Field Recreation Advisory Association Town Hall Meeting, May 13, 2019

1. Special Presentations: Field/Golden RCMP 

         Sexual Assault and Harassment/ Safety Awareness

         Nuala Wolf, Golden RCMP Victim Services Program Manager

Identified as a cultural problem. There are cultural shifts taking place with increased reporting. Sexual harassment and sexual assault are a pervasive problem. No community is immune.

What can community members do to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault? A really important tool involves a change in response through bystander intervention. A bystander is a witness to an event that makes someone uncomfortable, from verbal to physical attack. Speak out; intervention can reduce severity of an attack or an incident.

1. Direct intervention: Using a statement like “Please stop doing that.”

2. Delayed intervention: You see something happening but it might be a bit tricky to deal with at the moment. Give reassurance to the person through a statement like “We’re going to talk to your supervisor.” 

3. Distraction: Talk to the harasser, say “Excuse me can you tell me what time it is?” It’s a small intervention that takes the pressure off the target. 

4. Delegate the response: If you can’t do anything about the situation call 911, or get help from a friend, or communicate with the supervisor – ask for help. Using bystander intervention can lead to impactful cultural change. Don’t be afraid to say “Your behaviour makes that person uncomfortable. You need to stop.”

To have a full understanding of sexual assault or sexual harassment, to know what is legal or illegal, here’s the definition: unwanted touch of any kind that is sexual in nature is sexual assault. 

Sexual-harassment falls under harassment in the Criminal Code of Canada. Verbal messages, text messages, inappropriate photos are all considered harassment. It’s important to make an effort to stop any behaviour that makes a person feel unsafe. The RCMP takes all files seriously. There is no statute of limitations on sexual assault.

Work safe BC is an excellent resource for definition of harassment. It’s important for employers to have a policy in the workplace. Employees have the right to ask what the employers’ policy entails.

There are many options for reporting depending on the comfort level of individuals involved. People can report to the RCMP or to the Women’s Resource Centre in Golden. There is also the option of third-party reporting where a person doesn’t want to give their name but wants to report a person or certain behavioural traits that identify a person. RCMP keep information-only file for example on what you have witnessed

The RCMP recognizes these are heavy topics but it is important to talk about sexual assault and sexual harassment in order to create change. We are all responsible to create the community we want to live in.

         Property Protection and Community Security

         Robyn Diddams, Field/Golden RCMP

In the past three months, Field has experienced an increase in property crime, for example: vehicle theft, and break and enter in sheds, workshops and vehicles. Basic rule of thumb: lock things – doors, bikes, everything. The RCMP recognizes there are different cultures in different towns but remember, Field is on Highway One that provides easy access for crimes of opportunity. Often addictions drive the behaviour.

Crime prevention can be achieved through environmental design; for example, bright motion-sensor lights are a big deterrent. Ensure your home is visible from the road – no shrubs over 4 feet tall. Establish a nightly routine to lock your doors, cars, sheds, bikes. Use bike identification systems like registration numbers. Cars are easy to break into; leave nothing visible in your car – no cash, no charging cables, keep your car clean.

In terms of police presence and Field, there are eight RCMP members to give 24 hour coverage as far west as Rogers Pass, south to Spillimacheen and east to the Alberta/BC border. In four years Constable Diddams has been to Field four times for property or personal offences, most in the past year. RCMP traffic presence can serve as a deterrent.

If you see suspicious behaviour or changes in the community that concern you, call to report. The RCMP have an obligation to respond and investigate. If you see something that concerns you, you can take immediate action: call the RCMP, activate a car horn, turn on lights. Report vehicles you see in place for several days. Suspicious vehicles or suspicious people – call it in. 

Response time in the event of an emergency can range from 17 to 30 minutes depending on conditions. Stay safe. Don’t put yourself at risk or in a position of committing an offense. Golden/Field RCMP communicates with RCMP offices in Lake Louise and Banff. Lake Louise can respond to incidents in Field when the response time needs to be fast. 

2. FRAA Report          

Events Recap – Kathryn

  • Sam Weber “Ain’t It Always a Tour?” at Field Community Hall on Thursday, March 28. Great evening!
  • Earth Day Town Clean Up, Bunny Hop and Easter Pot Luck Brunch, Monday, April 22. Lots of clean-up participants, great Bunny Hop, and the Easter Pot Luck Brunch was delicious!

Upcoming Events – Kathryn

  • BC Hydro Planned Power Outage Friday, May 24 midnight to 6:00 am. Field will be on the Energy Storage Facility (ESF) for the duration.
  • Ladies Night, Sunday May 26, 6:00 pm at Carla Evan’s place 202 Burgess Avenue
  • Spring Fling, Sunday, June 2 at Field Community Hall: Field welcomes resident DJs to give generational approach to music!
  • Garage Sale Event, Saturday, June 15: Community event, at people’s own homes rather than at Community Hall, advertise in social media, radio.
  • Canada Day, Sunday, July 1: Details TBA

Spring Programs at the Community Hall – Kathryn

  • HIIT: Thursday evenings with Laura Penner, 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm, $12 drop-in fee. Sunday evenings 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, no fee.
  • Just Breathe Yoga: Wednesday evenings 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm until May 29 with Hayley Markel. No classes on April 17 or 24. $70 for all seven classes or $12 drop-in fee
  • Shake It Up With Pau Pau!: Zoomba on Monday evenings 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, starting May 27 at the Community Hall.
  • Pickleball, outside behind the community Hall. 
  • St. Joseph Project – Kathryn
  • Final report for Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD) grant for $5000 submitted April 8, 2019. 
  • BC Built Heritage Grant for $300,000 submitted to Columbia Basin Trust on March 14
  • Discussing other grant applications
  • Conceptual plan revision in process
  • Development Permit process started
  • Fund raiser dinner and silent auction postponed to fall

Field Summer Music Festival: Sunday, July 7 – Flint

  • Exciting line up of performers
  • Tier two tickets on sale now $40, available by contacting
  • Received $1000 grant from Columbia Valley Credit Union, applying to CSRD for funding
  • Continue to work on plans for food, toilets, parking, vendors, merchandise

Field Utility Board Meeting Report – Flint

  • Snow Removal Meeting will happen in August or September rather than November.
  • Rates for Water, Sewer and Garbage (WSG) remain frozen for one more year.
  • Parks Canada to establish billing for WSG one month after end of each quarter. If you have concerns about billing, please contact Hollie Tataryn by phone 250-343-6016 or email
  • Spring Bins: Hollie is working the contract and dates. Request by FRAA that the bins be placed so guests at Truffle Pigs Lodge and Bistro are not privy to contents of the bins.

3. Treasurer’s Report 

         Sally Watson, Treasurer FRAA

Motion Kathryn, Seconded by Sonya to accept financial report as presented. Files sent out as email attachments with minutes, and posted inside Post Office.

4. Parks Canada Reports 

         Hollie Tataryn, Realty and Municipal Officer:

  • Street cleaner returning this week. Residents ask for notification so vehicles can be moved from streets.
  • Booking bins for second week in June to cover Garage Sale Day.
  • Highway line painting in process.
  • Highways currently clearing snow off Moraine Lake Road, then will clear Lake O’Hara Road and Yoho Valley Road.

         Keith Parkinson, Asset Management – Water and Waste Water

  • Water meter upgrade almost complete. Remaining work to be done May/June. Townsites will notify residents whose meters are slated for change.
  • Streamlined how meter readings are reported to Finance.
  • Tracking meter reading to compare to past use, identify discrepancies, and examine trends and averages.
  • 93 subscribers to the system.

         Dave Allen, Asset Management

·      Planning to re-establish the drainage ditch on 2nd Avenue.

·      Monitoring the water issues on Emily’s Hill. Existing abandoned water lines to be tied into storm sewer.

·      Mount Dennis Slope Stabilization project: continue to monitor dewatering system as well as regular GPS surveys to monitor slope movement. Plans to have detailed design for mitigation complete by December 1.

·      Work on bridge over Kicking Horse River from Highway to Field to start this week with scattered instances of alternating traffic over the next two weeks, then work to start again in the late summer/fall.

·      Construction to start soon on Parks Canada staff housing project on Kicking Horse Avenue. Contract  awarded to Olsen Construction from Golden.

·      Boulder Creek Bunkhouse renovation project going to contract tender soon.

5. Friends of Yoho Report 
         Brenda Selkirk, Manager Friends of Yoho

  • Store is open at Field Visitor Centre, which also staffed by Parks Canada and Travel Alberta staff now.
  • Annual General Meeting will take place Saturday, June 1, 6:00 pm at the Plaza again this year, with a wiener roast to follow the business meeting.
  • Hoping to bring Fran Drummond, Twin Falls Chalet, back for a presentation in June.
  • Historic Walking Tour of Field program will start in July on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Looking for volunteers; a script is available. Contact Lorraine Zirke if interested in leading a few evening walking tours:

6. Community Paramedicine Report

Craig Chapman, Community Paramedic

  • 911 has been quiet; Field crew has been giving cross coverage in Golden.
  • Home Health Monitoring program available for persons in the community who are being treated for diabetes, congestive heart failure or COPD. If you know anyone who may benefit from the program, contact Craig. Recommended that the potential participant(s) consult their doctor.
  • Babylon app available from Telus; connects to doctor.
  • No identified opioid issue in Field, but if you or someone you know may be at risk, contact Craig. Naloxone kits are available.

7. Field Fire and Rescue Report 
         Mike Furfaro, Chief, Field Fire and Rescue Department

  1. Call Outs –18 as of 01 January 2019.
    1. 8 in Jan, 7 in Feb, 1 in March, 2 in April
  2. Members – Sitting at 21 members. 
    1. 6 Officers, 5 Firefighters, 5 Probationary Members, 5 Recruits
  3. New and Planned Purchases
    1. New purchases
      1. Thermal Imaging Camera, Turbo Flares, Hose Wrenches, Glass Cutter
    1. Planned purchases
      1. New Helmets, Flash Hoods
  4. Completed Training 
    1. Team Leader, Exterior Fire, Incident Safety Officer, Ventilation, High Hazard Flammable Trains (Crude by Rail in Colorado)
  5. Upcoming Training
    1. Interior Fire, Emergency Vehicle Driving, Apparatus Pump Operator
  6. Apparatus
    1. Engine 1 (all good)
    1. Rescue 1 (all good)
    1. Rescue 2 (Siren Issues)
  7. Field Emergency Plan
    1. Field Emergency Plan? Review old Plan, Review new plan
      1. FFRD will conduct initial size-up and potential initial containment then may assist in notification and evacuation of residence of Field.
      1. Town notification options (Siren=1min continuous blast, Vehicle PA systems, door to door)
      1. FEP hopefully to be reviewed by PC and updated
  8. Ongoing Projects
    1. Work with PC to formalize mutual aid agreements with L.L. (ID9) and Golden BC
    1. Discussions with PC about importance of fulltime members on FFR

8. Round Table