids from contractors, more grant applications, major fundraising event. We’re aiming for construction to start in spring 2022. This spring and summer, we need volunteers to observe the church and document any sightings of bats and birds that may use the building for nesting. If you are interested, please send an email to this week! 

BC Hydro Update: Response to questions presented by FRAA on long-term power provision on March 3, 2021 to Sally MacDonald, Public Affairs Officer East Kootenay for BC Hydro received March 12, 2021:

“I first wanted to give you an update on the status of the Energy Storage Facility (ESF). The fire at the facility is out, and we’ve secured the site while we assess the damage. A specialist engineer from NGK, the battery manufacturer, will attend the site to determine the extent of the damage. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we anticipate this will take some time as the engineer is travelling from Japan.

We’re expecting the ESF to be out of service for at least six months, and we’re looking at options in case the facility can’t be brought back into service.

In the meantime, we’re expediting the installation of a standby diesel generator which will be installed at the ESF site. The generator is expected to be in place this spring and ready to provide power to Field during an outage.

Regarding the Kicking Horse Canyon highway project, I can confirm that BC Hydro will continue to have access through the roadwork zone during the highway closure. BC Hydro will be considered an emergency service, like police and ambulance, during the highway closure. That means we will be able to come through to make repairs in the event of an outage.

During construction of Phase 4 of the Kicking Horse Canyon project, BC Hydro will install a temporary distribution line through the construction area. This will consist of three kilometres of buried submarine cable, and two kilometres of overhead distribution where the line isn’t in the way of construction activities. At the completion of Phase 4 of the project, we will replace the temporary line with underground service through this section of highway.

We’ve also met with MOTI and taken steps to reduce the risk of unplanned outages during the construction, as well as limit the duration and frequency of planned outages.

Regarding Parks Canada’s project to twin the Trans-Canada Highway through Yoho National Park, we’re exploring options for undergrounding the distribution line to move it away from the CP rail line. A decision on this long-term solution won’t be made before Parks Canada schedules the twinning project. At this stage, our discussions with Parks Canada haven’t included extending the line to reach Kicking Horse Campground and Cathedral Mountain Lodge.”

FRAA Insurance: Johnston Meier staff suggested pulling our current three policies together into one policy but that will not be possible until the St. Joseph renovation is done. We have found a new provider for Community Hall insurance. Sally will address details in her report.

Constitution Update: On hold for now. The Board wants to be certain that the Constitution represents accurately what we do and how we achieve out goals. We’re embarking on negotiations this spring to develop a Memorandum of Understanding or Terms of Reference and a new Contribution Agreement with Parks Canada. We want everything to dovetail operationally and legally.

The Field Utility Board Meeting has been rescheduled for April 14, 2021.

Role of the FRAA and communications with CP Rail and Parks Canada: Basically, the FRAA is a volunteer organization that can be a point of contact and a voice to speak for the community. However, the FRAA has no authority to act or implement any changes to operations for either of these two corporate entities. Our advice to residents of Field is to call the CP Police/Community Contact toll-free number for all crossing and CP operational issues at 1-800-716-9132. For Parks Canada concerns and issues, and to be included on the Parks Canada community e-mail list, please contact the Townsite Office at The FRAA meets with the Townsite Manager to discuss utility reports and costs, and community issues that have been brought to our attention. The FRAA was not intended to take the place of residents’ voices; the strength of community concerns is augmented when more than one voice is heard. 

2. Treasurer’s Report 

Sally Watson, Treasurer FRAA

Motion by Paulina to accept the financial reports are presented. Seconded by Kathryn.

3. Friends of Yoho Report 
         Brenda Selkirk, Manager Friends of Yoho

The Friends of Yoho have temporarily moved out of the school office and will return to the same location when renovations are complete by Park’s contractors. We were able to move, store and get everything in a safe location during this time. We do not have a completion date but the contractors are working hard to get things done. Our Friends office will be made smaller and remain manageable for all our needs. For those who feel the need to contact the office use our email: This works best for now.

         We had a recent event to raise money and were successful with our first on-line auction. This took place March 18-21 with 35 items to bid on. A few items that were donated include Chateau Lake Louise package, pottery by the Velvet Antler, Kicking horse coffee package and a ski lesson with Jessica.  We raised $4000 with bidders from Calgary, Golden and locally. Thank you to all who took part and to those who donated items. We all agree that with COVID-19 this was terrific for those involved and look forward to another one.

         Parks will be opening the VRC in Field this summer. We are happy to be able to open our gift shop again. Both will open to the public May 1 and continue on to October unless we hear differently from Parks.    May hours will be 8-4 due to the road construction and timing for employees to travel back and forth. We have Caleb Chapmen returning for another exciting season in the store. We have stock from last year to sell and things look promising for this.

         We have a newsletter coming out in the next couple months. This will have a great local feel to it with articles about surviving in COVID-19 times. It has been a struggle for many of us and those who have battled through the tough world changes. It will be interesting to see how our gift shop does this summer.

4. Field Fire and Rescue Report 
         Patrick Caïs, Acting Chief, Field Fire and Rescue Department

Members are at 13.  Brad Tataryn left and some new members are not back yet.

Training in-person started again 2 weeks ago.

FFRD had few calls through January and February:

  • Power outage at the end of January following the train derailment.  FFRD was asked by PCA to host sheltering at the community hall
  • Structure fire at Emerald Lake Lodge.  A small heater used to de-ice water pipes under a cabin caught on fire.  It was detected early by the staff and extinguished.
  • Battery fire over three days.

BC Hydro offered a $5,000 grant to FFRD to thank us for our contribution to contain and get over the ESF fire.  To be used to buy equipment.

Dave Mitchell and Associates are going through a needs assessment audit of the fire department.  It has been requested by PCA.  They want to know exactly what the needs of the fire department are.

No word on the new position for Emergency Service Coordinator.  The deadline for application was March 26th.  We do not know the roles and responsibilities of this person.  

Lake Louise FD and Golden FD are now responding to road services.  Their level of service is unknown to FFRD.

FFRD contract with PCA expires on March 31st.  No news regarding the new contract yet.

5. Round Table 

Karla Gaffney reported that she has been in contact with Sally MacDonald about sourcing used generators that could potentially be used as back-up power sources for the community while BC Hydro determines what to do with the damaged Energy Storage Facility (ESF). Thanks for this Karla. The FRAA appreciates all the work people do in the community that makes everyone’s lives better. 

Paulina reported that Truffle Pigs will be closed for two weeks for seasonal maintenance starting April 29, 2021.

Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting March 8, 2021

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Sonya Leenders, Kathryn Cameron, Paulina O’Brien, Heather Galligan

Excused: Greg Dowman

1. Programs

            Health and safety of the community is the FRAA priority, and we will continue to operate by the guidelines and public health orders of the Public Health Officer. There will be changes in the next few months as people receive vaccines. It’s a dynamic situation. The Board will meet monthly to discuss options as changes happen and communicate how those changes affect FRAA operations in 2021. Programs now offered have Covid-19 plans in place; participants are asked to follow protocols. 

Changes to Public Health Order on Gatherings and Events: No change from the most recent order issued on February 10, 2021. Visit the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control website at to read the Public Health Order and also the guidelines issued on February 5, 2021. 

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Continues to be available online with Laura Penner on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. For participation details, please visit the Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Facebook page. 

Low Impact Group Exercise: We are looking at options for a low impact exercise option to offer at the Community Hall. Attendance and protocols would follow those in place for yoga. Stay tuned for details.

Yoga Flow With Julie: Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm at the Community Hall, admission by donation. Please wear a mask as you enter the hall, sanitize your hands (sanitizer is on the table at the entrance or wash your hands in the washroom) and proceed to set up your mat a minimum of 2.5 meters from other participants. You can remove your mask for the yoga session. Please put on your mask again and maintain the 2.5 meters distance recommended as you gather your mat, sanitize your hands, put on your coat and boots and exit the community hall. The hall can safely accommodate 10 participants. Residents from Lake Louise have expressed interest in attending. The Board feels that travelling to attend yoga is not considered essential travel, so we’ll keep it local for now.

Kicking Horse Ski Club: The Virtual Yoho Nordic Challenge was a resounding success! People from Golden and Calgary joined in and contributed $2385 to the club. For a full report and to see some great photos, visit Well done Kicking Horse Ski Club!

Skating Rink: There have been some issues with the timer system on the outdoor lights. It appears the system needs to be reset after power outages. We plan to work on some options this summer for next season.

License of Occupation with Parks Canada for School Gym Community Use: The lease surrender between Rocky Mountain School District #6 and Parks Canada for Field Elementary School is officially complete now. The FRAA is working on a Licence of Occupation for the gymnasium. Office renovation/construction scheduled for March 8, 2021 to end of May. Parks Canada says contractor will use gym as a staging area for materials during renovation so not available for community use until the contractor is finished.

2. Community Passes for travel to Golden during Extended Closures in Kicking Horse Canyon Construction Phase 4

            The FRAA has been asked for advice on administering the Community Pass system through Canada Post. 

            The Board recommends that residents who own vehicles be issued their own numbered passes, linked to a vehicle license, similar to Parks Canada Resident Passes, which can be used to book a trip on an online booking app, similar to what skiers use to book their time at the Lake Louise Ski Area, during the limited open periods in an extended closure.
            Our rationale for not using the Post Office or calling Art McLean, at the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI):
1. The Post Office is only open from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm Monday through Friday, offering a very limited time frame for people to book a pass and pick it up;
2. Extended closures will be in effect 7 days per week, so on two of the days, there is no access to community passes if they are in the Post Office;
3. People who live in Field, work in Lake Louise and go to Golden for services (doctor, dentist, groceries, etc.) will find it difficult to manage appointments that may come up last minute when they leave Field for work early in the morning and return to Field at the end of the work day in late afternoon/early evening;
4. The Post Office already has challenges meeting demands of Post Office Services under Covid-19 operational guidelines. Adding this service could impact Post Office operations and service, their priority;
5. Asking Art to be available 24/7 during extended closures is not a realistic option for him. 

            A specific pass for a specific resident who can book online is much more professional and reliable. Commuters will be issued passes they keep and carry to simplify the process. It makes sense that residents be granted the same level of consideration, with the rider that they book online in advance of their trip.

            MOTI will communicate how the Community Pass system will operate. 

3. St Joseph Project 

            We continue to work with the designer and engineers. The focus of the FRAA is to initiate the Development Permit now that engineered drawings are a reality. Also working on grant applications and fundraising options. The new timeline for construction start is spring 2022.

4. Community Hall Use as Emergency Shelter during Power Outage January 26, 2021

            CP used the hall as an emergency warming and registration centre for people who don’t have a back-up heating system to use when there’s no power for forced air furnaces or baseboard heaters. CP provided blankets, food and bottled water. Eleven people made use of the facility, which was staffed by Field Fire and Rescue members from 3 pm to 11 pm that day. No one needed the facility for overnight accommodation.

            The Board will research how other community facilities are funded for use as emergency shelters.

5. BC Hydro Energy Storage Facility (ESF)

            There was an internal fire in the battery banks on February 16, 2021 . The ESF is out of service until repaired. BC Hydro is working on interim power back-up for the community in the event of a power outage. BC Hydro will communicate with us when they have more information.

            The FRAA is concerned about short-term and long-term energy security for Field. We sent this email to BC Hydro and Parks Canada on March 1, 2021:

“The Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA) wants to express to BC Hydro and Parks Canada, on behalf of residents and business owners in Field, BC and Yoho National Park, our desire to address electric power supply security for our community and area.

We understand the challenges of terrain, weather, line repair and maintenance, the present state of the Energy Storage Facility, and the role of CP priorities in keeping the power coming to Field. It’s a huge responsibility. We commend BC Hydro for providing service to the community since the line from Golden to Field was powered in the 1990s.

Looking at an immediate short-term back-up option while the ESF is not available, is it possible to install a diesel generator to power the community during outages to replace the ESF?

In the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure meeting with the community on February 25, 2021, we learned that during the Kicking Horse Canyon Project Phase 4, part of the power line will stay above ground and part will go underground. Project managers said they are aware of the sensitive nature of power provision to this area. It appears that section of BC Hydro’s line to Field will remain reliable, however, details about the plan between the contractor and BC Hydro during construction would give residents of Field more information about how there will be guaranteed uninterrupted power during the massive rebuilding of the 4.5 km of highway. 

Parks Canada has held public consultation events in Field to present TransCanada Highway Twinning proposals for review and comment. Given that most power outages in Field have occurred after incidents on the section of the power line installed above-ground along the CP right-of-way, it makes sense to move that line underground along the new highway during the highway twinning project through Yoho National Park when that project proceeds. The FRAA believes that will mitigate the occurrence of most outages in the future and provide a long term solution that allows for much easier access to BC Hydro infrastructure than if the line is left in its present location. This option will also allow for power provision further east to Kicking Horse Campground and Cathedral Mountain Lodge, which operate using diesel generators during their seasons of operation. Have there been any formal discussions between Parks Canada and BC Hydro to include this option in the project?”

6. FRAA Insurance

            Currently, we have three separate policies to cover facilities, programs and director liability. Our insurance provider, Johnston Meier Insurance, has suggested consolidating all three policies into one to address redundancies. Sally and Kathryn had a conference call with Johnston Meier Insurance on March 4, 2021 to answer questions about coverage, programs, state of facilities. The broker indicated we may have options to look at this week. We have renewed two of the three policies and are on month-to-month coverage with the third policy. 

7. Constitution Update

            The FRAA has updated the constitution but hasn’t uploaded the document to the BC Society’s Act website. Given the experience of the pandemic, the plan to work on either a Memorandum of Understanding or Terms of Reference with Parks Canada in 2021, and negotiating a new Contribution Agreement with Parks Canada in 2021, the Board feels we should hold off on registering the updated Constitution until we have digested the impact of the pandemic and signed agreements with Parks Canada. We want everything to dovetail operationally and legally.

8. Financial Report

            To be presented at the Community Update scheduled for March 25, 2021,

9. Contribution Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding or Terms of Reference      

            The Board is making a list of what we would like to see in new agreements with Parks Canada.

10. Next Meetings

Field Utility Board: March 17, 2021

FUB Agenda
1. Quarterly Reports
2. Town Hall Meeting format for March 29, 2021

3. Update on Parks Canada’s requests to LL Fire Department and Golden Fire Department to provide Road Rescue to Yoho National Park

4. TransCanada Highway Twinning through YNP: Do plans include moving the BC Hydro line to underground along the highway?
5. Town Walk About follow-up and Discussion about reinstating an annual walkabout meeting to assess/identify items that need to be addresses
6. Contribution Agreement

7. Memorandum of Understanding/Terms of Reference discussion and goals timeline

Town Hall Meeting: March 29, 2021 


FRAA Report

Treasurer’s Report

Parks Canada Reports

            Townsite Manager 

            Assets Manager

            VE Manager

            Resource Conservation Manager

Friends of Yoho Report

Field Fire and Rescue Report

FRAA Board Meeting: April 12, 2021

Field Recreation Advisory Association Update January 25, 2021

Public Health Order dated January 8, 2021 does not allow public meetings at this time. The Board can meet but no members of the public can attend.

The BC Public Health Officer will update the order on February 8, 2021. Based on the guidelines stated then we will look at options for an in-person and virtual meeting in February.

Superintendent Rick Kubian and Policy Advisor Alex Kolesch have said they would like to attend the next Town Hall Meeting to share information and answer residents’ questions about the information they present. They’re on standby until we can have an in-person public meeting with virtual participation as well that will reach as many residents as possible.

This update presents information that would have been given at the January 25, 2021 Town Hall Meeting. 

1. FRAA Report 

            Kathryn Cameron, President FRAA

Here is what the FRAA Board members have worked on since our last Town Hall Meeting and Annual General Meeting on November 16, 2020:


  • Virtual FRAA Board meetings on November 28, 2020, December 16, 2020 and January 11, 2021. Minutes of all meetings have been circulated to the community email list and are posted on the Village of Field website
  • Conference Call meeting with Parks Canada Superintendent Rick Kubian December 11, 2020.
  • Conference call Field Utility Board Meeting January 20, 2021


Covid-19 guidelines from the British Columbia Public Health Officer have determined how FRAA programs and facilities operate this winter. We are committed to health and safety of the community and will continue to follow guidelines as they change. 

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) continues virtually via Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Centre on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with Laura Penner at 7:00 pm. Please visit the LLSRC Facebook page for participation details. If you want to receive reminders, send a text to 250-344-8291 to be added to the contact list.
  • Yoga Flow With Julie on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm at the Community Hall, admission by donation. Please wear a mask as you enter the hall, sanitize your hands (sanitizer is on the table at the entrance or wash your hands in the washroom) and proceed to set up your mat a minimum of 2.5 meters from other participants. You can remove your mask for the yoga session. Please put on your mask again and maintain the 2.5 meters distance recommended as you gather your mat, sanitize your hands, put on your coat and boots and exit the community hall. The hall can safely accommodate 8 participants. 
  • The Ice Rink is flooded and in use – well done Rink People! The change room remains locked. For night time skaters, the lights are set to be on from around 5 pm to 11 pm. The timers were installed several years ago and may need to be updated or replaced. The FRAA will have an electrician assess them. There are benches outside to use for putting on skates/boots. You can also use the benches and chairs on the Community Hall porch. Please maintain a physical distance of 2.5 meters between yourself and other skaters outside your personal bubble. The change room door is locked from the inside. Entering through the windows for whatever reason is not good; please comply with the guidelines.
  • Kicking Horse Ski Club continues to provide us with wonderful cross-country skiing! Tally-Ho Trail, Kicking Horse Trail, Tree Hugger Trail, Emerald Lake Alluvial Fan and Horse Trails, Emerald Connector and the Yoho Valley Road have all been packed, groomed, track set and skier tracked, and are in great shape. Visit the website  for trail reports, membership information and club updates. QR codes are now available at trailheads to make donations and memberships easier for skiers and snowshoers to make payments to the club. E-transfers now enabled to deposit memberships and donation directly to the FRAA account at Columbia Valley Credit Union. Big thanks to the Kicking Horse Ski Club team!

Parks Canada Invoices and Honorarium

All outstanding invoices for public washroom use and Honorarium for 2019/2020 have been paid in full. The new contribution agreement is very specific about itemizing 12 meetings attended by a maximum of 5 FRAA Board members to achieve the annual maximum contribution of $6000. Given the volunteer nature of the FRAA it is doubtful the organization will realize that financial maximum in the duration of the current agreement. Our community is doing so many things that would normally fall in the responsibility/role of municipal jurisdiction that are simply not recognized by Parks Canada management. It’s a conundrum.


Sally filled out the questionnaire on changes to coverage as requested by our insurance provider Johnson Meier Insurance in Golden. The FRAA requested quotes with larger deductibles than are currently in place for our three policies that cover buildings and other assets, programs and director liability. For many years Parks Canada has paid our insurance in lieu of a municipal recreation grant. The FRAA anticipates receiving invoices in the next week, which will be forwarded to Parks Canada for payment.


Townsite Manager Tracey LeBlanc indicated at the Field Utility Board meeting that Field Fire and Rescue have been consulted on the Emergency Service Coordinator position.

Parks Canada has made formal requests for Golden Fire Department and Lake Louise Fire Department to respond to road rescue in Yoho National Park.

St Joseph Project

It’s been an intense three months of work. New conceptual drawings were developed and circulated to the community for public comment – only positive comments in response. Level Engineering was contracted to produce engineered drawings for mechanical and electrical services to the renovation, FRP Engineering was contracted to produce structural engineering drawings and Studio C Architecture was contracted to provide architectural review and guidance. The designer, russell and russell design is reviewing all drawings submitted and coordinating with Studio C. The final report to Columbia Basin Trust for the Community Initiatives and Affected Areas grant to cover costs for engineered drawings was submitted in mid-January. Next steps: Development Permit, tender the project for contractor bids, apply for more grants.

Constitution Update

Tabled for now. To be discussed at next FRAA Board Meeting scheduled for February 8, 2021.

Community Hall 

To meet insurance requirements, we inspect the Community Hall three times a week with a complete walk-through of upstairs and downstairs rooms: Sally on Tuesdays; Kathryn on Thursdays; and, Paulina on Saturdays.


Congratulations to Pavo and Chloe on their engagement! 

Congratulations to Spud on his retirement!

2. Treasurer’s Report 

            Sally Watson, Treasurer FRAA

Files attached to distribution e-mail.

3. Parks Canada Reports 

            Tracey LeBlanc, Townsite Manager

Not available

4. Friends of Yoho

            Brenda Selkirk, Manager

Not available

5. Community Paramedicine, British Columbia Emergency Health Service

            Craig Chapman, Community Paramedic

Not available

6. Field Fire and Rescue Report 
            Patrick Caïs, Acting Chief, Field Fire and Rescue Department

Not available

FRAA Board of Directors Meeting January 11, 2021

1. Programs 

  • HIIT continues virtually via Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Centre on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with Laura Penner at 7:00 pm. Please visit the LLSRC Facebook page for participation details. If you want to receive reminders, send a text to 250-344-8291 to be added to the contact list.
  • Yoga Flow With Julie on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm at the Community Hall, admission by donation. Please wear a mask as you enter the hall, sanitize your hands (sanitizer is on the table at the entrance or wash your hands in the washroom) and proceed to set up your mat a minimum of 2.5 meters from other participants. You can remove your mask for the yoga session. Please put on your mask again and maintain the 2.5 meters distance recommended as you gather your mat, sanitize your hands, put on your coat and boots and exit the community hall. The hall can safely accommodate 10 participants. Residents from Lake Louise have expressed interest in attending. The Board feels that travelling to attend yoga is not considered essential travel, so we’ll keep it local.
  • The Ice Rink is flooded and in use! Well done Rink People! The change room remains locked. For night time skaters, the lights are set to be on from around 6 pm to 11 pm (it’s tough to get exact times on the timer so the lights may not be on at exactly 6 pm or go off at exactly 11 pm). There are benches outside to use for putting on skates/boots. You can also use the benches and chairs on the Community Hall porch. Please maintain a physical distance of 2.5 meters between yourself and other skaters outside your personal bubble. The change room door is locked from the inside. Entering through the windows for whatever reason is not good; please comply with the guidelines. 
  • Kicking Horse Ski Club is amazing! Tally-Ho Trail, Kicking Horse Trail, Tree Hugger Trail, Emerald Lake Alluvial Fan and Horse Trails, and the Yoho Valley Road have all been packed, groomed, trackset and skier tracked, and are in great shape. Right now the focus is on getting the Emerald Connector groomed and trackset. Visit the website for trail reports, membership information and club updates. This just in – QR code available at trailheads to make donations and memberships easier for skiers and snowshoers to make payments to the club.

2. Parks Canada Invoices and Honorarium

Washroom invoices for 2018, 2019 and 2020, plus the Honorarium for 2019/2020 have been accepted and entered for payment by Parks Canada on January 18, 2021. The FRAA will work with Parks Canada on submitting the Honorarium for 2020/2021 by the end of February 2021.

3. Insurance

The FRAA received the annual Notice to Renew from Johnson Meier in Golden, with a questionnaire to complete, indicating any changes in coverage. Sally to work with Johnson Meier to complete the paperwork so invoices can be issued. No change to coverage. FRAA insurance covers buildings and other assets, programs and director liability.


The FRAA advises Parks Canada leadership to include Field Fire and Rescue members in the process to develop the Fire Services Coordinator position to ensure that creating and implementing this position will meet the needs of Field Fire and Rescue. 

5. St. Joseph Project

Engineers are working hard to complete engineered drawings for mechanical, electrical and structural elements of the renovation this week, with architectural review being done throughout the project. We will meet the January 15, 2021 deadline to pay for the work and submit the final report for the Community Initiatives grant. Once we have the engineered drawing in hand, the FRAA will put the project out to tender and continue applying for grants. Talking about potential fundraising options in 2021.

6. FUB Agenda for Meeting on January 20, 2021 

  • Quarterly Reports – Q1 – April, May, June and Q2 – July, August, September 2020 
  • Include FFRD input from members in development of Fire Services Coordinator position
  • License of Occupation for community use of school gym
  • Snow removal and snow storage discussion
  • Who is responsible for locking VRC washrooms when there is a power outage in Field?
  • Initial evaluation of traffic lights at Field intersection 
  • Contribution Agreement

7. Town Hall Meeting Agenda for Meeting on Monday, January 25, 2021

  • Zoom Meeting plus 15 in-person attendance, RSVP
  • FRAA Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Parks Canada Reports
    • Townsites
    • Highways
    • Visitor Experience
    • Resource Conservation
    • Asset

8. Round Table

  • Weekends in Yoho National Park are very busy! Wapta Falls parking lot full with 14 vehicles parked on the highway shoulder on Saturday, January 9, 2021. 
  • Parks Canada has ploughed the Sherbrooke Lake parking lot to accommodate backcountry users in the Great Divide area (Sherbrooke Lake skiers and snow shoers, Wapta Traverse backcountry skiers).
  • Be vigilant and careful. Some businesses are open – follow Public Health Office guidelines and protocols specified by businesses to protect you and staff.

St. Joseph Project in Field Proceeds With Support from Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives Program

Built in 1908, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church has been important to the community of Field for more than a century. The building was decommissioned as an active religious facility in 2015 and sold to the Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA) in 2017. 

With conceptual plans, public consultation, and environmental assessments in hand, and $45,625 in funding from Columbia Basin Trust through the Community Initiatives Program to complete architectural review and engineered drawings, the FRAA is preparing the Parks Canada Development Permit application, tender packages to hire a contractor and more grant applications to move on to the construction phase. Renovations will be extensive and include a new foundation, washrooms, windows, insulation, electrical, plumbing and heating, to bring the building into the 21st century without sacrificing the beauty and charm of this beautiful early 20th century structure.

When complete, the building will be a multifunctional space to serve residents of Field and visitors to Yoho National Park for community events like music, theatre, education, art and craft classes, farmer’s market, yoga, book exchange, art gallery, and a space for quiet contemplation. Expenses to run the facility will be covered by its use as a wedding chapel.

The FRAA is very thankful for the support given to this project by the Community Initiatives Program of Columbia Basin Trust. There have been challenges that we have met and resolved, and anticipate there will be more challenges as the project moves on to the next stages. Patience and consultation have proven valuable tools. Without funding from Columbia Basin Trust, we wouldn’t have made it this far. Thank you to Columbia Basin Trust and Golden and Community Foundation for helping the community of Field revitalize a beautiful landmark in our village.

FRAA Board Meeting via Zoom December 16, 2020

In attendance: Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron, Sonya Leenders

Excused: Paulina O’Brien, Heather Galligan, Greg Dowman

1. St. Joseph’s Project – Grant extension and quotes from structural engineers

            Grant for engineered drawings, architectural approval and geotechnical work was originally due to be completed by December 15, 2020. However, the FRAA revisited the whole concept in June 2020 following consultation with neighbours, which meant new drawings with public consultation before going ahead with engineered drawings. This was completed by November 30, 2020. We have received acceptable quotes for electrical and mechanical drawings, and architectural review through the process and are currently waiting for quotes from two structural engineering firms. The FRAA anticipates receiving the quotes by the end of this week. We applied for an extension and the final grant report is due by January 15, 2021.

2. FFRD 

            In a meeting with Parks Canada on December 11, 2020, the FFRA learned that Parks Canada is pursuing their regional solution approach. 

  • Parks Canada met with the society that administers Lake Louise Fire Department (LLFD), Banff Lake Louise Emergency Services Society (BLLESS) last week, and Parks Canada will ask to enter into a formal agreement for LLFD to respond to road rescue in Yoho National Park between Lake Louise and Field. BLLESS Board to review the request in January 2021. 
  • Parks Canada has sent a formal request to Town Of Golden Chief Administrative Officer to Have Golden Fire Department (GFD) respond to road rescue from Yoho National Park West Gate to Field. 
  • No timeline on when agreements will be signed.
  • Emergency Management British Columbia (EMBC) will reimburse any Fire Department that responds out of their jurisdiction in the province of British Columbia. Responses to road rescue in Yoho National Park by LLFD and GFD will be reimbursed by EMBC. No cost to Parks Canada
  • This is not a stop-gap measure. Parks Canada sees this as a reasonable way to provide a long-term approach to road rescue services in Yoho National Park. Only talking about road rescue service from LLFD and GFD. FFRD will continue to provide structure fire protection services to Field and Yoho National Park. On the question of HazMat response, it is 99% fuel spills and long term clean-up is required, there is seldom short-term containment needed. 
  • FFRD will continue to provide structure fire protection services so no foreseeable impact on insurance in the community. Parks Canada has a strong interest in maintaining FFRD long term.
  • CP Rail is responsible for providing emergency response to CP Rail emergencies.

Rebuttal from FRAA:

  • LLFD has recruitment issues, greater than those experienced by FFRD. LLFD has a minimum 30 minute response time on a highway that covers four weather patterns over the 27 km distance from Lake Louise to Field.
  • GFD is 57 km away, so longer response time on a highway that is approaching the start of a 4-year construction project to twin 4.8 km in Kicking Horse Canyon, with long and short-term closures expected.
  • Risk of Kicking Horse River contamination from hazardous materials/spills.
  • Do these departments have the resources to expand their areas of response?
  • Response time to any road rescue incident is critical. FFRD can respond much faster with a team that is trained and competent.
  • Parks Canada regional solution is downloading the same concerns to two other volunteer fire departments that deal with the same difficult responses. Looking at the timeline and substance of FFRD request to Parks Canada for a full-time Fire Chief it shows that the shared demands of leadership without a Fire Chief were put on the Captains that increased their responsibilities and time commitments. FFRD asked for a position to provide leadership. The proposed Parks Canada regional approach seems to dismantle and sideline a functional organization.
  • FFRD, LLFD and GFD were working on mutual aid agreements so the idea of a regional solution was already substantially in play. With identified areas of jurisdiction for each department, there has been a very functional model. 
  • Parks Canada leadership is not listening to feedback or critique of their “regional solution”. 

3. Kicking Horse Ski Club

            E-transfers to purchase memberships are in place via and they’re working out well. Set up for automatic deposit so not passwords necessary. Ski Club is charting membership list. Conditions improve with each snowfall. For all Kicking Horse Ski Club details, please visit the website at Marilyn is keeping us informed!

4. Programs

HIIT is on Zoom with Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Society. Please visit their Facebook page for details. Classes were free in December; there may be a fee to attend virtually in January.

All the equipment for the gym grant has been purchased and delivered. When the gym can be used as a public space again there will be circuit training and ping pong. Final report for the grant has been submitted and a press release to publicly thank Columbia Basin Trust for support of the program will be sent to The Golden Star.

Public Health Orders have changed and in-person low-impact yoga classes are once again allowed to take place. This means, for lucky us, that Yoga Flow with Julie will start again January 7, 2021. Mark your calendar and dust off your yoga mat. Please wear a mask and use hand sanitizer on entrance to the community hall. Once people are on their mats, in their allocated space, masks can be removed for the yoga session then put back on to exit following the class.

5. Rink Protocols 2020

            Weather has not been our friend this year when considering the ice rink. We’ve had big snowfalls, then warm weather, then more snow . . . and not much good cold weather to get some floods on the rink. Thanks to the rink people who have been clearing the snow, doing some floods, then clearing more snow. It’s a slow process. Once the rink is usable, only ice maintenance people will have access to the change room. Please bring your equipment and take it home; no equipment storage in the change room this winter.

6. Round Table

  • Parks Canada has not paid any invoices submitted in 2020, some of which are for services from 2018. Tracey LeBlanc said the invoice for the Honorarium must be resubmitted following the guidelines outlined in the new Contribution Agreement. Sally is working on it and will also submit invoice for public washroom for 2020.
  • Given the proximity of CP Rail infrastructure and operations to the community of Field, the FRAA feels that sole response by CP to CP emergency situations has the potential to put Field residents in grave danger. 
  • Public Health Guidelines for Christmas gatherings has meant many people may be alone this Christmas. Any word on what’s happening or ideas on how to mitigate?

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.Next FRAA Board Meeting scheduled for January 11, 2020 via Zoom and invitations sent to Board Members. 

Columbia Basin Trust Support Helps Expand Indoor Fitness Programs in Field

Field Recreation Advisory Association (FRAA) extends heartfelt thanks to the Columbia Basin Trust for support provided to the community of Field, BC to establish an expanded indoor fitness and event option through the Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program.

In concert with volunteer organisers, Parks Canada and Journey to Fitness, the FRAA will offer circuit training, High Intensity Interval Training, a ping pong league and community concert events in the gymnasium of Field Elementary School once these indoor activities are again deemed safe by the Provincial Health Officer. In the meantime, the FRAA has used the grant money awarded, $9,450.00, to purchase equipment and a secure entry system. This facility will offer additional activities to the community, with a particular focus on expanded indoor options in the winter when residents are interested in getting together for some fun that involves physical challenge in a warm setting.

Columbia Basin Trust has supported many important community initiatives in Field that encourage personal well-being and opportunities for social gathering, and have established some great traditions. Although the pandemic has curbed some activities for now, the FRAA looks forward to picking up where we left off. The current indoor fitness and events initiative will be a welcome addition to the community, and give us a break from all the amazing cross country skiing and skating we enjoy now, programs also supported by Columbia Basin Trust in the past!Thank you Columbia Basin Trust.