Field Community Council and Field Recreation and Advisory Association In Camera Meeting June 8, 2015

Field Community Council and Field Recreation and Advisory Association In Camera Meeting, June 8, 2015

In Attendance: Craig Chapman, Sally Watson, Jeremy Schmidt, Kim Chapman, Kathryn Cameron

Excused: Claudia Harding, Michelle Cameron, Vicky Coubrough-Blanchette, Karen Schmidt, Clayton Nylen

Old Business                                                                             Action


·      Garage Sale: Mixed results, made $113. People enjoyed the event. Hot dog sales were good, Thank you to everyone who donated baked goods to sell. Needed better outdoor advertising. Could be held earlier when people are doing their spring-cleaning.

·      Spring Fling: Overall good. Too long over the night: few kids showed up. $424 taken in at the door, $1370 on the bar, $80 for food, tips around 10%. Need to advertise food. Returned some liquor today, so liquor cost was around $900, with some liquor left for next event. Sold Kirk 100 tickets for $200 in exchange for his DJ services. Good music. Great event!

·      Fall event: Possible if we have more volunteers; big ask to expect people to be here until 3 am. Item to discuss at next Town Hall Meeting. Kim says Lake Louise Sports and Recreation Society (LLSRS) offers free entry to volunteers, and holds an end of year volunteer dinner or something special to thank volunteers. All agreed it’s good way to foster volunteer participation. Kathryn and Kim to research possibilities and organize invite list.

·      Canada Day: We received grant of $440. This year’s theme – 50 Year Anniversary of Canada’s Flag. Pancake Breakfast hosted by BC Ambulance Service 9:00 am to 10:30 am. Parade starts at 11:00 am. We’re putting out the invitation for participation to RCMP, Wardens, Emerald Sports, Travel Alberta, Kicking Horse Lodge, accommodations, and kids for floats, decorated bikes, costumed walkers. Face painting – we need a face painter; makeup supplied. Cake contest. At the pond after the parade and barbeque we will have cake judging, birthday cake, ice cream and cones. Kim to find out about helium. Craig to contact Scott at LLSRS about renting a bouncy castle.

·      Hall Cleaner: Michelle Cameron is moving to Lake Louise this month and has resigned as Hall cleaner. Thank you for your hard work Michelle. We have hired a new cleaner, Paulina Silva, who works and lives at Emerald Lake. Welcome Paulina.

·      Table and Chair Rental: No charge for free events open to the community, or personal use at home for suppers, etc. For profit events: $3.50 per table per day, $1.00 per chair per day.

·      Yoga: Thursday nights in July, starting July 2. Thanks to Julie Champagne for organizing yoga this summer. Contact Julie to register or just show up. Poster with information is on the bulletin board.

·      Hall Rentals: Wedding rehearsal dinner this weekend. Two weddings planned for this summer, July 25 (not confirmed) and July 31/August 1 (confirmed). Parks Canada has rented the hall for two training days in June, 25 and 26.

·      Friends of Yoho Events: Evening speakers are scheduled for July 15 and August 19, open to the public.

·      FRAA: Two members are leaving Field. If you are interested in volunteering to take on responsibilities for events and hall operations, please contact Kim Chapman at 250-343-6441.

·      Window Cleaning: Kathryn to ask Karla when Whitey’s is coming to Field. Anyone interested in cleaning the outside windows?












Kathryn and Kim


Kathryn and Kim






























2. Field Hall Improvement Project: Windows being installed now. Once they are finished we can measure for and order blinds.


Energy efficient lighting plans: Matt estimates that installing efficient pot lights in Kid’s room brings estimate up to $2000.


The front deck was power washed last weekend. Looks good. Thank you to the volunteer who did the work (Yoga Retreat Leader Jackie’s Dad.)

3. Catholic Church: Craig has found out that the process is extremely complicated for the lease to be surrendered and then gifted to FRAA. Easiest way to handle the transaction would be through a lease assignment. Craig is in discussions with the Diocese in Kelowna. No word yet from CSRD on gas tax grants; other grants available from CBT. If we get a positive response from the church before we have grant money available, is there a down side? Yes, insurance and maintenance costs once the building becomes our asset. Concern that as a functioning entity we will be able to make this added responsibility work. Motion by Craig: If the Church agrees to assign us the lease and gift the building, we will accept the offer prior to confirming funding. Seconded by Sally. Motion carried. FUB


4. Future of School: Two students enrolled for September. Unless there is a change in Field’s population, no students are scheduled to be in or enter the system in September 2016. Discussion during Town Meeting indicated there is interest in more programming. Is there anything Council or community can do? PAC is exploring options. Council is interested in hearing the outcome and plans. How can Parks Canada support the community? Current travel allowances give Parks Canada staff an incentive to live outside this community. This is a Parks Canada Townsite. We need support to grow the population. School is an important service in the community. FUB


5. Wi-Fi for Community Hall: Steve will install Wi-Fi in next two weeks as soon as he can fir it into his schedule. Kathryn
6. Telegraph Building: CP said no to plexiglass offer from Parks Canada (Install plexiglass inside the windows so the building doesn’t appear abandoned). Changing the current boarded up status seems to have stalled at this point. What is the role of Townsites and Friends of Yoho? No clear picture of who is responsible for bringing a positive outcome to making the building and community look less abandoned. Council is concerned that this process has been poorly managed  by all parties involved. No consultation, poor communication, confusing from start to finish. FUB
7. Tree Removal Along Power Line Between Battery Storage Facility and Field: Council requests an update on progress. Has the line been secured? FUB, Parks Canada


8. Emergency Planning Meeting: Council requests an update on the outcome of meeting held in April. FUB, Parks Canada
9. Low Cost Housing: Tabled to next meeting
10. Constitution Update: Tabled to next meeting.


New Business                                                                       Action

1. Field Fire and Rescue: Sean Coubrough is taking a position with CSRD as Assistant Fire Chief for Regional District in Salmon Arm and Aaron Cameron is moving to Lake Louise. Both have been strong members and instrumental in growing the department. Historically, the Fire Chief has also worked for Parks Canada which gave leeway to conduct Fire Department business as part of their job. Road rescue in this area is conducted by Field Fire and Rescue. There are 50 + years of fire protection service to community which has established precedent to maintain the service. Council wants to initiate immediate discussion with Townsite Manager and Superintendent on leadership succession. This may the time to hire a full time Fire Chief. FUB, Parks Canada
2. Relationship: Field Community Council is an advisory board, with no authority to act on issues or make decisions that impact the community. Field is a Parks Canada Townsite. We want to see some leadership on resolving the issues identified here and in the past, including more campsites in Yoho National Park. Our future is integrally tied to the future of Yoho National Park. FUB, Parks Canada
3. FUB (Field Utility Board) Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, June 17, 2015 10 am at Yoho Admin Boardroom

Catholic Church

Future of Field Elementary School

Telegraph Building

Tree Removal Along Power Line

Emergency Plan

FIP Plans for Yoho National Park

Doll House Release

Yoho Teahouse

Yoho Trading Post Commercial Release

Ottertail Pit use by residents

Bin Lineup

Craig, Sally, Kathryn
4. Town Hall Meeting Agenda

Monday, June 22, 2015 7 pm at Field Community Hall

Discussion Items:

Volunteer Participation

Field Elementary School


Treasurer’s Report

RCMP Report

Townsite Manager’s Report

Visitor Experience Report

Highway Service Centre Report

Resource Conservation Report

Field Fire and Rescue Report

Friends of Yoho Report

5. Round Table

Kathryn: Acoustic Baffles have been ordered, and will arrive by June 26. Total cost including shipping is $1460.00.

Jeremy: Found out this week that residents are not allowed to dump any refuse at Ottertail pit this summer; asked to take stuff outside the park. First communication on this item was received when he called the Townsite office to arrange for a key. People have dumped their yard waste on back road. General feeling is that residents should be given a place to dump yard waste to mitigate improper disposal of refuse.

Craig: Power washed the memorial concrete slab next to the Community Hall. International Volunteers removed the gravel pile left from Yoho Blow event. Thanks to Ron Allen and the International Volunteers! Bin line up needs to be aligned to avoid tripping hazard.














Meeting adjourned at 9:15.

Next In Camera Meeting scheduled for September 14, 2015.