FRAA Board Meeting November 20, 2017

Field Recreation and Advisory Association
Regular Board Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2017

Present: Sonya Leenders, Sally Watson, Kathryn Cameron, Paulina Silva, Karen Schmidt, Greg Dowman
Regrets: Flint Palmer, Mike LeGrice

1. Approval of agenda – Unanimously approved as circulated via email

2. Approval of minutes from previous meeting

3. Announcements

The Association appointed roles for the organization
President – Kathryn Cameron
Vice President – Sonya Leenders
Treasurer – Sally Watson
Secretary –Greg Dowman
Social Media – Mike Legrice
Village of Field Facebook Page – New board members to be authorized as administrators
Operating/Updating Website – Chris Allen may help the FRAA with this
Building Maintenance – Flint assigned task of overseeing building maintenance if interested.
Joe Nixhipi to repair shed roofs and windows in change rooms. Recommends plexiglass to be put in place for the winter, then glass in the spring. A resizing of the windows could be in the works to have the windows open outwards, to function as an emergency exit. Two kitchen shelves need to be repaired. Paulina will stay on as a Contract Janitor for Community Hall.
Bulletin Board – Paulina and Karen
Field Utility Board Meetings – Kathryn, Paulina, and Greg

Calendar for the 2018 year:
FRAA Regular Board Meetings: January 8, February 19, April 23, June 4, September 10, October 22
Field Utility Board and Liaison Meetings: January 11, February 28, May 2, June 13 (Budget Meeting), September 19, October 31
Town Hall Meetings: January 22, March 12, May 7, June 18, October 1, November 5 (AGM)

4. Winter Programs at Community Hall
Early Childhood Development: Activities for children are Tuesdays and Fridays

Happy Hour Yoga with Alana Jung: Wednesdays until December 13, 5:30 to 6:45, $12 drop-in or $10 preregister per season. 20% of intake from attendance is paid to FRAA in lieu of hall rental. Alana plans to resume in January.

Movie Nights at Hall: We can sell refreshments but can’t charge admission. Tabled to January meeting. Sonya to investigate viability of movies via Popcorn, Netflix etc.

5. Upcoming FRAA Events
Christmas Concert: To be held in conjunction with Skate with Santa and Christmas Pot Luck Supper on Saturday, December 16. Performances presented after supper.
December 14th Decorating Hall with set up. To be purchased: 6 turkeys, 2 hams 40 lbs. of potatoes, cranberries. Watch fliers for deals @ Costco etc., aim for +- .99/lb turkeys. Will host 50/50 draw; half of winnings to winner, half to food bank. Cash and cheque donations to Golden Food Bank also accepted. Liquor Licence: Sonya and Karen. Hall decoration and set up December 14 at 7:00 pm; everyone welcome to help.

Yoho Blow: February 2, 3 and 4 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Bunny Hop and Easter Potluck Brunch: Sunday, April 2nd.

Spring Fling: Sunday, May 27th

Canada Day: Sunday, July 1st.

More events likely to be held throughout the year. Stay tuned.

6. Hall Rentals
Parks Canada booked Hall for Holiday Breakfast, December 13th

Kurt Devlin is organizing hockey tournament 19 and 20th of January. FRAA will do liquor sales.

7. Stoves for Hall Kitchen
Try to order by Saturday from Costco; they will deliver to Lake Louise. Need measurements and a gas fitter to install. Sally and Kathryn to coordinate.

8. Members should get Serving it Right for bar service/liquor license applications at the Hall. FRAA will pay for course. Can be done on line.

9. Catholic Church
All paperwork is in with Parks Canada. Planning to submit grant application by Mid December. Intended use of building requires a change in the language as per Parks Canada from Community Building to Community Hall. Lease to be amended. Bruce McKenzie wrote a great explanation outlining and defining use of structure. However, the change in terminology has been complete and signed document to be delivered to Parks Canada Tuesday, November 21, 2017.

10. Societies Act and Constitution Update
Tabled to January. Bring Copy of Constitution (13 pages) with suggestions and deletions. Kathryn to send out Word version of Constitution for Board Members to mark up/revise in preparation for meeting.

11. Columbia Basin Trust Not for Profit Report and Recommendations
Tabled to Feb 19. Discussion about file storage and computer purchase. What grants are available?

12. Round Table
Sonya: Looking for ideas to make money. Suggested presenting The Vagina Monologues in March for International Women’s Day. Yes!
Discussion: If there is something you want to do, you can spearhead planning and be the point person. If a project is a fundraiser for the hall there is no Hall rental. If a fundraiser is for someone/something else then there is a rental fee. Church is a huge project and all fund raising ideas need to be considered.

Annual Honorarium from Parks Canada for service with the FRAA: $6000, funds use TBD

Secret Santa: Frank was Santa last year. Gifts for the kids in town: Noa, Liam, Torah, Josephine, Estelle, Abby, Axel, May, William, Lucy, Thomas, Baptiste. Ask about Eva and Sophie, Violet and Olivia attendance at Christmas event this year.

Next meeting: January 8, 2018.

Meeting Adjourned at 9pm.