Field Recreation Advisory Association Board Meeting February 19, 2018

In attendance: Kathryn Cameron, Sally Watson, Karen Schmidt, Mike LeGrice, Flint Palmer, Sonja Leenders, Heather Galligan.

Excused: Greg Dowman

1. Yoho Blow Recap – This year’s Yoho Blow went smoothly. A good time was had by all considering the weather!!

We were a week late advertising on social media.

Some dance tickets bought in advance, broke $800.00. Ticket sales paid for the band. However they brought more people, and more ended up staying because of the weather, which cost us more money for accommodation. Flint suggested that in the initial contact with the band, we let them know what accommodation we have available for them and that they are responsible for additional costs.

A suggestion was made for future Yoho Blows to not be held on the same weekend as Super Bowl. If we upgraded our Internet service at the Hall it would be possible to stream major events; it may distract participants from our main event. Also noted that BC Family Day has now been changed and will be on the same weekend as Alberta in the future.

Create a volunteer roster of people willing to commit to events. More assigning/recruiting than just tossing the net asking for help with bar shifts, clean-up. Make a list of specific duties for jobs that need to be done. More volunteers were needed. Big shout out to our regular volunteers. Agreed that we need to advertise by reaching out to the younger generation of Community members. Utilize the Community bulletin board, town email list as well as through social media, etc. Post sign up sheets for volunteers. Offer an incentive program to recruit volunteers such as free drink or burger etc. Kathryn suggested that all board members recruit one person.

We need designated recycling sites. There were numerous empty cans inside in the main hall, downstairs in the skate room, out on front porch as well as glass bottles that were found outside by the rink. Post a friendly reminder that the skate room is a family facility. Also indicate where alcoholic beverages are permitted. Another issue of concern was people sneaking in their own alcohol. Outside alcohol is absolutely not permitted. The liquor license for the Yoho Blow included inside the main floor of the hall, basement and front porch. Board members to continue to monitor and educate during future events. Kathryn suggested we post a gentle reminder that outside alcohol is not permitted; participants need to self-police.

2. New FRAA Meeting Calendar – was emailed to board members.

3. Grant Applications for Church – Two applications have been submitted: $10,000 from the Rural Dividend Fund and $10,000 from CSRD. If both are approved it gives us $20,000 to get going on a lot survey, engineered plans and project media/promotion. Plans for the church include raising up the structure, laying a foundation and building a full basement that will have a separate entrance, wheelchair accessible ramp from the street to the front of the church. Bathrooms will be also be installed. Some other ideas for the church include a Wedding Chapel with photo gardens, Wellness Centre, collaborating with the Banff Centre for Art, Live music, performances, and possibly workshops for end of life care.

4. Insurance – Invoices have been submitted to Parks Canada for payment. Coverage includes Community Hall replacement, Church, rink, cross country ski trails, events and board members’ liability. Does not include skateboarding. Sally to send out the hall rental form to board members so they can become familiar with form and the process.

5. Facilitated Meetings with Parks Canada – A work in progress to develop a Memorandum of Understanding between FRAA and Parks Canada. Template is being sent out. Currently negotiating the current contribution agreement; it expires on March 31, 2018.

6. Societies Act Registration – We’re on track for the registration to be complete by the end of February.

7. Financial Report – Revenue from Yoho Blow was $4875.60 including recycling. No total on expenses. Still have to pay for band accommodation. Bar Inventory will be done.

8. Hall Clean-Up/Work Party – Sunday February 25 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

9. Upcoming Events, Winter Programs, Hall Rentals
Kathryn- Croco Curling as a possible new future event on the rink next winter?
Flint- We could make circles and put them on the ice. Kathryn also mentioned that we can buy the circles.

Just Breathe Yoga- Wednesday’s at 5:30 pm through April 11, 2018. Turnout is generally 3-7 people.

Sunday Start Up Yoga- Every Sunday morning in March from 10:00 am-11:00 am except for March 11. Carly to put a new poster on the Community Bulletin Board.

Tabata High Intensity Interval Training- Sunday’s at 7:00 pm. Laura is aware of policy for instructors to give 20% back to the FRAA.

Wedding Supper – Private Booking. March 9. The group is responsible for clean-up

Vagina Monologues – Saturday March 10. Sonya – Stage will be set up Wednesday February 21st at 3:00 pm. Rona had donated three 4 x 8 x ¾ inch pieces of plywood. The base will consist of approximately 27 milk cartons. Flint is helping with the lights. Volunteers needed for the bar and door. Sonya and Sam have taken care of all the decorations. Chinese lanterns will be hung above the stage for additional lighting and ambiance, as well as beautiful Jamie Fraser lamps on loan courtesy of Sam from the Siding. Fabric backdrop will be in red, purple and pink. Madonna has donated some sheets. Sonya is going to dye them. In addition Sonya is going to make a skirt for the stage. Banquet clips are needed to secure the skirt to the stage.
Liquor License- Sonya. Need to take bar inventory to see what we have and what is needed.
Post Hotel is donating flowers.
Tickets are printed and available for purchase at The Siding Cafe, Truffle Pigs, Golden Women’s Resource Centre.
Man’s Prayer- Sonya has asked a few local men, unfortunately no one has committed…yet!
Discussion about pot luck appetizers. Probably not.

Town Hall Meeting – Monday, March 12, 2018 7:00 pm Community Hall

Yoga – Private Booking. Erin April 13, 14 & 15
Steel Toe Stiletto – Private Booking. Jill June 1, 2, 3rd or June 8, 9, 10th
RDE Provincial Regional District Elections – Private Booking. October 20, 2018

Easter Bunny Hop and Potluck Brunch – Monday April 2. Still in need of volunteers to organize event.

Spring Fling – Sunday June 3

Canada Day – Sunday July 1: pancake breakfast, face painting, parade, bbq at the pond, boat race, family bocce tournament. Discussed hosting a dance event at the Hall with the possibility of having a band set up on the tennis courts. Hosting celebrations at the pond would require too much logistically with Insurance, liquor license etc. The rink would be a much more viable and safer venue. Entertainment would not be an issue as Flint has a large roster of Bands.

10. Kicking Horse Ski Club Yoho Challenge – Revenue $620.00, 40 participants signed up, it was a good turn out.

11. Volunteer Appreciation Event – Date and event location TBA

12. Round Table
Flint is donating a small chest freezer that will be put in the kids room.
Kids Room Update- Julie has given the keys to Charisse and she has sent in the application to the ECHD.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 pm