Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting April 12, 2021

In Attendance: Sally Watson, Paulina O’Brien, Sonya Leenders, Kathryn Cameron

1. Programs and Events

HIIT continues to be offered online with Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Society Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Please check their Facebook page for details and registration.

The FRAA has received a request to use the ice rink for outdoor, self-lead HIIT. Public Health Orders allow a maximum of 10 people to meet in an outdoor setting but it must be the same 10 people who share a bubble, not 10 random people who would only get together for the program. FRAA to request a COVID-19 Plan for the program before we’ll make a decision.

Yoga: The Public Health Order circuit-breaker ban on all indoor health and fitness programs has been extended to midnight on May 25, 2021 ( April 22 was the last originally scheduled session this season; it’s cancelled. We’ll send out information about yoga programs in late May.

Earth Day: We didn’t talk about a town clean-up. There’s still quite a lot of snow. Tabled for now. However, Wildsight Golden will host a virtual event and Earth Day Scavenger Hunt participation draw on April 22, 2021. Visit their website: The Scavenger Hunt information is attached to the minutes distribution email.

2. Review Meeting Schedule for 2021

FRAA Board MeetingField Utility BoardTown Hall Meeting
May 10April 14May 31
June 14May 26September 20
August 30September 8November 15 – AGM
October 18  

3. Community Hall Weekly Walk-through: Insurance requires weekly checks only. Kathryn to do walk-through every Thursday or Friday.

Maintenance and Repairs: Sonya to talk to the contractor finishing her kitchen to see if he’s interested in replacing the change room outside door and fixing the broken window. We’ll check with the contractor at the school to see if there’s an outside fire door we could salvage.

The window continues to offer unauthorized access to the change room. Any people who have been going into the change room via the window – stop it now. You’re violating Public Health Orders and disrespecting the community.

4. St. Joseph Project

Development Permit: Waiting for numbers confirmation from designer, then we’ll submit the application and start the process.

Owls and Bats: Owls are active! Heard in the area and seen in the belfry. No sign of bats so far. Thanks for the reports observers!

5. Constitution Update: On hold until we have either a Memorandum Of Understanding of Terms of Reference.

6. Resident Passes for Travel to Golden during Extended Closures for Kicking Horse Canyon Construction:

            Resident Passes will be available at Truffle Pigs from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm for the duration of the extended closure that starts April 12, 2021.

            Resident passes are different from commuter passes. Commuters are issued passes for travel to and from work, and are not returned until the end of the extended closure on June 1, 2021. Resident passes are intended as single use passes for intermittent trips to Golden.

            You can sign out a numbered resident pass at Truffle Pigs’ front desk the day before you plan to go to Golden. You will provide your name and email address or phone number. Please return the pass when your trip is complete.

            Truffle Pigs has committed to provide the Resident Pass program throughout the extended closure, and will have someone available at the lodge from 9 am to 6 pm daily during their scheduled 2-week spring maintenance closure from April 29 to May 13, 2021.

            If you don’t already receive updates from Parks Canada, please contact the Townsite Office, at, to have your email added to the list.

            For more detailed information, visit

            Don’t hesitate to ask questions by calling the 24/7 Construction Information Phone Line: 1-844-815-6111

7. FRAA Insurance: Final invoice submitted to Parks Canada for payment

8. BC Hydro plan to set up a diesel generator to cover the community during power outages: To request update from Sally McDonald.

9. Round Table

In order to secure Restricted Activity Permits for trail work on ski trails and outdoor contained fire pits at the Community Hall, the FRAA needs to have a business license. Application to be submitted by April 24, 2021. There is no charge for not-for-profit organizations.

Kid’s Room: Not used often but still available. Kathryn to get key from Jana before April 18. Public Health Orders apply. Keep at top of mind that outdoor interaction is proven to be safer than indoor activity.Next FRAA Board Meeting Monday, May 10, 2021 at 7:00 pm.