Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting November 28, 2020

In attendance: Sally Watson, Paulina O’Brien, Kathryn Cameron

Excused: Sonya Leenders, Heather Galligan, Greg Dowman

1. Set Meeting Dates for December 2020 to November 2021

FRAA Board MeetingsMondays, 7:00 pmField Utility Board MeetingsWednesdays, 10:30 amTown Hall MeetingsMondays, 7:00 pm
November 28, 2020January 20, 2021January 25, 2021
December 14, 2020March 17, 2021March 29, 2021
January 11, 2021 May 19, 2021May 31. 2021
February 8, 2021September 8, 2021September 20, 2021
March 8, 2021 November 15, 2021 (AGM)
April 12, 2021  
May 10, 2021  
June 14, 2021  
August 30, 2021  
October 18, 2021  

            Tonight we met via Skype. Will explore other virtual options. Paulina suggested we try Google Meetings. Seems to be an easier process. All meeting formats will be determined for safest attendance option prior to the meeting, and communicated to participants. Zoom has worked well for Town Hall Meetings, with limited personal attendance.

            Usual events on hold until it’s safe to celebrate together. Nothing scheduled for 2021 yet.

2. Programs

            Programs are suspended until December 7, 2020, and perhaps beyond pending Public Health Orders.

HIIT will go online via ZOOM by Lake Louise Sport and Recreation Society. Go to their Facebook Page for details. The same details will be sent through a separate email to the community email list.

Yoga Flow With Julie: We’re waiting for new guidelines from the Public Health Office to be posted online. Most recent message says the PHO is working on them and will be posted soon.

Ice Rink and Public Health Orders: FRAA to coordinate with volunteers on safest methods to establish and maintain the ice surface, and develop guidelines for ice rink use with or without the change room.

3. St. Joseph Project

            Church plans have been circulated to the community email list and posted on the bulletin board by the Post Office for public consultation. Comments are coming in. Overall positive so far. All comments will be compiled and circulated when email public consultation ends. Great feedback!

Communicating with russell and russell design about completing the items for the Columbia Basin Trust grant by the December 16, 2020 deadline. Also talking to the grant administrator about potential extension to complete the work. 

4. Constitution Update

            Revised constitution will be circulated for formal vote via email the week of December 6, 2020. One task at a time!

5. Field Fire and Rescue Department

            No regional emergency response plan from Parks Canada to date. MP Rob Morrison wants to meet with Field Residents to discuss concerns about the current state of emergency response in Field and Yoho National Park. We are working on a meeting with MP Morrison the week of December 6, 2020. Parks Canada Field Unit Superintendent Rick Kubian will be invited to address Parks Canada’s position. If Rick is not able to attend then, he will be invited to present at the Town Hall Meeting scheduled for January 25, 2020 or an earlier date of his choice. 

Field Recreation Advisory Association supports a full-time Fire Chief for Field Fire and Rescue Department to support and build the department from within. The FRAA sees that Parks Canada’s attitude and actions since July 2019 have not supported this vital group of emergency responders who serve visitors and residents. In our role as advisors to Parks Canada, we strongly suggest that as the organization responsible for emergency response in Yoho National Park, Parks Canada, take immediate steps to support and rebuild Field Fire and Rescue Department by hiring a full-time Fire Chief who can focus completely on the rebuilding process.

6. Kicking Horse Ski Club

Membership information is on the website:

In fact the website is treasure trove of information! Conditions are superb!

Thank you ski club volunteers and trail maintenance personnel.

7. Community Hall Walk-Through Responsibility

To meet insurance requirements, we will inspect the Community Hall three times a week with a complete walk-through of upstairs and downstairs rooms: Sally on Tuesdays; Kathryn on Thursdays; and, Paulina on Saturdays.

8. Round Table

  • Let’s decorate our outdoor spaces for Christmas! And, someone has posted a Snow Man/Person/Being Challenge on the bulletin board. Follow Public Health guidelines and stay safe. 
  • Sally to contact Roger Hostin and find out who is responsible for checking Field VRC to ensure building security when there are power outages.

Kathryn to work on Board member paperwork this week.