Outage Notification Alert System

We are pleased to advise that the Energy Storage Facility Notification Alert System is now in place. Please see the attached Community Update from BC Hydro. They will be able to test the notification system with the community the next time there is an outage and would be pleased to receive any feedback.

Field Community Update – April 2014

In-Camera Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2014

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Randle Robertson, Steve Christy, Chris Allen, Kathryn Cameron, Helen Dickenson

Excused: Craig Chapman, Matt Morrison, Devon Brook, David Allen

Old Business                                                                                                             Action

1. Media Project – Facebook and fieldbc.ca website: Chris needs $30 to purchase a Word Press plug-in that will synchronize Facebook and website calendar. Motion by Steve, Randle seconded. Carried. Also ready to do email update option. People can subscribe by going to the website now, and doing the entry. Has pictures of Steve, Craig and Randle, needs photos from the rest of us. Facebook update: ten GB of historic, photos from Amy Krause, Parks Canada, new material for page. 507 likes. People starting to use it to communicate, like where can we recycle in town? Steve says he has heard Facebook is dead, but Chris says it is still valuable and will continue to use it. 

Chris has created an account in fieldbc.ca for the secretary position. Kathryn has logged on and had a quick look at the program. Chris plans to create accounts for all council members if they want to have one.



Interested citizens

Sally, Kathryn, Matt, Dave, Devon, Helen







2. Yoho Blow: Big success. Food still to pick up; one sleeve of burgers left: 24 for $20, plus 2 sets of 24 buns – $6 each. Contact Sally if you want to purchase: 250-343-6354. Made just under $2000 over the weekend. Dance paid for itself – very good news. Sally will put the event on a function sheet for analysis and presentation at Town Hall Meeting. Over spent on food; important to keep track of what we used to determine what we need in the future.  



3. Kicking Horse Ski Club Supper: Sold around $700. Breakdown will be presented in financial report at March 24 Town Hall Meeting. Sally
4. Community Policing: Council feels the most important element is getting to know each other. We can help Townsites design a level of service that meets our needs. Agenda item for FUB. FUB


New Business                                                                                                           Action

1. In Camera Meeting Agenda: To be developed by Chair and circulated by Secretary. Steve, Kathryn
2. Burgess Shale Geoscience Foundation Development Status: Final Report circulated to council. SFU has estimated $45,000 to $50,000 to do feasibility study. Applying to CBT and GAI to fund study. Area needed for parking is massive so Golden identified for Discovery Centre and Field for Learning Centre. Six to seven months to complete the study. What does Foundation want from council? Involvement in consultation process, yes, mostly keeping us informed. Randle very hopeful this time around. Feels good to have SFU involvement. Randle
3. March and Upcoming Events: Sally going to Australia for 4 weeks leaving on Sunday, March 2. Kirk McLean renting hall April 6 for Emerald Lake staff party. Plans to open event to residents. $300 rental, maybe a dance. Kirk interested in running the bar, rather than FRAA. Liquor sales are an important part of our revenue plan; decided not to outsource bar operation at this time. Discussion about need to develop a rental fee for people running their own bar.  Chris to apply for the license, figure out the liquor order. Sally can be on the license, but will just be getting home from her trip. 

Sally will leave cheque book and keys with Chris. Chris has set up link from website requests for hall bookings to Sally’s iPad so she will continue to handle hall bookings while she is away.


Jordan, thanks for supervising children in the Kid’s Room on February 19.  Really great service so parents could attend the meeting with MP David Wilks.


Yoga rentals in April, May, June and July – lots.


Marla picked up toilet paper and paper towels, supplies; Sally to reimburse.

4. Early Childhood Development Program: Helen negotiating funding questions right now. Will keep us posted. Ready, Set, Learn and ECDC have both provided funding. Outdoor fun with Jane Powell, and Landon, Susan Williamson also providing programming at this point. Sue to provide invoices monthly, hourly rate plus supplies.
5. Field VRC Winter Closure: Received financials from Parks Canada. Analysis composed of November through end of March, but VRC is closed from October 15 to April 30. Council requested numbers for full period of closure to have complete understanding of Parks Canada decision to close. Caroline
6. Highway Maintenance in Winter: Highway, commercial traffic continues west of Lake Louise so some recognition that there is traffic on the TCH west, even though the ski hill traffic stops at Lake Louise. How do we galvanize action? Media? Petition? Could go on website and Facebook to raise awareness. Take photos and send them to David Wilks and Parks Canada. Petition? Steven Lay to be asked to spearhead this initiative. Read through guidelines. Follow directions precisely. Wording is important. Randle and Helen to assist. Steve, Helen, Steve
7. Upcoming Events: Sustainability Discussion and Field Utility Board Meeting: February 26, 2014 –9:30 am to noon, Yoho Admin boardroom

Kicking Horse Ski Club Guided Ski: March 9, 2014 – 10 am, Natural Bridge

Field Town Hall Meeting: March 10, 2014 – 7 pm Field Community Hall

Kicking Horse Ski Club Full Moon Ski: March 14, 2014 – 8 pm, Emerald Lake

FRAA Easter Planning Meeting: March 18, 2014 – 8 pm, Cameron residence

FCC/FRAA In Camera Meeting: March 24, 2014 – 7:00 pm, Community Hall

Food Coop Meeting: March 25, 2014 – 11 am, The Siding

Steve, Randle, Chris, Kathryn, Craig, Sally

Town Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2014

In Attendance:

Parks Canada – Caroline Marion, Elaine Lemieux, Melanie Kwong, Michael St-Denis, Michael Vanderveen;

FRAA/FCC – Sally Watson, Steve Christie, Craig Chapman, Kathryn Cameron, Chris Allen, Helen Dickinson, Devon Brook;

Public – 15 Members

Motion to approve agenda by Craig. Motion carried.

1. FRAA report: Recap of FRAA/FCC Meeting January 13, 2014

  1. Christmas report: thank you to Santa and volunteers;
  2. Trying to meet with MP Wilks to discuss highway issues and levels of service;
  3. Working on constitution and bylaws update;
  4. Media project: Facebook page with 421 likes/followers, website www.field.bc.ca now live with lots of good information;
  5. Recognition by National Geographic as secret ski destination, Parks Canada Promotions Officer Karin Smith involved in project, thank you to Karin;
  6. Field HIP: fresh paint, new floor, paint on walls; final report press release to be sent to local media;
  7. CBT grant proposals for further improvements: don’t limit yourself, we need people to present ideas, commit to involvement and drive the machine;
  8. Upcoming events: ukulele choir practice Thursday, January 23 at 7pm, Cameron residence; Yoho Blow this weekend, events, dance, pot luck supper; lots of Hall rentals booked over the next few months; Kicking Horse Ski Club supper scheduled for February 22 – dinner and social evening, no silent auction; sustainability workshop agenda development to figure out larger event February 26, 2014 as precursor to Field Utility Board Meeting;
  9. Sean Coubrough will start Field kids hockey this Friday at 4:30;
  10. Chamber of Commerce organizational meeting date in process, maybe first week in February.
  11. Skating room note: 95% of users are not cleaning up after they use the room; return skates to the shelf after use, leave equipment at your own peril, please respect the common use of the facility.

2. Treasurers report: see files attached to this message.

Helen Dickinson reported that Sue Williamson will offer the Early Childhood Development program. There will be some flexibility in scheduling because Sue is on call with School District Number 6 in Golden.
Kathryn will give receipts for Canada Day cakes and Christmas potatoes to Sally immediately.

Motion by Kathryn to accept Treasurer’s Report as presented, Craig seconded. Motion carried

3. Parks Canada Reports – Townsite Manager – Ms. Caroline Marion 

1. Dumping of Large Items at Line-up:  Residents are reminded that any large items left at the solid waste bins will either be removed by the Highway Service Centre or a contractor and that the costs of this extra removal will be charged to ratepayers.  The HSC is not equipped to pick up large items such as mattresses or old TVs.  The Town of Golden has facilities that will accept this type of material.

2. Plastic Recycling Bin: This spring, a plastics recycling bin will be added to the line-up.

3. 2nd Quarter Report: The 2013-2014 water and sewer rate was frozen at the 2012-2013 rate, 30% lower than required to cost-recover the 2013-2014 budget for water and sewer services.  Parks Canada will subsidize any deficit for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

Consumption is up 4.5% from the same period last year, from 11,415 cubic meters to 11,931 cubic meters.  Residential consumption is up 2.4% while non-residential consumption is up 7.2%.

Water expenses are at 51.6% of forecast to the 2nd Quarter, Sewer expenses are at 54.2% of forecast, and solid waste expenses are at 46.4% of forecast.

4. Field Sustainability: A preliminary meeting will take place with council on February 26 to discuss next steps with respect to sustainability discussions for the community, including how to engage the larger community in future discussions.

5. Highways – Ms. Melanie Kwong and Mr. Michael Vanderveen: Melanie thanked the community for taking the time to let us know about concerns about snow removal in Field, for your patience as we worked things out, and for your appreciation of the work of Highway Service Centre staff.

Melanie thanked the community for moving cars to enable us to complete the cleanup.  The recent snow events included a perfect storm of staff shortages, equipment failure, avalanches, and storms in multiple locations in the Mountain Parks.   The Highway Service Centre, which services all the mountain parks, has now been able to relocate staff temporarily to help in our field unit while we continue to recruit operators. An as and when contract has also now been set up with Gottler Brothers to deal with circumstances where HSC staff are not able to maintain emergency access in the community in the event of competing priorities during storm events. Townsites will be paying for the cost of Gottler coming into town to do snow removal. Parks unable to confirm a time frame as to when Gottler could be called. Sean Coubrough will advise Parks as to what is required.

We hope these initiatives will go a long way to improving things.  Please continue to contact Elaine Lemieux or Caroline Marion to advise of unusual issues in the community, such as failure of the mail truck or suppliers to enter town because of snow removal issues.

FCC Response: Thanks Melanie, from Steve. We appreciate the work Parks Canada has done to solve problem in the short term. There is still a lingering feeling that the department is underfunded to provide adequate service. Service levels really went downhill when Boulder Creek compound was closed. The landscape here demands greater level of service than currently offered. Emerald Lake area really suffered this Christmas. Boulder Creek Highway Maintenance was closed as part of consolidation and forming new Field Unit. Budget cuts have really impacted service standards. At last meeting in November Miguel noted that level of traffic drops off drastically west of Lake Louise, but this is not a realistic view. Visitors and residents still need service so people can get around. Sally stated that we did not have any service in town from the cold snap at the beginning of December until we started to complain just before New Years. There was a 3 week period where we had continual small accumulations of snow and no service whatsoever. It was not until December 30th after numerous complaints that we see any action. Sally also addressed school bus issues and concerns. People in west deserve same level of service as received in the east. Every year we discuss and talk about it, not because people are not doing their jobs but because the whole situation is under resourced.

Melanie shared that Parks Canada is not in a position to reopen the Boulder Creek Highways facility and made a distinction between reopening the compound and having additional capacity for snow removal in Yoho National Park.

Michael shared that although the HSC strives to meets its guidelines, a storm which dumped 60 cm of snow in the area means that the guidelines are not being met anywhere. Staff are doing the best with the resources they have – the Trans Canada Highway is always the priority, followed by the hills up to the Chateau Lake Louise and the Lake Louise Ski Area.  Crews are directed to the highest problem areas on any given day.

The HSC is having trouble recruiting staff, which other jurisdictions are also experiencing.  2 people were hired out of a process that interviewed 14 candidates for example.  The perception that Lake Louise residential areas are addressed first is inaccurate – 75 to 80% of the time Highways crews are Field before we get to Lake Louise.

Michael shared that the HSC continues to look at its boundaries:  Banff crews are now coming further west and Kootenay crews are going all the way to Castle Mountain, in an effort to take some of the pressure off the Lake Louise crews.

Michael added that Field is not designed well for snow removal or access by large vehicles such as mail trucks.  We do have a snow map which indicates where snow will go – most of the time that works except when operators are quickly going through town to open up emergency access.

FCC Response: Craig noted that nothing has changed in terms of a long term solution.

6. Visitor Experience:  Mr. Michael St-Denis

Michael was pleased to hear that Steve and Kent from Radium Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce had connected with respect to Field’s interest in potentially setting up a local business association or Chamber of Commerce.  Michael added that he looks forward to supporting the community in that initiative.   Karin Smith, Promotions Officer, remains willing to host a workshop on how Parks works with a chamber of Commerce, at the request of council.

Karin was instrumental in getting Kim Grey out to Emerald Lake to do a piece on Yoho National Park.  Kim is an award-winning travel blogger.

This week, Michael will provide council with revenue and expense numbers on the Field VRC Centre. A formula in the spreadsheet was incorrect and needs to be repaired.

Melanie added that she intends to increase Parks Canada’s connections with tourism organizations in BC and will share any opportunities to connect with the Field community as they become available.

Community Response: Tree removal at Natural Bridge, along the Yoho Valley Road and in Kicking Horse Campground was not communicated to residents or visitors. Project has big impact on experiences available like skiing and snowshoeing, and people need to know what is happening, when and why. Is the contractor responsible for clean-up? Can we count on better communication in the future?
7. Law Enforcement:

Not able to attend, too short notice. Community policing:  Melanie indicated the conversation is well-timed as Field Unit is working on service agreement. Please give specifics to Caroline so this can be included in the discussion. Craig noted that the next meeting Town Hall Meeting will be on March 10. Jim has been asked for report on what Law Enforcement personnel have observed, discuss trends in the community and provide general explanation of structure of law enforcement operation. To be added as agenda item for Field Utility Board.

4. Friends of Yoho: Helen Barry reported that while Deb is on holiday, Mike is filling in and really enjoying it!  Spiral Tunnel Model not yet complete. The contractor was here before Christmas and cleaned up the pack rat mess but hasn’t returned to finish the electrical work and join the two sections together. No new projects this year; the Friends want to finish the Spiral Tunnel Model before starting anything else.

5. Field Fire and Rescue:

  1. 25 call outs since November 1, lower than during same time period last year but same number of hours due to flagging responsibilities waiting for contractors to arrive.
  2. Tender closed for leased vehicle to replace vehicle damaged in October 31 incident; short term contract, looking at long term fix, chassis was written off but tank still operational to some point. Need to do pump test by professional.
  3. Looking at new equipment.
  4. Hazmat operations course this past weekend at school with success.
  5. STARS originally scheduled to come out tomorrow to show off a new helicopter but it has been grounded because of a chipped windshield. Orientation with BC Ambulance Service to take place when STARS able to come out.
  6. Received resignation from Tom Tovey. Field Fire and Rescue wants to thank him for years of dedication.
  7. Fire and Rescue concerned about snow removal. 2nd avenue not accessible to fire truck. Thanks to Water Crew for keeping the hydrants clear.
  8. Christmas was quiet this year.
  9. Helen Barry asked if semis get charged for the cost of Fire and Rescue time when they are at fault.  Sean: Depends on RCMP and if they attend, if chain up sign is on, driving to conditions, many factors to consider.
  10. Bruce Bembridge noted that after the accidents the towing companies shut down the highway to retrieve the wrecks and asked if there is a protocol that dictates when they can or cannot close the highway, i.e. time frame that doesn’t interfere with when people are coming home and get held up for long time. Mike Vanderveen says RCMP can put tow ban in place. If RCMP lay charges, they don’t necessarily let other organizations know because there is a criminal investigation going on.
  11. Kim Chapman asked if there is a police report for the October 31, 2013 crash. Sean Coubrough said he has received a copy of the report and will share it.
  12. Helen Barry noted that where the new divided highway ends there isn’t sufficient signage. Mike Vanderveen agreed and said a project review recognizes it is inadequate and new signs are in the works. Helen commented that the one small sign is definitely inadequate. Mike Vanderveen said new signs, including end of divided highway sign, will definitely be in place by summer. Helen expressed that summer is too late; days are short now and visibility is poor – definite safety issue that needs to be addressed sooner than summer.

6. Round Table: Come to Yoho Blow!

PDF Version – Town Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2014

Financial Report

FRAA Financial Report – January 2014

In-Camera Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2014

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Craig Chapman, Chris Allen, Randle Robertson, Kathryn Cameron

Excused: Matt Morrison, Helen Dickinson, Devon Brook, Dave Allen, Steve Christy

Old Business

Item Action
1. Review Minutes Meeting December 2, 2013:

  • Chris needs photos of FRAA and FCC members for the website. Only Randle has submitted his image, all others are encouraged to send Chris a photo this week.
  • Canada Day Grant submitted, receipt acknowledges but no decision yet.
  • Furnace Room cleanup not yet complete.
  • All other items on tonight’s agenda.
Sally, Craig, Chris, Kathryn, Matt, Helen, Steve, Devon, Dave, Bailey


2. Christmas Event Wrap-up: Great big thank you to Santa for all the time he was able to spend in Field again this year at the Christmas Concert and Skate with Santa, incredible supper (125+ attended) – thank you to all the volunteers who cooked turkeys and hams, mashed potatoes and made gravy, thank you Field people and visitors for all the delicious and fantastic food, thank you to the dish washers and cleanup crew and a very special thanks to the elves at Bow River Trading Company for the super Santa gifts.
3.  Community Meeting with MP David Wilkes: MP Wilkes has written to the Minister of the Environment, to request reopening Boulder Creek as a Highway Maintenance Centre. Residents continue to express concern and dissatisfaction with the level of service the highway and village have received this winter. Once Mr. Wilkes’ office confirms a date he can meet with residents a notice will be sent out by community e-mail. Helen
4. Constitution and By-Laws Update: By-law change regarding quorum submitted with year-end report. Renewal cheque was cleared mid- December, waiting for formal response.”RESOLVED

To amend Part 4 16.1 to read as follows: A quorum is three directors present or such greater number as the directors may determine at a general meeting.

Dated this 21 day of November 2013.”

More work to do to formalize our organization definition, relationships with other organizations under our umbrella as a registered Society, membership guidelines, voting rights, etc. Randle taking the lead on this project.







5. Media Project:

  • Allen Media developed Community of Field website to communicate our organization’s role. Lots of great information, community calendar of events, etc. Take a look! WEBSITE ADDRESS HERE To be added soon – hall rental information and e-mail contact address, subscribers’ e-mail list so interested people can receive notification of news and events.
  • National Geographic identified Field as a top North American Secret Ski Town! If you haven’t already read the article, check it out at: http://adventure.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/trips/best-secret-ski-towns-photos/#/ski-kicking-horse-field-british-columbia_74805_600x450.jpg
  • Facebook Page:  Great work on our media Chris. Thanks. The Village of Field – now known as VOF!!
6. Field Hall Improvement Project (HIP): CBT Grant final report submitted on time. Kathryn working on press release for Golden Star, to be sent by Friday noon deadline for next week’s publication. The Community Hall looks great! Thank you to all the volunteers who showed up to paint the walls and ceiling, and prepare for the new flooring. Deep and heartfelt thank you to Columbia Basin Trust for granting us the funds to invest in our one asset, Field Community Hall. Kathryn
7. Chamber of Commerce: Steve has communicated with Field and Yoho businesses about establishing a local chamber of commerce. Positive response from community. Steve to continue with project. Steve
8. Field Sustainability Workshop Follow-up: Meeting scheduled for 9:00 am to 10:30 am at Field Admin Boardroom, prior to Field Utility Board (FUB) Meeting, Feb 26/14 Caroline
9. Meeting Minutes Implications and State of Highway Maintenance: Reiteration by Randle of importance of meeting minutes, and the role minutes play in recording history of events, residents’ comments and suggestions,  follow-up, outstanding items and resolution of issues. Discussion about Highway maintenance going back to the cattle truck crash by the ranch on October 25, 2001 and service level resolution at the time lead to discussion about the October 31, 2013 crash west of Field when the Ambulance and Fire Truck were hit by a semi skidding out of control on the icy road. Attendees reviewed the minutes from Parks Canada meeting, attached to December 4, 2013 FUB minutes, to review the event and actions. Council requests a copy of the police report and forensic investigation of the accident. General feeling is that highway maintenance standards have been further reduced from minimum levels of service set when Boulder Creek Compound was closed, i.e. in winter, a plough/sander would maintain the TCH to Yoho’s west boundary prior to the school bus entering the park from Golden. 

How do we get past this continuous cycle of complaining about highway and village street conditions, where residents can’t get to their homes, visitors can’t get to their accommodations, delivery vehicles can’t supply clients – mail, groceries, emergency services can’t get to sections of the village, and parking lots aren’t cleaned? The economic impact on Field and Yoho National Park is substantial and negative, and we’re not happy with the current situation. Council has requested a meeting with Pat Thompson, Mountain Park Director with Parks Canada who oversees Highway Service Centre to discuss levels of service in Yoho National Park. This dovetails neatly with concerns expressed to and by MP Wilkes.




















Caroline and Kathryn to coordinate

10. Coffee with Superintendent: Scheduled for January 14, 2013 at The Siding, 10 am. Road closed between Field and Lake Louise due to high avalanche hazard, but no word of cancellation so far, so Council is still on board.

New Business

Item Action
1. Yoho Blow: January 24, 25 and 26Keep an eye on the bulletin board for announcements, schedule, updates and sign up sheets! Shaping up to be a great weekend. Tentative Schedule: Friday evening, – family hockey game, Minute to Win It; Saturday – breakfast on a bun, bbq all day, bocce, hockey, Heritage relay, dance Saturday night with Willhorse; Sunday – breakfast on a bun, bbq all day, finals, downhill cross-country ski race, potluck supper and awards. Be there or be square!


Windrow needs to be removed from in front of Community Hall before Yoho Blow.

Matt, Helen, Kathryn, Sally, Craig, Kim, Dave (go team!)






Highway Service Centre

2. Columbia Basin Trust Grant Application Timeline: Call for community ideas for improvements. Some suggestions include ice rink upgrade, furnace replacement, and fire alarm system upgrade in light of current status of Community Hall as overnight emergency shelter, AV and sound system. If you have ideas, please communicate with a member of council. 

Grant writing workshop in Golden January 15, 2013. No one available to attend.

Councilors to review details on CBT website 

Community members

3. Recapitalization Fund: Randle suggested FRAA/FCC establish a recapitalization fund that will help the community do upgrades to our facility as necessary without relying on crisis management. This will be a motion item at the next FCC/FRAA meeting. Randle to research
4. Kicking Horse Ski Club Dinner: Scheduled for February 22. Details to come! Kicking Horse Ski Club
5. Community Policing: Council suggests that Parks Canada Law enforcement staff spend more time in the community to meet residents and establish relationships, develop understanding of role and participate in community events. General feeling that where a void exists, community members may assume policing role which can be problematic. Town Hall Agenda item: Law Enforcement presentation on role of organization in community . FUB agenda item for February. Jim Mammalis
6. Town Hall Meeting Minutes: FCC secretary will record and prepare the minutes. Kathryn
7. Cooperatives 101: January 24, 2013 at College of The Rockies, all day. Kathryn and Randle to attend. Kathryn, Randle
8. Round Table:

  • Insurance: Due January 29. Craig handling details.
  • Kubota: Hydraulic lift for blade needs repair. Matt coordinating
  • Rental info and forms needed for website. Sally to coordinate with Chris.
  • Serving It Right: FRAA will pay fees for community members who want to acquire the credential.
9. Upcoming events: Town Hall Meeting: Monday, January 20, 2014, Field Community Hall, 7:00 pm

Yoho Blow: January 24, 25, 26 at Field Community Hall and around village

Hall Rental: January 31, February 1 and 2 – Yoga group

Hall Rental: February 10 – Lake Louise Sports and Recreation Society hockey tournament; we will provide coffee and hot chocolate for the event

Kicking Horse Ski Club Supper: February 22, Field Community Hall

Sustainability Workshop Follow-up: February 26, Field Admin Boardroom, 9 am to 10:30 am

FRAA/FCC In Camera: February 24, 7:00 pm, Field Community Hall

Field Utility Board Meeting: February 26, Field Admin boardroom, 10:30 am to noon

10. Town Hall Meeting AgendaPresentations:

Law Enforcement – Role and Responsibilities

Highway Service Centre – Wintertime Level of Service Guidelines


  • FCC
  • FRAA
  • Treasurer
  • Townsite Manager
  • Friends of Yoho
  • Field Fire and Rescue
  • Round Table
11. FUB AgendaOutstanding Items List

Off-Leash Dog Park

Signs on Bins

Community Policing

Highway Service Centre Levels of Service in Winter

Coffee with Superintendent

Water, Sewer, Garbage rates

PDF Version – In-Camera Minutes – January 13, 2014

Hello World!

The Village of Field is entering the digital age so stay tuned as we develop our virtual self. This is exciting!