Field Recreation and Advisory Association and Field Community Council Regular Meeting April 25, 2016

FRAA and FCC Meeting April 25th  2016, 7pm

In attendance: Kathryn Cameron, Jeremy and Karen Schmidt, Sally Watson, Kim Chapman, Claudia Harding, Tyra Cameron and Katherine MacNeill

Pierre Lemire made a presentation to FCC and FRAA about his concerns as to the progress with mitigation to the Mt Dennis Slump area?

  • Brought images from 70’s of slide from Mt Stephen on to CP rail tracks and also brought photos of current area of concern.
  • Has been up to slumping area recently and says it appears that about 50% of the water has so far been diverted. It seems that one reservoir is working and the other is not,
  • Has concern about damage to pipes – large avalanche covered pipes during the winter and big boulder was moved and appears to have slightly damaged.
  • There was an alternative solution, put forward in proposal, why was this not used? Is it in relation to the cost?
  • Pierre suggested the addition of several small pipes to drain off the water that does not appear to have been diverted.
  • Wants to the community to continue to follow progress of project and ensure that Parks Canada is doing everything they can to mitigate risk to the town of Field.
  • Questions to ask PC –
    • Why was alternate solution not implemented – is it due to cost?
    • Are you satisfied with the amount of water that is being captured – do you feel that this makes the slump area ‘safe’/stable?
    • How much has been spent on the project so far? What is the budget limit?
    • Who is responsible if something fails?
    • If this doesn’t work – does PC have an exit strategy for the village of Field?
    • The reservoir that doesn’t appear to be filling; is it working? If not – what will be done to improve its function?
    • Where is monitoring at? Can Travis present the updates at the next town meeting?
    • Can we remove some of the larger trees to reduce the risk of damage to the pipe?



  • Good Job Tyra and Kat .
  • Please send any photos to Kathryn for Craig to put up on village of Field Website/Facebook page and to keep for a ‘scrapbook’
  • Were able to keep costs down by reusing decorations


  • May 29th (Sunday)
  • Need to organize a DJ – last year Kirk volunteered services. Lets talk to Flint and see what he would charge. Otherwise the same DJ as was used for Yoho Blow. Kat and Tyra will organize
  • Make sure Emerald Lake and Cathedral Lodge staff are fully aware of this so that we can get the numbers up. Does Emerald Lake have more than one shuttle?
  • Make a poster to put up in town and Emerald and Cathedral – Kat and Tyra will organize
  • Food
    • pulled pork sliders were great last year, but this year let’s try something simpler that is easier in terms of food safety – maybe hot dogs. Kim will organize.
    • Liquor license – Sally will be away – so Tyra will organize with help of Kim and Karen
  • Decorations
    • Disco light (in cupboard near kitchen?)
    • Tickle trunk and photo corner to encourage people to take photos (similar to Mike and Charisse’s wedding)
    • Tissue paper ball decorations – Karen


  • June 25th (Saturday)
  • School has plans for what the kids are going to do in preparation
  • Back to Community Hall for community gathering after school stuff is done
  • What time will it start? Community Hall will open doors at 5pm.
  • Potluck Salad/Deserts. Community will provide Beef or Turkey
  • Admission by donation
  • Kathryn will organize liquor license
  • Will need volunteers – lets ask past and present parents of the school
  • Sid estimates 70-75 people coming from outside the community
  • It has been posted on the ‘I Lived in Field’ Facebook page
  • Mike will make a Facebook event for the Potluck
  • Kathryn will touch base with Sid and the School – as it is a co-hosted event between the School and the FRAA
  • Decorations
    • Old School images (bring from the school to the hall)
    • Old class photos
    • Guest book (maybe Jamie Frazer book from the siding)
    • Talk to Edwin Knox, Pierre Lemire, Sue Larose and Debbie Bancroft re: photos
    • Some photos hanging at Lady Gray
    • Use Field Kids past and present projects to decorate
    • Ask Madame Rebecca for some bulletin board borders to decorate the Hall like a school classroom
  • Special invite for all past teachers – ask the school board to contact them



  • $440 to spend (for balloons, cake, ice cream, 3 bottle of helium, prizes, advertising)
  • Compare helium pricing at Home Depot – with Costco
  • Kids’ adventure race – like a scavenger hunt but with activities – down by the pond/ball diamond
  • Family bocce tournament
  • Need to think about how to get people involved in the parade
    • Invite business to participate, include Emerald Lake Lodge/ GDL/ Cathedral/Lake O’Hara Lodge
    • Make it a challenge with a prize for winning Entry
  • Make sure that everyone involved in water balloon fight picks up empty balloons – could have a sign up sheet with a prize for the most balloons collected e.g. a super soaker.


  • Who owns the Piano? Does the school and if so – do they want to keep it to move it? – Talk to Vivian.


  • Fire department society has volunteered to look after the playground if it means the school will allow the equipment to remain.
  • They will need to be told what checks, certification and maintenance is required
  • Parks Canada has two maintenance kits – they can get equipment from Blue Imp if required
  • Does the FCC insurance cover the playground? Sally to investigate. If not do we need to put up signage?



  • Is Maggie hosting the party this year – or was last year her last year?
  • When would it fall? Around the Solstice – so weekend of the 17/18 or 24/25 (school celebration is on the 25th)



  • Craig has stepped down from his position as Chair. Kathryn has taken on this role and Claudia has taken on the role of secretary until August.


  • Think about a response to this
  • PC says revenue is up 20% and we are expecting another big year and looking to encourage visitation in shoulder/off season for the 2017 Canada celebrations
  • Doesn’t take into account aging ski club and that Friends of Yoho aren’t happy ‘covering’ for parks during the winter


  • Kathryn to send email to Ellen to accept mediation
  • Need to ensure FCC moves as a unit
  • Express that we have a functioning model
  • Need to make our Qs for Ellen more focused, but also need for follow up as it has been a year since some items were added to the agenda.
  • Sally will be away May 11-20 and June 8-13 – normally has weekends and every second Friday off
  • Jeremy switches from Mon-Thursday work to Sunday to Wednesday after May long weekend
  • Kathryn Wed/Thursday off but has a flexible schedule
  • Claudia not working until June 13- but ideally would work best on a day Jamie can care for Mikayla
  • Wait for Ellen to suggest a date and then counter if required – possibly an evening would work best.


  • 6 week delivery was estimated March 14th so should arrive end of April. Follow up for a timeline.


  • Add to FUB
  • Generally takes place 1st week in June with Elaine Lemieux
  • Bring outstanding items from past Walks


  • Have new pumps. Opening May 1st


  • Scheduled for 2 weeks earlier than last year. Send Elaine Lemieux an email asking for a date
  • (should be early May based on email from April 19th stating 2 weeks from then)

HIGHWAY (information from email)

  • Trans-Canada Highway Construction in Banff and Yoho national parks
    These projects, and the estimated impacts on motorists, include:

    Yoho National Park
    Rock Slope Stabilization – This work will occur in various locations
    between Wapta Lake and the Yoho west boundary. No blasting will occur in
    July and August, or over long weekends. Outside of those months, work will
    occur from approximately April to October, seven days a week, 24 hours a
    Expect delays from Monday to Thursday throughout the project duration
    as follows: two closures of up to 90 minutes per day between 7 a.m. and 11
    a.m.; and one closure of up to 90 minutes between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. In
    addition, travellers should expect occasional delays of up to 60 minutes
    from Monday to Saturday.

    * Please note that to safely accommodate rock blasting, the Spiral Tunnels
    Viewpoint is presently closed until the end of June, 2016.

    Yoho National Park
    Paving – Work will occur in September and October between the Ottertail
    Viewpoint and the Yoho west boundary from Monday to Saturday. Expect single
    lane alternating traffic and delays of up to 30 minutes. No work on Sundays
    or long weekends.

    Yoho National Park
    Emerald Lake Road repaving – Work will occur in May and June between the
    Emerald Lake Road/Trans Canada Highway Junction and the Emerald Lake
    parking lot. Working hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Saturday, with
    no work on Sundays or long weekends. Expect single lane alternating traffic
    and delays of up to 30 minutes.


  • Yoga retreat May 13-17 has been cancelled
  • Enola Nygren is interested in partnering with FRAA to host a 2 day retreat in August
  • Mikki’s memorial is at the Church May 1st
  • Kathryn will set up the pickle ball court
  • Add Train whistle-sounding to the FUB Agenda
  • Jeremy will take a look at new security system and if training is required will train others