Field Town Hall Meeting June 27, 2016

Field Town Hall Meeting June 27, 2016 7:00 pm.

In Attendance: Jeremy Schmidt, Kathryn Cameron, Sally Watson, Kim Chapman, Ellen Francis, Keith Batstone, Elaine Lemieux, David Allen, Chris Allen, Ryan Cameron, Myles Dickinson, Sophie Cais, Jamie Harbottle

  1. Field Recreation and Advisory Association and Field Community Council Report

1.1 Welcome to Field’s newest resident, baby Noa Lily Oesa Morrison, and congratulations to Matt, Julie and Liam on the new addition to their family.

1.2 Spring Fling, May 29: Thank you to everyone who helped organize, decorate, work bar shifts and make food! Great event to welcome summer. Good music from DJ Flinataroo, lots of dancing, good turnout.

1.3 John Jenkins and Small Town Revival, with Slade Coffman CD Release Party, June 10: Exciting event to showcase local talented young man, Slade Coffman. FRAA have booked Small Town Revival for the Yoho Blow in January 2017. Great dance music!

1.4 Garden Party, June 19: Organized by Maggie Fields, 10th annual progressive garden revue. Superb event with excellent food, stories and visiting.

1.5 Field Elementary School, Celebrating the Life of One of Canada’s Smallest Schools, June 25: Amazing attendance, wonderful but bittersweet event. Many of the first graduating class, and four former teachers Mr. and Mrs. McLaren (from Quadra Island) and Mr. and Mrs. Kingham (from Victoria) attended. Great presentations. Great fun. Lots of shared stories. Sept. 1960 was the start of the school ski program, the first in British Columbia – a legacy for the school that continued into the last year. Madame Rebecka, Abby, Thomas and Axel shared their final year at Field Elementary. Former teachers tested the audience’s knowledge of some exciting events in the school’s history – the audience knew a lot – and the teachers were revealed! Touching slide show; there were a few teary eyes in the gym. Superb concert style event at the school. A big Thank You to the volunteers; we fed over 200 people at the pot luck supper at the Community Hall. Great community spirit. Everyone played a role in the success. Volunteers in this community are outstanding. Demographics of the community now are the big factor in the school closing this year. The students who came to this school in 1960 lived in families supported by union jobs with Canadian Pacific or the Parks Service and there was affordable housing in Field. The issues we have been talking about in reference to community sustainability are really highlighted by the school closing at the end of this school year.

1.6 Upcoming event, Party on High Street, June 29: Talent show and Live Music 8 to 12 am. Hosted by Emerald Lake Lodge staff – it’s their summer kick off! Everyone welcome.

1.8 Congratulations to this year’s Golden Secondary School grads: Stephen Young and Naomi Lenstra!

1.9 Canada Day July 1: Events start at 8:30 with a Pancake breakfast courtesy of BC Ambulance Service; 11:00 Parade; 11:30 Barbeque courtesy Field Fire and Rescue. 12:30 – Family bocce, cake and ice cream, tons of fun. Super soaker contest for people who pick up the most spent water balloons!

1.10 School Playground: MLA Norm MacDonald called to say thank you to the residents of Field for the overwhelming support he received from the community in the past four provincial elections. He won’t run in the next election; he said he always wanted to finish his work years as a teacher so plans to return to the classroom rather than stay in politics. He said the School District continues to maintain Columbia Valley School in Parson, including the tennis court, and skating rink; he thinks the playground is still in place as well. He suggested we look at Parson Columbia Valley School as a model. Sally is in discussion with our insurer in the interim. Their big question is: Why would we insure an asset that we don’t own or have responsibility over? We insure the ski trails but the Field Ski Club is under the umbrella of the FRAA, so we have an affiliation with them but not with School District 6. Ellen Francis is working on Parks Canada responsibilities for the lease and occupation of the site, zoned as institutional.

Note: Kathryn to call Paul Carriere Superintendent of Rocky Mountain SD 6 to follow up on information about Parson school facilities.

1.11 Bar Fridge: Not worth repairing. Moved it out onto the porch for next step in disposal process. Making do without it right now by using coolers and bus pans filled with ice. A new fridge is coming from Coca-Cola at no cost. Dave and Jeremy to look at options for disposal of old fridge: landfill or contact Larry Magnuson who has a recycle operation.

1.12 Canada 150 Grant: How can we celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial and leave a legacy? Over the weekend we started discussion and research on installing an electric car charging station in Field, maybe in the parking lot behind the lodge. Claudia to continue research, and if possible submit a grant application for Phase 2 of a BC Hydro program that has an application deadline of June 30, 2016.

1.13 2017: Yoho Blow turns 40, Kicking Horse Ski Club turns 30 and the Friends Of Yoho turn 30 so we have big celebrations coming up. Thinking about applying for a Restricted Activity Permit for fireworks for New Years Eve this year to ring in this big year and next year to end the celebration. Not a lot of newborn animals and birds in the dead of winter to be disrupted by a fireworks event, good chance to secure a RAP.

1.14 Discussion with Melanie: To talk to her about the future of Coffee with the Superintendent, scheduled for July 6. Council feels that it’s a valuable resource to get to know each other, and build understanding. We will implement Coffee with the Council to give residents the chance to get together in an informal setting to talk about life in Field and discuss what we can do as community members to enhance a pretty special life style. Watch your email – Council will keep you posted.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

Financials attached. Motion to accept Jeremy and seconded by Kathryn. Carried.

  1. RCMP Report

No RCMP member present. Sgt. Betty Watson has indicated the RCMP will be here for the parade on Canada Day.

      4. Townsite Manager’s Report

4.1Townsite Manager Ellen Francis introduced Keith Batstone, the new Senior Development Officer. Kathleen Wilker (not present) will work as a Development Officer to help with the current large workload in the Development Office. Welcome Keith and Kathleen!

4.2 Budget: Getting the figures together. Some information is not finalized; once complete the Budget needs to be reviewed before release.

Note: In discussion about privacy and information currently included in the budget, Council stated that if there is 100% cost recovery for water, sewer and garbage, then there must be 100% disclosure of costs. Parks Canada salaries are available online in collective agreements.

4.3 Field Solid Waste: Parks Canada Agency (PCA) has reviewed our actual numbers for providing the solid waste service to the community of Field. In 2015/16, we invoiced the community $41,418. Our actual costs were closer to $49,763 in 2015/16. Our projected costs for 2016/17 are looking to be $49,910. The 2015/16 deficit appears to come in at  ($8,271) added to the 2016/17 budget for operations equals $58,181. This is the unconfirmed amount that will be cost recovered from the community of Field in 2016/17. This is effectively a 40% increase in rates. So, if a resident was paying $16.83/month in 2015/16, they will be paying $23.56/month in 2016/17.

4.4 Water and Sewer: PCA will most likely continue to cap water and sewer rates at $1.77 for water and $5.67 for sewer for 2016/17. These rates are being assessed to determine how they may change going forward. It is estimated that PCA will pay $57,000 for the municipal subsidy (determined by the Nichols Report 2014) in 2016/17 and an additional $29,000 subsidy to keep the water and sewer rates from going up in 2016/17.

There are a handful of leaseholders who have not provided PCA access to inspect water meters and to install digital meters. Over the summer, we will issue one final registered letter to set up an appointment to do this work. If the appointment is not honoured, PCA will move to cut off water supply to these residences until which time the matter is resolved.

It is our goal to have all water, sewer, and solid waste budget numbers confirmed in the next two weeks.

Note: Two residents indicated they had received their registered letters after the date specified for the digital meters to be installed in their homes. Post Office in Field will remain open in the event of a labour dispute between Canada Post and Canadian Union of Postal Workers. Recommended that Parks Canada use the Field Post Office for sending registered letters to Field residents since there is no external transportation needed to move the mail from sender to receiver other than the local employee. Mail sent from Lake Louise travels to Calgary for processing.

4.5 Drainage Issues on 1st and 2nd Avenues: Dave Allen has been monitoring spring ditch flows. Assets Management continues to seek anecdotal evidence to further define problem and will arrange a meeting to uncover useful information.

4.6 Tree Removal from Power Line Between Field and Energy Storage Facility (ESF): BC Hydro vegetation maintenance on the entire line is scheduled for late fall 2016, and will work with Parks Canada for approval of hazard tree removal in Yoho National Park.

4.7 Energy Storage Facility: Parks Canada has approved and issued a building permit for BC Hydro to replace the generator at the ESF. BC Hydro anticipates all work at the ESF will be complete by the end of the summer.

4.8 Update Community Emergency Plan: Day to day emergency operations work well. The Community Emergency plan addresses how to manage in the event of a major disaster. Parks Canada is working with provincial authorities to update emergency plans for both Lake Louise and Field, looking at reciprocal agreements and existing models. Some Field residents have been invited to participate in Lake Louise process currently underway.

4.9 Town Walk About: Elaine Lemieux to coordinate date with Council, Keith and Kathleen.

4.10 Lot Release: PCA feels that since there are currently 3 to 4 houses and an empty lot for sale in Field there is no lot release planned. Lot release process is very time consuming and expensive. Anyone who is interested in a lot can approach Elaine Lemieux to discuss options.

Note: Council suggested that a lot release could generate interest and excitement for people who are interested in building a home here and joining in the community. There is potential for community and economic development through a lot release process that could be a good investment for Parks Canada and the community.

4.11 Solid Waste Signage and Education: Council has asked for presentation by Solid Waste on what can be put in which bin to avoid contamination that undermines benefits of sorting recyclable material. As solid waste from Field ends up in Town of Banff facilities, Ellen Francis is reaching out to see what information is shared with others who use the same service provider.

4.12 Stephen Creek Sediment Trap: Update to be provided by end of 2016.

4.13 Warning Signs at Water Treatment Facility: The situation has been reviewed by security consultants. They have provided a preliminary report that is under consideration – more research is needed to identify solutions that will work in the location.

4.14 Train Horns: Ellen noted that Field Community Council is not asking that CP deal with this crossing in a different way. FCC indicated that their wish is that train horns be kept as the lowest possible decibels and least number of sounds.

4.15 Missing Minutes of past FUB/Liaison Meetings: A draft copy of minutes from the January 20, 2016 meeting were given to Council at the FUB on June 20, 2016.

4.16 Spreadsheet of Annual Revenue and Expenses for the Village of Field: FCC requested that PCA provide a spreadsheet of the total cost of operating the village of Field to which Ellen Francis replied that PCA has no capacity nor resources at this time to pull this information together. She further noted that this type of information would be easier to pull together for the costs recovered vs. not recovered as it is not measured not kept track of. Ellen suggested that should FCC want to pursue this avenue to prioritize their request.

4.17 Prescribed Burn Plans for 2016: Ellen reported that the prescribed burn team is in full swing with the summer season but that a list will be provided to FCC. She further added that PCA will look to providing an information update at the September 26, 2016 Town Hall Meeting.

4.18 Plans for School Building and Teacherage: PCA and the school district have started preliminary discussions on the future of the school building and Teacherage; no decisions have been made to date. Examining a collective list of questions and determining what Parks Canada will cover in the interim period.

4.19 Release of Doll House: This file is currently with Assets Management team. The Doll House has been added to the housing project analysis.

4.20 2017 Canada 150 Branding: The Department of Canadian Heritage is leading this project and information will be shared when available.

  1. Highway Service Centre Report

5.1 Street Sweeping: Sweeping should be complete in Field.

Note: The entrance road from the bridge to the train track crossing has not been swept, nor has the Field VRC parking lot been swept.

5.2 Road Painting: Painting in town (Field) today, but may have a few more things to do still.

Note: Town still needs stop lines at intersections. Spiral Tunnels parking lot needs to be painted.

5.3 Paving: Fresh asphalt on the Field Hill by the Rock Scaling at Sherbrook Creek.  Some guardrail work will be done here shortly as well.

5.4 Emerald Lake Road is almost complete as far as paving and painting. Looks like a few more things to do there still before it is all finished.

Note: Concern expressed by residents that parking by the Hamilton Falls/Lake trailhead is now parallel parking rather than angle parking, determined by new curb. The Emerald Lake parking lot is already too small, so losing those stalls compounds the parking problem there. Can Land Use Planning look at opening the old horse stable site for parking?

  1. Field Fire and Rescue

6.1 Call Outs: Since last report FFR has responded to one Motor Vehicle Accident and one grass/brush fire in town where the exterior of a home was damaged. Fire Chief issued a reminder on how to burn properly and safely: do not leave fires unattended and do not burn close to facilities.

6.2 Membership is good. Many returning seasonal staff who are trained and qualified to respond to call outs. In summer there are lots of staff in town to respond. All members have an app on their phones now that indicate their availability for calls; valuable tool to know how many fire fighters are able to attend a call out.

6.3 Training: Members are doing a lot of training. Fire Chief attended a railway fire-training program in Colorado in May, sponsored by CP Rail. Currently sharing the knowledge with FFR members. Excellent course in an excellent facility. Fire Chiefs and Training Officers from across Canada are training at the centre in Colorado. Big initiative, valuable resource.

6.3 Fire Underwriters paid a visit to Field to assess facilities and the program. Determined that Field is well protected. We will confirm our grading and any changes hopefully by around January.

Note: Thank you to volunteer members of our department, and thank you to Parks Canada for funding the team.

  1. Round Table: Post office will be open in event of strike or lock out. Mail will probably not move in or out of town, but only within town itself.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.